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Hello everyone, I'm back with my second fanfiction but this time it's a little bit different. Disregard everything you know from the manga and all those other plotlines because this will be an original story with a unique pairing as well. I believe that this story will be better than my first one once I have it all set up. Without further ado, Trust and Betrayal. Enjoy and Review.

Full Summary: What does a person do when the ones you sought to protect turns against you? The very enemies that you been taught to kill turns out to be your only allies... A dark Naruto x Ino pairing.

8 AM Konoha

Shizune stood outside the office, knocking on the door. "She better not be sleeping again." She muttered to herself. When she heard no response, she quietly opened the door and found Tsunade sleeping again. Shizune let out a sigh. Things haven't changed much around here.

She walked over to her desk and found that the paperwork from yesterday was still not complete. She gently shook her mentor awake. "Tsunade-sama… You can't sleep like this. What would people say if they saw you?"

Tsunade stirred and answered groggily. "They can kiss my -"

"Tsunade-sama!" Shizune interrupted her, not wanting her to develop any more bad habits. "It's time to wake up Tsunade-sama."

Tsunade got up and stretched. She yawned and saw the pile of paperwork increasing. "Is it me or is the paperwork breeding like rabbits?"

Shizune giggled. "No, that's just from this morning."

Tsunade groaned. "I have half a mind to use a Katon jutsu to make me a small bonfire." She glared straight at the paperwork. If she knew it was going to be this much work, she would have retired ages ago.

Shizune quietly excused herself and went back to work, leaving Tsunade to get ready for another hectic day. Tsunade yawned and lean back into her chair. She noticed the daily newspaper lying around on her desk. She poured herself a cup of tea and started reading the newspaper. As she browsed through the newspaper, she saw something that made her drop the cup. The cup fell from her hand and hit the floor, shattering it into many broken pieces.

Shizune heard something shatter and came rushing in. "Are you alright Tsunade-sama?"

Tsunade slowly shook her head. She immediately ransacked her drawers, throwing away scrolls and papers while searching for something. Shizune approached her desk to see what the big commotion was. She started reading the newspaper for something unusual but stopped reading when she saw Tsunade pull out a small piece of paper. "The lottery? Did you lose again?" Shizune shook her head in disappointment. "You have to stop gambling Tsunade-sama. A Hokage with a debt the size of a mountain isn't good for someone of your reputation."

"No… It's not that." Tsunade stared at the ticket. "Shizune… I just won the grand prize…"

Shizune gasps. This was bad. Very bad. "Are you sure you won?" Tsunade nodded her head.

Shizune quickly grabbed the ticket and matched the numbers. It was unbelievable, she had really won. The last time she won something, Orochimaru was in town and Naruto almost died. It wasn't a pleasant memory for the both of them. "What does this mean Tsunade-sama?"

Tsunade sat back down, thinking. "I don't know Shizune but be on high alert, something's bad is brewing." Shizune nodded and went back outside. Tsunade looked towards the window, 'Why do I keep picturing Naruto?' She saw the clouds passing over the sun, covering it for a brief moment. 'I hope you're okay Naruto…'

- - -

"Sir. We have spotted the target. Do you want us to approach him?"

Fox carefully studied their target. Why would he stay in the open like that? The target was using himself as bait. He was luring them out into the open, waiting for them. Too bad that plan wouldn't work, Fox had all the time in the world. "Tiger, stay down. It's too soon to attack."

"Affirmative sir. Moving back into position now." Tiger moved back into the trees, waiting for further orders. He heard some noises moving behind him and turned around. "Eagle?"

A lean figure stepped forward, away from the shadows of the trees. "Why aren't we going in there and just kill him? The target's just standing there!" Eagle pointed to the man standing in the open yard.

Before Tiger could answer, a voice answered the question for him. "Because the place is carefully monitored and there are 3 guards at each end of the house, making it a total of 12 fully armed body guards. If you want to be stupid and walk into your future gravesite, be my guess. It'll be less paperwork for me to do. My question now is why are you still here and not at your post?" Fox appeared behind his team.

Tiger and Eagle turned around. "Sir!" They both saluted.

"Forgive Eagle sir, she's new to the squad." Tiger pushed Eagle away, hoping the captain wouldn't take it as an insult. Fox merely glanced at her and shushin away.

Eagle watched the man she only knew as her captain disappear. "Is he always like that?"

Tiger laughed. "You'll get use to it."

Eagle sighed. "But he's so infuriating!"

"I said get back to your post. I don't like repeating myself." Eagle turned around to see Fox standing in front of her. From her point of view, her captain looks kind of intimidating.

She was taken by surprised and fell down. "H-Hai!" She struggled to get back up and when she did, her captain disappeared in smoke. "Kage Bushin?" Her eyes widen behind her mask.

"Yeah. Captain's like that." Tiger shrugged and continued to monitor the estate.

Eagle shushin backed to her spot. 'He needs to lighten up.'

30 minutes later

"Eagle, Tiger. Get ready. We're going in. You two are going in the back way. I'm taking the direct approach." Fox spoke through the headset. He waited five seconds before giving the signal. "Okay. Move in!"

Eagle and Tiger both took a deep breathe before replying. "Affirmative."

The team consisting of 3 people, Fox, Eagle, and Tiger ran in to complete a rank S assassination ordered by their kage. Screams and bloodshed erupted from the highly guarded mansion. The once guarded place owned by Chi Yen, a corrupted daimyo was now empty.

The life of a ninja is expected to be a short one. Ninjas are considered soldiers for their kages, willing to do and die for them without question. The best kind of soldiers are those that were willing to do whatever it takes to complete the mission, even if it means abandoning all your ideals just for this one moment. There are many paths in life but yet, there is not a single path that a person can take which can be called the right path. The person known as Fox understood this. He understands the risks concerning the life of the ninja and knows that jobs like this one is strictly professional, not a child's game.

"Taichou. Are we done here?" Tiger asked as he walked into the room.

