This story is dedicated to kakashi-vivi. Sorry if I couldn't exactly pull off the Kankuro x Hinata thing, but I hope I did good enough.


She took a deep breath outside of the kazekage tower in Sunagakure. She, finally, gathered all of her courage to simply knock on the door. Normally, on October 31st, she would stay at home. All the frightening costumes made her heart beat a little faster, and she'd be embarrassed because her otou-san would tell her year after year "fifteen is much too old to masquerade in a costume to beg for candy. This includes parties and dressing up."

Her knuckles knocked on the door, almost expecting someone to jump out to scare her. Instead, a handsome young man with dark hair and just as dark eyes greeted her. He was dressed in a tuxedo.

At first, she was baffled. Temari or Kankuro would greet her at the door, but this man seemed to be neither. "Erm… Hello?" she asked quietly, tapping her fingers together.

"Oi, Hinata!" he smiled sweetly. "Are you here to see Gaa --I mean—the Kazekage?"

Hinata shook her head bashfully then looked both ways as if to check to see if anyone was watching. She gulped visibly and glanced up at him with soft eyes. "I… ano… I wanted to know if… you know… if you could go to the festival with me…?"

Kankuro raised an eyebrow, slightly confused. "Why? Won't Naruto go with you?"

She giggled. "I didn't come all the way to Sunagakure to ask Naruto to accompany me. I'm asking you…"

Her voice went really quiet, but Kankuro knew better. "What was that?"

"Ano… I… l-like you… That's why I'm asking," she murmured.

Kankuro blushed a little, even though her eyes weren't staring him down. He was hoping, wishing, that she hadn't noticed.

"Well, on one condition," he said quickly, pushing back the blush, "you've got to wear a pretty dress."

Precisely one hour later, the two walked away from the tower. Little girls crowded around the two. "Ken, is this Barbie?"


Haha!! I was listening to the Barbie song when I wrote this, so I had to make Kankuro look like Ken and hint towards Barbie and Ken. By the way, I usually hate that song. But it sorta fit, almost. XD Review!

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