Numb3rs Meets Supernatural…

(For lack of a better title…)

Authors Note:

So I know it seems really random and everything, but I've been on a Supernatural/Numb3rs kick the past little while and this is to be the outcome of it. Hope you all enjoy it!

Chapter One

Don stared out the plane window watching the clouds go by. A week ago he wouldn't have expected to be on a plane to St Louis so as to take a rental car from the airport to some small town out on the middle of nowhere. He wouldn't have expected to receive the call he had a few days ago and he definitely had NOT expected the information Sheriff Williams of Emerson had relayed to him.

He looked at the sleeping woman next to him. She'd just turned twenty-one not too long ago but she still had the facial features of a teenage girl. He remembered very well the day she had knocked on Alan Eppes door.

Three Months Earlier…

Charlie and Don had just finished clearing the table when there was a knock on the front door.

"I'll get it!" Alan replied getting up from his chair in the living room. He walked over and opened the door. What he found was a young woman standing on the porch completely soaked by the pouring rain with a luggage bag sitting beside her.

"Mr. Eppes?" she asked.

"I'm Alan Eppes, yes," Alan said staring at her curiously.

She let out her breath and held out her hand. "Carolee Summers," she said. At Alan's continued confusion she added, "Ted Summers' daughter."

Realization came to Alan and his face broke into a smile. "Carolee!" he exclaimed and took her into a warm embrace. Carolee was a little surprised at first but then she just laughed.

"Did you just get in?" Alan asked releasing the red-head.

"Yeah I did," she said. "My dad gave me your address just before I left and I've been trying to find your house for the past hour."

"Come on in," he said picking up her bag and guiding her through the door. "You didn't take a cab?" he asked as he set down the luggage and closed the door.

"I thought walking around L.A. looking for your house wouldn't be too bad because the weather was really nice when I got here and then it started to pour and I just didn't think to call a cab after that."

"Well I'm glad you were able to find us." Alan looked up and saw the curious looks his two sons were wearing. "Oh I'm sorry," he said pointing to them. Carolee turned and smiled at them. "Carolee these are my two sons; Don." Don shook Carolee's hand. "And Charlie." Charlie mimicked his brother.

"Carolee is Ted's daughter," Alan told his two befuddled sons.

"Oh," Don said as he remembered. "The two of you went to school together right?"

"Yep. He has a daughter about your age Don and a son about Charlie's age and then Carolee is the baby."

"Yeah that's right," Charlie said. "He and his family would come over a lot for barbeques and stuff."

"Mm hmm, and we'd try to get you kids to play together but Don would always torment poor Gail as little boys do and then Nick was always clinging to his mother."

"I remember that," Charlie said laughing at the image of Don tying Gail's braids into a knot. He turned to Carolee. "The last time I saw you was just before I left to Princeton wasn't it?"

"No, I didn't come with my parents on that trip," Carolee corrected. "I was here for your tenth birthday though."

"Wow, you've really grown up."

"My twenty-first is in a couple of weeks."

"Wow, the big twenty-one," Don said. Carolee nodded.

"Sorry you guys," Alan said. "I forgot to tell you that she was coming out for a visit. She'll be staying here if that's alright with you Charlie."

"Yeah, that's fine."

"Great." Alan picked up Carolee's bag once again. "I'll show you to your room Miss. Summers so that you can change into drier clothes."

"Thanks," Carolee said. She went up a few of the steps and then turned back to Don and Charlie. "It's nice to see you guys again."

Present Day…

"Ladies and Gentleman," the flight attendant said over the PA. "We will now be landing in St. Louis. Please be sure not to forget your bags as you leave the plane."

Don placed a hand on Carolee's shoulder and gently shook her. "Hey," he said. She stirred and he tried again. "Sleeping Beauty, we're in St. Louis."

Carolee's eyes opened and she looked around. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and looked at Don. He was smiling.

"What?" she asked.

Don shook his head. "Nothing." Carolee's arrival in LA had changed from "visit" to "live with" when the Eppes had discovered that Carolee was having trouble at home and ever since then Don had viewed the independent red-head as his sister. The way she acted she could've almost passed as an Eppes and Don wondered if perhaps she'd been born into the wrong family.

"Don't forget your bag," Don told her. Carolee nodded and pulled her bag onto her shoulder just as the plane hit the ground and began to slow down.

They got off of the plan and looked around for a place where they could arrange for a rental car. When the car arrived at the gate they took the keys, put their bags in the back and headed towards the nearest hotel.


Dean's eyes flew open. They were still a good twenty minutes away from Emerson and falling asleep while driving was the last thing he needed. It would have helped to have someone to talk to but Sam was of course asleep.

