This idea's been nagging at me and I want to write it. To some, it may not seem as good as persay 'Cutting Strings', but I just wanted to get this off my back.

The story is a variation idea that I got that surrounds Naruto (As per usual), but with slight changes. These changes are for you to find out, but I assure you, there nothing from the anime.

The first chapter introduces the basic plot, as per usual (All stories), so it may not make any sense what so ever for at least a few chapters.

...also, I'm thinkin' NarutoxAnko, or someone of the like, I don't know...


P.S. the following is a prolouge, it isn't actually supposed to be good or make sense. You may experience fetigue, drowziness, lack of awesome, and the need to pee. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may be experiencing boredom, or the need to empty your bladder. In the event that you experience said symptoms, continue to read, or go to the washroom.


The night was suffocating, darkness obscured any possible sight. It was only Kakashi's inane training that was keeping him from just closing his eyes to see if they were any brighter.

He shifted unconfortably from one foot to the other. The position he and his squad were in at the moment, hidden in a small trenche, waiting, wasn't very comfortable. Several of the shinobi with him were talking in low, hushed tones, ones that had feared etched in every syllable.

"So, my good friend Kurama actually was part of squad 47, you know, the one that first made contact with this thing." One said. They others simply nodded at this statement. One particularily greenhorn chuunin had particularily wild eyes as he looked back and forth between the three.

"...what do you mean thing? I thought all these attacks were from missing-nin?" The greenhorn said. The others fixed him with a long look, before Kakashi spoke up. "Figures they wouldn't actually tell you why your out here. No, we're not ambushing missingnin." Kakashi said, as the greenhorns eyes widened, and the others chuckled darkly.

"What you were told was just a cover story, we didn't want the villagers panicking. The attacks weren't from missing-nin." Kakashi said solenmly. One of the brasher ninja there decided to pipe up. "Ya, after all, what man rips off anothers head with his bear hands?"

Another spoke up "Or skin you alive?"

Another spoke "Or eat you brain?"

Kakashi cut them off. "No, what we're actually out here for is a different reason. We're here to kill what evers been doing this. Almost the entire shinobi forces are around here, hidden. When the flairs go up, we attack it." Kakashi said.

The greenhorn was now very terrified looking, eyes wild like a scared horses. "B-but wh-what is i-it?" He stuttered out.

"A monster." Was all Kakashi said.


Two hours later, not a thing had changed. The shinobi behind Kakashi just continued to jaber on and on about what they were supposed to kill, there speech mostly about the insane acts that 'it' had commited.

"Ya, you'll know it when you see it. My friend, Kurama, can't talk anymore, though he's learned a bit of sign language by now. Poor fellow, he's now in perminante shock. The docs say that first chance he'd get, he'd probably kill himself." The unnamed leader said.

"Wow, man, that's brutal. What do you think he saw?" The guy to his left said. The mans response was cold. "The unspeakable my friend, the unspeakable."

Another spoke up. "I heard it's as tall as the hokage monument." He said in an almost awed voice. The guy beside him sneared. "Naw, I heard it's actually a god that fell from the heavens and seeks revenge. That means it can change shape and form." The guy said. The others just looked at him like he was nuts.

But before any speech could continue, a bright flash shot up into the sky, eerily illuminating the forest around them. "This is it, stick close, don't be stupid and retreat when your told and you'll live!" Kakashi said as his squadren took off to the flairs position.

As they neared the epicentre, cries could be heard. Cries of pain, agony and fear, both male and female were the only things that were heard, aside the rustle of leaves and the sound of wind streaking past there ears.

The stopped abruptantly at a clearing. Around them, the bodies of fallen comrades, grotesquely mutilated by 'it' lay astrew. Kakashi forced the bile forming in his stomach back down, as he began to look warily around.

"Stay close, this fights not going to be pretty." Kakashi said to the panicking greenhorn. The chuunin simply nodded as his eyes scanned the area around him.

A loud rustle was head, before out of the bushes ran a ninja. A kunoichi, with dard brown hair, and a scar on her left eye. She was cradling her left arm, which was bleeding badly. She came stumbling towards Kakashi, who was nearest, and began to mumble incoherent words.

"It...there...coming...death." She said, before she collapsed in a heap before him. Kakashi examined her and found she was somehow alive, if in bad shape. But he got very worried when total silence decended upon his squad. Standing up, he saw why.

It was there.

Kakashi was surprised. Despite all the stories, it was actually not all that big. Infact, it was just a bit under his height. It was humanoid, only extremely thin. Features couldn't be made out under the moonlight, but it held the air of menace that no shinobi or warrior on earth could hold.

