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Once upon a time, in a school not nearly so unknown and most certainly not underprivileged, stood a castle. Yes, a castle, with many levels of elegancy and many servants waiting to serve; right there in that very school, in the third floor music room to be precise.

In that castle with many levels and many servants, conveniently all put into one sole music room, was a prestige and wealthy family of four... and a bodyguard and a bunny.

There was the King and Queen; both masters at handling difficult affairs retaining to their businesses of providing only the finest women in the land with happiness and entertainment in their otherwise dull lives. The King was a simple man, a man of dignity and airiness to him that made him rather refreshing. He always engaged with the women personally, taking into account each and every one of their individual needs, making him a very fine king indeed. His wild blonde hair and deep, easily moved blue eyes contrasted very dramatically with the looks of his Queen. A shadow of sorts, always lurking behind the king in all his wooing, taking notes on how to better their business and make it thrive. Her dark hair and cool eyes, hidden behind wired frames, were a reflection of her somewhat darker and cold inner self. However, the king did not mind, he loved his Queen dearly and always told her so, and the women of their business looked up and respected her.

And of course, there was the bodyguard and bunny. The guardian of the King and Queen stood tall, much taller than all the rest. A quiet man of little words and dark features whom always carried with him a little bunny. The bunny was small and adorable, causing the women of the land to woo over him constantly. His large childish eyes and primp blonde hair only gave him more of an appearance of a young boy.

However, this story is not about the King or Queen, nor is it about the bunny or the bodyguard.

No, this story is about the final two of the super rich family that lives in a castle in a school not so unknown and most certainly not underprivileged.

Those two being the young princes of the land, twins to say the least.

Prince Hikaru and Prince Kaoru.

The two, both redheads by nature and sadistic by genetics, lived happily in the castle with their mother and father, the King and Queen. They had the luxury to do as they pleased, day in and day out, whether it be tormenting the prisoners with foolish pranks, causing mayhem amongst the lady customers, who swooned at their uncivilized appearance every so often, or simply outwitting the bunny and the bodyguard whom so desperately tried to keep them in line. The two were happy, yes, with their lives but more so, with each other.

Whenever they were caught and got in trouble, they were there together, holding hands tightly, bracing for the harsh words and bitter punishment.

Whenever they were alone, completely forgotten amongst the important businesses that kept them so prosperous, they had each other to embrace and comfort.

Whenever they were being crooned over, surrounded by a sea of women who were fake and not even really looking at them, they had each other to make things better, to keep each other preoccupied so as not to be frightened by the others' empty eyes.

Yes, the two little princes were happy and loved each other dearly.

More so than any other person in the world, even their mother and father.

But on one fateful day, the Queen caught her King being particularly affectionate with a newcomer, an almost genderless being with crude, straightforward words that were both harmful and helpful all in the small breath. The Queen knew instantly her King was swayed by the being's strange, but drawing personality. Hurt by his infatuation, the Queen vowed that if he were to be led astray again by the 'girl' with simplistic actions and living standards, she would take one of their children and leave forever.

The King most certainly did not want that so he struggled to make his Queen happy.

However, he just couldn't pry himself away from the primitive girl.

True to her vow, the Queen gathered her things and grabbed the twin closest to her at the time... Prince Kaoru.

Despite how he screamed and begged and pleaded to his mother to let him stay, she just couldn't stand the disappointment of leaving her beloved King with both his Princes.

Prince Hikaru tired vainly to snatch his twin away, yelling obscenities and kicking and clawing away at the bodyguard who stood between him and his beloved brother on the Queen's command. He cried and shouted, reaching for his twin as he fought against their mother, crying as well.

Though to no avail could they get the Queen to stop.

She swiftly took her things and Prince Kaoru to one of their many resorts, most commonly used to house their women guests and paid customers to help them relax and recover from illness.

For many days, Prince Kaoru sat staring out the window, crying himself to sleep and waking almost every morning with a thunderous headache. He missed his twin dearly and the Queen took notice, forbidding him to step foot out of their sanctuary to see his brother or the King. With a smile, she said Prince Kaoru could run away if he so wished it, however, he would then end up being hounded by the Queen's secret army and brought back to her, only to be forced to live in the dungeon. Prince Kaoru opted to stay, cringing at the fact his mother could say such a thing with such a cheerful face.

No, he did not leave. He sat by his window, slowing wasting away due to his lack of concern for himself and mourning of his brother. It seemed as though nothing could ever bring up his spirits, he was dwindling to nothing but skin and bones and though he knew his brother was faring much better than he, he couldn't help but wonder vaguely if his twin felt the same. Lost, alone, desolate...

