Chapter 1: Arrival of a New Enemy

It is a new day in Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Skies are blue, leaves are green, and the village inhabitants are living peacefully. Even the village's young shinobi are becoming stronger. Sakura has become an apprentice to Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, Shikamaru now leads his team valiantly and any others he can get together, Team 8 continues to enhance in strength, especially Hinata, who developed her own technique due to such harsh nonstop training. Rock Lee was able to properly recover from his injuries, and Neji shows confidence in both him and Hinata. The Sand shinobi offer their assistance, and have been forgiven for the incident a while back, and most importantly, Naruto Uzumaki trains every day, so he can find the lair of the dreaded Orochimaru, and return his beloved friend, Sasuke Uchiha to the village.

Although, lately, he has gotten had a bit of a tendency to overdo his determination, for he constantly hassles Tsunade about leaving the village to look for the dreaded Sannin's lair. The silence is about to be broken yet again…

"Whaddya mean I can't go?!"

Naruto is yet again furious with Tsunade for denying him permission to search for Sasuke.

"I've told you time and time again! We haven't got clues to where Orochimaru is hiding yet!"

"We won't know if we don't look, right?!"

"For the last time, NO!!!"

Their eyes soon glared within each other so fierce, one could see electricity running through them.

"Come on, Grandma Tsunade! I can't train because Pervy Sage hasn't been around to train me, plus the training schedule he gave me is hardly worth ANYTHING!!!"

"Then find someone ELSE to train with! I'm sure you'll come up with something if you put your mind to it."

Naruto growled very angrily, and then sorely admit defeat. "Fine!" He then stormed off in the opposite direction.

Tsunade then returned to her office and let out a big sigh. "I'm not sure how that boy could POSSIBLY inherit my position one day." She thought to herself as her assistant, Shizune brought in daily reports. "Still…the Fourth did have high hopes for him…" she continued as she signed her paperwork, "but he's just so damn headstrong…"

Meanwhile, Naruto was still frustrated about her decision. He did consider that she was looking out for the best in the inhabitants and ninjas of Konoha, but naturally, he was too stubborn to take her words to heart. So he got together with his friends, Shikamaru, Choji, Kiba, Akamaru, Lee and Neji, and headed over to the pond to train.


Back at Tsunade's office, there was a knock on Tsunade's door. "Come in." she said, and behind it was Iruka, who finished filing a reconnaissance report. "Ah, Iruka. Back from your daily recon, I see."

"Lady Tsunade, in my research, I could not come up with any new information about Orochimaru's whereabouts." Iruka spoke.

"That is unfortunate." She replied. "Naruto wouldn't be happy to hear that."

"I did notice that he had grown very close to Sasuke while teaching under Kakashi."

"That is why" she said with true concern, "he will not stop at anything to find where he is…"

"Although…" Iruka replied, remembering the fruits of his mission.


"I did find something in my scouting mission…"

Iruka seemed unsure upon this remark.

"Well, let's hear it!" Tsunade retorted with interest for this discovery.

"I saw…" he began, "well…" he continued to show uncertainty. "I'm not quite sure how to put this, but…"

"Out With It!"

"A gigantic metal fortress about fifty meters off the outskirts of the village…" Tsunade raised an eyebrow. "It is flying, by the way…I know it sounds crazy, but that was the result of our recon."

"Indeed…" Tsunade replied with both disbelief, and great interest. "You are dismissed."

"Thank you."

As Iruka made his exit, Tsunade returned to her daily duties, and did seem rather interested by this 'flying fortress' that Iruka mentioned.


Back at the training grounds, Naruto had little luck getting sparring partners. Neji was training with Hinata and her father and Shikamaru and Ino had to take Choji to the hospital, since he got indigestion, yet again, so the best he could get were Kiba and Lee, and Akamaru of course, who are always looking for a challenge.

"Okay!" Naruto shouted with great ambition, signaling for their training to start, "You guys ready for this?!"

"No Problem!" Kiba replied, "Akamaru and I are always looking for a scrap!"