Eagle shortly entered after him. The first thing she saw was over 20 dead bodies, all mutilated in one way or another. Heads were missing as well as other body parts. She started feeling noxious and quickly removed her mask to vomit.

Fox turned around and glared at her.

Tiger waved his hands in front of Fox, trying to calm him down. "Easy taichou, she's new. Remember that."

Eagle looked up and saw Fox looking at her. "If you're going to vomit every time you see something like this then get the hell off my team. I have no need for weaklings."

Tiger turned away. He felt sorry for Eagle. He heard the captain was one of the meanest people on the force.

Eagle put back on her mask and stood up. "Was it really necessary to kill everyone?" She looked around the room, "You didn't need to kill every one of them."

Fox whipped out a scroll and sealed the head of Chi Yen into it. "In this job, there can be no survivors, better get use to it. We're leaving." Fox started walking away and Tiger followed.

Eagle stared at her captain. There were obviously no wounds on that man and yet, there were evidence of a battle that took place here. Broken swords, blood spilled all over and the captain didn't even get blood on his outfit.

She was caught up in her little analysis that she didn't notice that her captain was standing by the door. "Are you coming or are you going to keep vomiting? Do it on your own time and stop wasting mine." Eagle snapped back to reality and hurried to catch up with her team.

- - -

It was almost midnight when the team arrived back in Konoha. Eagle was too tired to continue. She looked at her other two team members. They looked like they just came back from a walk.

"Sir… Can we stop for a minute or something?" She looked up, hoping he would be lenient for once.

Fox turned back and saw her leaning over, using her knees as support. "How the hell did you manage to pass the exams like that? Either the proctors must have pitied you or you bribed your way through."

Eagle growled at him, she was too tired to put up with this shit any longer. She was about to lunge at him when Tiger held her back. "Calm down, he's always like this. Just don't let him get to you." He whispered into her ear.

Fox walked up to the front gate. "Kotetsu, Izumo. Are you guys there?"

"Who goes there?" A grouchy voice yelled back.

"It's ANBU Team Fox reporting back from a mission." Izumo immediately recognize the ANBU captain. He wasn't someone who you could just give a single glance to and forget. Fox was a person who could be labeled cold and dangerous and was known throughout Konoha. The villagers and ninjas alike knew and respected him as the ANBU captain. His enemies known to fear him as the Silent Storm. You wouldn't know where he was until you were dead. Just thinking about the man sent shivers down his spine.

Izumo walked out of the box and bowed to him. "Go right ahead sir. The Hokage is expecting you."

Fox walked past the bowing chunnin without saying a word. Kotetsu sat there, just watching the scene play out. He shook his head. Only a handful of people knew who the captain was and even less knew who was really under the mask. There has been rumors going on that Fox is on par with Itachi of Akatsuki, who was rumored to be on par with Jiraiya of the legendary sannins. He always got a kick out of watching Fox do his job. He gives off the silent creepy feeling but yet, at the same time, it felt cool knowing that Konoha has someone this strong serving under their Hokage.

Fox looked at his team. Tiger was right behind him while Eagle was slightly lagging behind. He shook his head. "Both of you are dismiss. Get out of my sight."

Tiger nodded and began to walk away, dragging Eagle with him. Fox shunshin out of sight, with one destination in mind.

When Fox disappeared, Eagle gave him the finger. "What the hell is with that guy? It's like he got a stick up his ass."

Tiger busted out laughing. "Captain's been like this since he enlisted 4 months ago."

Eagle gritted her teeth. "God damn it. I hate him more than I hate the demon. If I had my way, both of them would have been dead by now." She gripped her knuckles and slammed the wall, causing some rubble to fall off.

Tiger stayed back and observed her behavior. He shook his head. "He gave us the night off. I'm going back to relax. I suggest you do the same." He disappeared, leaving her alone.

Eagle cursed the day she joined his team. She punched the wall one last time before disappearing as well.

- - -

Fox walked through the hallow hallways of the tower, the night winds made the atmosphere a bit chilly. Fox didn't mind the cold, it was something that he liked. It was a refreshing feeling.

He walked up to the Hokage's door. It was wide open. Tsunade always left it open because no one dared to walk in unannounced, everyone except a selected few. The only time it would be closed is if she was sleeping or in a meeting.

Fox stepped into the room and saw her furiously scribbling on the paperwork. When she didn't acknowledge his presence, he let out a cough. Tsunade looked up from her paperwork and saw Fox standing before her. "Fox reporting in from a completed mission Hokage-sama."

Tsunade got up from her chair and stretched. She let out a yawn before signaling Fox to close the doors.

When Fox closed the doors, Tsunade took out a bottle of sake. "So I take it your mission was successful?"

Fox nodded his head. "It went off without a hitch." He stood there, awaiting his next order.

Tsunade took a sip of her sake. "You know, you can remove your mask when it's only the two of us."

Fox stood there, not making a movement. "I don't feel like it Hokage-sama."

Tsunade gave him an angry look. "Maybe you didn't hear me. I wasn't asking you if you felt like it. I'm ordering you to." Fox made no attempt to remove the mask. Tsunade sighed. "Please take it off… Naruto."

Fox sighed before giving in. He lifted his hands up to his mask and slowly removed it. He opened his eyes and looked straight at Tsunade. "Hello Tsunade-sama." Tsunade looked at the boy. The cheerful boy she once knew was gone. His body became tone, you can see the muscles perfectly on his arms and chest. His face has lost most of it's baby fat and it was no longer the face of a young teenager, it was the face of a handsome young man. Ever since he joined the ANBU ranks, he has undergone a complete transformation. No one would mistake him for the same brat he was years ago.

She looked down at her sake saucer and then at Naruto again. "Ah screw it." She threw the saucer into the wall and started drinking from the bottle. "Naruto, have a seat."

Naruto approached her desk and sat down in a chair. "I will have the report to you within the hour. What is my next mission Tsunade-sama?"

