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'Inner demon' (just for Sakura and Gaara).

Have any of you read Hana Kimi? Well, that is what it is going to kind of be like. She is a strong character, who is well…you'll find out.

Sakura's mom stopped at the front of the school. She looked to the backseat at her pink-haired daughter. Sakura was staring out the window of the opposite side of the car at the rock wall that surrounded her new school.

"Come on," Her mom sighed, as she looked back at the gate that led to the school.

"What?" Sakura asked,

"You can't stay mad forever!" Her mom barely stopped herself from yelling in frustration. "Look, I understand. I get it. You're going to a school without your friends. It's different than what we had planned for, and believe me, I tried to change it, but for now you'll just have to move on. I bet you'll be able to make plenty of new friends, Sakura. You're just going to have to deal with it."

Sakura bristled. "Move on? Mom. I am not going to be able to see my friends or home until spring, and I just need to "deal with it"?! I won't be able to talk to Ino or Hinata or Tenten or anyone that really matters! More that that, this school is in the middle of freakin' nowhere! There is no town for miles! This isn't civilization! This is hell! I am going to die!"

Sakura's mom turned around in the seat. "Sakura! There is nothing we can do. The system had a fluke and the rest of the schools are filled up. I swear if I could do something, I would! But right now you are going to have to go to this school, till we sort this out! I am sorry, this sucks, I know. But until this is sorted out, you are just going to have to live with it… do you understand?"

Sakura glared back. Fights like this weren't unusual between the two women, but this one had been going on fro for about an hour. Normally they would blow over like a cloud, but right now, the cloud had turned into a thunderstorm.

Sakura turned her head away from her mom again, not feeling like being cooperative. But despite all of the anger she was feeling, Sakura truly did understand. She was placed in Jiraya's ABS (whatever that meant) and she was now stuck to finish out the semester with them. No matter how many times, her mother had called they just couldn't change where she was going.

"Just… get out of the car and go into that school. I will wait till you are inside, before I leave." Sakura tsked under her breath. "You know how busy my schedule is today! Even though I asked for a day off to help you move in, the company just couldn't allow it! I'm sorry, I won't be able to come inside. But look, I love you, you know that right?" Sakura's mom leaned back into the backseat to touch her daughter, to let her know how much she wanted to stay, but Sakura was already gone.

Sakura pushed the door open, storming out of the car. She fixed her baby blue t-shirt as she walked to the back of the car, slamming her own door. As she yanked her two suitcases out of the back of the car she desperately tried to keep herself from crying in frustration. It had been a way too emotional morning. She lugged her suitcase to the front of the car, going to the door of the building, not even bothering to glance back at her mother.

She had been so happy when she picked out her baby blue top and jeans with sparkles on the pockets, but now she was just pissed. Suddenly everything she was wearing started to annoy her. She was wearing way too much blue. Heck ever her headband was blue. And these clothes, which she had picked for comfort, were now driving her crazy. The shirt was too small, the pants were too tight, and she wished that her hair was blowing free.

She pulled her self up to the door, hearing her mother's car pull away. 'Liar" She thought as she waited for the sound of tires on ground to disappear before taking out her cell. She glanced at it. "DANG IT!" she screamed as she saw that she had no power left. She had tried to call Ino, her best friend, the moment she had found out she wasn't going where she had planned to, but she had no reception as they went through the canyon of hills and dead zones. That would be the first thing she did, Sakura decided, charge her phone and call Ino. She pushed the door open with her shoulder, walking into the front yard.

It was bare. Not a single green thing was about. The only thing she saw was a flag pole with rocks around it. She could almost imagine a cowboy show-down going on here. Sakura smirked at the thought, not nearly happy enough to let loose her full-blown smile.

Sakura yanked her suitcases, as she thought of all the things that were bad. She was going to a different school then her friends, her mom really didn't understand her, she would probably have no one to talk to, and she had oatmeal this morning. This just sounded like the perfect day to begin her sophmore year in high school.

She reached the steps, still boiling up with her anger and self-pity, but, slowly, trying to work herself into a more optimistic mood. She was now thinking of all the things she had that a lot of people don't: food, running water, etc. The thought therapy wasn't really working.

She reached the top of the steps panting. She grabbed the right door and yanked. It didn't budge! She tried pushing it, nope, nothing. She glared at the door. Just her luck. Not only was she put in this stupid school, but now it wouldn't even let her inside! She pouted for a minute before trying the other door. Halleluiah, it opened.

She stepped inside and started to walk down the silent hall, her sneakers squeaking and echoing in the great place. At every 10 feet, there was a pillar, to hold the place up. They were all huge, not allowing a single person to wrap their hands around it. On the ceiling, there were many, many paintings, but she only needed to see one, to know that the rest were vulgar.

'Shouldn't this place be alive with people?' Sakura thought.

'Yeah, it's sorta strange how quiet it is here. If it were back at our school, which is where we should BE right now, you wouldn't be able to find a quiet place anywhere.' Inner Sakura commented.

