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They Never Forgot What They Had

Jenny Sheppard sat at her desk, she had just had a conversation with Jethro Gibbs about an open case he was working on, there were little leads and this worried them both. As she played the conversation over in her mind she began thinking more about Jethro than the conversation or the case. It is true that she and him had a special relationship, but that was many years ago now.

Jenny searched her thoughts and recalled their times together. The first and most prominent memory came into her mind, Paris. She missed what they had back then. She missed his touch and his smell. She wondered if he felt the same. While, to most he was a man hard to read, Jenny could see right through him. She knew him better than anyone after all.


Later on that night Jenny received another visit from Jethro. He came into her office, like he usually did, un announced, and set up some food on her coffee table for the two of them.

"So what's this meal going to cost me this time Jethro?" Jenny asked, while serving the food.

"Can't a guy just have dinner with his old partner?" Gibbs answered.

"A guy can but not you Jethro. It costs me something when I have dinner with you." Jenny answered.

"Any new leads?" she asked, taking a mouth full of her potato.

"Not yet." Gibbs answered.

There was a moment of silence after his last remark, Jenny broke it.

"Do you wish things had turned out differently Jethro?" She asked. He looked at her, not quite seeing where she was coming from.

"Between us." She said. She was still thinking about Paris. It was clear to her that Jethro was too.

"You mean Paris don't you Jen?" Jethro asked. He didn't need a verbal answer from her, he could see did. "What happened in Paris and after then, I will never forget."

"Neither will I Jethro." Jenny replied.

An awkward silence filled the room, the director and her former partner didn't say anything for what seemed like an eternity. Their eyes fixed on each others, until the ringing of Jethro's cell phone brought them back to reality.

"Yeah, Gibbs." He answered.

"Gibbs, I have something for you."

"Ok. I'm on my way." He answered.

"Abby has something." Gibbs told the director. "We can finish this conversation later Jen." he added, noticing the look in her eyes.

"Hurry Jethro." Jenny said softly and lent back into her chair and sighed. 'Would it ever be the same?' She thought. "I hope so." she said under her breath.


"What do you have for me Abs?" Gibbs asked, walking into Abby's lab.

"Blood is what I have for you Gibbs. The blood on the knife matches the victims." Abby said.

"Is that all Abby?" Gibbs asked.

"Would I disappoint you like that Gibbs?" Abby answered. "Also, the striations on this bullet which Ducky took from the victim matches the striations on this bullet from the gun found at the crime scene." Abby said. "And I found the owner of the gun. A Benjamin Stuart."

"Nice work Abs." Gibbs said leaving her lab.

Abby just smiled and went back to work.


Gibbs walked back to his desk, only to find Jenny standing there. At least she wasn't sitting there like last time. Although then Gibbs had gone up to her desk and sat in her chair, and he would do it again too. He walked up to the director.

"Can I help you Jen?" He asked.

Jenny smiled back at him.

"With the case Jen." Gibbs answered.

She smiled and said, "Abby tells me she found the owner of the gun."

"That's right." he replied.

"The FBI is very interested in him Jethro. They want him in their custody." Jenny told him.

"Well his my suspect, he killed my marine Jen. They will have to wait." Gibbs answered.

"They want him tomorrow morning Jethro. You have 24 hours." She told him.

"Jen, you know that is not enough time." He said.

"Let's continue this in my office shall we?" Jenny said. She noticed the other agents starring at them. The other agents liked their bickering, especially DiNozzo. It entertained him greatly.

Jethro followed her back up to her office.

"Jen you know I can't hand this guy over to the FBI." Jethro said.

"You don't have a choice Jethro." She answered. "They want him tomorrow morning."

Jethro walked to the door and opened it, intending to leave. He was half way out when Jenny said, "Jethro I know you can do this. You're the best there is."

"Thinking about Paris again are we Jen?" He said, leaving.

Jenny just smiled and sat back at her desk.

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