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There were only a few things in this world that Tsunade hated with a passion, things that she will absolutely not tolerate.

The list consisted of Perverts, Debt Collectors and the worst of all, Traitors.

She especially despised traitors. They were the worst out of the whole group. Her definition of a traitor is someone who would sell out their loyalty for something so material. It was because of traitors that caused unnecessary conflicts and it would always be traitors that would cause the downfall of most civilizations. They had no absolutely no remorse for the things they do, didn't care who they hurt in the process in order to get what they want.

Himura… the man that she once believed was on their side, stood before her with their sworn enemies…

Akatsuki… A group of high caliber ninjas that was out for their own personal gain…

"Himura… You no good, lying, dirty bastard…" Tsunade growled out. The string of curses could go on for miles but she composed herself. She looked around, taking a quick head count of their members.

"Seven members…" She muttered quietly to Jiraiya. "Naruto and Pein aren't here…"

Jiraiya blinked his eyes, confirming Tsunade's suspicion. "That might be a blessing in disguise Tsunade-hime… If he was here… god knows we wouldn't be able to make it out of here alive…"

The Toad Sannin could see the members of Akatuski staring them down, like fresh meat to a pack of hungry wolves. The killing intent was just leaking out and none of them were doing anything to contain it.

From the corner of his eye, he could see Hinata and her team masking their fear. They probably noticed it themselves too. Guess there's no helping it. This is the first time they faced all the members of Akatsuki head on.

"Come now Hokage-sama. Surely you're not mad about what I did are you?" Himura replied, a smile on his face. "You never really… what's that word I'm looking for here… asked."

A small blush appeared on Tsunade's face but she didn't care, no one makes a fool out of her and gets to brag about it. "YOU WERE A GUARDIAN. THERE WAS NO REASON FOR ME TO QUESTION YOU!"

"I could have been your worst enemy disguised as an ally and you still wouldn't have known." The former guardian replied, dropping his grandfatherly tone. His voice suddenly picked up a more mature tone, a tone of someone who has crossed over to the dark side. "It doesn't matter anyway because none of you will be leaving here alive!"

"Why you -"

"I knew you were a pathetic kage Tsunade." Aoi said, pulling her back. "Watch and see how a true kage leads."

"Himura, you're right. None of us will be leaving here alive because all of us intend to make this place your final burial chamber!" The Raikage roared, his voice and eyes portraying the man's anger. All that humiliation that he suffered at the hands of this man, he was going to pay it back double.

The former guardian saw the challenged and he was eager to accept it. His hands clenched into a fist, ready to fight the man but Madara intervened, standing in front of him. "In due time…"

Himura snorted and backed away, taking his place next to Itachi.

Madara clapped his hands a few times, gaining everyone's attention. He cocked his head to the side, staring at the enemy. "Sasuke-kun!" The man happily squealed. "Won't you join us?"

Sasuke sported a bewildered look on his face. Just what did this freak want with him?

"What?" he snarled. "I have no business with a fool like you."

Madara laughed, "I want to extend to you the hand of friendship. An offer to join us…"

While he sported his façade of a fool, his visible eye said nothing foolish about the man. His eye was staring straight at the youngest Uchiha, gauging him of his strength.

Sasuke scoffed back, "To join you? I would rather grovel at Gaara's feet first. Joining you would mean joining up with Itachi and I'm not here to work with him. I'm here to KILL HIM!"

The man shrugged his shoulders and turned around. "Oh well. It's your funeral."

"We can kill them now yeah?" Deidara asked. "Tear them limbs from limbs and hang them by their necks…!"

Madara nodded his head. "Kill them all. I want none of them escaping this place alive!"

"With the utmost pleasure boss!"

Each of them took a step forward but they weren't met with resistance, rather they were greeted head on with a challenge.

"Don't take us lightly Madara. All of us here are willing to lay down our lives to stop whatever evil you plan on unleashing into this world." Jiraiya called out.

