Part 1

"Hey Nick-y you up for a drink after shift or are the rumors about you and a hot date true?" Sara called out the Texan charmer with a gapped tooth smirk of her own; she walked over to the sofa in the break room and took a seat next to him.

"Sorry to break your little heart Sidle but its true. A date with a supper hot, blond model is already booked up. Can I take you up on that drink tomorrow?" He asked, he knew Sara wouldn't mind because when it came to a weakness with blonds the brunette was an expert.

"Who am I to deprive you of a hot blonde?" Sara smirked, "The drinks are on you tomorrow then – you can tell me all about the model"

He just nodded his head, "Fine and you can tell me all about you and a certain CSI that will remain nameless." He elbowed her with a knowing smile – "Are you two still going good?" he asked. Sara wasn't someone that talked to openly about feelings, or emotions or her really but any fool could see she was head over it for Catherine. None of the lab had ever seen Sara Sidle this happy – she walked in with a smile and a spring in her step – and to be honest who wouldn't get a spring in their step from CSI Willows. She was the woman every one wanted and Sara had managed to get.

The brunette just smirked, "Well I try to avoid doubles now – what does that tell you?" Sara questioned. There was a time, a time before Catherine where the lab was her life, CSI was who she was. She'd have worked a double, a triple no problem but now – now she had more to live for – a girlfriend she loved.

"Tells me you and her are serious – tells me that I don't have a chance in hell with you now!" he joked, Sara was more than a friend to him – over the many years that they had worked together – she was like his sister. The team, in fact, felt more like a family – they would do anything and everything for each other.

"Nick-y, are you hitting on my girl?" Catherine's voice growled playfully as she walked into the break room looking like her night was rougher than the two sat on the sofa. The Texan held his hands up –

"Hey I know she's off limits"

"Good to hear…" Catherine explained, as she winked at Sara with a smile.

"Yeah well, he's got a hot blond of his own!" Sara informed.

"Is that right?" Catherine asked now becoming interested, turning with the pot of coffee in hand. "So tell…"

"Nothing to tell – Yet!" he smirked.

"Yeah well she better be worth it – your missing a drinking session with me for this" Sara shot. Catherine turned her back on the two to pour the coffee.

Nick looked up, and asked Catherine's back – "That brings me to the question – why is Sara running around asking us men for a drink when she has you?"

Before Catherine could answer Sara offered up the response, "She chose to talk up an offer to talk in some high school for the morning instead."

"Really?" Nick asked. "What school?"

Catherine took a large mouthful of coffee and then explained, "LV high"

"How'd you get that gig, why were you the unlucky one that Grissom gave the job to?" Nick asked.

Catherine shook her head, "Not for Grissom, favor for a friend. Look guy nice to see you have nothing better to do but chat but I have to get back to my case." She smiled, and then looked to Sara, "I'll talk to you later" With that she left.

"Huh must be some friend, I wouldn't do that willingly for all the money in the world. I hate when we do the school visits…"

"Me to… high school flash backs. Not what I need…" Sara mumbled.

"So who's the friend?"

"What?" Sara asked.

"The friend she's doing the favor for?" He absently played with his cell as he continued talking with Sara killing the time till the results from trace came back on the case they were working – until then they could do nothing more. Well that was a lie, they could work on some paper work but this seemed like a better way to pass the time.

Sara shrugged, "err… I couldn't tell you. Some one she knows through Nancy I think. Old friend from years back…"

"A hall full of teenagers…huh…she's a braver person than I"

"Tell me about it…I'm just glad she didn't ask me to come along With her."

"Well I guess have a good date with the blond!" Sara offered to Nick slapping him on the chest as she headed towards her Denali. They had only just finished up there case and Sara was thankful she wasn't heading out now – her bed was calling to her.

Nick smiled, calling after her over the bonnet of his car, "Someone's jealous."

"Hey I have my own blond – nothing to be jealous about Nick-y!" She explained, leaning with her back against the door of her car.

"See you later Sar…"

"Yup – Have a great time Nick"

"Oh I will" He winked. With that he jumped into his Denali and headed from the LV crime lab car park – Sara however got into her Denali and sat there, turning on the AC and radio she lent back in the drivers seat and waited. Catherine hadn't finished shift yet and Sara wanted to see her before she headed off to the school – wish her look and maybe steal a kiss.

The minuets passed, and Sara cursed Lindsey for changing the CD's in her car – she had some teenage pop crap in that was pressing on her last nerve. The previous day the two of them had taken a trip out to the desert, killed the day there as Catherine had been called in. Lately the blond had been busier than usually and they hadn't been able to see a lot of each other – Sara was hoping to change that though – she'd managed to pull strings and get Friday off with Catherine – a whole night and day off. She hoped the two would be able to spend quality time together – also having convinced Lindsey to sleep over at a friends house.

Time did pass, and that's when the door opened to the lab and Catherine walked out with Warrick. Sara couldn't help but run her eyes, concealed by her dark glasses, over the blond who was dressed in a pair of perfectly fitted black trousers with a white shirt, the top three buttons undone. The brunette wanted nothing more than to take Catherine home right there and then. Rolling down her window Sara waited for Warrick and Catherine to say their goodbyes and for her girlfriend to head over to her Denali that was parked right next to Sara's. Just before Rick walked away he looked over to Sara – and shouted, "Well, it must be love if you sat in this heat waiting for her!" he joked.

Sara smiled back, "yeah well what can I say…"

"Hey I don't blame you… I'll see you both next shift!" And with that he headed to his own ride. Catherine by this time had approached my wound down window. "Hey what you up to?" she asked.

"Wanted to wish you look was all!" Sara explained, "…and wanted to know if you wanted me to meet you after and we'll have a drink or something."

"Mm… I'd love to but I'll be so tired – I'd rather just spend the time watching tv with you or something!" Sara just nodded, "…how'd the case go!"

"It went – thank God. Never thought I'd say this but missed Greg today… had to do all the crap jobs myself like sorting through hundreds of god damn prints" Sara smirked. As she did Catherine's cell phone went off – "Probably wondering where their speaker got to" Sara offered, "I guess I better let you go. I just wanted to wish you good luck. Don't let the kids be too mean to you"

Leaning out the window she kissed Catherine softly, before smiling – "Nock them dead" Then she drove the Denali out of the space and towards the exit. Catherine just watched t he car drive off then sighted, turning she pushed her hand through her hair then lent her head against the Denali – all she was doing was asking herself one thing - What the hell was she doing?.