Title: In Unexpected Places

Rating: T

Pairings: FiyeroxElphaba

Summary: Fiyero never went to Shiz, and so he never met Elphaba, but he is engaged to Glinda as part of an arranged marriage. His greatest fear if the Wicked Witch of the West, so what happens when he is taken as her captive?

Hello peoples, I'm back with another story, this time a multi-chapter. I'm quite excited about this one, for it's my first centering on Fiyero and Elphaba. It's also quite AU, and I think I'm going to have fun writing it. I was working on the fourth chapter of another story last night, when I realized I wasn't really very interested in it, so I turned around and started this instead.

Now, I have none of this written in advance, and so that means I'm making no promises about updates for this story. I could update after two days, two weeks, two months, whatever. Luckily, school is coming to a close, and so updates should come rather quickly. However, I'm making no promises, and I'm not really going to stress myself out with deadlines for this fic.

Anyways, here's the firs chapter. Enjoy.

Fiyero rolled over in bed, smiling sleepily at the woman who lay beside him. She was still asleep, her back turned toward him, and her beautiful blond curls hung like a curtain in front of Fiyero's face. Grinning and still half asleep, he reached out and tugged on one of the curls, watching with fascination as it immediately sprang back into place. Glinda's hair had always fascinated him, ever since he'd first met her.

He rolled over in bed, still smiling blissfully, as he recalled the first time he'd ever laid eyes on the woman beside him. It had been a meeting arranged by their parents when the two had still been in college. She'd been attending Shiz University, and he a prestigious school in the Vinkus, although the only reason he was able to remain there was the fact that his father donated large sums of money to the establishment. He'd never been one to care about his school work. After all, life was far more enjoyable when you didn't let yourself worry or care too much about that sort of thing. What was the point of living if you never enjoyed yourself? His parents, unfortunately, did not share his philosophy, and so they'd hoped that by arranging a marriage for their son they'd be able to get his head out of the clouds.

That was how he'd come to meet Miss Galinda Upland of the Upper Uplands (who had changed her name to Glinda during her college days for reasons she'd never quite cared to share with him), and the two had connected immediately. After all, they'd had quite a lot in common, for both were popular, rich, and virtually perfect. It was decided then that the two would finish college, and afterwards be engaged. This was all very agreeable, and no one saw fault with this plan.

However, before the end of their college days, something had happened to Glinda. She'd gone off to the Emerald City with some friend named Elphaba, who Fiyero had never met, and she had returned alone. Fiyero had never found out what had happened to this friend, but since that incident Glinda had never quite been the same. Sure, she was still perky, bubbly Glinda, but there was something different about her now. She didn't show it very often, but Fiyero could tell that she took things a lot more seriously, and he'd even caught her lost in thought on a few occasions. However, Glinda had never really spoken about any of this with Fiyero, and so he'd just been forced to fill in the blanks himself. He knew that it had been during Glinda's visit to the Emerald City that the Wicked Witch of the West had begun her reign of terror, and so Fiyero assumed that Glinda's friend had been one of the Witch's first victims.

Fiyero shuddered as he though of the Wicked Witch of the West. He would never admit it to anyone, but there was no one and nothing that he feared more. He'd only ever heard stories about the Witch's treacherous deeds, but that alone was enough to instill a sense of terror in his heart. The woman was an unnatural shade of green, and apparently possessed frightening power and magical abilities. She flew about Oz on an enchanted broomstick, hexing innocent civilians and spreading horrible lies about the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Fiyero certainly never wanted to run into her if he could help it. Unfortunately, the fact that he was at the forefront of the hunt for her did nothing to help his situation.

Shortly after college, Glinda had suddenly been offered a very important political position, for reasons unknown to Fiyero. However, he did not question it, for Glinda's acceptance of the position meant a very promising future for the two of them after graduation. Upon hearing of their impending marriage, the Wizard had offered Fiyero a position as well: captain of the Gale Force. This had seemed like a great thing at first, until he'd realized what the acceptance of that job entailed.

Apparently the Wizard's primary concern at the moment was the capture of the Wicked Witch of the West, and for good reason. The woman was an extremely dangerous threat, and it was imperative that she be taken care of immediately. Now, this was all well and good, but it meant that, as head of the guard, Fiyero was the one on whose shoulders this task fell. That meant that he was constantly marching out to the farthest corners of Oz on a search for someone he really didn't want to find. Regardless, he put on a brave front and did what he needed to, for he really had no choice in the matter. Luckily, for the past two years of searching, they'd not seen hide nor hair of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Fiyero was suddenly broken from his musings as the woman next to him began to stir and finally awoke. He rolled back over to face her just as she gave a dainty yawn and turned toward him. The two smiled as their eyes met and after a moment they shared a brief and rather drowsy kiss. Wrinkling his nose at Glinda's morning breath, Fiyero finally pulled away and rolled out of bed.