She put down her bottle before sitting back down. "Naruto… I think you're working too much. Slow down and enjoy life! Go out and get yourself another girl-" Tsunade stopped herself in mid-sentence, realizing what she was about to say. Naruto sat there, showing no emotions what so ever.

Tsunade heard about the split between Naruto and Sakura. She heard it through the local grapevine which they heard it from Ino herself. She's been meaning to ask Naruto for what really happened between the two of them but whenever she tried looking for Naruto, he was always out on a mission. "Naruto. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it like that."

Naruto shook his head. "Don't worry yourself about it. It's nothing."

Tsunade look another sip of sake. "Want to talk about it Naruto?" She was carefully studying his facial expressions. So far, she found out that he was like a statue, unable to change his emotions. It was true that he changed, he was no longer the social and loud mouth brat he once was. He was now embarking on missions like they were going out of style.

When she got no response from Naruto, she sighed. "Listen Naruto, I'm worried about you. Hell, you even got Jiraiya to worry about you and that man never worries about anything except his books."

Naruto dropped his head. "We…" Naruto hesitated for a minute before continuing. "found out that we weren't exactly… right for each other." Naruto took his time, trying to figure out what was the best way of telling her without reviewing too much. In his mind, he was replaying the scenes as if it was a broken record. He couldn't forget it, no matter how hard he tried.


5 months ago

Naruto was someone who you could have considered the happiest man in the world. Nothing could have brought him down. Sakura and him was officially a couple of 2 months now and nothing could spoil his mood. He had a date with Sakura tonight to celebrate their anniversary. Each time he looked into her eyes, he would always see the happiness that he brought to her world. What he didn't know was that everything was about to change.

Izumo laughed quietly about the relationship that Tsunade and Naruto had. Only Naruto dared to speak to her like that in that tone. "Well she also said that if you don't come, she's closing down the ramen stand and banning ramen from Konoha."

"WHATT?" Naruto yelled at the man. Izumo covered his ears. When he looked back up, Naruto was gone but you could see a pile of dust that the boy left behind. He chuckled to himself. "Same old Naruto."

"Oba-chan! You better not touch the ramen!" Naruto shouted as he barged into the room.

Before he could say anything else, Tsunade hit him over the head with her fist. "I thought I told you not to call me that Naruto!" She glared at the boy. Naruto rubbed his head before glaring back.

Shikamaru let out of a little cough. "Seems like they forgot that I'm also in here… how troublesome."

Tsunade snapped back into reality and sat back down in her chair. Naruto followed her over and stood along side Shikamaru. "Hey Shikamaru, How's Temari treating you?"

Shikamaru let out a sigh. "Same old, same old. Women are just too troublesome."

The boys turned back around when they heard a cracking sound. "What was that Shikamaru?" Tsunade stared the young chunnin in the eye.

"Err… nothing." She nodded her head before opening a folder. "I'm sending you two, along with a team, on a rank S mission."

"Yatta!" Naruto yelled out.

"You guys are leaving tonight."

Naruto stopped jumping up and down when he heard the news. Tonight was suppose to be his night. "Can it be tomorrow oba-chan?"

Tsunade gritted her teeth. Only a few more hours until she gets rid of him. She kept telling herself in her head. "No it has to be tonight because we have gotten word that Sasuke is in an isolated town just north of here. As I recalled, you wanted to be in this mission."

Naruto quieted down. He stared hard at the ground before looking up. "That's right, I have to bring him back." He nodded his head. "So who else are we going with?"

Tsunade threw the file at Shikamaru, who opened it and read the information. "Neji, Kiba, Shino, Lee and Choji."

Naruto smiled. "It's time to bring our lost buddy home."

3 days later

The special convoy team came back into the village, all bruised and battered up but still alive. They had engaged in battles with Orochimaru's new and upgraded Sound 4 along with Sasuke and Kabuto. It was not an easy fight, each of them considered themselves lucky for winning the battle. Naruto had it worst. The battle between him and Sasuke left him in a near death state. Shikamaru witnessed the entire battle. Sasuke shoved a Chidori through his chest while Naruto barely recovered from that and knocked Sasuke out with a Oodama Rasengan. Shikamaru then had the luxury of dragging them back with his Kagemane no Jutsu. Naruto woke up about half way through the trip and carried Sasuke back on his own.

When he arrived back into the village, every medic in the village rushed to meet the team. Sakura hurried through the crowd, pushing people out of the way. He had expected her to give him a hug when he returned but she pushed him out of the way and went to work on Sasuke. Naruto figured Sasuke needed more medical attention than him so he let it slide but as time went on, when he went to see Sakura, she was always busy with Sasuke.

It was a week later when he walked into the hospital room and overheard their conversation.

"So Sakura, would you like to have dinner with me tonight if you're not busy?"

Naruto laughed in his mind. 'She wouldn't do that. She knows that I was going to pick her up and take her out to dinner tonight.'

"Of course Sasuke-kun." He couldn't believe what was happening. He continued to listen to their conversation. "Are you sure? I mean Naruto's been here waiting for you a lot. Are you guys going out or something?"

"It's not really like that." Naruto's heart shattered into a million pieces at that point. He began to walk way quickly, not caring where he went. He bumped into Shikamaru and mumbled an apology while running out.

Later that night.

Naruto stayed in his apartment, fiddling with the necklace he was suppose to give Sakura. He was not in the best of moods and he already cried himself out, there was nothing left to cry about. He heard a knock on the door, slowly got up and wondered who it was.

When he opened the door, he saw Sakura standing there nervously. "H-Hi Naruto… Can we talk?"

He nodded his head and walked outside with her. "So talk." Naruto said without looking at her.

Sakura took a deep breathe and hoped for the best. "Naruto, I think we should break up. I need some time to myself to concentrate on my work."

Naruto laughed to himself. 'You mean to study Sasuke…' He stood up and closed his eyes. "Okay. If that's what you want."

Naruto stared at her for a second, looking into her eyes to see if she was under a spell or something. When he found nothing, he sighed.