"Bark, Bark!" Akamaru continued.

"Same here!" concluded Lee, positioning himself in his Taijutsu fighting stance, "for while I am within the Springtime of my youth, nothing will stop us from this training session!"

"These guys have just as much spirit as ever," Naruto thought to himself, "they may not be Sasuke, but at least I can get a good time from them."

They stood in position for at least five seconds before Naruto broke the silence with…


Then Naruto, Kiba and Akamaru leapt behind themselves into the bushes and trees, leaving Lee to stand in the field by himself, waiting for one of them to make their move. As the wind blew, Lee reached into the pouch on his waist and pulled out two Kunai. The wind blew some more, and he heard rustling in the tree to his right. He threw one Kunai over to it, forcing Kiba to leap from his hiding place and towards Lee.

"Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry: All-Fours Jutsu!" Kiba shouted and got upon all four of his limbs, hence the title, and started running towards Lee like a dog. Kiba leapt at Lee and prepared to punch, with him to block with his left arm and counterattack by kicking. Kiba was hit, but he rebounded with the log post behind him, and leapt back at him. Then another Kunai came from the tree to their left, which Kiba could block by swiping at with his "claws." Then Naruto leapt from the tree and threw three more Kunai at them, which forced them both out of their close battle. The third Kunai went to the tree where Kiba was, and Akamaru leapt from there and onto Kiba's back.

"Man-Beast Clone!" Akamaru then transformed into a splitting image of Kiba, and the two made separate paths, One Kiba to Lee, and the other to Naruto. The Kiba that went towards Naruto suddenly made a swiping gesture, but Naruto was unable to block it, and his claws cut through his body, until, "POOF" Naruto disappeared, for what Kiba attacked was a Shadow Clone. Then three more Narutos leapt from the same tree and proceeded to engage him in hand-to-hand combat. They all ambushed him, but Kiba, being quick on his feet, managed to dodge most of them and counterattack the others, with his punches and kicks to his three opponents.

Lee could also hold his own against the other Kiba, who both proceeded to continue in his techniques. Kiba punched Lee, who reacted with a block, and countered with a "Dynamic Entry" kick, which Kiba grabbed, and threw upwards, making Lee do a spinning motion, and landed on the ground with his hands, and leapt back up to do a "Leaf Whirlwind" spinning kick to his opponent, which Kiba could only block, before ducking under the last and reacted with an uppercut, which went threw Lee's kick and hit him on the chin.


Meanwhile, in the near distance, someone appears to be watching the young shinobis' progress, as if from a computer screen.

"It looks like you were right, Doctor." A female voice spoke.

"Indeed he was," another said, "just like he is about everything."

"I am flattered by your compliments, ladies." said the voice of a middle-aged man who sat in the main seat of the ship's cockpit, while the two girls sat beside him. Their appearance was indistinguishable since the room was concealed in shadow. "We shall see to it that this young boy's power is contained where it won't harm anyone." He focused his screen upon Naruto, who wasn't using his shadow clones anymore.

"But Doctor," the girl on the right responded with disarray, "what if he shows up to ruin your plans?"

"Yes," the other said in consideration, "just as always, he will attempt to spoil your benevolence."

The man in center twirled his large mustache and said, "Well, don't you worry in the slightest, girls!" Then he stood up and pointed his finger forward in great ambition, "Because if he does come, I've got my robot army to slow him down a little!" The two girls looked forward and nodded in agreement. "That's a relief," They said in unison, "You sure are brilliant, Doctor." The three of them laughed and accelerated their ship forward, even closer to those training grounds than they were earlier.


"Well," Kiba took a deep breath in slight exhaustion. "I think we got enough training down today."

"Bark, Bark!" Akamaru replied.

"Awwwwwww!" Naruto whined, "But I was just getting started! C'mon, Kiba, How 'bout one more round? I can take ya! Believe it!" Kiba sighed and stretched his body, clearly brushing the challenge off, earning him a dirty look.

