Kyuubi's top two arms block the beams and then retract back towards his body, his other two hands, rasengans still active hit Baku's fists, on of Kyuubi's right arms grabs Baku's tail that lashed out at him, Kyuubi's right leg blocks Baku's left, Kyuubi then move his head into Baku's dazing them both making there attacks stop.

Baku recovers fist and punches Kyuubi away "heh not bad" Baku says cracking his neck he looks a Kyuubi and smirks "but that attack didn't really work out"

"Didn't it?" Kyuubi asks also smirking "I'd say look in a mirror but I'm afraid I don't have one" he chuckles a bit looking at the two holes in Baku's head "oh and try not to let the paralyses stay too long" as he says this Baku falls limply to the ground.

"Dam it" Baku curses jus noticing the blood dripping down his face "when did you do that?" he questions struggling to stand up before it was too late.

"I can grow bone from my body remember, but I imply it differently then most" Kyuubi explains "and the paralyses takes awhile to affect stronger appoints, just feel happy you'll feel no pain" Kyuubi walks to Baku from his finger tips, on his top right hand, grows 4 long bones, one on each, pointed at the end when he arrives at Baku the bones are 5 feet long, Kyuubi lifts up his arm and jabs down the bones into Baku's chest.

Baku smiles "you can't kill me" his right arm grabs the 4 bones in his chest and squeezes them snapping each one he then tares them out of his chest and stands up "no one born of this world can kill me in this form!!" he screams his smile turning sadistic "ready to die Kyuubi?"

"Odd" Kyuubi says backing away, making 4 more rasengans which glowed red "no matter you have to have some weakness"Baku laughs and charges at Kyuubi, who throws out all of his arms, the rasengans hitting Baku.

Baku goes flying away eventually colliding with the ground and making a huge trench, when he stops Kyuubi is standing over him, spikes emerge from his chest impaling Baku, Kyuubi then forms 4 more rasengans but this time combining them in the center of his chest, destroying the bones in the process, to form one huge rasengan he then throws this into Baku's chest, the rock around him gets destroyed as he plummets towards the earths core.

Kyuubi jumps away from the huge hole starting to flap his wing, he takes flight almost instantly going as far up as he can stand to. The rock which incases Baku bellow explodes from a human sized hole to nearly a city sized hole, Baku at the bottom VERY pissed off he looks up and then jumps as high as he can, which equal's the height that Kyuubi is currently flying.

The next thing the onlookers know is Kyuubi falling fast towards very center of the hole with enough force to make it nearly 5 meters deeper, Baku is following Kyuubi downwards arms extended, his legs being the highest point on his body, Kyuubi rolls over and, using his hand, rockets himself away from there making Baku hit nothing but rocks.

"Fuck I knew he was holding back" Kyuubi says looking up "but not that much" Kyuubi finishes looking around him to find Haku and Hinata standing still in a fighting stance, they had been blocking the rocks that where flung all around "you two should leave, its not safe here"

"Kyuubi?" Hinata asks "what's happening, why didn't he die?" she questions desperately wanting Naruto back.

"I'm not sure Hinata" Kyuubi responds "but there has to be some way to kill him, and I will find it" he says determined to kill off the last stepping stone to being the best "but until then you two should leave now".

"Not yet" a new, clearly feminine, voice says making everyone look over to the Akatsuki member "there is still something they can do"

"What are you doing here?" Haku growls out ready to attack if the wrong answer was given.

"Fear not my child, I am not your enemy" she says ripping off her Akatsuki robes to revile long brown hair that went to mid back, and brown tight fitting clothes with sunglasses that hid her eyes, but a faint glow could be seen "I merely used the Akatsuki to get information, I am Ami and I know a way for you to kill him kyuubi"

Kyuubi turns around and looks at her "well spit it out we don't have all day" he says annoyed she bow her head a little.

"Haku, Hinata, the ring's Hachibi gave to you get them" Ami says they both look dumfounded "I will explain after just hurry" she adds, they shake there heads, almost trying to get rid of the state they where in, and then reach into there pockets and grab the ring which Hachibi gave them "ok now give them to Kyuubi" she instructs, they both follow what she said.

"What am I supposed to do with these" Kyuubi questions to worried he'd get caught off guard to sense the power the rings had.

