High School Musical: Doctor Who Style

Chapter Two

Get Your Head In The Game

Wow, I might be REALLY distracted as I write this… my sister-in-law is currently in the hospital flat on her back having a baby. Everything's going great…

Okay, this is really weird. Sad. Frightening. Last night I had a dream (more like a nightmare) about my brother coming home and just looking into my eyes with this really intensely sad expression and I knew something was very wrong. Then he told me the baby died. I woke up crying. Now I can't tell anyone about this nightmare – do you want to scare your brother when he's nervous enough about being a father as it is? – except for you guys… but I really don't want this to happen. Oh man… help. Are any of you believers? Will you please pray for my family and I? I'd appreciate it so much.

God bless,


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> > > > > > > > > > >

Rose lay snuggled up against the Doctor's chest as they continued to watch High School Musical. It wasn't as if she was paying attention, however. His two heartbeats were comfortably against her ear, making her own heart beat out of sync. Her arm was trapped behind his back, but it was in a comfortable position, not crushed – and therefore didn't bother her at all. Her other arm was still slung across his chest and her shoulder met his armpit as his arm was around her back. All in all, it was a very comfortable, close and tactful position.

The film was really good, too.

It almost got too much, however, when the Doctor started laughing. Really laughing. Not just in-the-throat-small laughing, but deep down, loud, rumble-in-the-chest laughing. Rose could hear it before it even left his mouth. It made her want to reach up and snog him. Even though his warm, bubbly laughter made her feel so good, Rose was ready to throttle him for distracting her when she really couldn't afford it. All she could think about was how close she was to him, how good he smelled, how lean his chest was… you get the idea. So, she sat up.

The Doctor looked at her in surprise and reached out to tug her back down again, but Rose wouldn't let him. Then he looked at her with his gorgeous, brown puppy dog expression – and how could she refuse him when he looked at her like that? Especially when she really didn't want to sit up in the first place. She was liking his chest just fine. So, with a sigh, she slowly lay down again.

The Doctor couldn't hold it in at the detention scene. "This is sooo lame," he complained, bursting into another fit of hysterical laughter. Rose couldn't help but grin as he did so.

"It is not lame. Just… slightly weird," she protested as she watched Mr. Bolton run into the gym and scream, "Where's my team, Darbus? What the heck are those two doing in a tree?!"

"It is weird, I'll give it that," the Doctor agreed as he watched with her. He grinned down on Rose. "I used to play Basketball, did you know?"

Rose sighed with relief. They were back to talking again. She sat up and looked him in the eye, taken aback slightly that they were so close to each other. "Did you?" she asked warily.

"Oh, I did," he assured her proudly. "In my eighth regeneration."

"They're numbered?" Rose asked in surprise.


"Which one is this one?"

"My tenth."

"How many can you have, or are you unstoppable?" asked Rose, teasing lightly. The Doctor grew silent and didn't answer. Rather, he nudged her back down. But Rose wasn't to be put off that easily and sat up again. "Doctor?"

"I'm not unstoppable, now will you lie down?" he finally told her, and Rose rested her head on his shoulder, her hand coming up slowly to touch it.

"You don't have that many left, do you?" she whispered softly against his ear. She didn't notice the shiver that went through him at her touch.

"What I have is good enough for me," he told Rose firmly, and twisted his head around to look at her. Their eyes were so close together.

"Really, though?" she asked.

"Really really," he told her. His arm slipped reassuringly around her shoulders and he gave her a squeeze.

"Okay," she replied, completely trusting him. Rose laid her head back down against his chest as the Doctor's arm squeezed her shoulders again. She giggled when Troy began to sing. "I don't believe this is his real voice," she confided.

The Doctor stilled as he listened for a minute, and then looked at Rose. "I don't believe it either. He sounds too much like someone from the…"

"Backstreet Boys?" Rose suggested as she giggled again.

"Exactly," emphasized the Doctor, grinning. "Completely ridiculous."

Rose laughed again. "Can't imagine you singing this song," she murmured with a shy smile.