"Kiba's right, Naruto." Lee replied, equally exhausted, "We must conserve our strength for real challenges." He brought his hand out to Naruto as if to shake it, calling a stalemate. "After all, it's not as if someone will attack us right away."

Naruto sighed, and by shaking Lee's hand, finally admitted defeat. "Yea, I guess you're right." He gave a large, silly grin. "C'mon, Bushy-Brows. I could really go for some Ichiraku Ramen right about now."

"Me too!" Kiba said, "Bark, Bark!" Akamaru replied, sticking his tounge out in a pant, earning him a pat on the head from Kiba.

Suddenly a loud rumbling was heard, and Kiba raised an eyebrow.

"Wow, Naruto, you must be hungrier than I thought…" he said as though it was obvious.

"That wasn't me." Naruto said, feeling suspicious.

"It wasn't him, Kiba," Lee replied, "I could feel that from my feet…"

The rumbling soon caused the area to shake, strong enough that the three almost fell to the ground, but stood firm, thanks to their chakra control. Suddenly, Naruto pointed out to the distance, saying "Look!" signaling what caused the shaking, and out from the distant, yet not too far trees, a giant mechanical flagship rose from them. It was large, had large panels that functioned like sails, a tower which was presumably where the pilot's station would be, and seemed to be colored either crimson or maroon. It had large panels on its sides, which almost looked like wings, and on them was a symbol that seemed to be shaped like a face with circular eyes, a round nose and a large mustache that proceeds past both sides of his face.

"This doesn't look good." Kiba said, and Akamaru whimpered in response.

"Come on," Lee said, "We've got to warn the Hokage."

"Wow…!" Naruto said in awe of this sight. "That looks cool! Let's go check it out!"

"NARUTO!" both Kiba and Lee said in unison, as well as Akamaru barking in that same rhythm, followed by the two of them grabbing his shoulders and dragging him.


Back in Konoha, Tsunade takes her time to enjoy a nice spa bath and some sake to drown her cares away. "Ahhhh…" she said as she sunk deeper into the hot spring. "There's nothing like a good rest in the hot springs to fade my worries and cares away." Then she pulled out her beloved bottle of sake to drink to her heart's content. "And where would I be without you, my precious?" As she took a sip, she began to lose herself in thought. "That ship Iruka told me about has me a bit curious…It couldn't be Orochimaru…such prowess is beyond even him…" she then shrugged and shook it off. "Oh, what am I worrying about?" she said as she took another sip. "Such a thing couldn't possibly come this far…or even exist…could it?" she then looked back to the clouds, still lost in curiosity.

"GRANDMA TSUNADE!!!" shouted a familiar knuckle-headed Genin in the background, causing her to panic slightly.

Suddenly, he opened the door to the Ladies spa, with Kiba and Lee following behind.

"Lady Tsunade, there's something you gotta-" he started, but was quickly overcome by seeing her nude figure in the spa.

Suddenly, it was completely silent. Tsunade looked at the Genin and Vice Versa. Tsunade was blushing from embarrassment from being seen nude by men. But they were still children. The three genin were ogling the sight of Tsunade nude within a hot spring, and slowly dropped their faces to Tsunade's large breasts, which were floating in the water. Naruto was stunned, Kiba was smiling slightly, and Lee started to twitch.

The four stared for about five seconds, before Tsunade bagan to frustrate, and then shout, "NARUTO!" causing Naruto to panic, Kiba to bleed from his nose before passing out and Lee to twitch in many places, making it look as if he was dancing, while having a blank stare of embarrassment. "WHAT have I told you about KNOCKING FIRST?!?" She then began to throw things at the three, forcing them to run away. "How would YOU like it if I showed up to YOU while you were naked in a hot spring, huh?!?" As they ran, they apologized several times, while debris was still hitting them upside their heads.


About Fifteen Minutes later, Tsunade was dried off, fully clothed and properly prepared to listen to their emergency situation. Kakashi, Guy and Kurenai were waiting outside her office so they could deal the punishment to their respective students for their inconvenient and rude intrusion.

