Lord Culter Beckett stood in the grand office of the East India Trading Company's headquarters, looking out at the many ships that were docked nearby. He couldn't recall being in such high spirits in quite some time; it seemed that everything he could want was now his. Well, nearly everything, he reminded himself.

But when it had seemed that there was only a small hope of seeing his grand plan brought to fruition, the very object that he so desperately sought was delivered to him. Since then the days had gone by in a blur and he had put to good use his new power, just as he had put to use his new title not so long ago. He now knew that without a doubt he was the most powerful man in all of the world's seas. Just by possessing one object….

And then his thoughts went to her. She was the other reason for his high spirits: his lovely, young Lady Beckett. A small smile crossed his lips as he thought of her and their wedding day. They had only been married a fortnight, and their courtship had been a fairly brief one by most standards. He had already found himself growing fond of her and her ways, however.

Upon his arrival at Port Royal he had decided to at last take a wife, a woman of good breeding and with a good name. Many were eager to present their daughters to him, naturally, but only one truly stood out to him. Miss Catherine Welton was her name, the daughter of a very wealthy and prominent merchant.

Lord Beckett had been surprised by her intelligence, which was obvious from one conversation. Unlike many that he had encountered, her head was not full of girlish fantasies or foolish nonsense. She was a true lady in every way, only lacking the true title.

That he had decided to give her.

His pleasant thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of one of the guard's voices from behind him.

"Lady Beckett to see you, my lord," the man said.

Beckett immediately turned to see his new wife enter the room, breathtaking in a lovely blue gown that he had given her. Since their courtship began he had not restrained himself from showering gifts upon her. A fine lady such as Catherine certainly deserved it.

She smiled her charming smile as she saw him, and he could not resist giving her a smile in return.

"Good afternoon, Lady Beckett," he said as he took her hand, bringing it to his lips.

"Good afternoon, my lord," she answered with a smile. "I surely hope that I am not disturbing you in my little visit. I had come to town to take care of ordering a few things from England, as we discussed yesterday, and I remembered that you told me to stop by whenever I wished to see you."

"Yes, and I'm very glad that you did. This office has been in dire need of the presence of a lovely lady. Wouldn't you agree, Governor Swann?"

With this Beckett turned to the governor, who sat at a large desk nearby. He appeared somewhat startled at first, but quickly recovered and stood to address Catherine.

"Certainly, my lord, it has. Lady Beckett, how lovely to see you again."

"And you as well, Governor," Catherine returned with a smile.

Beckett noticed that despite the gloomy state Swann remained in nowadays, the man still seemed to brighten when Lady Beckett spoke with him. Perhaps it was because she reminded him of his Elizabeth.

After a short conversation with the governor Lord Beckett decided to return home with his wife, though he generally did not leave his office for another few hours. Their grand home was not terribly far from the East India Company's headquarters, and sat upon a hill that gave them a lovely view of Port Royal.

The rest of the afternoon went by enjoyably, and after a lengthy walk in the gardens Lord and Lady Beckett dined together. They spoke of quite a few things, including the items that Catherine had ordered from England to use in their large home. Beckett had given her complete control of such things, and though the place was already very tastefully decorated, it still needed a woman's touch.

Once they had finished dining Beckett asked Catherine to play the harpsichord for him, and as usual she was more than happy to oblige.

He sat in one of the large, comfortable chairs that could be found in their music room and watched as her hands flew gracefully and skillfully across the keys. She was extremely well trained in music, her father had seen to that.

As he watched her play he thought of how glad he was that he had decided to marry once he reached Port Royal. Though they had only been wed for a very short time, it seemed considerably better than he had imagined. He had managed to find a wife that he could have intellectual conversations with, and who wasn't just appealing to the eye but also to the mind. Of course, Catherine certainly wasn't average when it came to looks. She stood nearly his height, with a lovely face and flowing golden hair that caught both sunlight and candlelight wonderfully. Her eyes were a deep blue, similar to his own, and reminded him of the sea. Truly, he had first noticed her because of her beauty. And on their wedding day she had been like a wonderful present, wrapped in silk and lace for him alone to enjoy.

Sitting down his glass of brandy, Beckett came to stand behind his wife. Still wrapped up in the piece she was playing, Catherine hadn't noticed his movement. He gently caressed her cheek with his hand, giving a small smile when she leaned into his touch. He couldn't stop his eyes from trailing down her lovely pale neck, to the very low cut neckline of her gown, which allowed just enough of her breasts to show.

Leaning down, he planted a kiss on her cheek. "It's growing late, dear. I think it's time that we retired for the evening," he said softly.

Catherine stopped playing and turned to look at him. "Of course, darling."

Beckett was glad to notice that his new wife had begun to seem more comfortable in intimate situations with him, and seemed to enjoy their past few nights together much more than she had just a week before.

He watched as she undressed, patiently waiting and enjoying the sight. After all, he had found that waiting for things made them even more enjoyable.

She came to stand before him, wearing nothing but a chemise and a slight blush on her cheeks. He chuckled to himself, still enjoying her modesty. A true lady, he reminded himself.

Catherine had removed the pins from her hair, letting it fall in silky strands by her face. Beckett ran his fingers through a lock of it, and then placed a hand under her delicate chin, bringing her lips to his. A few short moments later she was under him on their giant bed, her chemise along with his garments on the floor.

She was even more beautiful when he made love to her. Her eyes either half closed, lashes fluttering from the pleasure of it, or locked with his own. Their sighs were like a symphony, and hearing hers nearly drove him mad with pleasure.

A while later Beckett watched her lying next to him, her long hair spread out across their pillows. He knew that he needed sleep, which was something that he hadn't had much of over the past two weeks. But he found himself unable to take his eyes off of her. Apparently she felt his gaze, and her eyes fluttered open to meet his. A small smile crossed her lips.

"Is everything well, my lord? You really must get some sleep tonight."

"Oh I will, don't worry. And once again, darling, I'd prefer it if you'd simply call me Cutler," he said, tapping her lips with his finger and giving her a reassuring smile.

Catherine took his hand in hers and rubbed it lovingly.

"As you wish….Cutler," she said, looking up at him with a smile.