Sakura took one last look at him before leaving. "I'm sorry Naruto." Naruto watched her as she walked away. Naruto walked back into his apartment and drowned himself in sorrow.

It was the next day when he saw Sakura and Sasuke in their regular training field, holding hands and lying next to each other. Naruto gritted his fist and left the area as quickly as he can. It was also the same day his whole world changed, where he enlisted in ANBU and quickly climbed the ranks into becoming the captain.

Flashback End

"You know I'm always here if you want to talk Naruto. We all care about you, me, Shizune, Iruka, Jiraiya, Kakashi, all your friends…" Tsunade looked at the boy. She couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

The boy has been through a lot and there will still be more troubles to come. She rarely saw the boy anymore, he was always busy with this and that, never showing up for any social events. She decided that it was time for action. Maybe she can bring the old Naruto back. "Naruto, as for your next mission, it's ranked SS. If you accept, I'll go into details with you right now."

Naruto's ears perked up when he heard that it was ranked SS. "I accept the mission."

Tsunade grinned. "Your mission is to act as a regular civilian for the next 3 months. Consider yourself on a vacation Naruto."

Naruto frowned. "Is this some kind of a joke Tsunade-sama? I'm not laughing here!" Tsunade glared at the boy for his rude outburst.

Naruto caught on and calmed himself down. "I do not see the logic behind your thinking Tsunade-sama."

Tsunade smiled at the boy. "It's called relaxation. Trust me you'll like it. Now get out of my office and start your rank SS mission." She started giggling as Naruto frowned, wondering what to do. He decided that he would think about it over some bowls of ramen.

Naruto bowed his head and walked towards the door. "Good night oba-chan…" Tsunade's head quickly picked up to look at the boy to see if she really heard those words but when she looked towards the door, it was already closed.

- - -

"He's back sir. Should we begin now?" A ninja kneeled in the middle of a dark room.

A mysterious figure appeared before the kneeling ninja and nodded his head. "Begin the operation immediately. Make sure to do this right or everything we planned up to this point will be for nothing!"

"Right away sir." The ninja disappeared into the shadows and the mysterious figure started laughing. "It's only a matter of time now…"

- - -

"Oi old man, 3 bowls of Miso please." Naruto shouted out his order before sitting down at the counter.

Teuchi walked out from the back. "Oh it's you Naruto. 3 bowls coming right up." Teuchi went back into the back and prepared the noodles. A few minutes later, he came right back out with the 3 bowls of Miso ramen. Naruto looked hungrily at the ramen.

Teuchi chuckled as he watched his best costumer rapidly eat it. "Slow down Naruto or you'll end up choking."

Naruto finished his first bowl and slowed down. "Whefe fs afume?"

Teuchi stared at him. "It's rude to speak with your mouth full boy. Didn't I teach you any manners?"

Naruto quickly swallowed the noodles before asking his question again. "I'm sorry. Where is Ayame-chan?"

"Oh, she's out on a date with some boy." Teuchi watched the boy finish off his bowl. How can this boy eat so much ramen and yet still remain thin. It was a mystery the way he ate. "Do you want anymore Naruto?"

Naruto shook his head. "I have to turn in tonight old man. I'll stop by tomorrow." Teuchi nodded his head and accepted the money that Naruto put down.

Just as Naruto walked out of the bar, an explosion rocked the area, causing Teuchi to drop the plates. "Old man! Are you okay?" Naruto ran back inside to check up on the old man.

Teuchi slowly pulled himself up, shaking his head. "Yeah… I think I'll be okay Naruto." Naruto gave the old man a quick look over before nodding goodbye.

When Naruto stepped back outside, he was stopped by 4 ANBU personnel, each standing there with their arms crossed.

ANBU, short for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai, stood for the village's security task force. They are the elite of the elite, handling assassinations and high risk missions to other countries. They are under the direct service of the Hokage.

"What can I do for you gentlemen at this hour of the night?" The ANBU with the dog mask threw a fast punch that caught Naruto off guard. The punch sent him flying back into the counter of the Ramen Bar.

Teuchi came to see what the commotion was about. "What's going on here? Why are you beating on him? Stop right this instant. I will not allow fighting in my restaurant."

Dog ignored the man and stood in front of Naruto. "Naruto Uzumaki, you are under arrested for acts of terrorism against Konoha. For destroying the Konoha Hospital and killing 50 people in your little act."

Naruto looked up at the man, with shocked eyes. "What the hell are you talking about? I was here when the explosion occurred!"

"Yes, I can vouch for him. He was here eating ramen when it happened." Teuchi quickly defended his loyal customer, the son that he never had.

"Shut up you demon lover." The ANBU with the cat mask retorted back.

Naruto got up and looked at the 4 ANBU. "Well, you got the wrong guy. I didn't do it so leave me alone."

Naruto pushed his way past the ANBU squad but stopped when Cat caught his arm. "You are coming with us demon or there will be trouble."

Naruto quickly reversed it and threw him away. "Don't touch me. I don't like it when people touch me without permission." Naruto turned his head and saw the other ANBU getting ready to attack.

Cat quickly jumped back up and tackled Naruto from behind.

Teuchi stepped in when he saw Naruto getting tackled. "Get off him this instant!" He pushed the ANBU off Naruto and was about to help Naruto up when the person in the wolf mask punched him in the stomach, sending him to the ground. Teuchi coughed some blood out and was breathing heavily.

"Stay out of this fight you demon lover." Wolf spat out venomously.

As Wolf turned around, he caught a fist to the face, causing him to stagger back and to comfort his broken bloody nose. Naruto appeared next to Teuchi and help him up slowly. "Are you okay old man?"

Teuchi smiled weakly at Naruto. "I'll be fine." Naruto nodded his head before turning his attention to the other ANBU.

Cat was checking up on Wolf's condition while the others stood in front of them.

"Your captain would have been ashamed of you guys for hitting on defenseless civilians." Naruto stated as he stood in front of Teuchi.

Dog laughed. "The captain would have loved to beat your ass down demon. Be glad he isn't here to soil his hands on some demon filth."