"I'm sorry but I don't think you have time to speak Jiraiya-chan."

The hermit's eyes widened when Himura appeared in front of him with a Shunshin. Clearly at this point, the man wasn't just a pushover, he was the real deal.

"Get out of the way you fool!" Aoi growled, leaping towards Himura. "That man is mine!"

Jiraiya obediently obeyed. He had no quarrel with the guardian; his real goal was to stop the ritual from happening. The moment he saw an opening between the clash of Aoi and Himura, he ran forward, using them as a distraction but before he made it past Himura, he was greeted with a hard knee to the face, sending him straight into the wall.

His eyes had the touch of surprise on them when he realized that Himura was the one who knocked him back. "Son of a bitch!" He shouted, feeling the pain on his face.

Tsunade snorted as she jumped into the fight, helping Aoi out. "You have taken much harder beatings from me. Don't tell me a kick like that managed to hurt you?" She taunted.

"This is my fight! Both of you get lost!" Aoi hissed, his back facing them. "I don't need your help."

"None of you will pass." Himura said, holding his arms out slightly. "The moment you pass me is the moment you die."

Hearing the cocky words coming out of his mouth pissed Jiraiya off even more. "Aoi. We're going to kill this piece of garbage!"

The Raikage chuckled, turning his head to admire Jiraiya's new attitude. "A toad working with the beast? Ahaha, I like it!" He roared. Both of them ran forward, intending of killing the man that stood before them.

"Together, we will show you pain beyond any mortal imagination." The duo cried out in unison.

Tsunade stood back, amazement written across her face. "Dear god, there's two of them."

- - -

The first thing that Sasuke did was search for Itachi. That was the whole reason he was here. To kill the bastard that put him through hell. He was going to make sure that the man died a slow painful death.

"ITACHI!" Sasuke yelled out. "FIGHT ME!"

"Still loud as ever huh Sasuke?" Itachi calmly replied, his hands still inside his cloak. The two glared at each other. "You never did learn to control your emotions…"

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura shouted as she took her place besides Sasuke. "Let me help you! I've been training for this fight too!"

"No! Get lost Sakura!" Sasuke hissed. He turned his glare towards Sakura but he found her glaring intently back at him.

"No!" She hissed back. "Stop being a baby and let me help you."

"Is there something going on between the two of you?" Itachi inquired, finding the conversation between this girl and his younger brother amusing. "I didn't know you had a thing for pink hair girls…"

"You can mock me all you want Itachi but when it's all said and done, you're going to die." Sasuke retorted. He turned and pushed Sakura way. "Don't make me kill you Hurano. Your Hokage promised me this fight and I'll be damned if you cost me his death again."

Sakura looked at him, unable to find words to answer him back. The way he spoke to her rendered her speechless. "Go help the Hyuuga or something, you annoying woman. I don't a distraction around me!"

"FINE!" Sakura shouted, clenching her teeth. "Be an ass and go get yourself killed. I don't care!" She quickly left the area but not before turning her head around, watching Sasuke for the last time before he fought his elder brother.

Something deep inside of her told her that this was indeed the final battle between the two…

- - -

"TENTEN!" Neji frantically yelled out. He made a miscalculation, him, the genius of the hyuuga clan, miscalculated. At first, everything was going okay until he found something out, something that Shikamaru failed to mention.

Hidan was able to utilize some kind of telekinetic power. That's how he caught them off guard. By mentally moving the weapon.

Now, he paid for it. Right before his eyes, he saw Tenten lying on the floor, in a puddle of her own blood.

Neji stopped his assault and ran over, not caring about showing his back to Hidan.

The cultist smirked at his handiwork. "Jashin-sama will be so pleased that I sent him a beauty. Even if she was a bitch to fight."

"Shut up…" Neji replied, his hand caressing Tenten's face. His fingers slowly graze her cheeks, touching them lightly.

"Aw, what's the matter? Are you sad because I broke that bitch?" Hidan taunted.

