Numb3rs Meets Supernatural…

Chapter 7

"Are you sure you're alright?" Sam asked as he and Carolee exited the building.

"I'm fine, really," Carolee told him.

Sam didn't buy it. "Come on Carolee," he said. "You were fine until she mentioned the demon's name, now what's going on?"

Carolee knew she wouldn't be able to avoid it. "I'll tell you, but not here," she said.

"Where were you supposed to meet Don?"

"The diner at seven."

Sam looked at his watch. It was five o'clock. "Alright," he said, "We'll go to the diner and you can tell me while we wait for him."

"No, the diner has too many people."

"Then where do you suggest we go?"

Carolee thought about it. The motel would put it too close to Dean, and anywhere else in town just wouldn't give enough privacy. And then a place came to mind. She looked at Sam. "Care for a little outing in the woods?"

He looked down in thought. "Well," he said. "If Dean found out he'd probably give me the third degree and tell me how irresponsible and stupid it was for me to 'wander off'."

"So we don't let him find out then; besides it'd be easier for me to tell you if we did."

"Easier? How?"

She took his hand. "Come on; we've only got two hours."

They walked for about ten minutes before reaching the edge of the woods. Carolee found the familiar path and led Sam down it. The forest, despite the time of day, was extremely dark and it gave Sam the chills. After following the path for about twenty minutes Carolee turned off of it and went into some bushes. Sam hesitantly followed behind. What he found on the other side was a clearing big enough to hold a bon fire party for a moderate group of people. Carolee was sitting on a large stone near the middle. She patted the rock beside her. "Have a seat," she told him.

Sam walked over and sat down. "What's going on?" he asked. "And where are we?"

"This is where Dean found me after I left," Carolee said. Sam remembered the article that Hanna Ester had written and he looked around.

"Well it's certainly creepy enough for a sacrificial ritual," he replied.

"But this isn't where we met, as I've told you." She took a breath, and continued, "When I was almost sixteen years old my father and I got into an argument; a very heated argument. As a result I left home. Miles outside of my hometown I ran into your brother. I was trying to hitch a ride and I guess he felt sorry for me. He offered to take me to the next town and help me get to wherever I was going. I told him that I really didn't have any where to go, that I was just going to travel around the country."

"What did he say?"

"Well he didn't invite me along with him if that's what you're wondering. No, he just said that whatever I decided to do we'd part companies in the next town. I didn't really care; to me he was just a guy that was giving me a ride.

"But when we got into that town we found out that a demon had been plaguing the townspeople. Of course, neither Dean or I actually admitted that we knew it was a demon at fault for the killings and such, but we knew. Anyways, that first night we stayed at the motel—there was only one—and as I was trying to get to sleep the demon showed up. Dean, who was having a hard time sleeping that night, saw him go into my room. He barged in only to find that I had just about finished him off myself. Needless to say he was rather shocked."

"I'll bet," Sam said with a laugh. "Then what happened?"

"He asked if I wanted to come along with him for a little while until I could get a chance to go out on my own. I agreed, and so we began our travels together."

"Where was my dad?"

"I'm not sure; Dean didn't say. He mentioned that your dad was a hunter too, but that was about it. I thought about asking, I just never got up the courage I guess."

"Hmm…" This was slightly mind boggling to Sam. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind and asked, "So why did you leave after two months?"

Carolee looked down at her hands a moment. The peak of the story, the reason she had brought Sam to this place had finally come. "I got a message from someone," she began, "informing me that a past acquaintance was looking for me. It was a bit of a shock I'll admit; I thought this person had given up on trying to get me. I left to keep Dean safe from him."

"From who?"

A pause, and then she said, "Kirdahz."

Sam rocked back a little. "He's not a myth?" he asked quietly.

Carolee shook her head. "I've met him personally. I don't know a whole lot about him, but I do know that for centuries he's been experimenting with black magic, experimenting on ways to overcome mortality and trying it out on humans as well."

"He wanted you for an experiment?"

"I think so; he never was very clear on that. He was quite powerful though, and I knew that even though Dean had experience there was no way he could face him and live. So I left and began to make my way back towards Emerson. My messenger had informed me that Kirdahz was there waiting for me, but when I got there he was nowhere to be found. I was caught by that stupid cult and they took me here."

"What kind of a ritual were they trying to do exactly?"

"I don't know, it was one that I didn't recognize. About halfway through it though Dean showed up and stopped them. A passerby heard the commotion and called the sheriff." She shrugged. "I spent the next four months with your brother, and then we finally parted ways."


"My mother got sick and was expected to live for very long. I left to go spend her last moments with her and Dean went back to your dad as far as I know."

"I see."

They sat in silence for a moment and then Carolee looked down at her watch. "We'd better hurry if we're going to meet Don at the diner."