Then one night, as if brought by the wishing of Prince Kaoru, Hikaru showed up at his window, tapping softly against the glass. Flinging it open and climbing out rather erratically, Kaoru reached for his brother's warm embrace, immediately bursting into tears when Hikaru held him firmly in his arms as if he would never let him go again. Hikaru tried to dwindle his cries with gentle words and soft kisses, smiling tenderly at his sweet sweet brother whom only wept so much for him.

They stayed together like that all night, exchanging stories of their hardships and devising plots to get the Queen and King to be happy with each other once more. Hikaru explained that he could not come every night, the King had guards on him almost all the time... but he would come as frequently and as many times as possible. And with a final kiss, he was gone, blending in with the darkness of the night.

Kaoru smiled as he hulled himself into his bed, assurance of another visit still fresh in his mind.

And as he promised, Hikaru came by night to see him and tell him story after story about what Kaoru was missing in the castle and what adventures they would go on once he came back. At those times, Kaoru was the happiest. He loved watching the way his brother became animated in his storytelling, gripping his twin's body closely as he sat in his lap. And every night, when it was time to depart, Kaoru left his twin with a single kiss to the lips, as if reminding him of his promise. Hikaru would smile, rest a hand against Kaoru's cheek then turn and flee into the night.

Everything seemed to have taken a turn.

Until one night.

Hikaru had come and Kaoru had been waiting, however, the elder twin was more unrelenting and fretful then normal.

"Kaoru, come quick and I will steal you away tonight! But he have to go NOW!" he had said hastily, grabbing his twin's hand in an urgent manner.

"Are you crazy? I can't leave, you know that!" he answered in a shrill voice, shaken by his brother's want to escape so sudden.

He had the faintest urge to pull his hand out of his brother's grip. Hikaru gazed mournfully into Kaoru's eyes, giving his hand a soft squeeze as he struggled to find words. Kaoru stared worriedly back, nearly crying out in shock as Hikaru reeled back suddenly and stole into the night, never turning back once to see his twin's confused expression.

Hikaru came, once or twice after that, talking to Kaoru with a little less pizzazz in his normally lively voice and holding him with a little less care. His mind, even when he was talking, always seemed to be elsewhere and he grew distant and forlorn. When Kaoru tried to look at him, he cast his head downward and when Kaoru tried to kiss his sweet prince good-bye, Hikaru looked away. Eventually, his stories revolved around nothing but the girl whom had enticed the King. And in these moments, Kaoru noticed Hikaru would get a spark in his eye and his voice would no longer be as dull. Then finally...

Hikaru stopped coming.

Kaoru had wept the hardest that dark lonely day when he realized his twin may never return again.

His mother, despite her rough appearance and sharp edge, comforted her son in the only way she knew how. She bought him thousands upon thousands of toys and constructive things to do. He didn't give them a second glance. She hired all the finest chefs to make only the nicest and most rare cuisine the land had to offer. He touched nothing. She bought him councilors and dream annotators to try and lift his spirit and better understand him. He would not open his mouth or mind to them.

It was not that the Queen was not trying hard enough. Not at all, for in those days, she tried the hardest.

What the Queen did not know was that no amount of money spent could possibly buy the thing Kaoru truly yearned for.

Money could not buy happiness.

Finally, after losing sleep over the matter herself, the Queen called for the King. She knew of nothing else she could do, she just couldn't understand Kaoru. She just couldn't understand her own son.

The King welcomed them back with open arms, his heart as pure and gay as when they had left him. He cradled and hugged his most precious son as soon as he staggered through the door, calling his pet name to him over and over again. Kaoru smiled and embraced the King back, finally realizing how much he had sorely missed the warmth and love of his father. After he was assured that Kaoru was fawned over enough for his taste, the King turned to his Queen and stared deeply into her composed, dark eyes.

The younger Prince smiled faintly as his father reached for his mother, gently tugging her to his arms where his supported her slightly trembling frame.

He knew then that all had been forgiven.

He turned down a hallway, gently running his hands across the cool, marble walls in remembrance. Everything seemed so strange and different to the boy as he glanced at old paintings and patterned carpets; their once lively castle now seemed big and lonely.

Turning a corner far too familiar, the young boy gazed at the door of his bedroom, gently tracing his name which he had carved into the wood when he and his brother were but five years of age. When he had finished outlining the last letter, he let his sight fall on the second name right beside it. Resting his palm against his brother's name, Kaoru's shoulders shook slightly with suppressed sobs. He was here. He was back. But where was Hikaru?