"I SAID SHUT UP!" Neji roared out, abandoning his stoic exterior. "I will make you pay you bastard. I will make you pay a thousand deaths!"

Hidan widened his eyes and darkly laugh. "COME THEN! COME AND LET ME SACRIFICE YOU TO THE ALL-MIGHTY GOD OF JASHIN!" The man hungrily begged.

"…Ne…ji…" Tenten's voice croaked out.

"Shh…" Neji calmly replied. "It's going to be okay Tenten… I'm going to send the bastard back to hell so just save your strength…"

Seeing that smile on his teammate's face broke his heart into pieces. They both knew that she wasn't going to make it and yet, she put on a brave smile for him. Anger started building up and he cursed the man for taking away his friend.

"I'm going to kill him Tenten. For you… So don't worry…" The once stoic Hyuuga stood up, and started walking over to Hidan.

To the people who known Neji for a long time, they would claim that he's an insensitive jerk or a perfectionist but to his teammates, he was an irreplaceable man. They knew him better than anyone else and they knew he was a dangerous man to piss off.

From the moment Neji dropped his stoic exterior, that was when his true power came out. It wasn't a deep hidden power, no. In fact, it was a limit. Ever since his defeat at the hands of Uzumaki at the Chunnin Exams and again in the village, he pushing himself past his limits only during private eyes but to the public eyes, he limited himself to a certain extent.

The immortal member of Akatsuki smirked as he watched Neji approach him. "So your going to avenge that bitch huh? Let's see you try, you pale eye freak!"

Neji slowly exhaled and closed his eyes.

Hidan pulled his death scythe back and gripped it tightly. "Her blood tasted so sweet. I wonder how yours will taste. Will you let me taste it?"

The Hyuuga slowly moved his arms, settling them into a difference stance. As he opened his eyes, he saw Hidan rushing towards him, his body crouching low but his weapon poised to strike. Before the weapon could reach, Neji disappeared, letting the weapon hit the after-image.

The immortal's eyes widened when he realized what happened. "What the hell!?" He yelled as he twisted his body around. The kid was now moving at a speed that surpassed even his eyes. Everywhere he looked, there he was, standing and waiting for him to strike.

"What happened immortal? I thought you wanted to taste my blood?" Neji answered, his voice different from usual.

Each time Hidan went to strike, Neji disappeared from his spot, leaving him more and more frustrated.

Just on the opposite side of the field, Killer Bee and Lee were having a much easier time. Killer Bee stood on top of one of Kakuzu's heart monsters, smirking as he smashed his fist through the third heart.

As he watched the one that had a lightning affinity slowly disappear from this world, he heard his partner Lee shouting something before impaling the last one with his left arm.

"At the start, there were three. But they weren't a match for me." Killer Bee began to rap.

"Just two minutes ago, Lee made a straight line for thee."

"And now, there was just one." The man from Kumo replied as he smirked. "What say you my friend? Should we finish this?"

"As you wish." Lee sadly replied. He was too emotional right now to do anything. When he heard Neji yelling Tenten's name, he knew the worst has happened but he couldn't leave his battle.

"You guys are just brats! How the hell are you brats able to fight on this level?" Kakuzu yelled.

"We are the youths that have the will of fire burning within each of us." Lee replied, stepping into his one arm taijutsu style, the Goken.

"Impossible!!" Kakuzu angrily snarled. "I will not be defeated by the likes of you!"

Lee gulped and clutched his fist tightly. Before he could do anything, Killer Bee pushed him out of the way.

"Bee-san? What are you doing?"

"Any true poetic master like myself can see that your heart aches. Leave this man to me and go tend to your fallen comrade. I will deal with him myself."

Lee had a startled look on his face before producing a small smile. "Thank you." He quietly replied as he ran towards the direction of where Neji is.

Kakuzu looked at Lee's retreating form in surprise. "Do you think you can take me on by yourself?"

Killer Bee shrugged his shoulders. "I don't have to think you old fossil. I know so!"

