Chapter One:

The sun stood high in the sky, shining brightly over the village Konoha in the fire country. Konoha's Hokage, Tsunade, stood face to face with the village's population, holding an open scroll up in the air. Kanji letters filled the long page, barely leaving enough space for two people to sign their names at the very end.

A raven haired boy stood a few feet away from the Hokage with a pink haired girl by his side. He signed his name quickly before handing the brush over to his friend who copied his action. A smile graced her lips as she handed the brush back to the boy.

Tsunade held the scroll up higher and spoke loudly so everyone present would hear.

"I now pronounce you two husband and wife." She threw the scroll up in the air and made a couple of hand seals; making the scroll explode in a rain of Sakura blossoms. "You may kiss the bride," She added with a smile as the pink flowers slowly made their way onto the ground.

The raven haired boy turned his face towards the pink haired girl and softly pressed his lips against hers – hearing the crowd behind clapping their hands and cheering at his actions.

Two dark figures stood on a hill a little bit away from the crowd – watching the scene in front of them silently. The tallest one of the two turned to face his comrade, a smirk playing on his lightly blue-tinted lips as he spoke; "When are we going?"

The other figure stayed quiet. His eyes were fixed on the raven haired boy.

"Itachi-san?" The taller one asked. He was used to his friend being quiet, but whenever he were about to fight, he just couldn't keep his calm.

'Foolish little brother. You were to seek power, not commit yourself to a woman,' Itachi thought, his crimson eyes never leaving the newlywed boy. 'You're still weak,' his thoughts continued as a blonde haired kid appeared next to his brother. 'Feelings make you weak.'

Kisame, the taller man, sighed and sat down on the grass a few feet away from his partner. "Are we still getting the Kyuubi or what?"

'You were to detest me, hate me, seek power and fight me.' Itachi's gaze was back on his brother. 'Foolish little brother.' He clenched his fists tightly inside the wide sleeves of his Akatsuki cloak.

"Wake me up when you're done then," Kisame mumbled and closed his eyes.

Itachi's eyes fell on the pink haired girl clinging onto his brother's arm. A smirk tugged at his lips as his genius mind created a new plan.

"Kisame," He started. His smooth voice brought his comrade back to his senses. "We've got a new plan."

"Sakura-chan," Naruto winked and placed his hands behind his head. "Congratulations." His eyes closed tightly as a huge grin spread across his lips.

"Arigatou Naruto," She replied while squeezing her husband, Sasuke's arm tightly.

Sasuke gave a soft "Hn," and slowly undid her arms from around his. He'd never really been good at showing affection to anyone. Why did he marry her? Did he love her? No. But he needed somebody to help him rebuild his clan and Sakura was the first one he'd thought about when finally deciding to do something about it.

"Sasuke-kun," Sakura sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing his cheek softly.

He was starting to regret his decision already. Sure, he did think she would act somewhat like this, but he never knew it would bug him as much as it did.

"Well," Tsunade said loudly from behind the couple. "I guess it's time to move to the party,"

Naruto opened his eyes again as his stomach gave away a loud groan. Sakura gazed at him before giggling quietly. "What?" He asked, looking shyly down at his feet.

"Naruto, you baka," Sakura giggled and playfully smacked his head.

Soon, everybody headed for the Hokage tower. Around 50 long tables with food were waiting for attention at the normally empty spot outside the building. Sakura and Sasuke made their way and sat down, tightly followed by their friends and families and other townies that felt like celebrating today's event.

Jirayia, a tall white haired man, picked up his glass and made a toast for the two lovebirds before digging in on the delicious food in front of him. Tsunade sat next to him, chitchatting with her friend and helper, Shizune.

Suddenly one of the village's guards appeared behind the Hokage with a worried expression on his face.

"Tsunade-sama," He started. "Akatsuki has been seen nearby."

Sasuke clenched his fists around the glass he was holding, shattering the thin material with his bare hand. Crimson liquid ran down his wrist before dripping onto the dry asphalt.

"Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked quietly, not quite liking the look he gave her. She gently grabbed his hand and quietly worked her chakra into his flesh, healing the cuts almost immediately.