"All right, you three," she said with frustration and intrigue, "This had better be good."

"Aright!" Naruto began, "So there we were, the three of us were training in the fields," Naruto's explanation seemed to be explaining an arrogant action story. "Kiba had me locked in a headlock, and choked me out, but it wasn't me at all! It was a Shadow Clone! I jumped out from the tree, and I was gonna leap at him with a HUGE Rasengan! But Bushy-Brows jumps out and-"

"GET TO THE POINT!" Tsunade was furious now.

Kiba gulped and said, "You see lady Hokage, what our bonehead comrade is trying to say," he said as Naruto shot a dirty look at Kiba, "is that while we were Training, we felt a large rumbling, and some kind of giant...metal building," Tsunade's anger suddenly became intrigue. "rose into the sky as though it were flying." Lee then continued with, "Yes, Ma'am! We suspect it might be coming toward the village, so we came to warn you as fast as possible!" Tsunade then recalled Iruka's recon report from earlier. "Lady Shizune told us you were in the hot spring, so that's how we were able to find you." Then a vein popped out onto her forehead. "Oh, did she now?" she said in frustration about her assistant.

Then there was a knock on the door. "Enter!" she said.

Then Shizune came into the doorway, followed by Kakashi, Guy and Kurenai, who were still not exactly happy about that little incident earlier. They shot a look at their students, causing them to drop sweat from the backsides of their heads.

"Ah, Shizune!" Tsunade said. "What a coincidence. I have a little bit of a bone to pick with you."

"Can it wait?" Shizune pleaded, "We've got an emergency on our hands."

"What is it?"

"Well, a large flying metal tower, or something seems to have appeared outside of the village."

"What?! When did this happen?!"

"Well, it's right outside the window behind you…"

She pointed to the window behind them, and Tsunade, Naruto, Kiba, Lee, Kakashi, Kurenai and Guy rushed over to the window to see what it was. And indeed she was right. The very same ship that the three Genin, and the Chunin, Iruka saw had just entered the village. And without saying a word, the seven of them rushed out for a closer look, with Shizune tagging behind.


It wasn't very peaceful outside the village, either. Within the Hyuga house, Neji and Hinata were overwhelmed by this spectacle. Sakura had to cut her medical training short to view this discovery. At the Academy, Iruka was gathering the students inside the classroom to keep them in safety. And as he did, Iruka recognized the ship as the very same from his scouting mission. Many of the villagers came out to see it, regardless of whether it might be hostile or not. Shikamaru and Asuma went out to see, while Ino had to stay and look after Choji, still struck by his stomachache.

Also, far outside the village, a certain spectator viewed this appearance. "So," he said to himself, "Looks like he's here, too…"

The Hokage as well as the Jonin, their Genin students and Shizune rushed out to see the giant airship that had parked above the Hidden Leaf Village. Shikamaru, Neji, Hinata, Asuma and Sakura ran into the scene to see what was going on.

"Kakashi-Sensei, what's happening?" Sakura asked.

"Take a look for yourself." Kakashi said as he pointed.

Just as Kakashi pointed at the ship, a hatch on its underside opened and several robots fell out from it and landed around the group surrounding Naruto. They prepared weapons, which were mounted to their arms, and prepared as if to shoot them. Suddenly, Sakura looked up and pointed for the rest to as well. A hovering vehicle floated in front to approach the Hokage's group. Hinata and Sakura were frightened, and Kurenai embraced and shielded them. Naruto, Tsunade and the rest braced themselves for battle.

Standing up from the vehicle was a man who wore a red overcoat with white lining and golden buttons, black pants with feet and boots, he seemed rather obese and wore dark sunglasses and goggles, and had a long pink nose and a large and long brown mustache running across his face. He looked at Naruto and gave a large smile, a shine within his teeth, causing him to glare back. Next to him were two teenage girls who wore a similar outfit to one another, a sweatshirt and short shorts, they seemed to have an emotionless look on their faces, save for an evil-looking smile, they wore tennis shoes and had long black hair with a ribbon tied on opposing sides of their heads. They looked as though they might be twins.

