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Enjoy the Silence


Words like violence

Break the silence

- "Why you didn't call me?! I was extremely worried about you! I know you want some time for your own but at least you could have called me!!"

The girl was screaming as tears flowed and fell from her beautiful eyes. She was very angry with the other girl. She was worried for her; she didn't know anything about her all day until she showed up home at night.

- "Please say something!!" – pleaded the girl.

The other girl was just standing there with her gaze down looking at the floor. She never spoke, not moving a single muscle of her face, she kept silent.

- "Don't……don't you love me anymore?..." – said the girl with a sob, covering her face with her hands.

Come crashing in

Into my little world

The other girl immediately lifted her head to stare at the crying girl in front of her. She was shocked for hearing such words; it could be seen in her eyes. She closed her eyes for a second and smiled; a sweet and apologetic smile that she kept in her face as she approached to the sobbing girl. She placed her hands on the shoulders of the girl in front of her.

Painful to me

Pierce right through me

When the girl felt them she raised her head to meet emerald eyes. She was surprised of what she saw in them. It was love and sincerity, the most pure kind that could exist in this world.

- "Nats…"

She was about to spoke but the emerald eyed girl cupped her cheek and approached her face, placing her lips over her own.

Can't you understand

Oh my little girl

The love coming from that kiss was indescribable, so full of emotions that made her cry of happiness. She immediately closed her ruby eyes and wrapped her arms around the neck of the girl and the other wrapped her arms around the waist and back of the ruby eyed girl, pressing their bodies as much as they could, trying to fusion onto one being.

All I ever wanted

All I ever needed

Is here in my arms

Pulling apart for an instant to catch their breath, the ruby eyed girl was about to talk but the other silenced her again with her mouth. This kiss was deeper that made the other girl moan. The emerald eyed girl never let go off their lips, not even on their way to the bedroom.

Words are very unnecessary

They can only do harm

They lay on the bed, removing their clothes slowly, enjoying the slight touches on their skins. When one of the girls tried to say something, the other silenced her someway, making the other lost trace of her thoughts.

Vows are spoken

To be broken

They only needed the touch of the other, nothing else to go to the heavens and experiment the greatest pleasure of love.

Feelings are intense

Words are trivial

- "I……I'm…" – said the ruby eyed girl but was soon silenced with a fierce kiss that enlightened a pleasure groan.

Their hands wandering all over their bodies; groping, touching, massaging, encouraging the other to do what they pleased; their tongues tasting new flavors of lust and passion; their senses learning new sensations never felt before.

Pleasures remain

So does the pain

Not a word was said during their love session, only their heavy panting and moans could be heard.

Words are meaningless

And forgettable

Once they were finished and exhausted, they simply enjoyed being there, resting peacefully in the arms of the other.

The ruby eyed girl was laying over the other girl; her head resting on the chest of her lovely goddess. The emerald eyed girl was tracing circles with her finger on the back of her love while her other hand stroked the silky hair.

All I ever wanted

All I ever needed

Is here in my arms

The ruby eyed girl raised her head, approaching her face she kissed those parted and full lips that were curved into a smile in that porcelain face.

- "About earlier……I'm sor…" – said the ruby eyed girl but the other placed a finger on her lips.

Words are very unnecessary

They can only do harm

- "Shhh……"

Then she whispered on her ear.

Enjoy the silence


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