"DIE!" Kakuzu pushed his arms outward and the black thread came lashing out.

"Yo sir! Do you know who I am?" Killer Bee randomly asked. He waited for the man to answer but instead, he saw the black strings coming straight at him.

"I'll tell you who I am! I am Killer Bee! The Keeper of the Eight Tail Beast!"

With his final statement, Killer Bee held his arm up and began transforming. The skin on his body started to peel off, revealing a darker, deeper shade of red and chakra began leaking out. Within moments, the transformation was complete.

Kakuzu let out a small gasp as he witnessed something unimaginable. This guy… he was the keeper… of the eighth tail beast… the one that Madara-sama said to have died. By normal means, he was not normal. He had lived since the day of the Shodai and experienced things that no normal mortal as experienced and he had grown immune to surprises but this…

This unforeseen change had surprised him.

The beast, in its full glory, glared at the Akatsuki member. Daring him to attack.

Kakuzu weighted his options, to run or to fight. If he ran, he could seek out ninjas and build up his heart collection and live to see another day but if he ran, Madara-sama will kill him personally. If he stayed and fought, there was no chance he would win against the eighth-tail beast in his form.

The man didn't even get a chance to decide when he saw the beast charging up an attack. Something that looked like a huge amount of chakra, compressing it into a small particle. His eyes widened and he could feel the power behind it.


Everyone turned around and saw the gigantic beast cowering before them. Hidan turned in the direction that his partner was pointing at, not that he needed any direction. The tailed beast, famed creatures of legends, demons, was standing before him, glaring at him. "Oh shit!"

Lee and Neji stared at the new arrival of the beast. "What the hell is that thing?" Neji asked but saw that his partner was confused as he was. "The chakra behind that beast is insane!" The Hyuuga replied, his eyes gazing with his Byakugan.

"What the hell did we get ourselves involve with?" He muttered as he crouched near Tenten. Picking her up gently, he shouted to Lee, "Take Tenten and get the hell out of here. I have to finish my fight!"

"I can't do that Neji. We shall finish the fight together!"

"LEE! DON'T BE A FOOL. GET TENTEN OUT OF HERE NOW!" Neji roared out, not giving the chance for Lee to respond.

The Taijutsu expert hesitantly moved his head, deciding between staying and leaving but when he saw that look in Neji's eyes, he knew better to argue. "… Don't die on me…" He whispered.

Neji merely smirked, "I'm a genius remember? I will survive." He gently placed Tenten on Lee's arm and picked up her sword. "I'm going to borrow this for a while Tenten…"

In his hand, he firmly gripped the weapon. "Get out of here while I'm covering you…"

Hidan scoffed, "Why are you running? Surely someone from the mighty Hyuuga clan wouldn't run from a small obstacle as that beast."

"Only cowards would retreat." Neji coldly replied as he held the weapon out. "I'm going to make you pay, even if it means being with you in hell."

"Fool, do you not get it? I cannot die! I thought I proved my point when I stabbed my own weapon through my own bloody heart!"

"I don't need to kill you to show you eternal damnation." Neji coolly replied. Holding the Kanajana in one hand, he dashed forward and swung. Hidan saw the attack coming from a mile away and kicked his weapon out, effectively blocking the strike.

"Three minutes…"

Hidan stared at his opponent curiously, "Three minutes? What are you blabbering about?"

"Three minutes before that blast is release. All I need is two minutes with you."

"HA I like to see you try it, you bastard!"

- - -

Before Deidara had the chance to show everyone his appreciation for art, a young man slowly came towards him, with every intention of approaching him. The Akatsuki member backed away slowly, his hand never leaving the pouch.

"Are you by any chance Deidara, the former Iwa-nin?" The young man asked.

Deidara snorted, "Of course! I'm the great Deidara-sama!" He looked the kid over and marked him as his target. "You here to learn some art ya?"

