Barrels Song

I never thought I'd spend eternity

in a skeleton costume.

Forever a little boy in a mask,

my brother and sister by my sides.

The day I died was one I can't forget.

Falling from that bridge of stone,

sinking as my mother watched helplessly.

I never realized that I breathed until I couldn't.

My new home took getting used to,

a world with eating snakes and spiders,

and where some of the townspeople

bow to a man with no flesh.

Then, he found me and took me in,

the big burlap sack skinned man.

He gave me a spiral looking tree house,

even brought my siblings to me.

I don't know how he did it,

bringing my brother and sister to me.

I don't even try to ask him why

the two had matching holes on their skulls.

As the leader, our only job was to do his bidding,

bring him others to play his gambling game.

Find a player, he doesn't hurt us.

I don't want to know the other way.

So this is my eternity,

doing mischievous, evil deeds

with my devil brother and witch sister.

The costumed trick or treaters gone bad.

Though I am now overshadowed

by the older and nastier duo,

they wouldn't be here without me

and my unfortunate beginnings.