No one moved as 'it' slowly trudged forwards, crunching could be heard as 'it' walked like any man towards the squad. It stopped several feat from a large patch of them, and simply eyed them, scanning over all of them.

A chuunin spooked. With a loud battle cry, he ran forwards with only training acquired by years of hard work, and drew kunai, preparing to attack 'it'.

In a blur of movement, the shinobi fell. His torso missing a large chunk, he fell to the floor with a splat. This was the trigger that sent Kakashi's men into a frenzy.

Some attacked out of fear, others turned tail and tried to escape. The greenhorn heeded Kakashi's words and stuck close, and for it, he, along with the woman, lived. The rest weren't so lucky.

Blood fell like rain as the death was dealt. Kunai that were thrown carreening towards the figure, were sent flying away by a breif streak of light that contacted with them a metre away from 'it'.

Shinobi were cut down, and torn to shreds by the same entity. Men, women, ninja, were swatted down like flys. There were no survivors as it seemed to attack with speed and strength that rivaled none other.

Then, the moonlight caught on it's form. This drove all there wilder, fear now the only thing apparent in all but the most battle hardened shinobi.

It wasn't human. It was like a mock skeleton, it's upper body a large plate of bony mass attached to a spinal column. It's head was skull like, razor sharp teeth in it's maw. Covering its eyes and most of its head was a blood red bandana. Over its legs were baggy, ripped jeans (Which struck Kakashi as odd), a large skull belt buckle on them.

"Deeeaaaaattthhhhh." It hissed out, turning its head this way and that, as though it could see them. Kakashi barely registered the blow to his chest before he was sent skidding across the clearing, dragging the woman with him. He looked as the monster, in midair, seemed to draw a scythe out of no where.

'Fitting-' Thought Kakashi '-I die at the hands of a monster that impersonates death itself.' Kakashi closed his eyes, and waited for death.

It never came.

He cracked an eye open and locked eyes with the visage of the blade meer inches from his nose. The monster's face was peering over its shoulder, looking at something unforseen. Then Kakashi heard it.

'...thud...THUD...THUD...THUD!...' At the last one, the form of a very infamous toad slammed into the clearing. From atop, a form with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a white coat embroidered with flames at its hem.

Kakashi's sensei, the fourth hokage, Kazama Arashi had arrived.

Shooting along in a run that was far above any shinobi, caring in his arms a bundle, he made his way in a breakneck speeds towards the offending monster.

There was no time to react as 'it' was sent flying away, Arashi's fist held forwards. Kakashi's face was that of astonishment, he was alive. The woman that lay beside him breathed in and out, long laboured breaths hacking out of her lungs.

"Kakashi, are you alright?" He asked over his shoulder. Kakashi felt a little sheepish, but shoved the feelings aside. "Yes, but that thing there is going to have a say in it." Kakashi replied.

The Kazama simply shrugged. "Take this, I will need it very soon." Arashi said as he handed the bundle to Kakashi. Kakashi was surprised to find that the bundle was warm, and moving the blanket away, his eyes widened.

It was a baby. Small, with a small tuft of hair on its scalp. Why had his teacher brought a child to this battlefeild?

"S-sensei?" He asked, words failing him. Arashi just kept looking around, waiting for the monster to appear.

He didn't have to wait long. From above, it descended, and with speed beyond that of a human, swung the scythe it had materialized out of nowhere. Arashi managed to hold it at bay, using skills only the current Hokage could possess. He wasn't a prodigy for nothing.

Gamabunta, the toad that he had traveled in on, watched wiht severe concern. To think, something as small as a human could cause such sheer devistation. If Gamabunta could have, he would have just stepped on the thing, but there were still to many shinobi close by.

Arashi parried a large swing. The thing just didn't let up, it simply continued to attack him, one shot after another. It was time to pull out the big guns. A sharp punch at hits face, and the monster was sent spinning away, landing in a heap on the ground. A few of his braver troops gave a cheer at this.

'it' growled violently, it was not amused. But it didn't register the explosive tag attached to its face until it was to late. The resounding boom that occured caused Arashi's ears to ring for a few moments. Loud cheering resounded as more troops laughed in happiness. It was dead.

Or so they thought.

From the smoking crater, the scythe shot out, spinning like a giant shurikan at breakneck speeds. Arashi stepped back to dodge, the blade coming inches from his nose. As the curved blade swung back like a boomerange towards the crater, a small trickle of blood rolled down the blondes face.

