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Summery: Naruto is attack by a mob of villagers when he is 8 but saved by... who? And who's this girl that saved hinata from her father? And what of gaara? How is Haku involved in this? Are the Bijuu's... scared? And why have they all gathered, what could this mean for humanity? (Not the best at summaries)

Pairings: NaruHina, OCxOC, HinaNaruFemHaku,



"Kyuubi/demons that are sealed"

"Demons when outside of host (when demonic)"


In a forest, many shinobi were frantically fighting off the 9 tailed fox demon; mostly to delay it long enough to allow for their Hokage to prepare.

The sound of a crying baby was heard as the Yondaime carefully lifted his son from his now deceased wife. (A/N: She died giving birth I sort of copied it from a few fanfics there are out there) Tears stained his face. "I'm sorry,

Naruto, but this is the only way." he whispered as he walked out of the house, only to see his students standing there.

"Let us take him there you worry about getting the Kyuubi into the right place" said a younger Kakashi in a shaky voice, knowing what his sensei had to do.

"Kakashi, Iie (no). It's too dangerous for you, and I don't want to see another person I care for die because of this." said the Yondaime sternly as he set Naruto down in order to flash through some hand seals. "Kuchiyose no

Jutsu! (Summoning Technique)" In a poof of smoke the boss frog, Gamabunta, appeared.

"Is it that time all ready?" questioned the Frog Boss sadly. He didn't need an answer as the Yondaime picked up the child and jumped on his back.

"Let's go, Gamabunta." Stated the Yondaime. The frog, in one huge leap, reached the Kyuubi, now nearly half way across the village.

"YOU THINK THAT A PATHETIC FROG AND YOU'RE EVEN WEAKER HOKAGE CAN STOP SOMETHING LIKE ME!!?" Roared the Kyuubi (A/N: The Kyuubi is an old demon. I'msure he knows all about the shinobi villages.) As he raised a claw and viciouslyslashed at the frog. But Gamabunta only jumped 20 feet to the right of theKyuubi. The Kyuubi, mad that the frog could even dodge his attack, charged atthem.

'Perfect.' Thought the Yondaime. He did a few one-handed seals, holding the child in the other, and shouted "Gyouko oike ichi no justu!"(Technique of Freezing). The Kyuubi suddenly stopped in his tracks and try as he might, could not escape.

"WHAT?! I CAN'T MOVE! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!!?" the Kyuubi snarled. There was no answer as the Yondaime just started a huge chain of hand seals. "HAHAHA I CAN NOT BE BEATEN, NOT EVEN IF THE DEATH GOD IS THE ONE TO DO IT!" the Kyuubi laughed manically, knowing that even if he went in the Death God's stomach that he would return stronger then before, not seeing the child in the Yondaime's arms.

"I never intended to send you there" the Yondaime said as he finished his hand seals. "You will be sealed in side this child!" With that, the trap Yondaime set activated and the Kyuubi felt its presence fading.

"WHAT?!? How… could I not…. See… the… child" the Kyuubi began at a yell lowering to something not even the Yondaime could hear.

"I'm sorry" Whispered the Hokage again as he fell over, limp, on the frog, who then, using his tongue, lowered both of them onto the ground, before he vanished in a puff of smoke.

Prologue End

5 years after birth at the Orphanage.

"Where is that demon boy? He'll pay for that!!" said the very angry manager of the unwilling orphanage that took the Jinchuuriki in. Naruto was currently running for his life because he had asked for more food.

'Why do they hate me so much?!' He inwardly screamed 'I only wanted more food!' Naruto hid behind a wall and saw a trap door in the dead end hall way "I don't remember that being there" he said. But he opened it as quietly as possible and slipped in after shutting it after him.

"I have you now, demon brat!!" Yelled the manager, knowing that it was a dead end, but as he turned the corner he didn't see him anywhere "Nani?!?! Where is that little brat!?" asked the very confuse manager.

"Where is who?" a voice asked the manager

"H-ho-Hokage-sama!?" he stuttered out in disbelief. "N-no one." he said quickly recovering from his surprise "What brings you here?"

"I came to check on Naruto" the elderly man said. "Now where might I find him?" he said as he started towards his room. "I can't sense him in his room."

"He-he ran away" the manager bluffed, "After he tried to attack me!! You should have killed that demon when you had the chance!" The Hokage turn around and just glared at him

"I know he didn't just run away, and why are you carrying that bat might I ask?" The Hokage asked with a tinge of hatred in his voice figuring what really happened.

The manager realizing he still had the bat out quickly tried to hide it. "N-no reason just going to go play baseball with the kids?" he slighting asked, hoping the Hokage would believe him.

'It's very doubtful that's true but... I can't prove anything so…' Looking away the Hokage asked, "So where is Naruto?" with worry in his voice this time

"I told you he ran away from me. I don't know where he went." the manager said again, this time with more hate in his voice, but the Hokage didn't seem to notice.