"Use there power it will make you a true demon, one of Baku's realm" Ami responds "please just do as I say, ask questions later Baku is still a threat, put them on use then like you did Naruto's ring" she adds looking over to Kyuubi, who slowly puts them on still questioning what this girl was on, but then he felt the power of the rings absorb into his body.

"Found you Kyuubi" Baku says appearing between them all "and it looks like I found Hinata and Haku as well" he adds smirking, before he was grabbed by kyuubi and thrown away.

"You need me for anything else? To bad" Kyuubi says and runs after Baku, looking down at the rings Kyuubi found they where no longer there 'good' he thinks.

"We aren't done children" Ami says in a soft tone "there's still much you can do to help him" she adds getting confused looks from the two.

"There you are" Sasori's voice come from the forest slowly walking out to see Ami without her robe and talking with Haku and Hinata "what is going on?"

"the final defeat of Baku is near, I cannot let you interfere Sasori" Ami says in a harsh tone disappearing from there sight only to be right at Sasori the next second her hand going through Sasori's puppets and pulling out a cylinder with what looked like veins around it and a red kanji on it, Ami crushes it spraying blood everywhere and walks back over to Haku and Hinata.

"What the hell" Haku says looking at what just happened before she could even process it Sasori was dead, but yet there was nothing cover in blood.

"I'm sorry my child, I did not know if your group could handle it, I am now the last Akatsuki" Ami says softly again she sits down next to them "sit you wont be able to stand went we start" she says.

Haku and Hinata sit down next to her and get comfortable waiting Ami's next command, Ami smiles at them seeing them so close to each other, that they where not afraid of others knowing, and that they could show affection publicly.

"Good, comfortable?" Ami asks giggling a little "ok focus on the ring you gave to Kyuubi, the physical form is no longer there but the power is within him focus on that" she adds not waiting for a response, she lightly leans on Haku's shoulder "now channel your energy to it, Kyuubi my be able to kill Baku now, but there's still a huge power difference" doing as she said Haku, Hinata, and Ami, started to channel there energy.

'Now for a barrier' Ami thinks using what little power she was not giving to Kyuubi she brings up her hands into a few seals and then the world took on a slight blue tinge, signifying her barrier was active

(At the battlefield)

Baku punches Kyuubi with both his fists Kyuubi block with open hand, Baku's tail then come around a hits out Kyuubi's legs but as he's falling Baku punches him in the face sending him flying across the crater smashing against its side, Baku runs after him.

As Baku reaches Kyuubi he begins a punch which was quickly blocked by Kyuubi's top right arm the bottom punches out to Baku, who dodges, Kyuubi then uses his left hands to move backward and quickly stands up grabbing the to arms by the wrist which then makes Baku fall limply to the ground.

"It's over Baku" Kyuubi taunts positioning one of his hands over Baku's body "this time you die" bone extend from Kyuubi's hands and lodge into only the ground.

"Do you really think I'd let you get a fatal hit on me? After you got your final power from the oracle?" Baku questions chuckling "no, no, I'm not suicidal, in fact it's you that's left your self open" Baku appears behind Kyuubi and punches him in the middle of his back making Kyuubi groan in pain, quickly running forwards to put some distance between them Kyuubi skids to a stop turning around in the process to face Baku.

"This is where it gets interesting Baku" Kyuubi says with a slight chuckle they both run forward fists ready, Kyuubi's top two fists meet Baku's, making Kyuubi's armor shatter, Baku flicks his tail to the front of his body intercepting Kyuubi's other set of fists and then making him go flying back.

Baku runs towards him catching up in mere seconds he elbows Kyuubi to the gut, a swift knee to his head stops him from staying on the ground for long. Baku pushes Kyuubi's leg to one side making his body more level, Baku then punches Kyuubi right on the spine rocketing him upwards.

Baku jumps into the air passing by Kyuubi, as Baku reaches the full height of his jump he sticks out a leg, plummeting downwards he misses his target and Kyuubi flies higher.

"Running away are we KUYYBI?" Baku shouts he starts to crouch preparing for a higher jump when a fury of black rockets down at him, jumping away only mini-seconds before the rock where he was shatters into million of pieces maybe of which he could not block eventually burying him alive.

"Not on or life" Kyuubi responds standing up from the 3 mile crater he just made, he then un-furrows his wings walking slowly away from where Baku would most likely emerge from, to give him more time to block the projectiles. As expected many rocks explode outwards to revile an angry Baku.

