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After getting over the shock that she really was Mrs. Kazuya Shibuya, Mai did her best to make damn sure she didn't come face to face with Naru for quite a while. Whenever he came into the room, she would not look at him, and would concentrate on whatever was in front of her. Whenever he asked for tea, she forced Lin to deliver it to him. Lin wasn't really too happy about being pulled away from his work, but he did feel sorry for Mai and sort of guilty that everyone knew she was getting married, except for her, so he usually obliged.

It was on the day they had gotten another case that Mai was forced to face Naru again. There was no way she could get out of it, seeing as how the case revolved around a child.

And everyone knew how good she was with kids.

The started like any other. Mai had just entered the SPR office, only to find Naru sitting on the couch where she usually sat during the day. Mai looked in the direction of Lin's office, and saw that the Chinese man was, as always, sitting at his desk, typing on the computer

"Mai. Tea." Came Naru's regular order. Mai nodded and went into the kitchenette to ready the tea. When she reemerged into the room, she finally noticed someone sitting across from Naru. Mai looked down at her tray and counted only two cups. She had planned on having some tea herself, but seeing as there was a client, she knew better.

"Please continue, Li-san." Naru said. Mai stood next to the couch staring at the new client. A women with short black hair, light brown eyes, and a beauty mark just below her left eye.

She was very beautiful. To Mai, she seemed familiar...

"Thank you. Now, I said a few things earlier, but I feel I need to reiterate them now that... your assistant? Has joined us." Li said.

"That's really not necessary."

Li smiled at Naru, and then smiled at Mai, who in turn, smiled. "Hello Taniyama-san."

When she spoke, realization overtook Mai.

"Hello Li-san. How are you?" Mai inquired. Li waved a hand.

"So-so. I could be better. Should I explain now?" Li asked. Mai could tell Naru wanted to say something, so she sat down next to him.

"Yes, please."

"You two know one another?" Naru cut in quickly. Mai nodded, as did Li.

"Fanren Li. She is related to one of my neighbors. We have met a few times before." Mai relayed. Naru nodded his head, and then turned his attention back to Li.

"As you were saying?"

"Yes, well, My name is Fanren Li, and I originate from Hong Kong China. I am a college student that was chosen to study abroad, and I am currently living with a host family."

"Really? That's great! Wait, why aren't you staying with Mirashima-san?" Mai wanted to know.

"Mai." Naru said firmly.

"No, it's alright, Shibuya-san." Li looked at Mai. "I honestly thought you knew. Hotou went to his mother's to take of her. She has fallen ill. He's actually been gone for a few days now."

"So, that's why I haven't seen him lately... He owes me one free dinner." Mai said. Li smiled at her young friend while at the same time, she noted the Dark... er expression her employer put on.


"Please, if you would." Naru said, politely urging her to get back to her story.

"Right, of course. No time for small talk. Well, my host family lives in a hotel, free of charge, seeing as how they own it. They live on the top floor, and I live one the level below them. A strange arrangement, yes?"

"Oh, definitely." Mai chirped.

"Well, Yoshikate-san, the Mother in my host family, received a call from her husband, who is in New York on business, and asked me to watch over their son while she went to her husband in New York."

"Why didn't she ask a maid? I mean, they're rich right? It makes a lot of sense." Mai said thoughtfully, unaware of the glare she was receiving from her boss, although a chill ran up her spine ("Is the A/C on or is it just me?").

"True, but it was short notice. She left only a few hours after receiving the call. Since I was technically living with them, she figured it'd be easier for everyone if I just watched him."

"Oh. Ok, go on."

"Before she left, she told me to watch over him carefully, as strange occurrences had been happening for quite a while. I simply thought she meant prank phone calls, or unordered food arriving. But later that same night I understood what she meant. When the boy was asleep, I sat out in the living room studying for a test I have on Friday. As I read, I heard a strange moaning sound. I ignored it, but then I heard it again, so naturally I thought it was the boy. I checked up on him, but he was fast asleep, so brushed it off. Then when I sat back down, I heard it again, louder, and then I heard a woman scream and then all the lights went out for exactly five minutes. When they came back on, there was a message on the wall. It made no sense to me." Li finished.

"What was it? The message?" Naru inquired.

"I could understand it, but I misunderstood it at the same time. It said 'He Will Pay!'. I quickly got the boy and left the room. I went down to my original room, and put him back to bed. We have been there ever since. I go up every now and then to look in on things. The lights flicker whenever I do, and the message is still on the wall."

"I see." Naru said shortly. He tapped his chin with his index finger as if contemplating the steps needed for this case.

Mai knew that gesture.

"Naru, should I call everyone?" She asked. Li's eyes brightened as she sat up straighter.

"So you'll take the case, then?"

Naru nodded firmly. "We'll take the case."