"Hum, I will look for him then." the Hokage said walking away from the man not caring what he said in return. The Hokage checked the young blonde's bedroom first, hoping that maybe he didn't try hard enough at sensing his power, in there when he searched the entire top floor. Still not finding him, the Hokage went back to where he found the manager and said "Okay, Naruto, it's safe to come out now."

Naruto exited the trap door and looked at the Hokage "How did you know I was in there oji? Even I didn't know that was there!" he said excitedly as he tackled the Hokage in a hug

"I could sense you behind there Naruto. Now come with me; I have a surprise for you." Sarutobi responded with a chuckle.

Naruto's eyes got as big as dinner plates and then a huge smile erupted from the blond "Really?!? What is it?! What is it!? Tell me! Please?" Naruto rambled, but was silenced by the hokage

"Be quite, Naruto, so I can tell you what it is." The Sandaime said. That shut him up quickly. "Good. Now I am going to let you live with me until I can get you an apartment for you to live in." Of course, that sent Naruto into an even happier mood and you could hear his happiness all the way to the other side of the town.

3 years later

"Naruto!!" Sarutobi yelled, trying to get the hyper blond so settle down to tell him the news.

"What is it oji-san??" Naruto asked, still as loud as ever. "I found you an apartment Naruto; it's not to far from here so I should be able to protect you. Would you like to see it?" the old man said calmly to the blond who was now almost ready to cry.

"B-but why can't I say here?" Naruto asked really not wanting to leave. "Do you want me gone or something, oji-san?" he adds with tears threatening to fall

The Hokage didn't really have an answer for that "Naruto..." was all he could manage to whisper.

"Please, oji-san? Can't I stay with you? I don't want to go back out there." Naruto begged, almost tearing up "They'll kill me if I'm on my own; please let me stay!"

"Ok you can stay here Naruto" The Sandaime said after witnessing how much fear the villagers had caused in Naruto.

Naruto, smiling broadly, tackled the Hokage in a hug like he did almost every day "THANK YOU OJI-SAN!" Naruto cried in the Hokage's ear. Almost making said person wish he wasn't there.

After about 10 minutes of a rather painful hug from Naruto, the Hokage said, "Naruto. I have to leave now, be careful, ok?" But before he heard the response the Hokage disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Oji-san why do you always just run off like that?" Naruto questioned to the emptiness left behind, now once again in a sad mood. Forgetting why he was so unwilling to leave, he went for a walk. Before Naruto realized it he was halfway across the city.

He found himself in the park. It was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and there where children playing everywhere he looked. He did not dare go and try to play with them… he learned not to do this since the last times he was brought here by the Sandaime. They all rejected him, and so he turned around and started walking away, not seeing the person behind him, and bumped into her. They both fell onto the ground.

"I'm really sorry! I wasn't watching." He apologized quickly, standing up and offering his hand to her, smiling awkwardly.

"I-I-it's o-ok." She assured him taking his hand and getting up, blushing. "A-arigato go-gozaimasu." she said, looking down and poking her fingers together.

Naruto, for the short amount of time he could, looked into her eyes and saw something... that wasn't hate or pity or what ever else he gets; it was of a normal person looking back at him "He… what's your name?" he asked.

"H-Hyuuga H-Hinata a-and y-you?" she answered and asked.

'Hinata, eh? What a nice name' Naruto thought "Say, Hinata-san, would you like to play with me?"

"O-ok" she said and they both go and do whatever it is you kids do out there both having the time of there lives. Until someone abruptly stopped them with a yell of

"HINATA GET AWAY FROM THAT DEMON!" Came the yell from the entrances of the park.

"O-otoo-sama" Hinata said, turning around with fear in here eyes wondering what her father was doing there so early and ran over to him "G-gomenasai o-otoo-san."

"Come with me its way past your curfew." Hiashi said, coldly taking his daughter by the hand and dragging her off to the Hyuuga compound, not even looking back at the boy that was there. Hinata on the other hand looked back at

Naruto and waved good bye.

Waving back Naruto kept his fake smile up until she was gone. 'When did it get dark? OH SHIT!' He thought and started running back to his house. The only problem was...he caught the attention of a few… radical villagers. As he was running a villager grasped him and through him into the alleyway.

"We have you now demon!" said the one of the villagers of which were at least 40 sort of surrounding him.

"Let's kill him!" yelled villager, "I call first dibs" another said. But before they could do anything further a man in full black appeared.

(A few minutes before with the black person (not trying to be racist))

'Hum, what should I do?' Pondered a man that was sitting on the roof of a house, "What was that?" he said quietly as he heard the villagers yelling. He walked to the side of the building to see a small boy no older then 8 cornered by about 40 angry villages. 'Ahe this'll be fun.' He thought as he jumped down.

(To Naruto)

Naruto, thinking he was going to die right then, closed his eyes not wanting to see what was going to happen. He felt no punch nor heard any movement, nothing. He slowly opened one eye to see a man in from of him, in full black form-fitting shirt, showing off his well formed muscle, and baggy pants, welding a solid steel scythe with points at both ends, and blood red hair that fell to his neck around his entire head. Naruto only stared at his savior.