Naruto moved the ramen chef over to the chair before turning his head. "You can accuse me of all the bullshit crimes you want but when you guys involve innocent people in the fight, you guys just crossed the line." Naruto disappeared out of sight. The team of ANBU looked all around.

Cat looked around, preparing to take out the demon with one blow. He heard a whisper in his ear. "How the hell did you make it into ANBU?"

He turned around quickly to find no one there but felt someone pulling him down. He out a scream as he tried to pull himself back up.

Dog saw his teammate get dragged underground. "Cat!"

The other members ran over to the spot where their teammate vanished. "Damn you DEMON! Come out and fight us!" Wolf screamed into the air.

"Are you sure you guys are part of ANBU? Genin's give me a better challenge." Naruto walked out from the shadows.

"Don't look down on us demon." Naruto's eyes quickly turned around to see Crow behind him. Naruto didn't know who Crow was but he knew he was good enough if he was able to sneak up behind him.

Crow quickly brought the Ninjaken down on Naruto. Naruto barely jumped away in him. He looked down to see several cuts on his orange shirt. "You son of a... that was my favorite shirt." Naruto went through some hand seals and took a deep breath. "Katon: Karyu Endan."

A huge fire dragon appeared from Naruto's mouth and charged straight for the defenseless ANBU. Crow's eyes widened as he saw the size of that dragon. 'Oh shit. I'm screwed.'

Wolf quickly went through some hand seals to save his captain. "Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu."

Naruto turned around in time to see a water dragon coming towards him. He jumped away and saw the water dragon charging straight for his fire dragon.

Both of these mighty dragons destroyed each other and produced steam that covered the area.

Crow quickly formed some hand seals and took a deep breath. "Futon: Daitoppa." He let out a breath of wind that cleared the area of steam. The team of ANBU saw Naruto just lying there on the ground, not moving.

"Did we get him?" Dog turned his head to ask his team for their opinions but when they all shrugged, they moved in as a team. They slowly approached the body, not sure of what to make of the scene. When they got near Naruto, the body disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Blundering idiots. Your captain would have been crying if he saw this battle." They quickly turned around to see Naruto finishing up the last hand seal. "Doton: Yomi Numa." The ground quickly turned into a swamp, preventing anyone from escaping. "You guys aren't worthy enough to be in ANBU. Tell Cat I said hi when you guys see him."

Naruto walked away as the rest of ANBU sank into the ground. Naruto quickly leaped away before the entire ANBU division came after him. He ran back to his apartment but found more ANBU there. He turned around and disappeared into a corner. Naruto walked into a narrow alleyway with a dead-end. He moved himself into a corner and just sat there, wondering what was going on. 'What the hell is going on here? I know I didn't blow up the Konoha hospital.'

Many thoughts were racing through Naruto's mind. He looked up when he heard someone knocking over a garbage can. "If you take one more step into this alleyway, I'll kill you in over 15 ways." He let out a small growl. He was not in a mood for more of this bullshit right now.

"Naruto?" The voice called out.

Naruto recognized that voice. "Shizune-san?" He saw the shadow of the figure slowly approaching him.

Shizune walked towards him slowly, making sure it's the real one. "It's me Naruto."

Naruto took out a kunai and held it where she can see it. "How did you know I was here?"

Shizune saw the kunai and stopped advancing. "Tsunade-sama saw your location through her crystal ball. She needs to talk to you quickly."

Naruto nodded his head. As Naruto got up, Shizune noticed the bloodstain over his clothes. "It's not my blood." Naruto quickly answered, before Shizune started asking too many questions.

The two quickly shushin towards the Hokage Tower. Naruto entered through the window while Shizune entered through the door. Tsunade heard the door open and wondered who it was. "Naruto?"

"Right behind you." She quickly turned around to see the boy leaning by the corner. She then turned right back around to see who it was by the door. She let out a sigh of relief when it was only Shizune. "Thanks Shizune." Shizune quickly closed the door and entered the room as well.

Tsunade took a quick glance at Naruto. "Naruto, what in the world happened to you?"

"I was attacked by ANBU and now they're currently disposed off." Naruto said in a cold tone.

Tsunade shrugged off the tone. "So what happened Naruto?" She looked at him. His clothes was a messed and he looked like he been through hell.

Naruto shrugged. "I don't really know."

Tsunade massaged her temples. "Naruto. If you don't tell me, I can't really help you. Did you or did you not blow up the Konoha hospital?"

Naruto glared at her. "Do you really believe that I would do something like that?"

Tsunade flopped down into her chair. "No but there are several key eye witnesses that saw you entering and leaving as it exploded. The council is going to have a field day with this Naruto. They have been looking for an excuse to execute you and now they may have the right reason."

The two women looked at Naruto. He stood in his corner quietly, making no signs of conversation. "Just tell me what you were doing Naruto and I'll help you out in anyway I can."

Naruto opened his eyes and stared at the door. The door busted open and the room soon filled up with Root members. Danzo casually walked in. "Thank you for capturing the fugitive Hokage-sama."

Tsunade gritted her teeth. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Danzo smiled. "Why, to capture and detain the killer of course. We received word that he was making his way up here and I thought he was going to kill you as well Hokage-sama."

Tsunade slammed her fist down on the table. "This is my room and your intruding. Leave now or I'll throw you and your root unit out."

Danzo continued to stand there. "Tell me you're not housing a wanted fugitive are you now Hokage-sama? The council won't like this when they hear that their Hokage is siding with the demon."

"How dare you!" Tsunade yelled out. She glared at the man. She knew he had a point. She was already in trouble for having Naruto here and she was risking everything if she let him get away.

Tsunade sighed. "Fine take him away Danzo and I want a meeting with the council now!"

Shizune's eyes widen in surprise. "What? Tsunade-sama, you can't be serious."

Danzo smiled. "As you wish Hokage-sama."