"Just half an hour," Dean said to himself. "Long enough to get to the stupid town, find a motel, check in and then hit the sack." He let out a yawn. "Let's just hope I make it that long."

Lady Luck must have been smiling down on the Winchester brothers that night because just as the black Impala pulled into the town Dean spotted the motel. He parked in front of the main office and then, after making sure Sam was still asleep, he went inside.

"Hi," Dean said to the manager with a smile.

The balding man looked up at him and gave a nod. "Hello," he said.

"Do you happen to have any open rooms?" Dean asked leaning against the desk.

"They're all open," the man said in an agitated tone.

Yeesh, Dean thought to himself. Just because business is bad for you that doesn't mean you have to bite my head off. "Which of your rooms have two beds?" he asked.

"They all do," he said. "Just pick one and I'll give you the key."

"Pick a number?"

"A room! That is what you're looking for isn't it? The doors are all unlocked so go pick your room and I'll give you the key!"

Dean left the room quickly. He didn't want to piss the manager off any more than he already had. Upon inspecting the rooms he found that all but one of them carried a very stale smell to them. The last room (located on the second floor opposite where the office was) seemed to have only just recently been vacated. It was cleaner than the others indicating that the last people to stay there were either very clean or they got here before the motel's business began to decline.

Dean went to the office and told the manager what room he wanted.

"There," the man said tossing him the key and then he turned back to the paperwork on his desk. "You'll pay when you leave."

"Thank you very much," Dean replied hoping that perhaps the guy would lighten up but his gratitude was ignored. He left the office and walked over to the car.

"Hey Sammy," Dean said about to tap on the window but stopping when he realized that Sam wasn't there. He opened the door to make sure that it wasn't just the lighting playing a trick on him but the Impala was empty. He slammed the door and looked around. "Sammy!" he called. No answer. "SAMMY!"

Dean ran over to the road and called for his brother again. "SAMMY!"

He saw a movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to see his little brother walking towards him. Dean let out his breath in frustration. "Don't run off like that!" he said angrily. "You freak me out when you do!"

"I'm sorry," Sam said growing slightly agitated by his brother's protectiveness. Ever since Dean had sold his soul it was as if his paranoia had increased and it was driving Sam crazy. "I went into the office and the manager told me you were looking at rooms. I was going to just wait for you in the car but I could've sworn I saw this ride by on a bike. I went to go and check it out."

"I take it you didn't find anything?"


"You're probably just really tired."

"Yeah, maybe."

"Luckily for you I just got us the best room there is. The other rooms look as if they haven't been lived in for months, maybe a year. This one's at least been used recently."

"Well, let's hit the sack then."

They moved the car closer to their room and then they began hauling their stuff up the stairs. Dean retrieved the last bag, closed the trunk and turned to go up the stairs but a young girl about ten or so was standing in his way. Dean jumped, dropping the bag on the ground. The girl was holding up a pink bicycle with sparkly ribbons spewing out of the handles. She had jet black hair that was worn in two pig tails and her outfit consisted of jean overall shorts and a black and white striped shirt. She had skin that was pale as paper and her eyes were a dark empty blue.

Dean's heart began to race. This must have been the kid Sam saw. As he continued to stare into those empty, bottomless eyes a strange feeling came over him. He began to feel as though he were falling into a black abyss that he couldn't pull himself out of, and as he fell all of the memories of past pains came flooding back to him.

"Hey Dean, what's taking you so long?"

The darkness disappeared and Dean found himself on his knees gasping for air. He looked around and the little girl was gone. He stood up, his legs shaking, and leaned against the car.

Sam came out of the room and looked down. Upon seeing that something wasn't right he hurried down the stairs to his brother.

"Are you ok?" he asked urgently.

Dean was about to tell him what happened, he wanted to tell him, but instead he simply said," Yeah, I'm just really tired."

Sam could tell he was lying, but he didn't wish to press the matter. "Alright," he said. He picked up the bag his brother dropped and slung it over his shoulder. "Let's get you into a bed then."

They climbed the stairs, entered their room, and closed the door behind them.


The room had an odd stench to it. The wood floor was rotting away as were the walls. There were no windows and the room was so dark that you couldn't see your hand if it was right in front of your face. Charlie had never been kidnapped before, but it was not beyond his imagination to dream of it and be haunted by the nightmares of what it would mean.

He touched the back of his hand to his mouth wiping away the small stream of blood coming from it. He swallowed hard, wishing he knew whether or not his dad were in the room with him. At least he wouldn't be alone. But after the strange occurrence at the motel in Emerson the two men had been separated.

Charlie leaned back against the wall as a few tears slid silently down his cheek. He had no idea what was happening. He didn't know why they had taken him and his dad. He didn't know anything. All he had was the eerie feeling that if someone did not rescue them soon, he and his father would never be found alive.