Since people were requesting it, here's another little story. :D


Memory 06: Valentine Chocolate

"But I don't want to!" Little Mello pouted. It wasn't fair. Usually he made sure to smile at every little girl whom he saw in hopes that when the orphanage celebrated Valentines Day, they would give him all their chocolate. Then the orphanage decided to switch things around the next year, they did it American style and it was the boys who gave chocolates to the girls. Needless to say little Mello was not pleased. He wanted to keep his chocolate and receive more chocolate like he did every year.

Near's idea was simple, a classic. He suggested that Mello disguise himself as a girl and tried to get chocolate from the boys. Of course Mello refused, he would sooner get himself into a fist fight for the chocolate even if the other kids were bigger than him and had him well outnumbered. "Just an idea," Near had defended.

Mello smiled evilly and looked at his little brother. "Why don't you dress up as a girl and get chocolate for me?"

Near's eyes went wide in alarm, "L!" He called for help before Mello forced him into a dress and wig. "Big brother L!"

The thin dark haired boy, oldest of the three, came running at his adoptive younger brother's call. "Near, what's wrong?"

"Mello wants me to dress up as a girl and make get chocolate for him!" Near complained.

"Mello, don't try to dress up your little brother as a girl. We get chocolate from the girls every year when we celebrate Valentine's Day Japanese style; don't you think it's fair to give chocolate to them this year?" L tried to sound as convincing as possible, though it also pained him to give away some of his sweets and not receive any.

Mello shook his head, blond hair bouncing from side to side as he did. "No! I want chocolate! I want it! I want it! I want it! Big brother, will you dress up as a woman and get chocolate for me?"

"What? No!" At L's refusal Mello began to cry. Then Near started crying because when one of his brothers cried, he cried too. "Alright, alright, don't cry!" L sighed deeply; he felt a headache coming on. "Just for this year," L couldn't believe he was doing this. He would have to make sure that next year they went back to the old Japanese tradition of the girls giving chocolate to boys.

End of Memory 06

I know the orphanage isn't in Japan or America. I believe it is in England. Let's just say they celebrated various traditions from different parts of the world. Disclaimer, I don't own Death Note.