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After High School Kim and Ron went to the University of Venice in Italy, and still crime fighting better then ever. College graduation, everyone you could possibly think of went to the their graduation. I mean why not they have save the world time and time again. But it was time to go back home back to Middleton, and Ron had something very important to as James Possible.

"Mr. Dr. P. No No No. More formal. How about James, No No, he would kill me if I called him by his first name... I got it! Dr. Possible..."

"Yes Ronald" James stood behind Ron wondering what Ron was going to ask him, but in his mind he had a feeling on what it was.

"Uh uh... Dr. Possible I thought you were working on a rocket design with Jim and Tim?" Ron said sweating with nerves.

"We finished early. So Ronald what were you going to ask me?" James smirked

"I was... wait a second, how did you know I was going to ask you something?" Ron questioned

"Ron, I have known you long enough to know when something is on your mind"

"Well I wanted to ask you if I may ask Kim her hand in marriage?"

"NO RONALD YOU MAY NOT!" James screamed furiously

"What?" Ron was do scared, even Rufus was shaking in Ron's pocket

"Just kidding Ron. I've always known you two would get married." Dr. Possible laughed.

"Good one Dr.P, you had me there. Well I better get ready for tonight. Thanks for everything Dr. P."

"Please Ron, we're practically family now, call me James."

That night Ron walking up to the Possible's house and rings the doorbell. Kim opens the door and jumps into Ron's arms. "Ronnie it feels like I haven't seen you in forever. I"ve missed you so much." Her lips meets up with his. "So where are you taking me tonight."

"Now Kim, you don't want ruin the surprise, Do you?"

"Yes Ron, yes I do" Kim said clinging to Ron's arm, her head on his shoulder. Ron opens the car door her Chez Chouteau.

After dinner Ron covered Kim's eyes and takes her to a very special place.

"Okay Ron where are you taking me?" Kim said ver annoyed

"You'll see in 3, 2, 1" Ron put down his hand for her to see...

"Middleton High's Gym. Ron why are we here?"

"Did you forget already. Hit it Tony" On comes "Could it be" the song they shared their last dance as friends and their first dance as a couple and first dance as a couple and their official kiss.

"Aww honey our song from prom. You know Ron, I promised myself if we ever got married this would be the song that we would share our first dance with. I can't believe you planned all of this."

"Well talking about marriage, Kim you mean the world to me and I love you and I tried imagining my life in the future, and it all leaded back to you. Kim I can't imagine my life without you. I want to grow old have children with and only you." Ron got down on one knee.

"Oh my gosh" tears were falling down Kim's face.

"Kimberly Anne Possible will you marry me?"

Both Ron and Kim were in tears. "Yes Ron I will"

They shared a kiss that stop time.

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