The Doctor grinned back. "Wanna bet?" He tickled her arm before starting to bounce. "Yo, get your head in the game, yo, I get my head in the game… don't be afraid to shoot the outside J…"

Rose burst out laughing. "Doctor!"

But once he started he wasn't able to stop. At the middle he paused and started to shriek, overdoing it just a bit. It was enough that Rose was in hysterics. "Whhy am I feeling so wrooooong? My head's in the game but my heart's in the song!" He started echoing Troy's motions and started flailing his arms everywhere. "She makes it feel soooo right…"

"Should I go for it?" Rose asked with one eyebrow raised, looking at him. The Doctor grinned and winked as she continued. "I gotta shake this –"

And they both screamed "YIKES!" before falling back against the couch together in hysterical laughter.

"Oh, this is fantastic and brilliant all rolled into one," the Doctor commented, wiping his eyes of tears.

"I agree," Rose concurred, grinning with him. She nestled back down against his chest as Troy shot the lone basket.

"What team?" The Doctor smirked.

"Wild Cats!" shouted Rose.

"What team?"

"Wild Cats!"

"Wild Cats!"

Both of them shouted in their best rapper voice, "Get your head in the game!" and both of them shrieked with more laughter.

"This is brilliant, seeing a corny movie with you," the Doctor said after the laughter had subsided and the tears had been wiped and the noses had been blown and more of the popcorn had been eaten and more of Coke had been drunk – you get the picture. "I absolutely love you."

Rose's heart stopped and she refused to make it more than it seemed. He didn't mean it, she told herself over and over repeatedly in her mind. He's a bit confused – maybe he's had too much to drink – maybe he's laughed too much. He means it in a friendship love sense… right? "Thanks, Doctor. I love you too." She rolled her eyes to belay the heart-jerking comment.

"I was talking to my banana." Rose reached up and slapped him. "Ow!" He gingerly rubbed his cheek. "What was that for?" he asked indignantly.

Rose refused to answer him. She sat up fully and didn't look at him at all. She was so into watching the telly she ignored him completely. Sharpay and Ryan had never seemed so interesting before, actually.

"Rose, look at me." His voice was quiet, soft, teasing… Dang him. Rose refused to give in. She stubbornly sat forward and focused on the screen. "Rose." She shook her head firmly and, to add insult to injury, scooted away from him to the other side of the couch. It seemed like a mile separated them. "Rose." Now he really did sound hurt. She felt a little guilty, but it was his fault… saying all those things… She refused to think about what had transpired and quickly snagged a pillow. She looked down at it. It was a Barty Crouch Junior pillow. Great – why did he have to look like the Doctor? She chucked it at the Doctor and grabbed the throw cover he had used to cover her and threw it around herself, snuggling down into its warmth. It was okay, but it was nothing compared to the Doctor's warmth and softness. She tried not to think about it.

He was watching her. She finally looked over at him and frowned, unable to take his stare anymore. "Turn down the lights please," she whimpered, and without another word, turned and buried herself in the arm of the couch. She felt the weight lift and knew he had done as she had requested. The lights went down, the glare on the telly screen lifted slightly. She didn't hear him sit down again. She blinked when she heard footsteps coming towards her and her heart began to race.

"Rose," he murmured, momentarily blocking her view of the telly.

She frowned and tried to swat him away, but he caught her wrists quite easily. "I'm trying to watch," she told him calmly.

"You can watch with me," he informed her, not commanding, but gently requesting.

Rose frowned at him again. "I'm quite comfortable here, thank you."

The Doctor sighed and sat as close as he could on the couch beside her. "Rose, I was kidding."

"I know." And she did know. She knew he had been kidding about talking to his banana, but it was still harsh and she doubted he was serious about… that.

"No, you don't know," he told her in frustration. He reached forward and paused the movie. "Rose… I don't know how to say this…"

"Just say it," she told him simply, calmly, unemotionally. He's gonna tell me that he knows I love him and he's gonna wreck it all and say it's a crush and what I want can never happen coz he doesn't like me in that way anyway and –

"I love you."

Rose blinked and came out of her miserable dream of what might have been. She gaped at him instead. "Say what?"

> > > > > > > > >

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