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Chapter 9

"Splitting-Up Part Two"

"Hi there!" the little annoying robot we had left our group with last chirped, "I see they're loading our navigator R2D2." Severus, Remus, Harry, and Ron were located in the far back, starting to slightly miss the presence of their know-it-all as their reaction to all of this was confusion.

"What a R2D2?" Ron whispered to Harry who just shrugged his arms with a "Beats me." The small television screen to the right of the cockpit showed a circular robot being loaded on top of the shuttle.

"That's probably it," Lupin commented though what as to its purpose was still mysterious to the wizards.

Rex, as the obnoxious pilot was called continued as though they weren't talking at all, "And then we'll be on our way – so sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight." Snape snorted at the relaxing part doubting anything of that nature would happen here.

A voice from the Control Tower radioed into the shuttle, "Star Tours forty-five, elevator platform, commence final pre-flight check."

"Roger, control, all status go," was the reply from Rex.

"Star Tours forty-five, you are cleared for takeoff. Contact departure control at one-two-zero-point four."

"Copy one-two-zero point four."

The passengers could see out of the "window" the corridor that the StarSpeeder was in. Another shuttle turning to go to an area labeled "To Launching Area." However, their shuttle instead made a jolting left turn with the warning "Maintenance Bay –Stay Clear!" Obviously they weren't supposed to be there.

"Forty-five, you're going the wrong way! Stop immediately!" Control tower insisted. Snape groaned predicting how this would turn out.

"Uh-oh! Wrong way! Brakes! Brakes! Where are the brakes?" the robot pilot panicked. The result was that instead of turning around, they dropped into the maintenance area and went through a hole in the back into deep space.

"Uhhh - I meant to do that. A little shortcut...ha ha!"

"Yeah, right," Ron scoffed, "And I'm Merlin reincarnated." The rest of the muggles turned back to glare in irritation at the five.

"R2!" Rex continued, "Light speed to Endor!" The shuttle was going at such a speed that they were pushed back into their seats and the stars outside turned into blurs of light. Harry and Ron felt it akin to flying; the only thing missing was the rush of wind.

"R2! We passed the Endor moon!" the robot said in distress, "Now what's the matter?" The audience could distinctly see large balls of ice.

"Comets? Comets!" Rex classified, "Ladies and gentlemen, there may be some turbulence up ahead, please make sure your seatbelts are fastened!" To say the best of the little guy, he did manage his best to dodge a few incoming comets, but despite this, they ended up crushing into one.

"I have a very bad feeling about this! Ahhhh..!"The shuttle swerved back and forth, trying to avoid hitting the sides of the passages. Rex finally drove into a solid wall of ice, thankfully escaping from their ice prison.

Rex nervously tried to calm the passengers, "Well, you can relax now. Everything's under control, and ah, we will be on our way to the Endor moon with any further delay." It was clear that it was the opposite as the ship was gradually leaning to the right. A huge spaceship came in sight. Our wizards were clueless as to identity of it, but muggles knew as the Death Star. The small monitor to the cockpit flashed "System Override" to contradict its captain.

"Oh no! We're caught in a tractor beam!" the robot shouted. It was simply not his day.

"What is a tractor beam?" Remus asked in confusion. The muggles before them looked back again, but this time in utter disbelief. To them, this man had been living under a rock.

Ron responded, "Don't farmers drive those or something?" The wizards' minds were filled with images of the Starspeeder being pushed towards the imposing ship with a tractor floating in space.

Before the muggles could react with an outburst to the wizards' conversation, the shuttle started shaking as if being hit by Tie Fighters as they came into view fighting with X-Wing Fighters. It reminded Remus and Severus of being caught in between a battle from the first war.

The small screen now showed of the mentioned fighters talking with disbelief, "Star Tours? What are you doing here? This is a combat zone, it's restricted! Ease off on your main thrusters." Rex obeyed and was free of the tractor beam as a result. The screen flashes "Malfunction!"

"We've been hit!" Rex cried out, "R2, get the stabilizer fixed…and hurry! We're losing altitude fast!" Thankfully, R2 did indeed fix it in time as power as restored and the screen flashed "System OK." The X-Wing pilot's face appeared again.

"Red 24, Red 30, follow me."

