Star Wars: Chosen Destiny

Summary: A young Obi-Wan Kenobi runs away from the Jedi Temple, attracting the attention of a dangerous enemy. Now Obi must fend for himself, but how can he?


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Chapter One

Obi-Wan Kenobi's aquamarine eyes shimmered with tears as he stared at his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn. The older man's eyes were bloodshot and his speech was slurred. "You little brat," Qui snapped, eyes narrowed, "I don't know why I even took you as my Padawan. I should have left you on Bandomeer." The teenager's eyes flashed with hurt, but Jinn went on, relentless. "In fact, I still don't want you. So why don't you leave? Leave, like you did on Melida/Daan? Or, would you come crawling back at my feet like the worthless worm you are?" Obi-Wan's young body shook with anger. I always knew he never wanted me, the young Padawan thought with regret. Qui-Gon glared at the boy once more, then stalked off.

That night, Obi-Wan packed a small pouch and left the Temple. If Mast-Qui-Gon- wants me gone, then I'll leave. The teenager ran off into the darkness blindly, not knowing where he was going, but he knew he wouldn't return to the Temple. Masses of people moved about Coruscant in the night, and Obi-Wan blended in well with them. The boy bumped into someone and fell over. "Ai! Watch where you're goin'!" A voice squwaked. "Sorry," Obi-Wan said, struggling to his feet. The person he bumped into had violet hair and blue skin. Her eyes were emerald green and she was checking him out. "Who are you?" She asked. "Obi-Wan," The boy said. The woman noticed his braid. "You're a Padawan Jedi, aren't you?" Obi-Wan stiffened. "Not anymore." The woman studied him. "Come with me," She said. "Why?" Obi asked, suspicious.

"You don't have anywhere to stay do you?" She asked impatiently. "No," Obi-Wan said softly. "Well, OK then. Follow me." The woman walked off. Obi hesitated, then followed. "What's your name, ma'am?" Obi-Wan asked. "Esmerelda," The woman replied. What a pretty name, the boy thought. The duo moved through the darker parts of Coruscant, walking for what seemed to Obi-Wan like hours. Finally they stopped in front of a dark building. "Here's my home. There's a bed inside. Go sleep," Esmerelda said, opening the door for the boy. "Thank you for helping me." Obi-Wan commented. "No prob, kid." The woman smirked at him, then led him to the bedroom. "Now, get some rest."

Qui-Gon awoke early in the morning, feeling ill. A headache bloomed inside of his head, making his vision swirl. /Obi-Wan?/ When there wasn't a reply, Qui-Gon stood up, although he almost threw up. /Drinking isn't good at my age,/ Qui-Gon vehemently decided. Using the wall as a support, the Jedi Master made his way out of his bedroom and started to Obi-Wan's room. Qui-Gon saw a peice of paper stuck on the boy's door. Jinn pulled it down and read it.


I don't even know if you even want me calling you that anymore... but anyway, I thought about what you said last night. You're right. I'm nothing but a nuisance to you, so I'm leaving the Temple and hopefully Coruscant, soon. I'll forever think of you as my Master and I'll always love you.


Qui-Gon vaguely recalled what he said.

/I don't know why I even took you as my Padawan. I should have left you on Bandomeer. In fact, I still don't want you. So why don't you leave? Leave, like you did on Melida/Daan? Or, would you come crawling back at my feet like the worthless worm you are?"/

Jinn felt the blood drain from his face. Force, what have I done?

Qui-Gon rushed as fast as he could to the Jedi Council. Luckily, Yoda and Mace Windu were the only ones there. "Sensed I have, a disturbance in the Force," Yoda said to Qui-Gon. "Obi-Wan's gone," Qui-Gon said. Mace and Yoda looked at each other. "What happened, Master Jinn?" Mace asked, a strange expression crossing the dark skinned master's face. "I... was intoxicated last night," Jinn said, flushing, "And I believe that I said some... things to Obi-Wan that made him think he was a problem, and so he ran away." Yoda's lamplike eyes shut, and the small master focused, trying to concentrate on the Padawan. "Sense him, I cannot," Yoda said, eyes opening. "Blocking me, something or someone, is."

Qui-Gon felt confused. "But why would someone do that?" Mace sighed. "You don't know, do you?" "Know what?" Qui-Gon asked. "No time there is, to explain!" Yoda snapped. "The Chosen One, your Padawan is, bring him back, you must!!"

Far away, in a small Senate office, sat the Senator of Naboo. Palpatine was staring out his window, looking at the bustling city-planet. Palpatine's blue gaze traveled over the Jedi Temple and a small smile crossed his face. He had recieved word this morning from an associate. There was a special child at the Temple. One who could be a great threat to Palpatine's plans if allowed to stay with the Jedi. Palpatine stood, his eyes sparkling with malice. He knew the Jedi had realized the child's potential. Now was the time when he had to be cautious. If the Jedi got word that the Sith had re-emerged, then that would ruin everything. Sidious's eyes flashed yellow. He had recieved news from his apprentice, that a boy had been seen running away from the Temple in the early morning hours. Maul had sensed a great amount of the Force in the boy. So he alerted his Master.

Palpatine knew of the boy. He had met the child a few times. Obi-Wan Kenobi's potential was... intoxicating. There was something special about the boy, but Palpatine had been mystified as to what the boy's abilities could do. Of course, the boy had only been 5 then. Now he was a teenager, and at a very rocky stage of Jedi adolescence. Sidious smiled. The boy had left the Jedi once, and although it was for a "noble" cause, the Jedi were hesitant about their Chosen One. The boy's dedication was to be commended, of course, but ultimately, in the end, Obi-Wan Kenobi would leave the Jedi permanently.

The Sith Lord paced. Maul would know nothing about this, of course. There were only to be two Sith. And Maul was powerful, but not as powerful as Kenobi. The boy's powers were still manifesting themselves, but he was growing stronger every day. Sidious sighed. He had to grab the boy soon, otherwise it would be too late and the Chosen One would either destroy or would be destroyed.