"MOVE! WE HAVE TO KILL THE DEMON!!" yelled one of the villagers, exerting a malicious smile from the newcomer that scared most of the villagers shitless.

"Oh and which demon would that be? Me? Or him?" the stranger asks in a deep voice snaking his hand behind his back and unsheathing the scythe, only to swing it around and slice a villager's head off in a fraction of a second. Now the already scared villagers ran for there lives only to be cut down in 3 swipes of his scythe, spraying blood everywhere. The stranger laughed manically as his clothes stained red with the blood of the villagers "Such weaklings! Think they can harm a true demon?!?" he laughed out eventually; he stopped laughing and looked at the terrified child. "You there, boy, why were they after you?" He asked.

"I-I-I do-don't k-know" Naruto managed to say without dying from fright. Now noticing that his savior had his hair cut completely off on the right side making his right eye visible while still hiding the rest of his face

'Hum, interesting.' he said. 'This boy is who I have been looking for; he possesses the Kyuubi.' He looked at the child in the eyes and the boy, hypnotized by the red eyes, could not look away. "I am not here to hurt you in fact I want to… train you" he said with a small evil smile the he could not suppress. Luckily the boy's eyes were locked on his red slitted eyes.

"W-why do you want to?" Naruto ask clearly still frightened by the man who he could not stop looking at

"You… remind me of my self" he said sheathing the scythe. 'And the kyuubi told me to, not to mention him…' he added in his thoughts. "And I can't stand see myself get beaten so easily." He again held back an evil smile, "So what do you say Na… I mean… child."

"I-I don't know" Naruto says looking away and getting ready to run.


"W-who are you?" Naruto asks to seemingly nothing but the person in black knew all too well what he was talking to.


"W-what that's impossible! The Yondaime Hokage defeated the Kyuubi when he attacked Konoha!"



Chuckling in amusement, the scythe wielder said, "Maybe you should talk to your demon in side of your head; it would draw a lot less attention to you, child."

"N-nani? How do you know what I'm talking to?" Naruto asked realizing the Kyuubi was sealed in him and was talking to only him.

"FOOLISH BRAT!! YOU HAVENT REALIZED WHO HE IS YET? YOU ARE PATHETIC!" The Kyuubi roared inside of Naruto's head.

'No... I haven't FOX-TEME! Tell me!!' Naruto yelled at the demon


"Okay…" Naruto stood up from where he had fallen and looking around realized the power of the man in front of him. "I… still don't know... Let me... think about it, please?" Naruto says

"Take as much time as you need, boy, my offer will still stand." The scythe wielder said as he turned around and started to walk away "When you decide let me know." he tossed a whistle to Naruto while walking.

"What is this for?" Naruto asked as he looked at it. Getting no response, the blond looked up and saw the man in black (A/N: ha-ha didn't mean it like that) was gone. 'This must be… something to contact him with,' the boy thought as he started to walk home realizing how late it was getting, 'oji-san must be worried' pocketing the whistle Naruto ran home

(Back to when Hiashi dragged Hinata away from Naruto)

Hinata was heart broken that her father had done that, wondering why he called her new friend a demon, she lagged behind him

Hiashi was annoyed that his daughter wasn't walking with him like she should have been. Picking her up, he then, ninja style, jumped on the roofs and started going faster then ever before arriving at the Hyuuga compound within 2 minutes. He threw open the doors and walked to Hinata's room. Throwing her inside, He yelled, "stay there and don't come out until I say, so GO IT?!" Not waiting for a response he slammed the door and walk to his room. 'She is so weak. By now she should have at least been able to activate her Byakugan. No matter, her sister can replace her.' He thinks as sits down on his bed, and then lies down and eventually sleeps

(Back with Hinata)

'Why is Otoo-san so mean?' She asks her self as tears started to run down her face. 'At least all he did was yell at me this time…' She walked over to her bed and lied down hoping tomorrow will be better… With her luck… It'll be worse. "Naruto-kun… gomen… but I don't think I'll be allowed to see you again..." Hinata thinks as she drifted off to a restless sleep

(Over to Naruto)

Naruto finally gets to the Hokage's residence, which he's living in, and opens the door to find nothing. 'Is Oji-san still at his office?' He thought to himself as he walked in and went to his room, only to see a light go on and the Sandaime standing in the room. He doesn't look at him for long and just walks past hoping he wouldn't have to talk.

"Naruto" said the Sandaime, getting his attention. "What happened?" he asked, clearly seeing the blonde's sadness and a tinge of another element that almost seems like thoughtfulness.

"T-the villagers t-tried to attack me" he said in a solemn voice still not looking at the Hokage.

'Naruto...' Thought Sandaime as he brought Naruto into a light embrace "I'm sorry I could not stop them." he said sadly.

"Its ok… someone else helped me." Naruto said in a bit of a happier voice "Can I go to bed now?" Naruto asked

'Hum someone else? I wonder…' He thought, letting Naruto go. "Yes, good night, Naruto." He replied. He heard Naruto say "Good night." back as he retreated to his bedroom leaving the Sandaime to ponder what or who could have saved him, eventually, getting nowhere, he retiring to sleep,


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