Last to know

"SARA JUST STOP" Nick had run across to the brunette who was now halfway across the car park of the bar where she'd agreed to meet the guys after shift. She'd been a bit late because of her case, but she'd made it there eventually – now she wished she'd had to pull a double just so she didn't have to deal with what she'd walked in on. The Texan took hold of her arm and pulled her around; she was faster than him though and the anger that had built up within her chest allowed her to push him off.

"Don't touch me!" She shouted.

It was then that she saw Catherine coming up behind him across the car park – all that she wanted to do was get away from it all. She didn't want to even look at the blond let alone listen to lies, explanations. "Don't leave like this!" he asked. He was concerned for her.

Sara just turned back and continued to the car – keys already in hand.

"Sara…baby…" It was Catherine now – her voice echoed in Sara's head. The brunette turned around and took a few steps towards the woman, both Nick and Catherine thought Sara looked ready to kill – and both understood why that was.

"BABY! Don't fucking baby me" She pushed her finger in Catherine's face, the blond flinched a little, tears threatening to fall, but she stood straight up ready to take what ever came her way. "You fucking bitch…"

"Just let me…"

"Don't" Sara spat, she took another step towards Catherine now her body pressed close to the older CSI. "Don't you dare try and explain!"

"I…" Catherine attempted only to have Sara cut her off –

"You what, you didn't mean to do it? It was an accident? It just happened? It meant nothing?" Sara shook her head, "You can't explain yourself out of this one. We're through, you hear me!"

Catherine reached out and took hold of Sara's arm, only to have the younger woman push her away harshly. "Don't… don't touch me…" She growled angrily. The blond looked hurt, the tears fell silently. She just wanted to grab hold of Sara, make her listen, say how sorry she was.

She turned, heading back to her car – this time she got as far as opening the drivers side door before she hared Nick speak this time – "Sara, please – you can't drive like this…"

"Fuck you Nick … don't…" With that she got into the Denali, slammed the door and put the keys in the ignition. Catherine attempted to step forward to Sara but the brunette just tore off out of the car park.

"Fuck!" Nick growled.

"What the hell have I done?" Catherine cried, pushing her hand through her hair, shaking her head in disbelief.

The Texan CSI who usually was clam and would comfort anyone upset had changed, he looked to Catherine with pure anger "You better fix this!" He threatened; he walked away – back into the club leaving the blond.

Sara tore off down the strip, tears now filling her eyes – she was exceeding the speed limit and couldn't have cared less – all she wanted was to get the conversation she'd over hared out of her head. She couldn't though, as the road ahead became clouded and blurry from the tears the images of everything she'd just seen filled her mind – overtaking her. In anger she beat her hands against the steering wheel and shouted, screamed out!

Looking at her reflection in the rear-view mirror of her parked Denali she was happy that her appearance would pass for the meeting with the gang at the bar. It had been a while since they'd all been out for a drink and seen as they were all free Greg had decide to call a team drinking session. It wasn't as if she minded, alcohol, the guys and Catherine – what's not to like? – She thought.

Catherine she hadn't been seeing a lot of lately, due to heavy case loads and long shifts. She was hoping to change that today though – hoping that after they'd all had a drink together her and the blond CSI who she'd been dating for quite a while now would be able to spend a few hours quality ' them' time together.

Getting out of the Denali she made sure that she'd left nothing on her front seat – having had case files spread out front earlier. It was clear, she'd rounded up her case and she was ready to just enjoy a much deserved day off, she'd been given that night's shift off also so was beyond ready to forget all about the problems of work.

Locking up her car she took of towards the bar that they all usually ended up at after a hard days work. It was a small bar, got a little crowded in the nights but not to bad during the day. She made it to the door of the place passing an older man who gave her a wink – she had to smirk and shake her head.

It didn't take her too long to see the guys when she walked in – Greg and Warrick were over at the bar and Nick and Catherine were sat at our usual table there backs to her. She headed towards them – a smile on her face ready to take hold of her girlfriend from behind and join in on what was team bonding. As Sara got closer however she noticed that Nick and Catherine were in an argument – he had a hold of her arm and she was just about ready to step in and tell him to back off. That was before she hared her name.

"Sara doesn't deserve this!" he growled, "For God sake – she's head over heals for you. Anyone could see it…"

"Nick this has nothing to do with you … stay out of it" Catherine pulled her arm free.

"Tell Sara…or I will." He shouted a little louder, threatening the blond.

"There is nothing to tell her Nick. It's over… I finished it with her last night. It's over between me and Jessica."

"She needs to know what you've done Catherine…you can't fuck around behind her back. She deserves better!"

"I'm not fucking around… I made a mistake. I'm not ending what I have with Sara over a mistake."

"You've been seeing her for over a month, sleeping with her for half that time. I can't let you do this to her… I'm going to tell her about it…"

It was then that Greg and Warrick arrived at the table, Nick and Catherine fell silent, that's when Greg spoke up. "About time you got here…" He offered to Sara.

Nick and Catherine both turned around – they looked at the brunette hoping that she hadn't hared the argument- the pain in the younger CSIs eyes however let them know she'd hared it. Sara just turned and left – Nick jumped up calling after her. Catherine sat for a few moments in shock before also jumping up and heading out after them.

"Sara, its Nick again… look, just gives me a call. I know you're hurting but I want to know your okay – and I want you to know that… I'm so sorry. I really am. Call me okay? And don't do anything stupid!" he shut off his cell phone and threw it onto the chair in the break room. How the hell had he let it get to this?

It was mid shift now and no one had seen Sara since that morning. Catherine hadn't been able to get hold of her and the brunette hadn't shown up at her apartment. Greg and Warrick had gone down to lake mead before shift and she hadn't been there and Nick had gone around a few local bars that she may have gone to… they had no idea where she was, all they knew was that this was bad.

Catherine was sat in her office going over paperwork though her mind was everywhere but the cases piled up on her desk. She was a wreck – her whole body hurt – all she knew was that she'd hurt Sara and she had to make it right. What she knew was that she may have put an end to the relationship with Sara – and that been a reality hurt her the most.

"You hared form her yet?" Rick asked from the doorway.

Catherine looked up to the guy who was less than friendly – "You think she'll do anything stupid?" the blond asked worried and tearful.

"I don't know… if she does… it's on you!" he explained. It was unlike him to be like this towards the blond who was a close friend but she'd hurt Sara, and the worst thing was they had all known Catherine was cheating on Sara and none of them said a thing – none of them wanted to be the one to hurt the brunette – they'd argued with Catherine about this so many times. Now, they were all dealing with guilt knowing that they should have done something, they should have done more than what they did.