As his feet hit the carpet, he took a quick glance around the bedroom. It was certainly big enough, probably the size of a small Munchkinland home, even if it was not one of the largest rooms in the Emerald Palace. Almost everything in the room was a stunning shade of emerald green, which was gorgeous at first but grew a bit boring to look at after a while. The only other color in the room was pink, which seemed to dominate ever piece of Glinda's furniture in the form of small ribbons or trinkets. He'd allowed her to redecorate without any sort of opposition, though it was his personal opinion that the pink and green clashed a bit.

Fiyero suddenly let out a very loud yawn and stretched rather dramatically, practically bending himself over backwards. Glinda was a bit more ladylike. She stepped out of bed slowly, smoothing the covers out behind her, then gave another short yawn, her dainty fingers flying up to cover her mouth, before stepping into the bathroom and shutting the door behind her. Fiyero shook his head slightly as he watched her, smiling good naturedly. Glinda was nothing if not a society girl, and that was part of the reason she was so popular among the Ozians. Fiyero was not sure exactly what her position entailed, but it seemed like she was there to raise the Ozians' spirits in a time of such turmoil. It was an admirable task in his opinion.

Finally tearing his eyes from the bathroom door, he sighed reluctantly and moved toward his closet to prepare himself for his own job. The Wizard apparently had a lead on the whereabouts of the Witch, and he wanted Fiyero to organize a group and begin searching immediately. Fiyero, of course, obeyed readily, but always felt the same sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. The Witch was excellent at evasion, but she couldn't run forever. What happened when he and his men suddenly found themselves face to face with the evil woman? What was their plan? Would they be able to successfully capture her or would she kill them all before they could get within ten feet of her?

Fiyero tried to push these unpleasant thoughts from his mind as he began to pull on the emerald green pants of his Gale Force uniform. This was the sort of thing he worried about each and every day, though he never mentioned it to anyone. Even the other guards didn't seem quite as frightened as he did. They chased after the Witch with a sort of feverish determination, always wanted to go the extra mile or search the extra cave. Fiyero wondered why he was the only one who had a deathly fear of the Witch.

Even Glinda didn't seem to have the same reaction to the woman as he did. Then again, Glinda's reaction to anything related to the Witch was anything but normal. In most cases a person's eyes either blazed with fury or widened in fear at the mention of the vile woman, but Glinda was another story altogether. Instead of either of these reactions, her eyes seemed briefly to fill with great sadness, before she turned away and attempted to change the subject. No one else seemed to notice this, but Fiyero had picked up on the pattern after living with her for a few months. However, he'd never questioned her on this, for he assumed the reaction stemmed, as did everything else with Glinda, from that long ago incident in the Emerald City.

Glinda exited the bathroom about five minutes later, just as Fiyero was buttoning his green and gold blazer. He marveled at the fact that Glinda could look as though she'd been primping for hours with only ten minutes in front of a mirror. He moved toward her as she began shifting through some dresses in her closet, and she jumped as one of his arms moved around her waist.

"Oh! Fiyero dearest, you scared me," she squealed, flashing him one of her one hundred watt smiles. He couldn't help but grin back as he leaned in and placed a kiss on her lips, one that she returned eagerly.

When they finally pulled away, Glinda asked, "Why are you in uniform so early in the morning?"

"The Wizard wants me to mobilize the troops and begin the search as soon as possible. He apparently has a lead on the Witch's whereabouts and wants us to find her before she has a chance to get moving again," he replied, trying to keep the uncertainty out of his voice.

As predicted, Glinda looked a bit put off by the news, but immediately tried to hide it as she said, "Oh well, safe travels. Now, I really must pick out a dress. Which of these do you like better?" Fiyero watched as she held up two dresses, both of which he thought looked exactly the same save for their color. After a quick mental game of eeny miny mo, he finally pointed to a blue dress and Glinda smiled gaily as she disappeared back into the bathroom to put it on.

Fiyero smiled one last time, before he remembered the task at hand and turned to leave the room. He had to wake his men, and once they were all dressed and ready they would report to the Wizard's chamber for further instruction. Fiyero sighed, for he knew the next few days were not going to be easy. If his luck held, this venture would be the same as the last ones. He and his troops would follow one of the Wizard's leads, search for a few days, and then return home empty handed. He could only pray that every mission turned out the same way for the rest of his life.

Still, he shouldn't be complaining. His life was not exactly terrible. He had a beautiful fiancée, he lived in the Emerald Palace, and he had a steady, well respected job. Considering the fact that he'd practically flunked out of college, he should be more than grateful to have been offered such a prestigious position. Really the only problem he had was the fact that he had to go off on these searches every couple of months. Yes, everything in his life would be perfect if it wasn't for that damnable Wicked Witch of the West.

End of first chapter. I know it was completely uneventful, but its point was basically to show Fiyero's view of Elphaba, his relationship with Glinda, and basically just where his life is at this point. I think I just realized how much I hate writing expositions. You have to cram everything in there, but it still has to have some sort of flow between paragraphs. I've also realized that I seem to start a lot of my stories with a character in bed. I wonder why that is…

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