"You will pay for that Kyuubi" Baku threatens disappearing into thin-air, he rematerializes next to Kyuubi both his fists on Kyuubi's chest, the armor just now breaking apart, but instead of a expression of pain on his face Kyuubi was smirking "your dead stop smirking"

"You wish I was" the Kyuubi in from of Baku the disappears and dual rasengans small into Baku's back, who screams so loud it could almost burst your eardrums, Baku then starts to get pushed away but a bone spike emerges in front of him "I don't think I'll let you fly away this time"

Kyuubi then retracts his hands not needing them there and more he walks to the side of Baku and places all of his hand on his side one higher then the other, from each of his hand emerges a bone spike, each going strait through his body making Baku's eyes go wide before they fall shut, Kyuubi then sighs and walks over to where Hinata and Haku where, but finding it covered over completely with rocks.

"Well let's hope they moved like I told them too" Kyuubi said tiredly he walk away from the pile to a toppled tree and sits there completely wasted him nearly falls asleep sitting down, but just then the rocks start to move, they where all moving away from the original area eventually when all the rock cleared Haku Hinata and Ami where still sitting there all but Ami where sleeping.

"kyuubi dear, come here" Ami says almost motherly, not having enough energy to even think strait he stands up and blindly walks towards the voice stumbling a bit every now and then, but as gets he collapses yet he never hit the ground, for Ami saved him "you did good child" she says smiling warmly she places him by Haku and Hinata "rest for now, you deserve it lets just hope you don't have to end it tomorrow" she says sadly curling up next to them and started falling asleep as well.

Before Ami could fall fully asleep Kyuubi shifted back to Naruto, who then managed to crawl closer to Haku and Hinata and cuddle with them before passing out, which brings a small smile to Ami's face before she too falls asleep.

(The next morning)

"Wake up child" a strangely familiar voice urged gently "you've been asleep for nearly twelve hours" it said again this time the half asleep Naruto felt someone gently shaking him, using the slight rocking he manages to flip him self over so his back was on the ground and then slowly opens his eyes.

"I'm awake" Naruto says dryly slowly he manages to sit up "I feel like some one through a tree at me" he complained earning to sets of arms around him and two kisses on the sides of his head.

"I'm so glad your back Naruto-kun" Hinata and Haku say gently cuddling closer to him.

"And I'm glad to be back and that you're safe" Naruto says trying to wrap and arm around each of them, but failing to get his arms out from where there bodies where smoshed together "who are you?" he questions looking at Ami.

"Not surprising" she mutters under her breath "I am Ami" she adds loud enough for them to hear, she then turns around to the fire that Naruto just noticed was going, when she turns back there where three plates in her hands, managing to put them all by Haku, Hinata and Naruto she steps back a bit "here, eat up you need your strength" just as she finishes Naruto stomach growls making him blush lightly.

"What about you?" Haku asks concernedly "you're bound to need food too" she says reaching down to her plate and preparing to split it in half.

"It's fine" Ami says turning back t the fire "there still more to be made" she adds with a sigh that she thought no one caught, nearly 30 minutes later the rest of the food was done cooking and they all ate there fill, there was still a lot of food left uneaten.

"Think you made too much food" Naruto states making Ami shake her head she stands up and walks to the side of the hole which they where still in and leans heavily on it.

"There's much you need to know" Ami says sighing softly "first, I am Ami, the Oracle of this dimension, an overseer chosen by the gods to make sure that the timeline stays on track"

"So Baku and Myoushu, they weren't supposed to happen?" Haku questions "and the bijuu too?" she adds starting to get tears in her eyes; both Hinata and Naruto hug her at that point.

"Not only them… but you too" Ami says sadly "you three along with gaara where… counter measures, I was not strong enough to send them back so this was all I could do, you parents are still your parents but you would have been still births, what I'm supposed to do now is kill you"

"What, why" Naruto shouts starting to draw on the demonic powers.