Naruto stared at the Root unit. He doesn't know much about them and he could sense that they were all trained to kill on command. He could escape now but that would cause the entire village to be after him. "Take him to the rank SS prisoner center." His eyes widen when he heard Tsunade spoke of that. The rank SS center was one of the most unique and dangerous holding center there is in Konoha.

"What!" Naruto yelled out. He began to struggle which caused the Root unit to hold him back.

"Take him away." Tsunade sighed and pointed towards the door.

Danzo smiled. "You heard your Hokage. Do it."

Naruto shot Tsunade a cold glare which Tsunade noticed but didn't respond.

She was too busy convincing herself that this was the best thing to do. "Shizune! Gather everyone now." Shizune nodded and disappeared. Tsunade watched as Naruto was taken away from her office. She started to break down in the middle of her office, hating herself for what was about to come.

30 minutes later

"What the hell do you mean he's going to be executed at dawn?" Tsunade brought her hands down to the table. She glared at the council of elders. "You have no god damn proof that Naruto was responsible for the explosion."

"We have our own eye witnesses as well as sufficient evidence that shows him being responsible." Tsunade glared at the person who spoke up. Koharu returned an equally strong glared. "If I didn't know any better, you guys were out to get him."

Homura coughed. "The clan heads have also came to a unanimous decision that he is to be executed for his actions. We have lived with the demon long enough. He is a liability to the village and everyone here. This meeting is over."

Tsunade's eyes widen, "What! I'm the Hokage here! I didn't say this meeting was over!"

Koharu stopped and turned her head. "You're just a political figure head. You don't have enough power to overturn the council's decision." She closed the door on her way out, leaving Tsunade to her own thoughts. Tsunade stared at the door, wishing that she could have bashed their heads in. 'Oh my god Naruto, what have I done…?"

- - -

"Get up you dirty demon. It's time for your trial." The guard kicked the bars, awakening Naruto. Naruto stirred for a bit, before rolling back on his side. "Demon spawn, don't make me come in here." The guard took out a metal rod and started smacking the bars, disrupting Naruto's slumber. He didn't get any sleep the night before, the guard took pleasure in making his stay miserable and he didn't get any food. He was pissed off at his location, he didn't have a bed and had to make do with the cold dirty floor, a demon hater guard, and all the demon haters in the village.

"Go stuff your face you insolent fly." The guard's face turned red before picking a rock off the floor and throwing it at Naruto.

Naruto felt something hitting him in the head. He stood up and glared at the guard. He ran and kicked the bars, scaring the guard. The guard saw Naruto approaching and tripped. Naruto started laughing. "Aw... Did I scare the big scary guard?"

The guard got up slowly. "Laugh now demon. I'll have the last laugh when I see your bloody body hanged." He signaled the other guards to come and get Naruto. Naruto sighed, he believed that Tsunade will get him out of this mess somehow.

1 hour later

Naruto was blindfolded and lead around, he was all tensed up; being blinded and being led around by people who wanted nothing better than to just kill you would make anyone tense up. He felt himself walking up the stairs and onto a platform. He heard the whispers and hissing coming from voices which he could assume were the villagers. His blindfold then came off and he took a look around. He was surprised to see that he was on a stage set in downtown Konoha. It looked like the entire village was there for his trial. Naruto walked up to a panel of judges, consisting of Hiashi Hyuuga, Homura, Koharu, Danzo and Tsunade. They looked at him with a cold glare, with the exception of Tsunade, who didn't look him in the eye.

Koharu cleared her throat, signaling for silence. "Naruto Uzumaki, you are here today because of your crimes against Konoha. You have ridiculed the village with your pranks since your genin days and now you have taken it to the next level. You have blown up the Konoha Hospital, killing the patients inside. Have you no shame!" The crowd started booing him and throwing fruits and tomatoes at him.

Koharu again signaled the crowd to quiet down but was pleased with the crowd's reaction.

"I didn't blow it up!" Naruto yelled back. "I wasn't even near that god damn hospital!"

Hiashi stood up. "Enough, let us continue with the trial. Naruto Uzumaki, you are accused of the destruction of Konoha Hospital and the deaths of patients. How do you plead?"

Naruto gritted his teeth. This was ridiculous. "I plead not guilty." He would have to play their game for now. He looked at his surroundings. ANBU and Root units everywhere as well as jounins and chunnins just standing around, watching the so call trial.

Hiashi stood there, if he was slowly judging the boy. "Can you call your first witness to the stand?"

"Gladly." Naruto retorted.

As the trial continued, Tsunade sighed in her seat. There was no way for Naruto to win this trial. Everyone is set to see the demon dead. "Why aren't you doing anything Tsunade-hime?"

Tsunade recognized that voice. It was a distinct yet familiar and comforting voice. "Jiraiya, things aren't look great for Naruto…"

Jiraiya looked at the boy. "Yeah... I know. Why the hell aren't you doing something?"

Tsunade sighed. "They have me at a cliff Jiraiya. I can't do anything or I'll be considered a traitor as well."

"Like Naruto would have given a damn?" Jiraiya shot back. He was disgusted with the way things were being ran. This wasn't a trial, it was an excuse to publicly humliate the demon. There was no hope for Naruto, he was up against four of the most ignorant people ever to walk this planet. He silently stood next to Tsunade to watch the trial. Even him, the great hermit, can't do much to help Naruto. The kid will have to use every trick known to man to pull off this last stunt or else it will really be his last.

"I call Teuchi, the ramen chef from the Ichiraku Ramen Bar. He was there when the explosion occurred." Teuchi approached the platform and stood in front of the judges.

Hiashi cleared his throat. "So Teuchi, how long have you known the dem- err boy?" Hiashi corrected himself and waited for the answer.

Teuchi took his time answering. "I known him all of my life sir."

Hiashi stood up and looked at Teuchi as if he was trying to get something out from the man. "Then you know who he is?"

"Of course, he's my best customer. He even protected me from the ANBU when they came to get him." Teuchi replied with a smile. The village was always against the boy, this was his way of showing Naruto that he wasn't alone in this cruel world.

