Obi-Wan awoke the next morning to the smell of eggs. It took a few moments for the disgruntled boy to figure out where he was. Coruscant's sun shone on the young Jedi's face, making the boy squirm uncomfotably and sitting up. How could Qui-Gon do that to me? How? Obi-Wan asked himself with a sad sigh. Obi-Wan got up and headed down the stairs of Esmerelda's apartment or whatever it was. Obi-Wan spotted said woman in the kitchen, obviously making breakfast. As if sensing his presence, the woman turned. "Oh, hey kid. You're up. I hope you like scrambled eggs." At the sound of eggs, Obi's stomach rumbled. Esmerelda laughed. "Well, I'll take that as a good sign. Now, I didn't ask last night because you seemed a little upset, but what's your name?"

Obi-Wan wondered about using an alias, but decided to trust this woman, she seemed nice. "Obi-Wan." Esmerelda. "Obi-Wan. I hope you don't mind, but I'll just call you Ben. Easier to remember." Obi-Wan grinned. "That's fine with me." Esmerelda gestured to a pair of finely crafted pearl white chairs, "Please sit. You still look pretty tired. Why were you out so late last night, ben?" She asked. The young Jedi tensed at her question. Esmerelda took note of this. "Oh, OK, sore subject, sorry." Obi-Wan shook his head. "No, you're OK, it's jsut... I don't really want to talk about it." Esmerelda nodded. "Fair enough." Then she put a plate in front of Obi-Wan and put pancakes and eggs on it. "Breakfast is served!"

Yoda concentrated as hard as he could, but try as he might, Obi-Wan's force presence eluded him. The Jedi Master sighed and opened his eyes. Qui-Gon and Mace had gone out hours before to look for the missing Padawan. Doubt he will return to us easily, I do, Yoda thought with a sad expression on his face. Obi-Wan had been hurt badly by his Master, albeit unintentionally, Yoda was sure. Qui-Gon's guilt had been felt by the whole council, and it had been stronger then any other time the Jedi's guilt had been expressed. Yoda frowned. Dark forces were undoubtedly reaching for the boy, as it would explain the blocked force signature, but who was powerful enough to do such a thing?

One being was capable of such action. But they had been extinct for a millennium. It could be a Sith, but proof would have to be found first in order to declare such villiany working within the Republic. Yoda reached for his cane and slowly hobbled out of his room, thoughts whirling around his mind. The Jedi Master knew that darkness was approaching the galaxy and fast. And the only person who could save them all was lost on the planet. Yoda didn't care that Obi was the Chosen One. Well, he did, but he loved Obi-Wan like a grandson. The child had occupied a special place in the old Master's heart, and no one would ever take that love away from Yoda. Love was powerful, and hopefully, that same power would bring back Obi-Wan Kenobi to the Jedi Order. Yoda put a hand over his chest. Pray for your safety, I will, Obi-Wan. Pray that safe you are.

Qui-Gon raced through Coruscant, only stopping to ask people if they'd seen a boy matching Obi's description. Because most people were selfish and greedy, they tended to not answer truthfully, and Qui-Gon managed to get irritated enough that he almost punched a man if Mace hadn't been there to stop him. "Qui Gon, this won't solve anything. This man is a liar, most of these people are. Let's just see what he knows," Mace said, trying to calm his friend. It worked, because Jinn's anger vanished from his face and he let Mace handle the man, who had been shaken by the other man's anger.

Obi-Wan had not been through the western section of Coruscant. Qui-Gon sighed with frustration. He knew it was his own fault. He had been stupid enough to let himself get drunk and then go home and make Obi-Wan's worst nightmares come true. Qui-Gon ran a hand through his hair. Obi-Wan had grown on him, he reflected. A year ago, Qui-Gon would have been freaked by the thought of apologizing to a Padawan. But Xanatos was in the past, and Obi-Wan had shown him that. Now Qui-Gon had to prove to Obi-Wan how much he was truly sorry and how much he missed his son before it was too late and Obi-Wan was lost to him forever.