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So, here's the last chapter/epilogue of Fading!


"Danny," Vlad called, walking into the room.

Danny looked up from his bed, staring at his faux uncle's raised eyebrow as he lowered his hand from the bandage around his head. "It's annoying me, Vlad," he mumbled.

Vlad laughed. "Only you could wear a headband everyday, but get annoyed by a bandage. Your doctors are sure you don't have head trauma?"

"Shut it," Danny grumbled, straining not to blush at the teasing. "So, am I officially—and legally—out of the hospital now?" he asked with a hopeful look.

"Yes, you are. But I'm not letting you drive like that!" Vlad glared as Danny pouted and pulled his hand back from his car keys.

"I'm fine, Vlad!" the teen complained.

"You hit your head! Your left arm is in a sling! Your leg's torn up! You are not fine, and you are not driving!"

"Fine, fine," he answered, rolling his eyes. "You can drive me."

"Thank you. Now, where to?"

"I just wanna go home." Danny smiled at the thought.

"God, I feel like a chauffeur," Vlad griped, covering his eyes with a hand.

"Really?" Danny smirked. "Then once around the block, Vladimir!"

Vlad shot a glare at his ecstatic—and overly-sarcastic—charge. "Just get in the car before I change my mind and leave you here another week!"

Danny's eyes widened, and he quickly said, "I take back my joke! Please take me home, Uncle Vladdie!"

Vlad chuckled. "You really want out of here, don't you?"

"Wouldn't you?" Danny retorted. "I mean, I've only been here for the past few days since I was almost murdered twice." Vlad scoffed, then led him out and to his car, where Vlad got in to drive. Danny sat shotgun.

After all of five minutes' silence, Vlad asked, "So… had a good week?"

"Paulina followed me here, tried to kill me twice, killed someone else, and almost got away with kidnapping me. Yeah, I had a great time," Danny replied, sarcasm dripping from each word.

"Well, the last day and a half was better, right?"

"Minus the injuries, not being able—allowed—to drive, and running from a cop car, yeah, they were better."

"I heard that you were hysterical when they caught up with you. Was it really that bad an experience?"

"I was laughing, moron," Danny said with a roll of his eyes. "one of those relieved laughing fits."

"Sure it was." Vlad pulled up to Danny's hotel.

"Can I go now, or are there more stupid questions you wanna ask me?" Danny asked sardonically.

"No, I think that was about it," Vlad said acerbically. "I'm going to be leaving for Wisconsin in a few days. Dash and Kwan are staying. I decided that could take a short leave to help out here."

"In other words, help me transition back in to Amity Park. The thought's appreciated, Vlad, but I don't need help or sympathy."

"But you do need friends."

Danny glanced over at him, smiling. "Every so often you say something really meaningful."

"And every so often you say something smart."

"Hey! Uncertified genius, here!"

"The minute I see certification, I'll stop teasing you, but not a moment sooner!"

"Bye, Vlad," Danny said, rolling his eyes and getting out.

"Bye, little badger," Vlad answered through the rolled-down window as he turned around.

"I'm not little anymore, fruit loop! Say hi to Maddie for me!"

"I will! She misses you, Daniel!"

Danny watched, chuckling as his guardian pulled away. "That cat only misses me 'cause I'm the one who sneaks her table scraps…."

He walked towards the building slowly, relishing the fresh air. Well, until the rain started.

"You've gotta be kidding me!" he yelled at the sky, laughing even more now. "My first day back, and it rains!"

Now he ran inside, bursting in through the door and shaking the rain off like a dog.

"Welcome back, Dan," the front desk clerk said as Danny came in.

"Hey, Jay," Danny answered, turning towards him. With the sling and bandage now in plain sight, Jay's hazel eyes widened.

"How the hell'd you drive here?!"

"I didn't. Vlad drove me."

"I see. So, how ya gonna get to and from work?"

Danny paused, blinking. "…Kuso."

Jay laughed. "Why not have that Sam girl drive you? Then, maybe I won't have to hear about her as much."

Danny fought down the urge to blush and lost. "Shut up, Jay…."

"Aww, Dan's got a crush! So, I'm guessing I'll be the godfather? Or will that honor go to Vlad?"

"Quit it, Jay!"

"So, Vlad won't let his precious 'nephew' drive?"

"Yeah, 'Uncle Vladdie' is being overprotective again," Danny replied, rolling his eyes.

"I'd bet." Jay's smirk slipped from his face as his eyes widened. "Hey, are you really gonna leave your company alone in your room?"

"What company?" Danny gaped.

Jay stared at him in shock. "…Dang, Dan, some girl came in, asked which room you were in, and got the bellhop to unlock the door."

"A—A girl?"


"What did she look like?"

"Uh, couple years younger than you. Her clothes were kinda ratty, and she… Dan, she looked like you used to."



Danny unlocked his door, staring around to check for anything missing. With nothing out of place in plain view, he moved into the living room.

"What the hell?" he murmured when he saw the lump on his couch. He walked over and poked it. The lump moved. Jumping back in shock, Danny pulled at the blanket covering the lump.

It was the girl. She was about three years younger than him. Blinking rapidly, Danny noticed her short hair, the same shade of black his had been before he'd dyed it. As her eyes blinked open, Danny stared. Staring back at him were his own bright blue eyes.

She gasped lightly, pulling the blanket up over her head again while mumbling, "Not yet, not yet…."

"…What the hell?" he gaped. He dragged the blanket off her once more, and her mantra was cut short.

She opened one eye in a slight wince. "Uh," she stammered cautiously, "hi?"

"Who are you?" he asked, his suspiciousness obvious.

"I—I'm Danlie."

"Where are your parents? Who are they? I'll call them and get you a ride hom—"

"Uh, that's the thing," she said, cutting him off. "I'm adopted. M—My f—foster dad got rid of me a while ago."

"What? How could he do that?"

"H—He wasn't all that great, anyway. B—But I found my b—brothers recently."

"Then what's their phone number? They can pick you u—"

"You don't get it! Y—You were adopted too, big brother."

"…What the hell?!"


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34( 70 !3

"Bye, Danny."

"Bye, Sam." He hung up, sighing.

"Who was that?" Danlie asked suddenly. He jumped again. "Was that your girlfriend?"

"She's not my girlfriend."

"Then why'd she ask you out?"

"Shut up, Danlie."

Kami, she is a little sister!

34( 70 !3


Danny shook his head to clear it. "N—Nothing."

Danlie glanced at him, not believing it at all.

"Eyes on the road!" he screamed as the car swerved.

She squealed, twisting the wheel. The car was set straight again as both sighed. Danlie chuckled, glancing at him. "Would you believe I only got my permit a little while ago?"

"It would definitely explain some things…." he ground out.

34( 70 !3

"Anything else?" Danny asked, running his good hand through his hair.

"Just that… some of the stuff your blood and hair say you've done is pretty scary."

Danny quickly glanced at Sam before answering, "I had some trouble before I moved in with Vlad."

34( 70 !3

"Damn. J's not gonna be happy about this."

"So we don't tell. We'll get him in something else soon as they can move again."

"Right. Let's get outta here before he gets us, too. Last thing we need is for our target to put us out of business." The two ran off.

Sam turned to Dash, both speaking at the same time.


34( 70 !3

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