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"Isabella Marie Swan! What in the world are you wearing?"

"Why your shirt Edward, what else could it be?" Bella asked innocently. Behind her someone cleared their throat.

"Hey Bella, could I get my HUSBAND'S shirt back?" Alice glared.

Bella held her hands up in surrender. "Hey hey calm down Alice, blame Edward for not stopping me in my dazed sleepy state." Bella stated pointing her finger behind her at Edward accusingly.

"Don't put this on me! That's it Bella, I don't even know who you are anymore." Edward said sadly and walked out the door closing it softly behind him.

"Ah man, I've been too wrapped up in all this…My god! I've…I've…I've turned into EMMETT!" Bella screamed and put her face in her hands. At the mention of his name Emmett raced into the room.

"You bellowed?" He smiled.

"I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" Bella screamed pounding her fists on his chest; the result was a broken finger. She screamed out in pain. "DAMNIT I HATE YOU EVEN MORE NOW!"

"Stupid human." Alice mumbled and picked her up running her to Carlisle.

Carlisle sighed. "Bella, when will you learn to stop hitting indestructible beings?" He asked while bracing her finger and wrapping it up while she pouted.

"Probably never knowing her." Emmett laughed.

"Son, I think you're little game has gone on long enough. It's time to stop this nonsense." Carlisle said.

"Aww come on Dad!" Emmett whined.

"Carlisle I still need to help Alice." Bella said wincing slightly.

"Actually no. I've forgiven Jasper and he's forgiven me. He told me you're plan of setting me up on the worst date in the world and making me wear rags from your closet."

"What about the tickets? Now we have 5 tickets to the amusement park with no purpose." Bella explained.

"We can still go. Edward is angry anyway so we don't need to get an extra ticket. Why don't we just go and have fun. With no pranks. I think this has gotten way out of hand." Alice said.

"You're right, I agree. Though I wish Edward wasn't angry. I guess it can't be helped." Bella sulked.

"Jasper already got the tickets so let's get you ready little missy." Alice smiled and picked her up. Bella giggled and smiled at her friend.

Alice dressed Bella in shorts and a tank top. Very casual with tennis shoes and straightened her hair giving her a worn baseball cap. She grabbed Bella hand and towed her downstairs where everyone else was waiting. Everyone except Edward.

"Alright let's go!" Emmett said pumping his fist in the air excitedly.

"Yeah!" Everyone else cheered. When they arrived at the park it was loud and bustling.

"I wanna go on that!" Emmett pointed at a huge water ride.

"Umm Emmett I didn't bring a bathing suit." Bella said.

"So what!?" Emmett yelled and ran, at human speed the best he could, to the ride. Bella groaned and followed the rest of them. They were standing in line when someone behind her wrapped their arms around her waist.

"Whoa, hey buddy I have a boyfriend that I love. Hands off." She said turning as much as she could in the hold of the person to see a grinning Edward.

"Well I would hope so otherwise I don't know why I'm here." He chuckled. "Glad to have my Bella back." He kissed her softly and she melted into his embrace leaning back against his chest.

"Glad to be back. Emmett made me a little crazy huh?" She sighed.

"A little?" He asked skeptically.

"Alright, Alright, I get it. I'm sorry. Forgive me?" She asked sweetly.

"Of course, love." Edward kissed her cheek and then we were next in line. Lovely we are in front. I'm going to get soaked and me without a bathing suit. Why do I have this kind of luck? They piled into the car and the ride started moving.

By the end Bella was completely soaked as was Edward and they were laughing completely carefree. They stepped out of the car and started walking away.

Oh my god! Edward is soaked and his shirt is clinging to every muscle on his beautiful body. Oh jeez! Bella blushed. His pants are hugging his…

Oh lord! Bella is soaking wet. Her tank top is now basically sheer. I can see her bra. The shirt is hugging her every perfect curve. She's so beautiful. Her hair is sticking to her face as if she just had… Edward brought his eyes to hers.

Both their thoughts had stopped dead.

I just got out of trouble. I don't need more. Bella thought. But he's just so…

What am I going to get myself into? I don't think I can resist her. Her pull on me is too strong. I may just give in to her… Edward was battling his two sides. Emmett was whistling and swinging his arms behind them water dripping from his hair, "Hey guys! Get a move on!" They both jumped and looked away. Emmett's awesomeness just ran out.


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