"Who are you to enter our village?" Tsunade spoke, "State your business here!"

"You should be bowing and begging for mercy." said the girl with the ribbon on the right side of her head.

"Otherwise the doctor won't give you a very friendly checkup." said the opposite girl.

"It is a Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Fifth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves." The man said and took a noble bow, as if to a queen. "My name is Dr. Eggman."

"Alright then, Dr. Eggman," Tsunade replied with anger in her eye, "Why is your arrival in our village so important that you must place your vehicle above our fair town unannounced, and call your soldiers to prepare for an attack?"

"I'm glad you asked, my dear." Eggman said, "I plan to take over this world."

"Ha!" Tsunade scoffed, "And how do you plan to do that? The people you have at gunpoint here are very skilled ninja, who can easily stand up to your machines. Why do you think we would stand down?"

"Quite simple actually." Eggman said, as he made a hand gesture, commanding the robots to turn around and point their guns at the village. Everyone gasped in terror, and Tsunade was even madder. "If you give something to me, then I won't reduce your village to smoldering rubble!" Tsunade glared at him and retorted with, "Name what it is, and I might consider giving it to you." Eggman smirked and the two girls snickered. "Well, rather I should say 'someone' I want." Tsunade and the Jonin, as well as a certain orange-wearing Genin gasped in realization of what it was. Then Eggman pointed his finger at exactly who it was he required.


Naruto gasped at this, and clenched his teeth and fists at Eggman. "If this guy wants Naruto, it can only be for one reason," Kurenai thought to herself, "To obtain the power of the Nine Tailed Fox," Guy continued in thought, "and unleash it upon the world and claim it for his own…" Kakashi finished the thoughtful explanation. "Now if you don't mind, Naruto Uzumaki," Naruto gasped, and thought "How does he already know my name…?" Eggman made a finger gesture telling him to come towards him. "You shall be coming with me."

Naruto stood his ground, obviously not pleased by the idea of accompanying that pudgy dictator-to-be, and he felt a soft gentle hand on his shoulder. He looked up and Tsunade said, "As Hokage, it is my sworn duty to protect this village and everyone in it." Naruto smiled at her in forgiveness. "You may not have Naruto, and…"

Suddenly the robots turned stiff and lowered their weapons, much to the astonishment of Eggman and the two girls, then suddenly, everyone smirked, and disappeared into a cloud of smoke and from them came wooden logs, with the exception of Tsunade, Naruto and Shikamaru, who used his Shadow Net Jutsu to restrain them. "…You may not destroy our village." She grabbed Naruto and leapt away from Dr. Eggman's Hover-car. Shikamaru released the Jutsu and leapt in follow. "You little rats! You're not gonna get away with him!" He raised his hand and waved it. "ATTACK!" Then the robots began firing the machine guns mounted on their arms, destroying objects and buildings in range.

Within a safe gathering, the battling shinobi quickly discussed their strategy. "Kurenai," Tsunade said, "you and the other girls get the villagers to a safe place." She nodded, and they left. "Everyone else, defend the home you live in!" They all nodded and left. Naruto, Shikamaru, Kiba, Lee and Neji confronted the robots surrounding Dr. Eggman, and their Jonin teachers took care of the others.

Naruto made the hand signal for "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" and became five different Narutos. Kiba gestured for "Man Beast Clone!" and turned Akamaru into himself. Lee, Neji and Shikamaru positioned themselves and prepared for battle. But then, Naruto felt a slight breeze. Everyone else felt it as well, because it grew bigger and moved in a circular tornado motion. A blue circular tornado motion.