"shhh let me finish my child" Ami says softly turning around with sad eyes "I've been told that by my pre-cessor but, I can't bare it… it would be so cruel… I have only one other option, make you three the new Oracles, of course this title is much more then just that, as such you have to make the choice, please decide soon"

Haku Hinata and Naruto whisper among themselves for a while before all facing Ami and at the same time saying "we accept"

"good, first I'll tell you what is expected, you three will be able to see the timeline, all of the events that have and will ever happen of course with one being able to see them they can now alter anything they want, meaning that if you look at your destiny it is no longer your destiny, there are a few thing that are not allowed in the world, inter-dimensionally rifts, resurrection of the dead, and time travel if anyone some how gains these things its is your duty to kill them and destroy what ever gave them that power"

"There's one more thing, since the bijuu and that where never supposed to be here and the fact that you will be the oracles there is a way to revive them, for only one day at a time of course and when they are revived they will have no more power then a villager, they can be revived as many times as you want as long as there bodies are completely destroyed, and you wait a month in-between each rebirthing " Ami explains panting slightly for she had tried to say it to quickly "if you want I can revive them right now"

"No" Hinata says "as you said revive of the dead is not allowed" she adds hanging her head for she had wanted to see them again" Ami smiles warmly

"My child this is not a trick, anything and everything that you do will not affect the rest of the world, well for personal reasons that is, you will no longer be something that could destroy this dimension you would be the keepers of it and by the powers of the gods there is nothing for personally reasons can a true oracle do that will upset the balance, and only ones true of heart can be the oracle"

"But… isn't that contradictory, how can there be fate if you know what it is…" Haku says "wouldn't you be able to change it then?" she adds still confused, Ami smiles at her.

"That is why the oracle does not interfere with the time line, for you as soon as or if you look at your destiny, its no longer yours, the plans that where laid out before are still there but they can be changed" Ami explains she walks up to the three children and pulls them all into a hug "I'm sorry for that hard life's you had to endure, even if it was a lot better then most, you three deserver to be royalty for what you've done here I only wish I could have been more involved with your life's " she whispers barely loud enough for them to hear.

"Its ok" they all say at the same time and then proceed to hug her back, all thinking back to a happier time when everyone they loved where still alive.

"No" Ami says abruptly pulling away, startling the other three "it's not ok, I shouldn't make this any harder on you then it has to be, Naruto activate your Sharingan, I am going to revive everyone" as soon as she finishes she walks to the center of the hole and draws in the dirt a pentagram with many different symbols around it, she then sits in the center and places her hands just out side the middle shape she starts to pump chakra into the pentagram lighting up all of the lines she starts to chant in a furan language everything turned black for a second or two and when the light came back the Bijuu and Gaara where standing where Ami once was.

"What's going on?" Shichibi questions looking around "why are we all back here?"

"ZAKIMARU!" Sarina yells jumping onto his back and cuddling close as possible to him "what happened?" she whispers in his ear.

Hachibi quickly finds away to turn around and hug sanbi back, and then drawing her into a long kiss "The Oracle where is she Naruto, Hinata, Haku?" Hachibi asks slightly turning his head.

"I dono…." They all answered "she was sitting where you guys appeared a minute ago…" Hinata went on

"I am still here" Ami's voice sound behind Haku, Hinata, and Naruto "but we still have a few things to do, come with me Haku, Hinata, Naruto, the rest of you stay here, they'll be back soon" the 4 of them turn and walk away, jumping to the top of the hole made by the fight and into the forest

"That looked like a satanic ritual" Naruto commented not thinking, which made Haku and Hinata glare at him.

"It is a dark arts ritual, nothing that no holy-men created that for sure" Ami responded with a dull tone "you got that all right Naruto?"

"Y-ya, more or less, think I'll let Kyuubi do the symbols though…" Naruto says unsurely Hinata and Haku just hit there heads together softly before going back to hugging him and each other.

"Very well, at lest that will work" Ami says in her usual soft voice "now gather round me and hold hands stay about 5 feet back" they do as they where commanded and then Ami smiles once more before moving her arms to the front of her body into a position that looked as if she where holding something a staff as tall as she was appeared in font of her, her eyes start to glow brighter, now clearly purple, until it could light a whole room

"by the powers of god, I give up my powers and here by declare Naruto, Haku, and Hinata as the new oracles" she says falling into a low chant in the same language as before, the glow in her eyes start to envelop her whole body soon the glow started to move from her to the three in front of her as soon as the glow was gone from her body the staff rises up until it was completely above her it moves slightly back and then drops forcefully to the ground going clean through here body and emending itself in the ground bellow, just enough so that the wait of her body would not tilt it over.

The three people that watched the scene gasped, as fast as possible they looked away and then cuddled into each other and whispered among each other for nearly 10 minutes before Haku turned back around, doing a few seals she mutters the Justus's name and a stream of fire bursts from her mouth incinerating the body, she turns back around and together they walk to the hole where the bijuu and Gaara where currently at


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