Disclaimer: I quite clearly don't own any of the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Summary: Set during season six, but Buffy and Spike have an actual relationship rather than Buffy just using Spike. They get thrown back in time to season two and have no idea how to get back home.

Pairing: Buffy/Spike

Buffy and Spike strolled down the street, enjoying the stillness of the night after having fought and killed several vampires that had been stupid enough to try to ambush them. Spike had one arm slung casually over Buffy's shoulders and took the occasional drag of his cigarette. To a passer by, Buffy, who was leaning into Spike, might look relaxed, but she had one hand resting on the stake concealed within her thin jacket.

For a moment Buffy slipped into the familiar game of trying to imagine how they might look to a casual observer, someone who had no idea that they were vampire and Slayer. Spike with his spray on black tee shirt and leather duster, and her with her tight black pants and the small scarf she wore on occasion to cover up the scar on her neck. A ridiculous thought occurred to her and she let out a small chuckle, causing Spike to look at her quizzically.

"Well, it's just that if I had a pink jacket and you had a moreā€¦" She paused, eyeing Spike's peroxide blonde hair. "Conventional hair colour, we could probably pass for extras in Grease."

Spike rolled his eyes but grinned back at her anyway, more than happy to join in with whatever joke put a smile on her usually sombre face. "Wouldn't know, pet. Never seen it."

"You've never seen it?" Buffy stopped in her tracks. "How is that even possible? You've been alive for so long! What the hell did you do in all that time?"

"Hey, I was a busy man until I got domesticated!" Spike puffed out his chest. "My diary was filled with cutting a bloody swathe across Europe and America."

"Even so," Buffy said, beginning to make her way down the street towards her home again. "You must have had some free time, and you can't tell me that you spent all of it listening to Drusilla's insane babbling."

"It could actually be entertaining sometimes. Alright, most of the time it was bloody annoying but every now and then it was good for a laugh."

"Whatever, we're remedying the situation soon."

Before Spike could argue, Buffy hurried up the garden path and began digging around in her pocket for her key. Finding it, she slid it into the lock and let herself inside. Spike followed close behind, frowning at the darkness inside the house. "Is nibblet home?"

"No, she's studying over at her friend's." She frowned slightly as she flicked on the light. "Or she's at her friend's house, anyway. I made sure of that. Can't say the same for the studying."

"So," Spike smiled wolfishly and slipped his arms around her waist. "We have the place all to ourselves?"

"Yes," Buffy said, giving him her sweetest smile. "So no one will laugh at you when you sing along with John Travolta."

Spike groaned and released his hold on Buffy, who gave him a quick peck on the cheek before heading to the kitchen. "You want something to eat?" She called over her shoulder.

"Please, pet. Make it hot." He flopped onto the sofa and turned on the TV, beginning to idly flick through the channels. He hoped fervently that Buffy would forget her promise to force him to watch Grease. Over the last few weeks he'd been made to sit through Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club and Pretty Woman, all under the threat of a sound staking if he interrupted too much, and he didn't think he could take another one of her favourite movies. That said, on one memorable evening he'd coerced her into watching Titanic, so he supposed he'd lost whatever right he had to complain.

In the kitchen, Buffy tore off the top of a packet of blood and tipped the cold liquid into a mug. She then placed it in the microwave to heat up and moved to the fridge, hoping to find something slightly more appetising for herself. On the way there, she caught sight of something out of the corner of her eye. On the table lay a small box wrapped in cream coloured paper and tied with a satin bow.

Confused, she hurried over to the table and carefully unwrapped the box, hoping that she wasn't ruining something of Dawn's. As she removed the lid her eyes widened. This clearly wasn't Dawn's, not unless she'd robbed a bank or won the lottery without telling her. Inside, lying on a bed of black velvet, was a necklace. The chain was silver and so dainty that Buffy was surprised that it could hold the enormous oval gem attached to it without snapping. At first, because of its deep blue colour, she took the gem to be a sapphire, but after she picked it up in her trembling fingers it shimmered and slowly turned purple. A few seconds after that it shimmered again and changed to scarlet.

"Spike!" She shouted. "Is this from you?"

"Is what from me?" He called back.

Guess that's a no then. Without answering him, Buffy turned her attention back to the necklace. Despite knowing that wearing mysterious trinkets that appeared in your house as if by magic never led to anything happy, her fingers itched to slip it around her neck. Even as she told herself not to, she lifted it up and began to pull it on over her head.

"Buffy!" Spike said loudly, hurrying into the kitchen. He'd come to see what was going on after she didn't answer him, and had found her in an almost trance like state. He didn't know what it was she held in her hands, what it was she was about to wrap around her delicate neck, but he could feel its power. "Buffy!" Spike almost shouted her name this time, but she didn't even look up at him.

He grabbed her by the shoulder just as the necklace fell into its proper place. As soon as it settled around her neck there was a loud crack, as if from a whip, and a wave of energy coursed through the room, shattering the glasses. Spike pulled Buffy into him and wrapped his arms around her, protecting her from the flying shards of glass.

The loud noise brought Buffy back to her senses, clearing the mistiness from her eyes that had been there only moments before. She looked up at Spike. "Spike," She muttered, her voice hoarse. "This is ba-" She broke off mid word as there was another loud crack and she and Spike disappeared, leaving the kitchen empty.