Summary: Naru has a very special job for Mai.

Disclaimer: I love ghost hunt, but I will NEVER be able to claim it as my own work. I am a writer. Not a Manga Genius.



"Mai, be reasonable."


"You work for me. You do the jobs I assign you."

"Not this time. Ask Masako." Mai said. Naru sighed in annoyance and rolled his eyes at the thought of asking Hara Masako to do this one job.

"I cannot. She would get too into it and the clients would become suspicious." Naru replied. Mai sighed in annoyance and rolled her eyes as she turned the page in her text book. Naru was sitting across from her, on the other couch, as she was trying to do her homework. She'd previously finished the work that Naru had assigned her to do, and so she decided to get started on it. Normally, she would be ok with Naru's presents around, but at this specific moment in time, Mai was kind of hoping he'd shut up and go away.

Right. Like that was going to happen.

"Then hire someone randomly because I'm not doing it." Mai suggested.

"I have to meet with the clients in one hour. Just do it."

"It's too short notice, Naru." Mai turned another page, ignoring the scowling look Naru was sending her.

"I would've told you sooner had I expected you to react in a dignified way."

"If you had told me sooner, I'd have acted the way I am now. My answer is still no." Mai said. She didn't think that it would turn into an argument. In fact, she expected Naru to kind of threaten her and, if she still refused, leave her alone.

But noooo.

He was still pestering her.

Honestly, Mai was starting to understand how Naru felt whenever they argued.

"Please, Mai?" Naru asked suddenly in a soft voice.

Mai's head snapped up. Her wide, brown eyes stared at Naru in shock as he avoided her gaze. She noticed that his cheeks had a slight pink tinge to them, and that he was almost...


At this realization, Mai busted out laughing. It was too much to see the Poker Faced Naru look like a child for once.

Naru, on the other hand, felt just the opposite of Mai's humor. In fact, he felt as though his ego had just been deflated.

"I'm glad you find this funny." he muttered under his breath. Mai wiped a tear away from her eyes and hiccuped as she tried to calm down.

"I'm sorry," she giggled, "it's just...oh, I don't know what it is that was so funny. It was just so cute."

Naru felt his temperature rise a little bit, but tried to keep his cheeks from becoming anymore inflamed then they already were.

"Well? Do you accept?" he asked. Mai blinked, and then smiled.

"Sure." she said.