"O.K., I've always wanted to do this," Rex said as if he as fulfilling a childhood dream, "We're going in!"

He flew closer to the Death Star and almost hit the back of the X-Wing fighter guiding him. He managed to avoid collision and continued following. Much like the comet, he swerved in and out openings and an extra challenge of dodging enemy fire. They dove into a trench on the enemy ship.

"Red 24, I'm going in," reported their friend pilot, "Target range." He drops two shots down the exhaust port at the end of the trench blowing up the ship.

"We did it!" Rex said in excitement.

"All ships – jump to light speed."

"Hang on back there, light speed!" Rex warned. In a matter much like apparition, they neared the Star Tours spaceport and entered a docking bay. However, unsurprising of Rex's misfortune, the shuttle almost drove into a truck with "Flammable" written on the side.

"Brakes!" Rex cried and unlike last time, managed to find them and the StarSpeeder grinded to a stop. It lowered to the loading area.

"Hey sorry folks, I am sure to be better next time. It was my first flight, and I'm still getting used to my programming!" Snape gratefully thanked whatever deity there was for raising the shield to block further view of Rex trying to get more words in, "Hey! Hey!"

"That was pretty fun," Lupin admitted as they got out of their seats.

Ron smiled, "Yeah, it was wicked!"

"Next is the Submarine Voyage right?" Harry asked in clarification.

The next destination for Hermione's group was the American Space Experience. It would certainly be dull to schoolboys, but for them (having reputations as being academic) fascinating wouldn't be able to cover the description. They read up on space travel and were very impressed by the muggle astronauts seeing as wizards had not even tried to venture there. Models of objects by NASA decorated the display. The most interesting was the X-33 Reusable Launch Vehicle, a redesign of the current spaceship used by American space travel. The most amusing had to be weighing their selves and seeing what they would weigh on different planets. Albus and Hermione would giggle at their weighs while Minerva would roll her eyes watching them (fondly of course).

Finally, after all the exhibits had been devoured by the trio, they continued on their journey.

"What is next Miss Granger?" Albus asked.

"I think we have time to ride the Rocket Jets before we met the others," Hermione answered, pointing to the structure above the Peoplemover, "I heard it's a lovely view." It had different vehicles designed like spaceships connected to it by long poles which would rotate around. It was a simple ride, but it looked fun.

They set off.

The werewolf, the professor, and the two students found themselves in a bright yellow submarine. They had never been in anything like it before and quite enjoyed the experience of being under water. Apparently, the captain was searching for the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Though the effects weren't convincing, all the four (Snape reluctantly) agreed that it was very enjoyable. And all laughed (or smirked) on how muggles perceived the mermaids as beautiful when in fact they were hideous.

"What's next Remus?" Ron asked after they had gotten off. They all wondered if they had any time to get to another ride because while the Submarines weren't very long themselves, the line was huge.

"I thought we could catch Autopia before heading back," Lupin said while scanning the map for the location of the ride, "Hermione told me it was about driving cars."

"Oh, I know how to drive those!" Ron grinned; happy the Ford Anglia had been useful.

"I don't," Harry admitted. Not surprisingly as the Dursleys would never teach him unless he became their chauffeur or something (which he would never do in a million years).

"What's special about this ride is that you don't need to know how to drive," Remus said. He finally located Autopia on the map which was actually really close to the Subs.

"Oh, that must be it," Harry said while they walked there, pointing at the track below. The attraction had a number of tracks and numerous cars of different colors. Most of the cars were taken up by young children eager to get their turn behind the wheel. There were still some adults though some had younger children in the seat next to them.

"We're riding a kiddie ride?" Severus asked with an eyebrow upturned.

"Hermione assured me that some adults and teenagers ride it," Remus defended, "It's a classic or something."

While Remus attempted to encourage Snape to ride it, Ron and Harry decided to take a closer view of their surroundings. The closest attraction next to them (besides Autopia) was a revolving building ("I think Hermione said that's Innovations"). They could see the loading station for the Peoplemover from there along with their final stop the Tomorrowland Terrace where they would eat lunch with the others.

"Ron, do you see what I see?" Harry asked.


