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Chapter 1


Even I couldn't tell you why she decided to sit beside me today. I mean, there could have been other seats available. Why this one? Why beside me?

As soon as she sat, my back stiffened and I turned away to the window almost immediately. Why I stiffened, I didn't really know. It's not like I had even taken notice to this girl before. Sure, I knew who she was but she was never a part of my thoughts; until today.

"Hey," she said politely; probably didn't even want to.

"Hn," I didn't find it necessary to start a conversation. It's not like I wanted to be friends.

My head was still facing the window, but I could feel her staring intently at me. It was as if she was observing. That was the last thing I needed, to be observed by Haruno Sakura.

I turned to face the blackboard just in time for our teacher to stroll in and place her book bag on the desk. I mentally sighed as I pushed my fingers back through my thick black hair. Another boring class of History probably about World War II. Sakura sighed loudly and through the corner of my eye, I saw her bend down to her pink backpack to retrieve her books. Unaware of my movements, I turned to her. Well it was too late to turn back now, I didn't want to look stupid; not that anyone would notice anyways. Nobody ever noticed.

Her hair matched the colour of her backpack. That sounded absurd even in my mind. It neatly flowed over her shoulders as she continued to search. She was mumbling something in audible but I could tell she was upset. Then she jolted upright as if in panic. Probably forgot her textbook which meant she probably wanted to share with me. Great, that made my day even better. She turned to me and I realized that I had been gawking at her for quite a while now.

Blushing had always been a terrible characteristic of mine. I always seemed to overcome it, but the way she stared at me was something I had never encountered before. I didn't really want to turn away but if I continued staring I think I would have probably turned beet red. Before I got the chance to do anything, she smiled a bright ecstatic smile and asked if I could share my textbook with her. Brilliant.. I sighed to myself. I pushed the book in the middle of our desks. She opened up to a page and then smiled again at me. I turned away. Why was I listening to her?

A half an hour later, I found myself retracing those vivid memories. Why now? I always seemed to find myself lost in that nightmare at least once a day. No, I didn't want to think about it right now. Thinking about it caused wanting, caused need. Caused...madness. Suddenly, her face filled my mind. Her luscious dark auburn hair swiftly came to mind and I could feel her skin touching mine. It was quick but that feeling caused my most intense memory to rush back to me and my skin cringed; immediately I tensed as I played those recollections over and over. I could feel my mouth twist into a smile as I felt them materialize….

I saw myself sitting on the bed with her, her head resting on my chest while she made circles around the muscles of my arm. She was murmuring something softly to me and was smiling contently. I couldn't hear but I really wish I had heard especially cause they were her last. Then it happened fast, just as I had planned. I grabbed the knife, which I had hid in my pocket and with three short sharp stabs, she became lifeless in my hands.

The memory ended and my body relaxed, loosening the tense muscles. I glanced over and noticed Sakura staring inquisitively at me. She blew a bubble with her gum as she turned to the blackboard again. I opened up my closed fist and stared at my fingers. I don't really know why I had killed her but I remembered the power I felt in doing it. Seeing her corpse staring at me with those hollow eyes made me stronger. I loved her, I really did. Maybe that's why I killed her; out of love. Or maybe it was out of jealousy. I remembered that it was as if she was getting bored of our relationship, as if she was going to leave me for someone else. Someone else? I ground my teeth together and grabbed my pencil off the desk, furiously rubbing it with my thumb. Tai Sukhu's face filled my mind. I remembered how he would stare at my girl. I didn't want to share her. Maybe that's why I killed her. But, oh, the satisfaction. The satisfaction of seeing her dead was...beautiful. She looked so beautiful. I remember snapping that picture of her with my camera. I snap all my beautiful pictures with my camera. The most significant ones to me. The ones in which would haunt my memories sooner or later. Was I a monster? No, of course not. Monster was the last of all words that described me. I wasn't a monster, I was just...special. So very special. Unexpectantly, the urge hit me. The urge to kill again. My body tensed up and I ground my teeth together to force out that urge. That addicting urge.