The young man shook his head, "Learn art…? No, sorry but I'm here to kill you…"

"Kill me? Many of tried but none of succeed yet. Wait a second kid, why do you look familiar to me?"

Deidara tapped his chin for a few seconds, pondering about where he saw that face before. "Did I kill one of your friends or family before?" He nonchalantly asked. "Or did I do something to you and forgot to kill you?"

Kenichi gritted his teeth, clearly annoyed. "You truly are the clueless dumbass that everyone knows."

"SAY THAT AGAIN. I DARE YA!" Deidara retorted, holding a clay bird in one palm. "Screw your name. I don't need to know it when you're dead!"

"I am Kenichi Hidekatsu you gutless moron!"

Deidara's eyes widened and it slowly turned into a smirk, "So that's where I remember you from! I met your pipsqueak ass back during that family picnic! You sure were an annoying little prick of a cousin then. Guess it runs in our blood eh cousin?"

Kenichi's eyes turned cold and whispered, "No your wrong. It only runs in my blood…"

In a split second, the son of the famed Tsuchikage rammed his entire body into Deidara's, sending him crashing into the solid wall. Kenichi pulled his shoulder back and twisted his body. His arms came down immediately, one punch to the gut, second punch to the nose. Kenichi showed the man no mercy, beating on his opponent like an enraged beast.

Deidara groaned in pain as his so called cousin broke his nose. "Why you son of a bitch!" The former Iwa-nin yelled as his hand reached up and grabbed Kenichi by the face. "I'll teach you not to mess with your elders!"


A small clay bird hopped from out from the pouch and landed on Kenichi's chest. "Say hello to my wittle friend…" Deidara darkly chuckled.

Kenichi watched as the small bird made its way over. His eyes widened when he felt it growing warmer with each passing second and he gripped Deidara's wrist, forcing the man to release his grip.

"Art is a bang."

A large explosion occurred when the bird uttered a small chirp. Deidara smirked when he heard his cousin cry out in pain, knowing that his chest was probably burnt and on fire. With his arm still gripping Kenichi's face, Deidara gave his cousin a tremendous head butt, causing the young man to stagger backwards.

Feeling the air sucked out of his lungs and his chest on fire, Kenichi did the only thing he could and that was to drop to the ground and slowly recover. He learned about Deidara's techniques through his father and considered them only mild explosions but he knew imagined that they would be this powerful.

"I remember kicking your ass when we were little and just look at us now! I'm still kicking your ass!" Deidara said, his hand reaching to make another c4 model.

"By the way, how's the old man doing? Is he even alive? He sure as hell took my ultimate attack head on."

Deidara ranted on, bragging about his win against the man but he failed to notice that his opponent wasn't following a word that he was saying.

"The Fortress… that's what they called my old man…"

The clay user stopped his ranting, noticing that Kenichi was slowly getting up. He could see the burnt flesh on his flesh as clear as day and he could see the blood on his face. "What…?"

"His defense was something to admire, nothing short of a huge explosion could make a dent in his armor…"

The son of the Tsuchikage, with all his effort, pushed himself to stand up. "Do you know what a Titan is?" Kenichi asked his cousin.

"A titan? Is that what they call you?" Deidara laughed, in his hand, he formed a small giant that resembled a titan. "Something like this?"

"No… a titan is like a juggernaut, someone who is unstoppable once started."

Feeling a huge increase in Kenichi's chakra, Deidara watched in amazement as pieces of dirt, soil, rose up into the air and attached itself to his skin.

"What… the…"

For the third time in his life, he was at a loss for words. Was this a special bloodline that he wasn't aware about? This was just impossible, almost foreign…

He had never, ever in his entire existence witness something so disgusting, more disgusting than Zetsu devouring an entire corpse.

In a matter of moments, Kenichi's entire body was covered, from head to toe, with dirt, pebbles, literally anything that came from the ground. As he clenched his fists and closed his eyes, chakra began surrounding his body and everything began fusing together, forming a light bronze armor.