Harry pointed to above the Peoplemover where there was the Rocket Jets. It was a little hard, but they could see a bushy-haired girl in one rocket. That must have been Hermione who waved back at them. In the rocket behind her, they could spy Professor Dumbledore's white hair and they waved to him and McGonagall.

Eventually, with the threat of telling Albus over his head, Snape agreed and the four entered.

After Autopia, Remus, Harry, Severus, and Ron made their way over to the Terrace. The ride was actually kind of fun until the car behind you bumped into you. Remus was frustrated the whole ride since he kept getting bumped into from behind constantly. He was resolute not to send a glare because he knew that Severus was the one doing it. He would not give the Potions Master the satisfaction of knowing he got to him. However, Harry and Ron on a different track really enjoyed it as a calm contrast from their other experiences.

"You were right Lupin," Severus smirked evilly, "That was fun."

Before the werewolf could retort, they were waved over by the other three who had come earlier and saved them spots. They sat down to lunch with the food mostly being of burgers and French fries.

"I hope we didn't take very long," Remus said.

"Well, all our rides were not very long so we spent the last part shopping," Albus reassured him, "Which reminds me I got you all presents." As he reached down to get his bag, Severus suspiciously eye the eared hats on Minerva's, Hermione's, and Albus's heads. They were made to resemble the park's mascot character. Albus wouldn't, would he?

"I found these hats and got one for each of you!"

Oh, but he would. The bag was passed around as each fished out a hat. The others treated them as cool souvenirs, willingly putting them on. Severus looked down at it with distaste and after a pointed look from the Headmaster, put it on. Oh, how his scalp burned in shame. The dignified professor was wearing Mickey Mouse Ears.

Author's Note: I think that is a good place to end it right now. Ha, just imagine Severus riding an Autopia car and wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Funny, isn't it? Or maybe it just is to me because it's so enjoyable making him suffer by such simple things.

Anyway, hot off the presses. Betas accepted. Point out mistakes. Blah blah blah. Sorry that there is no plot in this chapter, but I desperately needed for them to ride more rides since they were still in Tomorrowland. I don't know if the next chapter will have plot or just be another catch up filler.

I've realized that my Minerva is slightly out of character. Working on it! Really, I am!

By the way, last chapter I realized I got my years mixed up. The trio is visiting 1994-1995. Mission to Mars mentioned in the last chapter was closed in 1992. Plus, I got the name wrong. I will be deleting that part. And thank goodness too. Having been born in 1992, I have no idea what that show was like.

I'll make this its own section of telling you about the attractions they have been on. Two exciting returns!

Abraham Lincoln is back! You can watch a sneak peak online. The new Lincoln looks amazing! It made me cry (sorry for the mushiness, I grew up with him and he's one of the reasons why I'm such a history geek).

Captain EO is coming back as a tribute to Michael Jackson. It will be in the Magic Eye Theater (or Honey, I Shrunk the Audience theater) in February 2010. Just because our wizards didn't like it doesn't mean that you won't because simply they had no idea who Jackson was and you do. So, if you are a Michael fan or just looking for a flash from the past, go and see it! And may I mention how extremely rare this is for an old show to return?

Star Tours is, of course, still there. A revamp is being considered since (not) going to Endor's moon gets a little tiring after a while. That's not to say the show will be replaced entirely, but there will be more destinations. Imagine how extremely cool it will be go somewhere each time you ride! I have seen this before at Boomers! and I'm surprised Disney hasn't thought of it before quite frankly.

Peoplemover is gone. Though a return of an updated version is rumored to return so look forward to that.

American Space Experience is no longer there. A little bittersweet since some people found it boring, but that was originally the whole point of Tomorrowland. The building houses Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters and that area is part of its Fastpasses.

Sorry for not elaborating on the Submarine Voyage. I was alive at the time, but my brother and I were too young to ride before it closed. The Subs are back as a Finding Nemo ride. It's pretty cool, but the line feels longer than Space Mountain (which is saying something).

Rocket Jets are an ancestor of Astro Orbitor. And no, I didn't get the location wrong. Rocket Jets where above the Peoplemover station. Just imagine how high that was! Now it has been removed to the front of Tomorrowland. If you ask me, I like the older location better. It sounds a lot cooler.

Autopia is still there of course and always will be.

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