"Send our top Jounin's to keep them from entering and tell everybody else to stay inside until further notice. Naruto, Sasuke," She turned to face the two. "I want you to stick together. Sakura, go home, you've been lazy on the training lately and should keep out of trouble."

"But Tsunade-sama," Sakura cut in.

"No buts. I might need your help in the hospital later. Go home."

"H-hai," Sakura stuttered and let her gaze drop onto her hands which lay folded on her lap. Sasuke turned to face his bride and placed one of his hands on top of hers.

"Don't worry. I'll meet you back home." He muttered silently before getting off his chair, motioning for Naruto to get ready as well.

"Bring them to my office if you can. I want them alive." Tsunade said before letting everybody go.

"Sasuke, be careful," Sakura whispered and watched as he took off with Naruto close behind.

Kisame stared blankly out over the village, watching as almost everybody made their ways inside their houses while ninjas, like himself, split up in groups and left the place as well.

"Guess they know were here," He mumbled and shifted the large sword he had on his back.

"Hn," Itachi mumbled. His eyes never leaving the pink haired girl his brother left behind.

"We'll meet you outside around midnight then," The blue-tinted man added before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. If this didn't teach Sasuke a lesson, Itachi didn't know what else to do. He took a step backwards before disappearing in a cloud of smoke as well.

"Sasuke, wait up!" Naruto shouted from behind. Whenever Akatsuki or his brother's name was mentioned; Sasuke somehow seemed to gain more power than usual. "Sasuke!" Naruto shouted again and molded more chakra into his feet to get more speed. He jumped from one tree branch to another – finally catching up with his former team-mate.

Sasuke stopped to catch his breath, allowing Naruto to do the same. "I can sense him," He panted and clutched his fists together; making his knuckles turn white. "He's near," He added before taking off again.

"Damn it," Naruto groaned and ran after him once again.

Sakura sighed as she plopped down on the large bed she and Sasuke would share from now on. "Typical," She mumbled to herself as she let her head fall onto the soft mattress. "When I finally get what I've wanted for so long, something like this happens,"

She sighed again and sat up slowly. Her small hands moved to her lap where they softly touched the silky fabric of her bright pink wedding dress. He hadn't even commented her dress today. Not even saying she looked beautiful or that he couldn't wait to have her alone. 'I guess I should have known,' she sighed. 'An Uchiha never share their feelings.'

She slowly made her way over the woodened floor of their bedroom and quietly opened the door to the attached bathroom. Her bare feet moved almost soundlessly over the surprisingly cold floor towards the bathtub. She leaned over it and turned the water on, just watching the clear liquid start to fill the bottom of the large porcelain tub. Her hands found their way to the back of her dress where she carefully undid the hidden buttons along her spine. The soft fabric fell onto the floor with a thud and she slipped into the tub almost immediately.

Another sigh escaped her silky smooth lips as the warm water warmed her tense body. Who knew weddings could be so, so wonderful, yet stressful?

"Sasuke-kun, please come home soon," She whispered and closed her eyes.

Sasuke stopped abruptly, almost causing Naruto to run straight into his back. A dark figure had their back leaning onto the trunk of a tree not far from them; watching the two teenagers with blazing red eyes.

"Itachi," Sasuke wheezed and quickly made his way from the tree-branch he was standing on to the ground.

Itachi stared at his little brother, his face as emotionless as ever.

"I shall kill you," Sasuke muttered, venom dripping from his every word, before making himself ready to attack his enemy.

"Try," Itachi replied monotonously and made himself ready to fight.

A loud thump brought Sakura back to her senses where she was lying in the bath. "Sasuke-kun is that you?" She asked loud enough for him to hear outside of the thick bathroom door.

She sat up straight and made her way out of the tub, grabbing a white fluffy towel to dry herself off with. She threw the towel onto the toilet-seat and slipped on a creamy white nightgown along with a white pair of panties before opening the bathroom door silently.

"Sasuke-kun?" She asked again and heard heavy footsteps entering the bedroom. "Sasuke?"

A tall fish-like man appeared in front of her with a large sword hanging on his back.

Sakura's green eyes opened up widely as she froze on the spot.

"Hello love,"