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JAIL By: Kit

"Hey Hikaru, have you read the news lately? These two guys went to jail because they stole a puppy."

Shocking orange hair swayed as the boy being addressed nodded and made a noise of acknowledgement, staring boredly at his twin who sat contently at his computer. Kaoru's gaze was set solely on the screen and for the briefest of moments, Hikaru could have sworn the boy he ogled at bore an almost demonic smirk.

"Yeah so?" he commented dryly, flopping over onto his back.

The concept of crude iron bars isolating you from the rest of humanity wasn't something Hikaru found particularly enticing. Kaoru twirled slightly in the rotating chair, a grin fixated upon his normally angelic features. He paused, looked thoughtful, then flung himself from the chair, bringing his computer down with him. The elder twin sighed in frustration as he was used as a pillow.

"Why Hikaru, you startle me. Don't you know what happens to young men who are thrown into jail...?" Kaoru mused.

Hikaru didn't necessarily like the gleam in his brother's eye.

"Is it vital to my health to know?" he retorted.

Kaoru giggled then scooted over to show his brother the web page he was on.

"It's all rather fascinating, actually, when people are cut off from the rest of the world in a box with about a thousand other people of the same sex. Psychology starts to kick in, you know. Humans crave sexual relations. It's right up there with our physiological needs to eat and sleep."

Hikaru frowned.

"Are you going to be making a point soon, Kaoru? You're boring me," he said, causing his twin to pout adorably.

"Everything I say has a point and should be taken completely serious," he snapped, "After all I'm going to rule the world someday."

Hikaru grinned and hit his brother on the head, stealing the computer. He immediately regretted it, however. Many explicit pictures adored the page, some that even made the deviant Hikaru blush a bright red. He almost blanched as he felt the computer plummet from his hands towards the floor.

"Karou!" he squeaked, trying to shove the laptop as far away as possible with his foot, "That was practically porno!! XXX RATED PORNO!!! Not to mention... they were all MEN!"

Kaoru allowed his lower lip to jut out in annoyance.

"Hikaru, you're so mean! You could have just broke my computer!" he whined, going over to gently cradle the PC in his arms.

"You could have just broke my fragile mentality! URGH!!!" the older twin sputtered, face still a lovely shade of crimson.

"Oh control yourself, you're such a baby."

Hikaru burst into a fit of nervous laughter.

"Control myself?! Control myself, you say?! Sure! I'll control myself! After all, it's not like my baby brother is looking up GAY PORN!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..." he muttered, trying to collect his sanity.

Kaoru just stared at him resentfully.

"It's not gay porn, it's what happens to the guys who steal innocent little puppies! They go to jail and 'cause the men in jail have no sexual interaction with women, they go for the next best thing."

Hikaru stared intently at his brother's serious expression.

"That's gay."

"No, it's psychology."

"No, Kaoru, that's gay."

"No, Hikaru, it's the human's basic instinct. It's natural."


Kaoru smirked and leaned closer to his brother, waving the computer screen in front of his face.

"Ouuuuuuuuu, maybe Hikaru-kun is intrigued but doesn't wanna admit it!" he crooned, quickly pulling the computer away before Hikaru could snatch it.

"Kaoru, if you were any more queer, I'd be worried about you," he spat.

Kaoru just smiled and set his computer to the side, going to wrap his arms around his brother's shoulders. He smirked as Hikaru's blush failed to leave his face but instead, began to radiate even brighter.

"Awwww, Hikaru, you're blushing!" he gushed, snuggling up to his twin.

Hikaru felt his breath quicken as Kaoru slowly nuzzled his cheek. So close...

"You know," Kaoru sighed, gently twirling his finger around Hikaru's loose hair, " I've been thinking. Maybe we should get a puppy."

Hikaru could see where this was going. Smirking, he rolled over onto his back so that his younger twin rested easily on his stomach, smiling down at him.

"Kaoru, you known darn well that we don't have the money just sitting around to buy a puppy," he said, sarcasm hanging from every word.

Of course they had money. They were up there with several famous fashion icons... Ralph Lauren... Calvin Klein...

Kaoru's smile never slipped from his face.

"Wellllll, we could always... borrow one."

"That means we're stealing."

"Well, if you perceive it that way, yeah, we're kinda stealing."

"Which means we go to jail."

"Which means sexual frustration."

"Which means we commit taboo and have sex."

"Which means, it will be amazing."

The twin glanced at each other briefly before feeling their faces split into two identical grins. They quickly gave each other a high five, beaming away.



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