"Aha...hahahaha...ha. Hey, uh, Naru? What about rooms?" Mai inquired.

"We will be in a hotel, Mai."

"Yeah, but, I'm gonna go out on a whim here and say that the Yoshikate's don't know about this. They are the only one's would be authorized to spare any extra rooms." Mai said. Naru felt a blow to his ego as Mai said that. Wondering why he didn't think about that first, he said, "I'm sure it would be alright if they were contacted."

"I tried. To contact them, I mean. They were always busy, or they weren't in. I explained everything to the hotel Manager though. He said he'd be able to spare two rooms." Li said. "Is that alright?"



Mai looked at Naru. "What do you mean yes? There won't be enough places for everyone to sleep, and Masako get's oh, so testy whenever she finds she has to sleep on the floor. Most of the time, I end up sleeping on the floor, which I don't appreciate." Mai said grimly.

Naru, of course, ignored her completely. "The name of the hotel, please?"

"Sakura Balcony."

"A Five star hotel. Mai, there will be plenty of room." Naru said. Mai rolled her eyes.

"Well, I was just making sure everything was alright."

"You should learn not to worry so much. Stop being so doubtful."

"I wasn't being doubtful, I was just checking!"

"There is no reason to raise your voice."

"Ah, if I may interrupt for a moment." Li tried.

"I'm not raising my voice!"

"You just did so."

"Uh, excuse me..."

"You don't have to be such a jerk all the time, Naru. Would it kill you to be pleasant every once in a while?"


Li took a deep breath and then opened her mouth. "ThemanagersaidthatifmoreroomswereneededthatallIhadtodowasaskhim."

Mai looked at their client. "Um..what?"

Li took another deep breath. "The manager said that if more rooms were needed that all I had to do was ask him."

"Oh." Mai said. She felt thoroughly ridiculous. "Problem solved."

"Well, if that's all, I'll be going now." Li stood up and straightened her clothes. "It was good seeing you again, Taniyama-san. I will see you all at the hotel tomorrow, then?"

"You will."Naru confirmed.

"Alright. Peace." Li held up to fingers and then exited the room.

Silence. Mai and Naru sat side by side on the couch. Naru was going over the information he had just taken down, and Mai was trying to figure out what to say next.

Well... now is as good of a time as any... "Speaking of marriage..."

Naru didn't look up. "Who's speaking of marriage?"

"Mm, no one. But now that you mention it, I would like to discuss, um, ours."

"Mai, now is really not the time."

"Then when exactly do you think we talk about this? It's been maybe, two weeks since our ceremony and nothing has been done." Mai said.

Naru didn't say anything and silence once again enveloped them both. Neither of them notuced that the tapping of Lin's keyboard has come to a halt.

"What do you mean?" Naru asked.

"I want a divorce."

Holy crap, holy crap, oh shiitake mushrooms, I said it. I said it, oh my GOD I said it! Holy crap, what happens now? Am I going to die? Be struck by lightening? Oh my GOD, Naru, SAY SOMETHING ALREADY!



"I said no. Divorces are messy, ugly things that put people into bad situations. We don't have the time for anything like that."

"Please. Naru, shut up." that was the first anyone had ever told him to shut up, and in the back of her mind, Mai knew she was going to pay for it later, but she was too angry at the moment to really think about what was coming out of her mouth. "We have been married for a while. All of last week we didn't have anything to do. You could've brought in the divorce papers, we could have signed it, and this would all have been over and done with by now. No mess, no ugly, no nothing."

"Well," Naru said, thinking carefully about his next sentence. "There's nothing we can do about it at the moment."

"Exactly, which is why, when we get back from this case, I'll bring in the papers and everything can be done with."

Mai, at that moment, was mentally kicking herself in the butt.

What are you doing?! You love this guy! Why would you pass up an opportunity like this?!

Because Naru doesn't really like me, and our last case was just a mistake that became a reality.

So, live that reality!

Who wants to be in a relation ship like that?

But you'd get to be near him everyday!

I already am. Nothing will change and he can go back to being a totally hot bastard.

"Besides," Mai said without realizing, "I have a date tonight and though it would be considered cheating since we're married, it's really not."

And with that Mai gathered the tray and the teacups, stood up and went into the kitchen.

Naru, on the other hand, was absolutely sure he had just been shot.

The typing in the other room never resumed.

OOOOOH. I'm bad. XD I know Mai seems a little OOC in this chapter, but that's because she has her mind set on a divorce. Her real intention is to end a loveless marriage before either of them get's hurt ( she doesn't want to feel like a burden to naru). So YAH!. And Li is funny. I am borrowing the Li character from Llamas Are Sexy, my sister, and putting him in here, only this time, Li is a GIRL instead of a BOY. Duh. YAAAAAY! So, let's see how this happens eh?

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