"Hey there, Eggman!" a voice spoke from atop a wooden pole. "Sorry to be tardy to the party!" The figure stood on two feet, and appeared to be a hedgehog…a blue hedgehog. He had green eyes, and wore gloves and red sneakers with white straps and a buckle on the outer edge of each shoe. He had long and large spikes on the back of his head and a confident smirk on his face. Dr. Eggman growled in complete anger of this figure. "You!" he said. "Not him again!" the two girls shouted at the same time. "Hope I didn't keep you waiting too long!" the blue figure replied, "I just thought I'd invite a few guests!"

He looked over into the distance, where a blue airplane was flying, and in it were a fox with two tails, a pink hedgehog in a red dress and a young boy with spiky hair, who appeared to the same age as Naruto. "Well, now that everyone's here, let the fun begin!" the hedgehog replied, smartly.

"Oh, we'll begin, all right!" Eggman shouted gruffly, then made the same arm gesture as before, "ATTACK!" On that note, the robots fired more missiles, but this time at the hedgehog. As they hit the pole, the hedgehog leapt, and the pole exploded. He leapt toward the first robot and it exploded the second he hit it. Then he made to the ground, and started running so fast, even Kakashi's Sharingan couldn't keep up.

"Well, I'm not gonna let the new guy have all the fun!" Naruto shouted with utmost confidence.

"For once, I agree with Naruto!" Kiba said in response, and leapt at even more robots with "Piercing Fang!" and spun at them with full force!

Naruto and his clones were faced with even more robots. Exactly as many there were of himself. Naruto scoffed them, and threw a shuriken at each robot, hitting each target clan on, and leaping at them with a tremendous kick. They fell over and exploded.

Neji was surrounded by many robots and activated his "Byakugan!" to see their power level. He spat on the ground and said, "Don't make me laugh." And then, as the robots, apparently angered by this comment, charged for him, he countered with "Eight Trigrams Palm Rotation!" and sent them flying back as if they were nothing.

"Dynamic Entry!" Lee was having even less trouble than the others, for these robots were easily brought to their knees by simple Taijutsu tactics. "Hmph!" he remarked, "These guys are hardly a challenge for one such as myself!" He turned around, "Guy-Sensei!" he called out to Guy, who easily finished a few robots himself. "How was my performance, Guy-Sensei?" Guy gave him a thumbs-up gesture and said, "That's Fabulous, Lee! Keep up the good work, and remember to give it 110!" Lee saluted and said, "I'll do you one better! I'll give it 125!" Guy smiled. "The more the Merrier!" Neji and Kakashi, who were watching this, simply sighed.

Kakashi, Asuma and Guy had no problem defeating the robots, which seemed to be coming at them relentlessly, without end. Kakashi had defeated twenty, and Guy defeated twenty-one. "Well, Kakashi," Guy smirked, "looks like I win again!" Kakashi simply looked over his shoulder and said "Don't get too overconfident, Guy." Asuma showed up towards them and cut through two robots that were about to ambush them. "These things won't go away just yet!" he said, "Oh, and by the way, that makes thirty for me." Guy groaned and Kakashi sighed.

Shikamaru finished counting the robots surrounding him, and reached fifteen. He sighed and said "What a drag…" and used "Shadow Possession Jutsu!" to form a circle around himself, holding all fifteen in place. "You guys aren't even worth it, and yet, I've gotta do it anyway." He then used "Shadow Strangle Jutsu!" to bind them within his power, causing them all to dismember and explode. "I don't even know what that guy wants with Naruto of all people, anyway…"

Naruto dispatched his clones, just as more robots appeared. The blue hedgehog made just as good work as everybody else fighting for the village, leaping at every single one with full force, save for the ones already being fought. "HEY!" Naruto called out to him, just as he was about to run even more, bringing him to a skidding halt. "You were awesome! My Name is Naruto Uzumaki! What's yours?" The hedgehog was impressed by his valor, and smiled. "I'm Sonic!" Just then a robot shot at him, but he avoided the shot and leapt right on top of him, and back in front of Naruto.

"Sonic the Hedgehog!"