"What did he do to the ANBU that was sent to retrieve him?"

Teuchi thought for a second. "Well first, they asked him to come for a crime he didn't commit but he refused and they started calling him a demon and then they attacked him when he didn't comply with their orders."

Hiashi smiled. "I see, so he resisted an arrest because he had something to hide?"

Naruto scowled at Hiashi. That man was twisting words and explanations to his benefit.

Teuchi was surprised, "No! The arrest made no sense, the boy was eating ramen in my shop when the explosion happened, there was no way it could have been him."

"Were you with him the entire time?"

Teuchi thought some more. "Well no, I had to go and cook something but the rest of the time, I was there."

Hiashi smirked at Naruto. "There we have it, the boy could have created a Kage Bushin and sent it to attack the hospital in your absence. Thank you for your time Teuchi."

Teuchi looked shock at the Hyuuga head. He was about to say something but stopped when he was escorted off the platform. As he past Naruto, he gave him a small smile. "I'm sorry Naruto."

Naruto shook his head. "It's okay old man. Thank you for being here." Teuchi walked off the stage.

Naruto turned his attention back at Hiashi. "You conniving bastard! How dare you twist the story around!" Naruto started to leak out some killing intent.

"You're in my house now Uzumaki. I call forth Danzo to the spotlight." Naruto glared at the man who took his time walking onto the stage. "I'm told that you have evidence to show that Naruto was the one responsible for this?" Danzo nodded his head and proceeded to call his eye witness.

Danzo cleared his throat before facing Naruto. "I call forth Sasuke Uchiha to the stand."

Naruto's eyes widened as he heard the name. Sasuke was the last person he would have thought to be on the stage. Sasuke walked up to Danzo and Hiashi. "Sasuke Uchiha, where were you on the night when the hospital exploded?"

Sasuke took a deep breath before answering. "I was walking home with Sakura when it happened. We were a block away from the hospital when we saw a window shatter and someone jumped out. I immediately activated my Sharingan and recognized the man."

Naruto stared at Sasuke. He couldn't believe that Sasuke was turning against him. "Who was this man Sasuke?"

Sasuke took another deep breath and pointed at Naruto. "It was him sir. He was wearing the same outfit that he is wearing now."

"What!" Naruto shouted. "Stop this bullshit. You know it wasn't me Sasuke!" Naruto shrugged off his guards and walked up to Sasuke. "If this is some joke Sasuke, I'm not laughing! Playing with people's lives is sick." Naruto stood in front of Sasuke's face and held him up by the collar. The crowd started screaming. "You know it wasn't me you bastard."

Hiashi immediately took action. "Someone contain him now!" Naruto was pulled back by five ANBU. The crowd started chanting death to the demon.

Hiashi raised his hand to silence them once more. "How can you be sure it was Naruto Sasuke?"

"Naruto is a master of the Kage Bushin and used it most effectively against me when he was fighting to take me back to Konoha." Naruto stared in disbelief at the last Uchiha.

"What did he do with the Kage Bushin Sasuke during your fight?" Sasuke gripped his knuckles tightly. "He made a Rasengan with a clone to distract me while the real one snuck behind me and hit me on the stomach with a Rasengan."

The crowd gasps. Naruto stared at him in disbelief. "What the hell Sasuke! Why don't y-"

"Silence demon! You have done enough damage!" Hiashi glared at Naruto and had more guards to restrain him.

"Get your hands off me!" Naruto tried to remove the guards off him but failed.

Hiashi turned his attention to several ANBU standing next to Naruto. "Get your captain here now. We might need him for security purposes."

"I'm afraid we don't need to." Danzo interrupted Hiashi. Tsunade gasped at Danzo. 'He knows, that bastard knows.'

Danzo smiled innocently towards Tsunade before smirking at Naruto. "You're ANBU Captain is right here." Danzo pointed his cane towards him.

Everyone looked around, trying to see if he was really here or not. "Naruto Uzumaki, otherwise known as the Silent Storm or better yet, our ANBU Captain." Everyone stared at Naruto. Everyone was in shock, their demon was the one in charge of the entire village's security and defense. "Isn't that right Tsunade-sama?" Danzo smiled at Tsunade.

Tsunade gritted her teeth and nodded. She had no other choice right now, the spotlight was on her.

"That demon is our captain?" A fellow ANBU shouted from the crowd.

Danzo nodded. "He has been watching you all, monitoring your every movement, waiting for the perfect moment to strike."

Naruto growled. He was already hating the man. There was nothing else to hate about him. He stared straight at the tiny man. "When I get out of here Danzo, mark my words, I'm going to make you regret the day you ever took your first breath of air." Naruto tried to break away but failed when more ANBU jumped onto the platform and restrained him.

"See the threat he just made? It shows that he is no longer stable to be your protector, your so called ANBU Captain!" The crowded started yelling and spitting at Naruto.

Tsunade saw enough of this. "Stop this now!" She shouted. "We all have secrets. Naruto's sec-"

"Secret is something more." Danzo interrupted her. "I say it's time we abandon the third's silly law. We have nothing to hide anymore. What do you judges say?" Most of them nodded their head which left Tsunade speechless.

"Stop! The third may be dead but we DO NOT disobey a man's last wish. Have you no honor?" Jiraiya appeared in front of Danzo, staring him down, daring him to continue. The ANBU holding Naruto back tensed up as Jiraiya turned his attention to them. "Release my apprentice now or you'll go through me." The ANBU reluctantly released Naruto.

"Thanks Ero-sennin." Naruto dusted himself off.

Danzo frowned at the turn of events. "What can I do for you Jiraiya-sama?"

Jiraiya stared at the man, this man was so despicable on so many levels. "That law is not to be broken. It is meant to be kept with our generation and is to die with our generation."

