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'Inner Demons'

He couldn't believe it! The entire day and he hadn't seen her anywhere! He had searched the hallways, the lunchroom, all of his classes but not a sign of the girl!

He had heard of her though. Probably everyone in the school had by now. 'The girl with the pink hair.' 'The only girl in this school.' 'Pretty and smart' say some, 'a total idiot' says others. These rumors were everywhere, and everyone was saying them.

He slammed his hands on to his closed computer, biting his lower lip in frustration

"Sakura Haruno."

He could still remember that smile. That small face with the wide green eyes, glancing up at him through pink bangs asking him if he would like to play with her. He couldn't remember what they had done on that hot day, but he remembered her grinning up at him. "I'm Sakura Haruno! What's your name?" It seemed to glitter now as he looked back on the memory. That beautiful memory.

He closed his eyes, his shoulders slowly relaxing down. He slowly breathed out immersing himself in the memory. When he reopened his eyes he realized a solution to his problem. He just needed to make sure that he saw her everyday and he would be sated. And the only way he could make sure that he saw her everyday was if he knew where she was at every moment.

He opened his computer starting it up, already imagining how he could hack the school system to find out her class schedule.

Sakura woke up feeling hot and groggy. She sat up gazing around the room blearily. She felt something weird on her face, and when she wiped across her mouth she realized, in disgust, that she had drooled in her sleep. She was just thinking about how happy she was that no one was in the room, when she realized her roommate might be back already. A frightened and quick scan of her room calmed her back into her post nap sleepiness.

'I guess I should do something now.'

She reached over grabbing her notebook slowly, her limbs reacting slowly. She glanced over the page where she wrote her notes, adding up all of the notebooks and folders that her teachers had wanted her to have before slowly getting to her feet.

She stretched ungainly as she knelt to grab her suitcase from under her bed, happy beyond belief that her roommate was not in the room at the moment. She would never feel ok acting this… relaxed, in front of someone she had just met. And plus he was a guy. A good-looking one, at that. And he didn't seem to like her. The less embarrassing things he saw of her the better.

She yanked her suitcase out ruffling through the leftover contents, looking for the school supplies that her mother had nagged at her to pack. Sakura frowned at the memory. Though it was nice to have the supplies at hand, she still was angry about her mother putting her in this school.

'Though it isn't her fault,' Inner Sakura reminded.

Sakura rolled her eyes. 'It might not be her fault, but it's because of her that I'm in this place.'

Inner Sakura huffed at the illogical reply, but disappeared back into her mind, returning to whatever she did back there when she wasn't having fun annoying her container.

After checking that she had all of her items ready for the next day, Sakura turned and sat on her bed, staring out over the room, wondering what she should do now. She didn't really want to leave her room at the moment, but what could she do in the mean time. Sakura was idly swinging her feet when she heard her phone beep.

The screen said that Ino had called while she was sleeping.

'Oh this is gonna be good! Ino-pig is gonna flip when she hears about where I am!' Sakura thought, as she dialed her best friend back.

The first thing she heard when Ino picked up was, "Where the hell were you! You said you would call me back when your roommate got in, but I waited, what, 6 hours? And not a single call! Not even a text! Girl you better have a good excuse, and you better not have forgotten about me!"

"Well Ino, I kinda did forget about it." Sakura could hear the other start to take a breath, and she could just imagine her body swelling up as the anger was about to burst from her. "But there was a good reason! You won't believe what happened to me!"

Sakura's explanation was met with such a profound silence that Sakura thought she killed her best friend from sheer shock.

"Wait… you're going where?" the strangled reply came after a minute.

"Jaraiya's All Boys School. And I have to go here for the entire semester until the mess can be fixed."

Another silence before, "One second, let me get, the others."

Sakura hummed a nonsense melody as she waited for the shuffling on the other side to quiet down.

"Ok, your on speaker. Start from the beginning and tell me how you got Ino to start hyperventilating," Tenten's voice wafted over the speakers.

When Sakura finished her second explanation, Ino had finally caught her breath. "YOU'RE WHERE!? You better not be at a school where only really hot men are at or I am going to have to kill you and take your place!"

Sakura rolled her eyes. She knew her conversation with Ino would be interesting in the least. "It's not nearly as nice as you think it is. All the guys here stare at me all the time! And lunch was horrid."