"Sonic!" the fox driving the plane called out, and shot a missile in his direction. "Catch!" he said just as the missile, which was actually a capsule, opened, revealing a shining ring. Sonic managed to catch the ring, and began emanating with Power. He then ducked down for a somersault and began flashing as he was rolling! Naruto, who was impressed by his valor, said "Whoa…!" Sonic then dashed out to even more pursuiting robots and leapt at them continuously.

Upon the explosion of one robot, its head flew towards an apartment that was destroyed by missile blasts, and careened into a crumbling wall, which caused it to crumble even more and fall above the area where Kurenai, Sakura, Hinata, Shizune and many other innocents gathered. They screamed in panic and braced for impact, but then it was destroyed before it could even hit the ground, or innocents for that matter. As they opened their eyes, standing in front of them was a figure with red fur and long dreadlocks, and large fists with spiked knuckles on them. He wore red and yellow shoes with buckles on top of them. He appeared to be an echidna. He turned around and asked the kunoichis, "Is this everybody?"

"I think there may still be more out there!" Kurenai responded. He smiled and turned back, saying, "Don't even worry about it. I bet Cream and Big are taking care of it right now." Right on cue, a young girl's voice called out, "Knuckles!" to which he replied, "Speak of the devil." Then three figures, followed by even more civilians approached them. One was a rabbit with ears that go down to her ankles, an orange dress and shoes and her fur was colored very creamy, meaning she is Cream. With her was a smaller creature, which floated next to her, had bright aqua and yellow skin, and a very cute face, and wore a bowtie. The third was a cat with large ears, wore a belt and boots, had purple fur, beady yellow eyes, and he was very large, hence his name, Big. He had a frog on his shoulder.

"We've brought more villagers!" said Cream. "Chao, Chao!" said the smaller creature, which is his species and his name was Cheese. "Okay, everybody! Get in here!" Big said loud and clear, and the villagers went in the safe area.

"Would that be everybody, now?" Knuckles asked. "That's everybody!" Cream replied. "Now, just let Sonic and the rest of us take care of this!" Sakura was rather confused, and asked, "Um, who's Sonic?" Before Knuckles could answer, Hinata shrieked and pointed to several robots ambushing Knuckles. Then, various kunai, shuriken and other such weapons flew in their direction.

"Twin Rising Dragons!" shouted Tenten as two chakra-fiery dragons circled around herself, forming into two spiraling scrolls, giving them the full force of various metal weapons and leaving them as piles of scrap metal. Then, she leapt over and said, "Whew! Well, we're making quick work of this guy, no problem!" The kunoichi gave a remark of relief and thankfulness. "By the way," she said, "I don't remember Lady Tsunade investing in a zoo…?" Knuckles was annoyed by that comment. "Hey, do I look like some kind of caged monkey to you?"

Shikamaru was surrounded by even more robots, which was a real drag. Shikamaru gave a sigh and thought, "There's no end to this…" Then, one Robot was about to shoot him, but made a large Jolt, before aiming its weapon at the other robots. It began shooting the others, much to their confusion. Shikamaru was as well, but quickly realized the force at work. "Ino." He said. When they were dispatched, more robots appeared and aimed their weapons at the Ino-bot. They shot it down, leaving Shikamaru stunned. "Comin' Through! Human Boulder!" came another voice, as a large boulder rushed through. Shikamaru jumped out of Choji's way before he flattened the robots that shot down the one Ino used to have control of.

Choji undid his Jutsu, and Ino rushed over to Shikamaru. "Good to see you're all right." Shikamaru said. "I'm Fine!" Ino said brashly, "those bolt-brains didn't lay a scratch on me!" This is true, since Ino released her "Mind Body Switch" before the remaining robots shot it to death. He turned to Choji and said, "You look perfectly fine. Glad you made it!" Choji grinned and remarked, "I guess I was always a quick healer!" He pulled a bag of potato chips out and started eating them. Ino and Shikamaru laughed in unison.