Inner Sakura had always been a part of Sakura, a quiet voice in her head that made comments and stated opinions. When she told her mom about it , when she was 9, her mom basically flipped out. She went and saw a psychologist, but the man said it was probably her way of manifesting imaginary friends. Whatever it was, Sakura learned to never tell her mother about anything like that again.

The walls went on, in a continuing straight line, except for one point. This was probably the office, and hey, it even had a light on!

Sakura made it to the spot, hoping that someone would be there to show her around, or something. Nope. Instead, files were spread out on a table that was in front of the alcove. The files seemed to be in no order whatsoever. So she searched for a while for her name, until she found it between a person called Deidara, and a person called G. Sabuku. She grabbed hers ruffling through the pages. It looked like everything was in order, but Sakura really didn't feel like reading it all to find out. She read her room number, and looked at the map that was accompanying it. It wasn't very detailed, but she understood that she had to go in the direction that she had come. After the second pillar, she would see a door. If she went into that door, she would be at her room.

She walked off, carrying her folder and two suitcases with her. She past the second pillar, and up the stairs, turning on the second floor. The pink haired girl walked along the floor, glancing every so often at her number, to make sure she had got it right. Once she made it to the room 246, Sakura started to hurry, looking for the golden number: 249. There! There it was. She pushed the door open, walking into the room.

You can't really say it was dreary, because it was just blank. Nothing on the walls, nothing on the beds. She noted the furniture: 2 beds, one on either side, 2 bed stands, one on either side, one dresser, under the window farthest away from her, and a rug, smack dab in the middle of the room. Sakura pulled her suitcases to the bed on the right, propping it with a pillow, so it would stay up. Now all she had to do was get everything set up. She opened her bag, taking out the cell phone recharger first. She then pulled out her decorations most were pink, but there was some red and blue in there somewhere. She put streamers around the first 2 drawers of the dresser, claiming them as hers just in case she had to leave before she unpacked her bags or if her roommate came in. Next, she changed the linens on her bed. She was putting on her comforter when the cell phone recharger beeped, letting her know that it was done.

Sakura pulled the cell phone away from the wall, and turned on the phone. After pushing in Ino's number, Sakura sat down on her bed, and waited. After three rings Ino finally picked up.

"Ino, here," her voice drifted from the other line. Her voice reminded Sakura of what Ino looked like. She pictured the blond beauty with her platinum hair up in a ponytail, her blue eyes accented by her make-up that was always on. Though Sakura called her "Pig" she always thought that she was gorgeous.

"Hey. It's Sakura."

"Sakura? Hey girl! Where are you? Why are you not here, yet?"

Sakura carefully explained the situation to her friend. When she was done, she pulled the phone away from her ear, so she wouldn't be deaf from Ino's screaming. When the sound died away, and Sakura thought it was safe to listen again, she caught the tail end of a question.

"Sorry, could you repeat that?" Sakura asked.

"I said who's your roommate?"

"Oh, I don't know. They haven't walked in yet."

"When she comes in you definitely have to tell me. Well, what does the place look like?"

Sakura explained the basic layout, and in return, Ino told Sakura who was where, and the latest gossip. It turned out that Hinata were in the same room as Ino. Hinata was a shy quiet person, with short blue hair, and eyes that didn't even have pupils. Though she didn't talk much, when she did, it was very important to listen. Last time Ino and Sakura didn't listen, they ended up with stuck in their car in 4 feet of water.

Also, Tenten was across the hall. Tenten was a tomboy, and a fighter. She wore her hair in buns all the time, so they didn't know the real length of her brown hair. She was an amazing runner, and gymnast; her athletic body always showed through whatever she was wearing.

From Ino's description of Karin, Tenten's roommate, Sakura could already tell that their would be trouble. She had long red hair that was shaped in a style where half of her hair was long and straight and the other was cut into layers. Apparently, she had pink eyes ("Probably contact lenses," commented Ino) and wore glasses in front of them. From what Ino said about her, she was arrogant and crude, as well as combative. That would make one heck of a year for her friends.

"Well, I got to go," Ino sighed, "My cell phone is running low on batteries."

"Well, see you then. I'll call you when my roommate comes, so you can meet them," Sakura added, already getting a little antsy. "I miss you guys already."

"We miss you too! I can't believe your not going to be here! Look when we get a break I'll make sure all of the girls come out to see you!"

Sakura laughed "If you bring everyone it'll be crazy!"

"The best way to go!" Ino replied with a laugh of her own. "Alright. I'll talk to you later.

Sakura turned off her phone, and started to get out bed sheets to make her bed. She was just putting away the plastic wrapping, when she heard some shuffling outside her door. Sakura turned. 'My roommates here,' Sakura thought. She took a deep breath and pushed back her angry feelings from before. Even though she hated it here she had to make a good impression with her roommate. She settled her feeling and put a smile onto her face.

'Alright! Let's do this!'

She turned and ran to the door. She reached for the doorknob, her fingers touching the metal, before it started to pull away from her. Belatedly, Sakura thought about how the door opened outward not inward. This left her looking like a complete idiot to her new roommate. Sakura took a breath. She looked up.

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