"You're complaining because boys are staring at you!" Ino yelled back. "I put on pounds of make-up and buy tons of clothes to try to get that attention!"

"Yeah, but you want guys to look at you like your pretty. Here they just look because you're something different. It feels like I'm some special zoo attraction or something." Sakura complained.

"And your mom is allowing this?" Tenten asked incredulously.

"Yeah, whatever they told her made her agree with it. It was really weird, you know how my mom is about things like this."

"Y-y-yeah, that is rather st-strange," Hinata murmured in her soft voice.

"I just can't believe this happened to Sakura of all people!" Ino hmphed.

"You mean, you want to be there instead." Tenten sighed.

"Well… yeah."

Sakura laughed at the unrepentant response. They continued on, Sakura describing all the people who she met, and who she would think she would be able to be friends with the easiest.

"I can't believe you're rooming with a guy! That is soooo unfair."

"Oh shush, Ino. Look I'll make it up to you by reminding you of something that will surely lift your spirits," Sakura smiled as she thought of the next reaction. "You guys still have to come and visit me, you know."

There was a silence before Ino started screeching "I love you"s and Tenten started laughing.

Sakura grinned again. When she heard the door behind her open up. Sasuke leaned against the door frame, looking much more annoyed then he had been earlier.

"Are you coming? We're going for dinner now."

Sakura repressed a sigh at his prickly behavior before telling her friends goodbye and jumping off of the bed. She walked into the hallway and was surprised by the lack of any of the guys from the group. When she mentioned it to Sasuke she received a glare before he said, "They wanted to make sure that they got our table at the dining room."

They continued in silence to the dining room, which was in the opposite direction of the school. They finally reached their destination, and walked into a room full of crazy. There were people everywhere, all of them yelling and shoving to get to spots at the long tables or to get to the line that served dinner.

"Why are there so many people here!?" Sakura yelled to get over the rush of noise.

Sasuke either didn't hear her or was ignoring her question. She followed him into the line to get food, getting a slice of pizza, a milk box, as well as an apple, before they went over to the table the rest of the group sat at.

Kiba was telling the group a joke, leaning forward using his hands to shape whatever he was describing. He was so entrenched in his story that he only glanced up for a second to check who was joining the group.

Naruto, across from Kiba, glanced up as well, giving the pair a megawatt smile, motioning for them to sit next to him before turning back to Kiba. Sakura couldn't help but grin back at the blonde. He just seemed so open and happy all the time, it made her feel the warmth come off of him.

She glanced at the seat to the left of Naruto, but Sasuke had already sat down in the seat, his eyes flicking up to focus on Kiba. Sakura glanced at the seat across from Sasuke, next to Kiba. She would be on the edge of the group, but maybe that would be better, so she wouldn't have to deal with all of the boys at once. She sank into the seat, feeling out of place. She barely knew these people, and here she was sharing a meal with them. She settled her tray of food, focusing on Kiba just in time to hear the end of his story.

"…and then the gate closed shut so quickly that he jumped, like, three feet in the air! It was great. And you know, Killer Bee was all like 'Daaaaang.'"

All the guys laughed, Naruto the loudest. Sakura smiled at the joke even though she had no idea what was going on. It was always fun to see people laughing.

With Kiba's story finished, Naruto decided now was the best time to introduce Sakura to all of the other boys that she hadn't met earlier.

On Naruto's right was Rock Lee. And he was an exact replica of Mr. Gai. He had huge bushy eyebrows that were attached over round eyes showing through the bowl cut haircut that he had, which was exactly like Gai's own haircut. But worse than all of these problems, he had the green spandex suit that Gai had been sporting, right down to the atrocious looking leg warmers.

"Sakura!" Rock Lee began, "You are the most beautiful women I have ever seen! Your youthfulness shows through your face like rays of sunshine through a cloudy day!" Sakura could feel her eye twitch. She had barely met him and he was already spouting pseudo-love poetry!

"If those rays are bursting through a whole lot of ugly, I could understand," Sai grinned from the right of Rock Lee.

"Sai! Cut it out!" Naruto yelled at the boy. "You're being an ass!"

"Just because you think such a hideous face is pretty doesn't mean we have to," Sai argued back mildly, with a shrug.

"That you could think that such a beauty was ugly shows that you are not youthful!" Rock Lee announced, frowning at the boy.