One robot Kiba was fighting quickly became covered in bugs, thanks to a certain Aburame clan member's "Parasitic Insects Jutsu." "Glad you could make it!" Kiba said to Shino. "I couldn't just stand by while our village is being blown to bits." Shino replied nonchalantly as the robot dismantled under the pressure of his bugs. Suddenly, another group of robots came in and prepared to shoot the two shinobi down. "Transforming NOW!" a voice from above spoke, as the plane he piloted reformed its limbs to become a battle walker. He began shooting the robots that came near, and launched a bomb at those from a distance. "Behind you!" Kiba shouted to him, as a robot was about to attack Tails from behind.

This was quickly outdone by the pink hedgehog who was with him, who pulled out a giant hammer and smashed it to pieces. Kiba was dumbfounded, thinking, "She's as scary as Sakura…" Shino stood there. "Nice work out there, Tails!" she said. "You too, Amy!" he replied. "Who are you guys?" Kiba asked demandingly, while Shino agreed with, "We acknowledge your skill and thank you for your assistance, but you are strange people. Why would you want to help us?" The spiky haired boy appeared next to him, wearing a red shirt with a black sweatshirt underneath it, blue pants and sneakers walked up to him and said, "Once Dr. Eggman's finished, we'll tell you the whole story."

"Doctor…" panicked the girl to the right of Dr. Eggman, "these pests are making very quick work of your kind little robots!"

"She's right," said the right, "Our robots are being man-handled!"

Just as quickly, Sonic span through the last of the robots, and everyone in the village, particularly the shinobi and Sonic's company walked up to Eggman's hover-car, and the expressions upon their faces weren't exactly happy with him.

"Well, Eggman," Sonic said, "Looks like you've been beaten, yet again."

"N-n-now Sonic," said the 'Good' doctor in a panic, "Let's not get hasty…I do have a good reason for this…"

"Save it, Eggman!" Knuckles outburst, causing him and his twins to shudder back.

"You come here," Kakashi explained, "openly announce your world domination plan, attempt to capture one of our beloved shinobi, destroy almost half of the village, and you expect us to believe there's a good reason behind this?"

"You've got nerve if you think we'll forgive ya that easily." Shikamaru threatened.

"What's more," Amy said, holding her hammer with a smirk on her face, "If you thought you could actually get away from us, then you're so sadly mistaken!"

"I think now would be a good time to regroup, Doctor!" the girls panicked. "Please, they look like they mean business!"

"I guess a retreat will do for now…" Eggman said with worry, but quickly shook it off and placed the usual smirk on his face.

"You village idiots win for now," he said as the girls aside him joined him, "but know that once I see a plan, I will always see to it that it comes to fruition." Then he pointed a finger at Naruto, "You won't escape me, child!" He turned his hand to Sonic, "and you won't stop me, Sonic!"

"I've had enough of your voice! Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto shouted forming only one clone, which started forming Chakra upon his palm.

"Let's get out of here!" shrieked the girls in unison. On that, Eggman ascended his Egg-mobile to the hull of the ship.

"You're not getting away, this time!" Sonic shouted, and then ducked down and started kicking in a circular motion. He did this repeatedly, and picked up speed. A spiral of wind formed around himself, and he said, "Naruto, hop on!" Naruto, who finished his ball, said "Right!" and ran over to Sonic and jumped on top of him. When he did, he jumped again, reaching higher height thanks to the updraft, just enough to reach the Egg-mobile, and performed his "Rasengan!" and drove the sphere into the hover-car, forcing it backward until it exploded, but the impact sent the three flying into their ship, with Eggman shouting "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!!"

The ship flew away, and everyone was saved. Naruto landed on the ground, next to Sonic. Both turned around, and looked at the villagers, first with a serious look upon their face, which after ten seconds, turned into a heroic smile and thumbs up, earning them great applause from their peers.

"Well," said Sonic, to which Naruto looked at him with concern. "Eggman's right. He's not gonna give up anytime soon, so it looks like we'll be sticking around for a while." Naruto smiled as Sonic gave him thumbs up. "This feels like the beginning of a whole new adventure!" Naruto smiled back and said, "I'm lookin' forward to it! Believe it!"