A placid hand came to rest on his arm, causing Kaoru to reel back in surprise. He straightened his slumped figure and turned, coming face to face with someone he knew instantly was the one who stole away from him his everything. He wanted to scowl or yell or run away but instead, found himself awestricken by the girl before him, gently blinking wide passive eyes at him.

"If you're looking for him, he's not in there," she said unhurriedly, making Kaoru highly uncomfortable by her scouring gaze, "Hikaru I mean, he's not in the room."

Kaoru curled his hand into a fist, trembling slightly in rage. Of course she would know where his beloved was. Of course! Of course! How foolish of him to think he knew his own brother better than his lover!

"... You must be Kaoru then."

The boy grunted in response, not really bothering to acknowledge her anymore than he possibly had to. The girl eased her hair behind her ear with a quick stroke of her hand, chuckling slightly. The boy sulked. Now she was laughing at him.

"You are being childish, I would have mistaken you for Hikaru if I hadn't known he was out. He was also so immature and juvenile, yes, you are acting a lot like him."

"Well aren't you just a hypocritical little harlot, you take the one thing I treasure most in the world then try to bash him when he's not swooning over you? You're sick," Kaoru screamed, advancing on the girl so that he had her backed into a corner of the hallway, "How could you do that to him!? When you mean so much..."

Kaoru stopped when he noticed the girl's unfazed expression. He seethed then pulled away from her, about to walk off when a small but sturdy hand leapt out and clung to his shirt, keeping him locked in place.

"You think I mean a lot to Hikaru?" she said in a small, sardonic voice, "When all he ever bothered to talk to me about was of you...?"

Kaoru's eyes shot open in surprise. Hikaru... only talk to her about him?

"He loves you, and judging from you loath towards me, I'd say you love him just as much. He's been a wreck since the day you refused to run away with him, we had made all the arrangements necessary..."

Kaoru blinked, stunned.

"You helped him...?"

The girl snorted and gave the prince a small glare.

"Of course. Two people who love each other very much so never be separated. He's waiting for you, you should go to him."

And he did just that. The two had embraced and cried together long into the night, refusing to see anyone outside themselves. The girl was right, Hikaru was a mess of confusion when Kaoru had stumbled upon him. He knew the instant he saw him that his brother needed him just as much as he needed his brother. In a few days, it almost appeared as if nothing happened. The girl disappeared not long afterwards, claiming she had to take her sorcery elsewhere to aid people wrongly accused on crimes. The King and Queen were happy once more and made more of a profit by telling their customers of their marital tribulations. The bodyguard and the bunny eloped and were never heard from again (outside the occasional missing pastry).

And they all lived happily ever after...


Hikaru gently sat the typed papers down on the coffee table, turning his skeptical gaze to his twin who stood, eagerly beaming, next to him. Tamaki's jaw had dropped all the way to the floor. Haruhi was shaking her head in the far corner while Mori simply stared, dumbfounded, at the wall. Hunny was pouting. Kyouya was smirking away, the normally active pen and black notebook stored away in a conveniently placed bag around his shoulder.

"Well," Kaoru drawled, "What do you guys think? Instant classic, right!?"

Hikaru sighed and rubbed his temples, going over to rest a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"For the last time, Kaoru, I don't like Haruhi that way. If you wanted to get this all out of your system, you should have just talked to us instead of writing this 'story' and making our lives seem like some sort of Spanish Soap Opera," he said somewhat slowly, hoping it would all sink into his brother's thick skull.

Kaoru frowned, puffing out his cheeks and giving a soft huff.

"I was just expressing myself creatively!"


Kyouya gently pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, obviously amused by the whole scenario.

"Cheating on me again, are you Tamaki? Your 'Queen' is very displeased."

"Ah! Mommy, stop it! Haruhi doesn't count!!"

"Oh, I don't count now, do I senpai?"

"AH!! Not Haruhi it's not what it seems like!!!"

"Oh really Tamaki, so there IS something going on between the two of you...? I'm heartbroken."


Kaoru pouted and grumpily sat into a chair, watching as his twin begin to engage in the now heated accusations match, only flustering the poor 'King' more. He shifted and looked at the two not saying anything, his eyebrows furrowing crossly at having his story be rejected.

"It was a good story, wasn't it Mori-senpai? Right, Hunny-senpai? It was a good story," he grumbled, slumping his face against the palm of his hand in discontent.

Hunny shrugged and proceeded to eat his cake merrily.

"It was a good story, Kao-chan. I was a bunny, like Usa-chan!!"

Kaoru then turned to Mori.

"What did you think about it, Mori-senpai?"

Mori shrugged and continued to look at the wall.

"I think I better start planning for my wedding."


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