I hadn't killed in the last two years. I decided it was time for a break. After my sixth kill, I realized that sooner or later the police would find me. Then again, I'm too smart for the police to find me. I'm, in fact, brilliant. They had never even found one clue. My disposal of the bodies was utterly brilliant.

I snapped out of trance when Sakura tapped me on the shoulder. I glanced over at her, the urge slipping away. She smiled and asked if I could pick up the hair tie, that she dropped, from the floor. It was near my feet. I did as she said and she thanked me. I started to turn away when I heard her soft, yet still audible voice speak again. She was babbling on about how boring History class was. I responded with a 'hn' now and then but paid no real attention to the conversation though I was facing her. In fact, I was actually paying attention to the features of her face. She was definitely beautiful, though it was upsetting to admit. Her lip gloss shone in the dull lighting of the classroom. At times, she pursed her lips, making them look delicate and sensitive. Her skin looked soft and the tone of it matched perfectly with her cherry coloured locks. But it was her eyes that really caught my attention. They looked hopeful. They looked beautiful. Beautiful enough for my camera. In fact, she was beautiful enough for my camera. Suddenly, I realized my thoughts and shook them away. She looked upset, her lips pursed again. She turned to the blackboard but I continued analyzing her.

Her profile was also beautiful; pointy nose and a perfect chin. Suddenly, the urgency in wanting to touch her rushed through me. I wanted to touch her. I wanted to feel her body against mine. The urge. I knew it had been a bad idea for her to sit beside me. Never before had I paid such close attention to someone in this school. This school was my hideout, my escape from the real me. Oh, but I wanted her and it was too late.

I was already fixated on her, I needed to have her with me. I needed to feel her, I needed to kill her. Two years is a long enough wait. I then started to plot up how I would stroke her, how I would caress her and then I realized that we weren't even acquainted. I didn't know who she was and she didn't know me. How could I touch her if I didn't know her? How would she allow me to love her if she didn't love me. Love. A word I hated. Pointless four-letter word. Infatuation was a better adjective. I already knew I was infatuated by her, but now she had to become infatuated with me. I smiled crookedly as I pretended to read the textbook in front of me. The urge was still within me and I saw her hand resting on the other page of the textbook. What a beautiful hand. Maybe, I just needed to touch her. Maybe then the feelings would go away. I wanted to see what she felt like anyway. Her beautiful skin just had to be caressed, but how? Sakura continued to pop her gum, looking around casually. I realized that if I wanted to touch her, it had to be by mistake. A purpose mistake. I lifted my hand, holding my pencil and started to twirl it on my fingers. Then, I pretended to lose grip of the pencil and pretended to struggle and tried to grasp it. The initial plan was to let my hand drop onto hers but it didn't quite work that way. Instead, Sakura saw the pencil and tried to grasp it herself. She held onto my hand with the pencil stuck between her index and middle finger. She let go of my hand and passed me the pencil. As soon as she touched me, I got a series of impulses rush through my body. They felt like jolts of energy. I shut my eyes as my heart picked up it's pace. I wanted her so bad. I needed her now. Suddenly, an image came to mind of her body pushed up against mine as she kissed me. My eyes snapped open and she was staring right at me.

"Are you alright? You look.." she paused, looking for the right word. I turned away before she could finish. How embarrassing. Then I decided that if I was going to get her, I had to win her over. I had to show her a different side of me. I took in a deep breath and turned to her.

"I'm fine. I don't think I've actually introduced myself. I'm Sasuke Uchiha." My heart was racing so fast that I couldn't hear myself speak. Sakura just stared at me for a moment. Had I just spoke total gibberish? No, I think she was trying to read my eyes. I put on my best smirk and she immediately looked down at her shoes. After a few seconds, she rose her head and smiled shyly.

"Hi, I'm Sakura."

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