Sam nodded. The two stood and went back to the path. Upon reaching it they found a little girl with pigtails and a pink bicycle blocking the way. Her empty blue eyes seemed to hold them where they stood. Sam remembered her from their first night in Emerson.

"Who are you?" he asked but the little girl did not respond. A dark feeling began to creep for the forest and Sam took a step in front of Carolee, shielding her from the freaky little girl. The child's eyes snapped to Carolee, staring at her with more intensity than Carolee could ever remember. She began to raise her hand and as she did both Carolee and Sam began to feel engulfed in the darkness that had taken Dean on that first night.

Carolee's mind found it's way back to the fight she had with her father, to her mother's death and every other painful memory she had. She felt the pain of all the injuries she'd ever received. The pain caused her to fall to her knees. She looked and saw that Sam too was on the ground, writhing in pain. She reached out and took his hand. While it was a small gesture it provided both with a great comfort.

Help me…

The plea came into Carolee's mind and she looked at the girl in surprise. Those empty eyes were pleading with her, begging for her help.

How? Carolee asked. But before the girl could respond she vanished. The sound of someone running towards them caused both Sam and Carolee to slowly stand. They looked and found Dean and Don coming towards them. Carolee looked at her watch. It was nearly eight o'clock. Had the pain really lasted that long?

"You guys alright?" Dean asked. Carolee could see a mixture of worry, confusion, and anger in his eyes.

"We're fine," Sam said.

The worry left Dean's eyes. "What are guys doing out here?"

There was his confusion.

"We were talking."

Now for the anger.

"What were you thinking Sammy!? You know what's been going on and you deliberately ran off into one of the most dangerous parts of town! Are you crazy!?"

"It wasn't his fault Dean, it was mine!" Carolee exclaimed. "I led him out here so that I could tell him about…" She stopped.

Dean didn't need her to finish the sentence. His eyes looked to the bushes that hid the place where Carolee had nearly been sacrificed five years ago.

"Is there something I should know about?" Don asked looking back and forth between Dean and Carolee.

"You should've known better than to come out here as well," Dean told Carolee.

"I can take care of myself Dean, in case you've forgotten."

"In case you've forgotten Miss. Summers people have been disappearing left and right in this town! I don't care how much experience you've had or how well you can take care of yourself; it's just plain stupid to go wandering off!"

"If we had run into any trouble, which we didn't, we could have taken care of it!"

"Didn't run into trouble huh? So that freaky demon child wasn't bothering you at all? Well I guess I should've just stayed back and not bothered then!"

"You are one of the most difficult men I have ever met in my entire life Dean Winchester! You're so eager to throw yourself into danger but when someone else does it you get on their case about it!"

"I put myself into danger because I have to, it's what I do! I help people when I risk my life. This was just stupid!"

Carolee wanted to argue the point further but decided not to. She didn't want to say something that she would regret. She walked past Dean and began the walk back to the motel. Don stood there a moment and then followed after her.

"Dean," Sam began but he was cut off.

"I don't' want to talk about it Sammy," Dean said and then he turned and started to walk back with Sam on his heels.

Alan was alone again. Roger had been taken and never returned. His hopes of survival were beginning to dwindle and he found himself praying for his death rather than help; at that point anything was better than being locked up in that dark room any longer.

Just then the door opened and one of the freaky men in the blood red cloaks came in.

"Get up," he ordered. Alan did so without complaint. The man escorted him to what Alan assumed was once a living room. Upon arriving Alan found Charlie tied up against one of the walls.

"Charlie!" he exclaimed and hurried over to him.

"Dad!" Charlie replied hugging his father tightly.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, little shaken up but I'm fine. You?"

"Good now that I know you're alright."

The leader of the cult entered the room. His hood was up and so neither Charlie nor Alan could see who it was. He turned his head in their direction and then to the man who had brought Alan in.

"What did I tell you!?" he said fiercely. "I said that they were not to be touched!"

"But sir, we've no one else to perform the ritual on, and…"

The leader took the other by the front of the robes and lifted him off the ground slightly. "The other Epps is still looking for them you idiot! Until he give sup on the search we do nothing, is that clear!?"

"Why wait!? Why not kill them and then say that you found them in the woods!?"

"Because in order to keep him from digging we have to produce a cause of death you moron! We also have to produce an autopsy and a whole case behind their murders! We do nothing until he leaves—it will buy us enough time to make it convincing and keep him away."

Charlie and Alan looked at each other. Don was there in Emerson. Whatever hope they had lost was restored now that they had this new information.

"So then what do we do with them?"

"Lock them away like you've been doing. Put them both in the cellar this time though—I don't want them sending a little message to their dear brother and son."

Two men walked over to Charlie and Alan. They took them by the arm and led them away. When they were gone another of the lesser members asked, "What are we supposed to do while we wait for him to give up then? We've used up all of our people besides those two."

There was a pause as the cult master thought. "I know someone we can use. They've been asking too many questions in town and their getting too close to what we're doing."