"Why don't we just asked the crowd that?" The crowd started shouting and yelling which caused Danzo to smile. "Looks like you just gotten your answer." He turned around and faced the crowd. "We the judges of this trial have finalized our answer. We have came to the conclusion that Naruto Uzumaki, the man known as the Silent Storm, the Kyuubi no Yoko will be sentence to death for his crimes of attempted murder of one Sasuke Uchiha, and the death and destruction of Konoha Hospital." The crowd started cheering.

"Silence! This trial isn't over! Are there anyone whose willing to testify on Naruto's behave?" Jiraiya yelled over to the crowd. Everyone quieted down once again. He waited for someone to speak up. "Come on! Aren't you his friends?" Jiraiya growled. This was unbelievable. No one stepped forward to help.

Naruto was scanning the crowd looking for his friends. He saw them spread out. Ino and Sakura gave him a dirty look, which he can figure what they were mad about. Shino stood there with his shades on, showing no emotion what so ever. Shikamaru wasn't there but a shocked Choji stopped eating. Kiba and Lee were looking at him with shocked expressions on their faces. Neji was holding Hinata back, stopping her from running away. The friends that he had were standing there, like they were frozen in ice.

Jiraiya stood there, waiting for anyone to speak up. When no one spoke up, he sighed.

He turned around and walked past Naruto, who was still in shocked. "What are you guys doing! Aren't you guys my friends?" Naruto yelled out. He looked each one of them in the eye.

"You lied to us Naruto! You lied to us about being the ANBU Captain and being the Kyuubi no Yoko!" Kiba yelled back.

"You're nothing but a liar Naruto. You even tried to kill Sasuke and you're the Kyuubi as well? I thought I could trust you but now?" Sakura yelled out.

He stared at them a straight face, deprived of all emotions. "I thought you guys were my friends… " He started shaking his head. "I must have been living in a dream all this time."

"Go to hell demon!" He looked to his right, to see a familiar face. It was Eagle trying to lunge forward but Tiger holding her back. "I knew you were a bloody demon when you slaughtered all those people."

The crowd started chanting "Death to the demon."

Naruto started to back away, fearing for the worst. Tsunade walked up to him and placed an hand on his shoulder. She faced the crowd. "The trial is over!" She took a deep breath before continuing. "The council's decision is …"

Naruto stood there with his eyes closed. If Tsunade was going to do something, it better be now.

"Death." Naruto opened his eyes in shock. Death. The word echoed through his mind. He looked at the person who he could have called an older sister or a motherly figure. She started walking away but took a quick look at Naruto, who was quickly surrounded with ANBU.

"What? Tsunade-sama!" He glared straight at her with his icy blue eyes. She quickly walked back to her seat and sat down. Naruto looked around, surrounded by the very team that he was in charged of.

"Looks like we'll have a new captain soon." Ferret said mockingly. The others just laughed.

Naruto growled. "You're nothing but maggots compared to me. You guys don't even deserve the title of ANBU."

"Get him!" Danzo ordered. The ANBU dog piled Naruto, covering him down. Naruto heard footsteps approaching him, getting closer and closer as each second passed. He looked up and saw Eagle standing in front of him with a sword.

"This is for the hell you put me through." She kicked him in the face, causing him to bleed from the lip. "Hold him up." Her fellow ANBU held him up, in front of the crowd. Eagle started twirling the sword, just to entertain the crowd with her sword skills before stopping in front of Naruto. "Anything you want to say demon?"

Naruto smiled sadly. "Friends are a figment of imagination. I should have known better than to live in a imaginary world." He shook his head in disappointment.

He looked at Eagle. "And you Eagle, are still a weak piece of shit that shouldn't have passed the exam." Eagle gritted her teeth and struck him with the sword, impaling him through the stomach. She yanked the sword out and watch blood spray all over the place.

Naruto ignored the pain and started laughing. "I swear to god that even if I have to go through hell and back, I will come back and kill you all." He glared straight at the crowd before turning his head to the judges. They all shuddered, those were the coldest blue eyes they ever seen.

"Die demon!" As Eagle brought the sword down to strike his head, Naruto unleashed everything. He released the power that he was holding back, the power of Kyuubi and himself, the power of one. Red chakra bombarded the area, blowing everyone away. His wounds started healing at a rapid rate.

He walked up to the judges. "You wanted to see a real demon? Well you got one right in front of you." Naruto released even more chakra, blowing the desk away. It was an understatement to say that they were scared shitless but they turned pale, even in Hiashi's case.

Several ANBU tackled Naruto away from the elders, trying to protect them. Naruto laughed as he saw the pitiful attempt. "Die." With a quick swipe of his chakra, the ANBU were shredded into pieces.

Koharu turned around to see Jiraiya just standing there. "Jiraiya-sama, oh thank god your still here." She immediately bowed to him. "You have to stop him Jiraiya-sama."

Jiraiya laughed. "You expect me to help you after the way you treated him? Die by your own mistakes you old farts. You will not be dragging me down with your pitiful choices." She was shocked as she watched him walk pasted Naruto without doing anything.

Naruto turned his attention to the judges, approaching them slowly. The chakra blowing everything away. Before he took another step, he was hit with a Gatsuga. Naruto gritted his teeth, ignoring the pain. 'Kiba...'

As Naruto staggered back, he heard a familiar voice. "You are within the range of my Divination." Naruto turned around, only to find Neji in his stance. "Hakke Hyaku Nijuhachi Sho"

As Neji attempted to strike, Naruto smirked. He caught Neji's wrist and kneed him in the stomach. "Is this demon enough for you?" He flipped Neji over and threw him towards Hiashi.

Naruto flipped through some hand seals with ease and whispered. "Futon: Daitoppa" Winds of great magnitude blew everything and everyone away.

Naruto walked past Tsunade and looked at her for a split second before running away. Hiashi staggered back up to his feet. He watched as Naruto leaped away. "Everyone after the demon!" All able bodies began to pursuit him. Tsunade stood there, recalling the events that just took place.

A pair of crimson eyes watched from a far. He shook his head. 'Konoha's own ignorance will be their own downfall.' He continued to hide in the shadows, waiting for the moment where he shall make his grand entrance.

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