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"Ugh….my head." moaned Tori as she sat up. The first thing she saw was Skyla, Marah, and Kapri next to her knocked out. She then remembered what had happened last night.

"Guys, GUYS! Wake up!" yelled Tori.

"Huh? What happened?" asked Skyla as she slowly sat up along with the others.

"Those bastards knocked us out. That's what happened." said Tori already getting mad.

"Oh yeah, I remember now. So…how did you guys get caught?" said Marah getting curious.

"That asshole kissed me." growled Skyla.

All the girls waited for her to finished, but she never did.

"And...?" asked Tori.

"That's it. The guy was an air ninja so he took my breath away, literally." said Skyla getting angrier by the minute. But she had to admit he was a good kisser. She just wouldn't tell the girls that.

"The guy that chased me was a thunder ninja, not to mention a strong one. He took me out in one blow." grumbled Kapri.

"Mine was an earth ninja. He was able to make the tree branches grab me so I couldn't move. And then he…." Marah trailed off as she started to blush. "He kissed me on the cheek then he grabbed my neck and I passed out."

"Well he must know about pressure points so we gotta remember not to get to close to them. The guy that followed me, Blake was it? We were down at the beach when I tried to hit him with my water attacks. We both ended up getting wet and he shocked me with thunder powers."

"We can see that." said Skyla pointing to Tori's torso.

She looked down to see that her white top had become see though from the water and her dark blue bra was clearly visible. She then buttoned her jean jacket up.

"Well at least they left us with a good room." noted Marah.

They all looked around to see that they were in a large room with a King sized bed and black recliner chair.

Kapri noticed a brown door at the other side of the room. She looked in to see a bathroom with a shower. She looked in the cabinet to see four toothbrushes and eight toothpaste tubes. She looked in the other cabinet and was a bit shocked at what she found.

"And it also looks like these guys knew what we would need." she yelled to the other girls.

"Why do you say that?" yelled back Marah.

"You want it blunt or do you want the hints?"

"The hell with it lets go with the blunt" said Skyla.

"The got about six packs of pads and eight packs of tampons." said Kapri resulting to a wide eyed Marah.

"Lord, have mercy." mumbled Skyla while shaking her head.

"The hell with what they got let's get out of here. You're up Skyla." yelled Tori.

Skyla then readied a fire ball and aimed for the door, but Marah stepped in front blocking Skyla.

"Skyla, STOP! This door is coated with gas. One spark and you'll blow us to the shopping mall in the sky!" yelled a hysterical Marah.

Skyla quickly made the ball of fire disappear and took a whiff of the door.

"Tor, Marah's right. These guys know what their doing. Looks like we'll just have to stay here till they come back."

Tori growled in frustration but decided Skyla was right. She then noticed her hair was down and grabbed a rubber band off her finger, but while she was putting her hair in a pony tail Kapri noticed something.

"Tor, what's that on your neck?"

Tori immediately stopped what she was doing and looked at Kapri with anger clearly rising in her eyes. With her hair already in a pony tail she walked into the bathroom hoping, praying, that she didn't see what she thought was on her neck. She looked in the mirror to see a dark red spot on her neck the size of a quarter. She then stomped out of the bathroom and started kicking the door as hard a she could.

"YOU PERVERTED SON OF A BITCH! OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR SO THAT I CAN KICK YOUR ASS!" yelled Tori as the girls covered their ears from her rant.

"Damn Tori, calm down. You heard Skyla, we have to wait until they open the door." said Kapri trying to calm down her enraged friend.

Tori then grunted in frustration, but she had to admit that Kapri was right.

She then walked to the chair and plopped down onto it while Marah and Kapri sat on the bed. Skyla propped her self against the wall and sat down.

And so they waited...and waited…and waited. The girls were getting a bit tired since it was about three in the morning when the fell asleep. That was when their captors walked in.

"Hey Blake, you sure you wanna keep that girl? She's a bit feisty." said the blond that captured Kapri.

"Bro she may be feisty, but that's just the way I like em." said Blake as he played with Tori's pony tail. He then glanced over at Skyla's captor.

"Damn it Shane, stop licking yo lips. They aint that chapped."

"First of all my lips aint chapped, and second, I can't help it that girl's lips are spicy." said Shane while gesturing over to Skyla.

The guys then chuckled and left the room.


Tori stirred a bit in her sleep and woke up to find a tray of apples, oranges and peaches. She then woke up the girls.

"Well, they can't be all that bad if they gave us some food." said Marah.

"Mar, get real. They kidnapped us." said Tori clearly still mad.

"Whatever Tor, food is still food." said Skyla as her stomach growled.

"I agree, let's dig in." said Kapri grabbing a peach.

Tori sighed in defeat as she joined the others in their little feast.