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Chapter summary: What happens when the boys of the rookie nine and team Gai switch places? Well, you're read each boy's day, and you've read a fun bonus chapter with my favorite: Kakashi, as the star… And some of you have even read what happens afterwards, in the companion story (WSFO)… now the final chapter in this story… who won the bet? And what do the losers have to do?... hehehe enjoy.


Shikamaru watched as his seven friends marched through the streets of Konoha. It had been a week since the end of the bet, but with everything that had occurred (1), the boys had neglected to follow through with the remainder of the competition. After going through the day's occurrences, it was determined that Shikamaru had been the winner. Neji had not been surprised, but then again, no one else was that surprised either. (2)

Naruto had been the most obvious loss, since he had been the one to break the jutsu in front of the girls, consequently ending the whole game. After him, Neji had been forced to drop his guise as well, the other boys following suit shortly after. At the time, no one had bothered to take note of who was the last one of them to remove the jutsu. Shikamaru claimed that it had been him, and no one would have put it past him to think ahead, even in the middle of what had occurred, enough to wait until he was the last one to disengage the jutsu.

However, given the stakes, none of the guys were willing to give in so easily, so it was discussed in detail what each boy had done and investigated to make sure none had broken character before the bet had ended.

Naruto had been disqualified not only because he had been the one to end the challenge, but also because Neji had managed to get Hanabi to expose Naruto's stop at the Ramen stand.

Neji had been disqualified because Jiraya had divulged that Neji used his Byakugan after he realized Tenten was the one Jiraya had been spying on (while they were running away from her kunai and shuriken). (3)

Shino had been disqualified after Gai-sensei declared that he had known all a long that Shino wasn't his beloved student Lee (4).

Lee had been disqualified… well… everyone knew why he had been disqualified. And Shino was almost happy that they had to "pay up," at least that way everyone would know that the crazy Shino running through the forest yelling madly about bugs eating him, had been Lee and not Shino.

Choji had been disqualified because he'd curled into a fetal position and started whimpering when the fan girls had finally caught up with him. And Sasuke would NEVER do that…

Sasuke had been disqualified because it was discovered that 'Choji' had been rather rude on the day of the bet. And everyone knew that Choji was the kindest shinobi in the village.

Kiba, having been followed around all day by Akamaru, and the fact that he did too much in general, was disqualified as well. (5)

The only one who had not been disqualified, perhaps because, as Neji had suspected, he chose to play Kiba on a "day-off" mode, had been Shikamaru. He had been able to fool Hinata into believing that he was Kiba. Plus, it didn't hurt that Hinata spent the majority of the day fainting from all of 'Kiba' (Shikamaru)'s compliments.

So now, days later, Shikamaru watched as his seven fellow shinobi's walked through the streets of Konoha in the frilliest of dresses, as all the villagers watched them walk from the gates of the village, to the hokage tower.

And Shikamaru's prize? As if it weren't enough that he got to see his friends humiliate themselves in front of the whole village, he also got the guys to do all his chores for a week… including deer herding, and missions… what more could a lazy-ninja want?


(1) if you don't know what that means, read the companion story

(2) he is after all a super genius!... yay Shika!... lol

(3) yeah… Neji's hormone's, plus Tenten equals unintelligent Neji… lol

(4) he swears…. But we all know Gai had no idea

(5) sigh poor Kiba-kun, disqualified because he wasn't lazy enough… lol

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