A/N: Though I'd try something with a different feel.

This is influenced by the manga.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful maiden with long golden hair and lovely blue eyes. She was a creature of love, though it seemed she was destined to never to find a love she could keep for herself.

Those who knew her saw a flighty girl who was desperate to be a star, who chased after boys and who was talented in the area of athletics if not so in academic pursuits. Those who knew better saw a dedicated protector and leader who needed none of the things she claimed to lust after.

Neither view was wrong.

As it happens she was friends with four other beautiful maidens. One of whom also had long golden hair and lovely blue eyes, though she was bound by a red string of fate to a fairytale love. The two maidens of gold were alike in many aspects but they were as different from each other as the Morning and Evening Star is from the Moon.

The first of the two often wondered how it was that she could be the being of love that she was and yet never find a love for herself. She chased after love as often as she did anything else, but it always slipped through her fingers. Not for her was the soul-bound love of her fellow golden-haired maiden.

One day after she declared her want for even the more transient form of love, she was challenged by three wandering stars. And in responding to their challenge she discovered the answer to her questioning. She was bound first and foremost to the second of the two, a bond that allowed for no other to be her one and only. It was love of a different sort, but love nonetheless.

And the maiden, to her own surprise, found that she was content with that.