"Feel the power of the Titan cousin…"

- - -

"Hinata!" Sakura shouted as she landed besides her friend. "Can I give you a hand with her?"

Konan frowned at the new arrival. She batted her eyes, knowing that her opponent was indeed the apprentice to the legendary Slug Sannin and a very dangerous foe. The Hyuuga alone was dangerous but with her, she was clearly outmatched.

"It will be an honor Sakura-san." Hinata politely replied. She turned her attention to Konan once more, "Will you forfeit this match Akatsuki-san? You were hopelessly outmatched before and now, you have no chance of winning. Surrender and we will promise that no harm will fall on you. Choosing to ignore my offer will only lead to death. It's your choice."

Konan snorted, "Even the smallest paper can leave you with a cut. Do not underestimate me or else you'll find yourself dead."

"Enough talk!" Sakura yelled as she cocked her fist back. She took a flying leap, slamming her fist into the ground, causing a small fissure. Konan looked unimpressed and jumped up but that was when she realized her mistake. The fissure was just a distraction for the Hyuuga to get into her attack position.

She cursed herself for making such a rookie move. As the Hyuuga came closer, Konan extended her arms and within seconds, millions of rectangular papers came flying out, blinding Hinata.

The Hyuuga mistress narrowed her eyes and calmly extended her arms, "Shugo Hakke Rokujuuyonshou."

Sakura stared in amazement, her eyes following the graceful and fluid movements from the once timid girl. 'Hinata…' Sakura thought, 'You truly are your own woman…'

"I have to stop her at all cost!" Hinata yelled to herself as she felt her arms moving on their own accord. "I cannot fall here!"

Millions of millions came flying towards her but she didn't waiver. Within moments, those crisp papers that once flew in the air slowly drifted down to the ground, losing their edge.

Blood came out of her mouth as Konan returned to her normal body. She narrowed her eyes at the calm Hyuuga girl, standing there looking proud.

"I ask you once more Akatsuki-san, will you surrender?" Hinata's gentle voice spoke up.

"We have endured too much to give up here." Konan replied, wiping the blood off her mouth with the back of her hand. "We have suffered greatly and we have sacrificed many but one thing is for sure, we will not be giving up here."

"Spoken like a true ninja." Sakura answered, "I will grant you a swift death!" The medic dashed forward, her fist cocked back, aiming for a quick kill. She saw her opponent on the ground, her body giving out but her eyes, they were different. Almost like they weren't going to give up just yet.

Seeing her palm twitch slightly, Sakura wisely jumped out of the way, earning a curious glance from Hinata.

"Her eyes…" Sakura pointed out. "They're not the eyes of someone giving up."

"That's because you're right… I don't intend of giving up just yet." Konan whispered out. Her fingers quickly went up into the air, already performing a seal.

"She's performing a summoning seal Sakura!" Hinata shouted.

"I know!" Sakura retorted back, already on the move before Hinata shouted. She measured the distance between the Akatsuki woman and her and with the added chakra already in her legs, she could reach it before the summoning was complete.

"YOU'RE FINISHED!" Sakura yelled as she sent her fist forward.

Konan heard the loud voice, her ninja senses were screaming at her to avoid the incoming attack but none of that mattered, all that mattered was finishing this one last seal.

A small smile appeared on her face as she slammed her palm to the ground, "Thank you…"

Smoke arisen from the ground but Sakura didn't stop, she continued onward, swinging her fist with all her might. It didn't matter what came out of the smoke, her fist would smash though anything.

"Well, isn't this a sight for sore eyes. It's just like déjà vu all over again."

Sakura's eyes widened, the appearance of that voice sent chills down her spine as she could only gasp. Everyone in the room halted their battle, surprised at the appearance of the unforeseen visitor.

As the smoke cleared, the sound of footsteps echoed the battlefield, each step putting fear into the body of some, excitement in the body of others but one thing was for certain, surprise was in the air.

"Let the pain begin."

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