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Breathe Tifa. Breathe. Just one question that's all you need.


"You can do it Tifa. It's a simple question. Just go to him and just ask, damn it," a certain ruby-eyed 23 year-old bartender encouraged herself in front of a faded mirror as she took a deep breath and made her way out of the room.

As she opened the door and stepped out a figure with unruly blonde hair that seemed to defy gravity stood firmly in front of her, a single hand in the air as if ready to knock just a few seconds before the wooden door had moved.

An awkward moment of silence hung in the air as the two adults refrained from meeting each other's gaze.



They both started simultaneously.

"Go ahead."

"No it's ok." A smile. "Go ahead Cloud, you first."

"Well I just wanted to tell you to not wait up tonight and eat dinner without me," came Cloud's restrained reply followed up by a scratch to the back of his head; an obvious mark of nervousness Tifa was all too familiar with seeing.

Like we ever eat dinner with you anyways.

"Oh. Why? Is it work?" Pause. "You know the kids will be disappointed. Denzel's been waiting for you all week. Won't you just skip tonight? Please? For the kid's sake at least."

Cloud could only shake his head in disapproval.

"This is one delivery I can't miss. Sorry." An apology seemed fit for a perfect liar.


"That's ok. I'll just tell them tomorrow night then." Another smile; a fake one this time; one made for a perfect façade.

It was like this every night. Another lie from Cloud, another excuse from Tifa, and another disappointed dinner for the children. A scene played out with skilled perfection. Every detail apt to the previous night, maybe except for the dinner made and the amount of tears cried. But not tonight. It was going to stop here…

Exactly what the hell is more important than his family?

Family? I forgot, we're not really a family. Never mind.

"Now let's see what exactly is so damn important that you have to miss dinner, Cloud Strife," whispered Tifa Lockheart as she followed the lone hero as he turned into a dark alley and disappeared.

Tifa could only wonder why Cloud didn't have a single package on his Fenrir and yet was so intent on making this special delivery.

Oh. So this is the damn special delivery

The brunette's wine-colored eyes turned a deep shade of scarlet as the infamous church came into view. Her mouth took a dangerous frown from her usual smiling lips and deeply recognizable creases appeared between her eyebrows as she scorned Cloud silently from the church entrance.

"I'm sorry Aeris. I was caught up in a few things, couldn't get away from it. But I'm here now…"

We're an it now? God you're unbelievable!

Unbeknownst to the mako-infused warrior, an old childhood friend stood watching over him before turning away and leaving after hearing him say those dreadful 3-letter words.

"I love you." How do I tell these words to her Aeris? To Tifa?

A solitary rose lay in the center of the church and the roaring exhaust of a racing Fenrir echoed throughout the church…


Heavy footsteps of the blonde-haired warrior echoed throughout the empty bar. The stomps of his boots the only sound audible in the room as rain poured silently outside.

"How was the delivery?" came a venomous reply from behind the counter.

Surprised, Cloud looked towards the owner of the voice's direction and noticed the woman's appearance: drenched; soaked from head to toe and an unmistakenably precarious glint in her eyes as she leaned on the counter, staring intently at his figure.

"It was ok…Had to drive a few miles out to give the guy his package. But it was worth it."

Worth it huh? Would it be worth everything in this damn forsaken house?


Eyes wide, Cloud fully turned to her.

"Liar. That's what you are. You could have just told me you were going to her." Tifa added a bit of emphasis to her; one that dealt with poison.

She didn't mean it, it just kind of happened.


"Was it worth it Cloud? I sure as hell hope it was because I'm sick and tired of this. And I'm leaving!" She screamed, interrupting him before he could say anything else.

"Sick and tired? Sick and tired of what?! You're not the one living a life you don't want to be in! Pretending everyday...every single day and living without the one that made you feel…" and with that his voice stopped.

A single deep breath and he turned around towards the stairs.

Tifa could only gasp in shock. Cloud's sudden outburst stabbed her right in the heart and she had to slap a hand over her mouth from saying something she regretted.

"You know what. Forget this. We'll talk about this tomorrow morning. I think enough has been said. I think both of us has had a long day. Let's just discuss this tomorrow morning because I'm really not up for this right now. I'm tired and so are you…"

You always run away from your problems. I'm sorry Cloud. But I really can't do this anymore. I'm not a little girl waiting for a stupid little promise anymore.

"Before I go…can I ask you just one question?"

"You already did." His voice tired but cold and apathetic as he continued to walk away, each step a stab in her heart as he ascended towards the stairs.

"Would you miss me just as much if I was gone?" She answered; barely a whisper with a coarse and broken voice.


Probably not. You'd be happy, smiling, laughing…if she was still here…

Would you have wished it was me in her place?

Would you have wished I took the plunge instead of her?


So many questions and only one came dashing out through her lips.

But the simple gesture of his retreating back tore her heart into two and left to bleed out in the open as he ignored her question. She had finally taken the chance, finally gave him her heart wholeheartedly, only to be beaten down and torn.

Her tears rolled uncontrollably down her porcelain cheeks and yet no sound emitted from her rosy lips. Not a single sound.

But she didn't see the disappointed look plastered on his handsome face; or the clenching of his knuckles in the dark nor the frustrated look in his eyes.

Just the coldness of his rejection and the silent answer that hung in the air. And yet somehow the scene seemed somewhat oddly mundane.

When the silent noise of a door slamming slightly upstairs finally reached her ears, Tifa Lockheart slid down from the counter she was resting against and let a soft sob escape her.

I'm sorry Cloud. But I just can't do this… Goodbye.


The loud cries of a little girl and the thrashing of a little boy from outside his room filled his ears and a certain alarm came into mind.

"Marlene! Denzel!"

The 23-year old blonde came dashing out his room and into the hallway following the sound of two crying children sitting down in front of Tifa's room.

"What is it? What's wrong? You're not hurt, are you?"

"Cloud! Tifa left!" Sniff Sniff

"What?! I'm sure she's not gone. Probably just out shopping for groceries or something,"

Sniff Sniff Wail.

"Then why would she take all her stuff?" cried Marlene loudly as she pointed to Tifa's bare room; no clothes in the open closet door, or colorful sheets on the bed, and no family picture on the nightstand next to her bed.

Cloud's eyes scanned the room and the realization dawned on him.



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