Sakura forced a smile as the boys argued with each other. 'This Sai guy is a jerk.' Sakura decided to herself.

'You got that right, Outer!' Inner Sakura raged. 'You just give me one good shot at him, that's all I need.'

"Well other than Sai here, most of us are pretty awesome!" Naruto interrupted the discussion of beauty. "Here is Neji Hyuuga and that's Kankuro Sabaku."

Sakura leaned forward to see the two boys who sat near the end of the table. Neji Hyuuga, who sat across from Sai and to the left of Shikimaru, had long brown hair that was pulled back at the end of the hair into a ponytail. His eyes were a very pale pearly white, it actually reminded Sakura of Hinata. She wondered if Hinata knew him.

The other boy sat next to Choji who sat next to Sai. He was fairly pale but had this purple tattooing (or was it make-up?) crisscrossing his face. She would later realize that the black kitty hat that crowned his head hid his spiky brown hair. He gave her an appreciative smile.

Sakura was about to attempt conversation when the door to the dining room burst open. The entire dining room went silent as a group of boys sauntered into the room.

Sakura glanced around the room in surprise. Before attempting to see who had arrived "Who're they?" Sakura whispered, in respect for the other people's reaction, meanwhile she tried to get a good look at the group with out moving around too much.

Naruto didn't even have to glance over his shoulder to know whom she was asking about. "They call themselves the Akatsuki," Naruto hissed out in distaste. Sakura glanced at the blonde in surprise. He seemed the type who would get along with anyone he met. The fact that he really didn't like this group made her curious. "They're a group of seniors who think they "rule" the school."

"That bastard!" Sasuke hissed out, glaring daggers at the newly arrived group.

Sakura looked at Sasuke before shooting Naruto a confused look. Naruto pursed his lips before replying, "Sasuke's brother is in the Akatsuki. He's a real piece of work."

That caught Sakura's interest. What could Sasuke's brother possibly act like that Naruto would hate him? Plus, Naruto seemed to like Sasuke just fine, and he could act like quite the asshole. And plus what would he look like? Sakura craned her head to see the group. Luckily for her, a group of boys moved, giving her a perfect view of the group.

The first person was already very odd looking. The oranged haired boy had so many peircings on his face it was slightly disturbing. They covered the sides of his nose and all of his ears. He wore a basic black shirt and pants.

Sakura moved to the next two and realized she knew one of them. There was the blonde Deidara from the hallway! He was standing next to and arguing with a short red head who wore a rust colored sweater and baggy jeans.

After him was another odd pair. A very large man who actually would look quite handsome, if he didn't have tattoos of stitches coming out from the corners of his mouth! The large boy also decided to go with an all black set up, with a saying on the front of his shirt that Sakura couldn't read. The other boy was quite surprising with white hair pulled back severely from his face. He wore a tight fitting purple T-shirt and some dark wash jeans.

Sakura glanced at the next pair and recognized one in this pairing too. It was the extremely large guy from her Mechanics class. He was glancing off in a totally different direction from the person next to him, who looked… exactly like Sasuke!

'Woah! Is there even a difference? Other than age, the two Uchihas look exactly alike!'

'No kidding. Just ask Sasuke to grow out his hair and get, what are those marks under his eyes?'

'Well actually I think he looks sexy! Look at the way those jeans fit his ass. Whoo!'

Sakura grinned to herself, agreeing with her Inner's assessment. She ran her eyes over the last two, a boy who had dyed his hair two different colors and a boy with a mask on, just so she knew who she should look out for before turning back to the group.

"So what's so bad about them?" Sakura asked. As she had examined the group, the dining room level had risen, but not to the roaring height it was before.

Naruto sighed and pushed at his food.

"They think they can do anything they want to." Kiba explained instead. "They love to pick on a single person until they drop out or break under the pressure."

"They can get quite vicious," Kankuro popped in, glancing at them over his shoulder. "Last year, my brother and Naruto were among their chosen victims. It got so bad-"

"Let's not bring up things of the past!" Naruto cut in, a smile seemed to be pasted on under squinted eyes. "What happened happened, and now this year, everything's going to be awesome!"

Sakura looked down at her food. She never expected Naruto to be bullied. And it seemed like it was pretty harshly too. She glanced up just in time to see the group wander out the door.

'I am definitely staying away from them,' Sakura promised herself before turning back to the meal and company at hand.

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