( Squall & Rinoa)

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;; // there's beauty in the b r e a k d o w n

Breaking apart, piece by piece, falling...

"Dance with me?" She asked, reminiscent to the day they first met. Back to the day that his life had changed forever, all because of a single young woman. Eyes sparkling with mischief, flirtatious smiles and that smooth movement of her hand, beckoning him to her...

It was everything he swore to stay away from.

It was everything he longed for on those nights when he wondered how his life had become such a mess.

It was his undoing.

"Squall?" Rinoa prodded, looking up at him worriedly.

Memories flashed before his eyes, memories of laughter, hardship, anger, desperation... Feelings rose until they threatened to overwhelm him, but then it was gone and there was nothing left except this moment. This life that had been created from the ashes, where he was surrounded by friendship and love.

And her.

Their eyes met and he allowed her to drag him out onto the dance floor. She laughed and he smiled; she had the power to do that and it amazed him more than she would ever realize. Where would he be now if not for her?

"What are you thinking about?" She asked sweetly, leaning against him as the music lulled them into step with all of the other joyous couples on the floor with them. A perfect picture, the bigger picture. Looking down at her with the knowledge that her eyes were searching madly through his, sifting through all of the piling emotions and the barriers set up and so blatantly torn down, he finally felt free.

I love you.

He didn't need to say it; she understood him with all of his uncertain silences and the shifting of his eyes that, she learned, could alert her to nervousness on his part.

"You." He answered.

Cheekily, she wrapped her arms around his neck and stood up on her toes for a passionate kiss. "And I love you."

Put together, piece by piece, soaring.

AN. I'll admit to having a soft spot for these two. ♥