A charred, bony hand reached out quickly and caught the long handle of the blade. 'it' stepped out of the smoke, most of its body burned black. Before all there eyes there, the body of 'it' rejuvinated before them. Black turned back to chalky white, the bandana on its face turned back to its or original color, and the broken teeth grew back. Within seconds 'it' was back to its full potential.

It was totally silent as the rest of the living shinobi registered what had happened. The thing, this unstoppable killing machine, didn't die. It was immortal.

'Damn!' Arashi thought. 'I guess...I'll have it use 'it'...' He thought solemnly. "Oi, Kakashi!" He shouted over his shoulder. Kakashi looked up, not wanting to believe that something capable of such a massacre didn't die.

"Hai!" He responded. "Bring him over here, I need him now." Arashi said. Kakashi looked perplexed, but didn't argue. 'it' still hadn't moved, but it was about to. It looked pissed, if there was any way to tell.

Arashi looked down at the sleeping form in his arms. It was mezmerizing, the soft look the baby had in a blood-soaked battlefield like this was sereal. Handing the child back to Kakashi, he turned back to 'it'.

"Kakashi, I have something to ask of you..." Arashi said solemnly. Kakashi looked up from the sleeping child as 'it' gave a horrendous screech. "Promise me that you'll protect Naruto-" Arashi said, indicating to the child.

'It' ran at them at break neck speeds, its scythe raised high, screeching loudly. Arashi began to go through a chain of handseals. "-And one last thing-"

Arashi finished the final seal as 'it' decended upon him. From his chest burst a massive gray hand, covered in seals.

"-Make sure Jasin doesn't escape." Was the last thing Arashi Kazama ever said.


/time-skip: twelve years, location: Training feild 42, A.K.A. the forest of death, Konoha/

Sakura Haruno, and Uchiha Sasuke were both considered fairly capable shinobi, and had both anticipated that the chuunin exam would be simple. A fight here (Sasuke would handle it) and some thinking there (Sakura was more than capable of handling it), and bam, they'd be chuunin in no time. They had thought that if something that neither of them could handle, they're third teammate, Kokuzoku, could handle it.

So it was quite the shocker, when a comrade so close to them, died in the bear hands of a grassnin, not moments ago. It was harder to learn that he had been a spy, sent by the same nin to collect information on Sasuke for some unknown.

The man that had killed Kokuzoku liked to gloat about things.

The insuing fight had been swift, and very painful. Sasuke had managed to keep the disturbing human away from his far weaker teammate, but sadly, he was now at the mans mercy.

"Kukukuku...Sasuke-kun, I'm surprised at you. To think, you actually tried to defeat me." He hissed out. Sasuke cradled his now broken arm, crouched low, attempting to stop the pain. "W-who are you, you bastard?!" He shouted, his sharingan eyes flairing in anger.

The ninja just eyed him, before smirking. "My Orochimaru. You Uchiha Sasuke, will eventually come to seek me for power." The man reached up, and in a display of disgusting power, toar his own face off. Sasuke felt like retching, as underneath lay the pale face of a snake like man.

Orochimaru truly enjoyed the fear on his face as he stalked towards Sasuke. Sasuke just watched in fear as the snake-man bent low to his ear and whispered in it, goose-bumps shooting up Sasuke's back. "After all, you wish to kill him, don't you?" He whispered out as Sasuke's eyes widened.

"Now..." Orochimaru trailed off as he locked eyes with Sasuke. Sasuke shivered uncontrollably.

"STAY AWAY FROM HIM YOU BASTARD!" Sakura skreeched as she shot forwards, kunai raised high. Orochimaru simply kicked her sharply in the stomach, causing her to keel over in pain. He chuckled at how weak she was, it was just sad.

He turned back to Sasuke and ran through a quick set of handseals. He shot his hand out and gripped the front of Sasuke's shirt, hard. He picked him up, and opened his maw, revealing twin razor sharp fangs.

But just as Orochimaru's teath almost punctured Sasuke's neck, a loud thud was heard. Orochimary turned around sharply, dropping Sasuke. He was surprised to find instead of some adversary in his way, there a bunch of black clothe, at the end, a tuft of blonde hair.

"OOOOOUUUCCCHHHHH!" The form suddenly stood up violently, gripping its blonde head sharply. "...stupid branches, all slippery, gonna crack my head open!" The voice, high, and slightly annoying spoke up. Orochimaru raised an eyebrow at this. Apparently this person had fallen out of the tree, and was generally disgruntled by it.

The short figure slowly stood, still holding his head as though it was made of priceless china. Orochimaru snickered, this nuisence would be dealt with shortly. With stealth at sannin level, he opened his mouth, and out of it, sprang his tongue, inhumanly long and the end muscle sharp enough to pierce flesh.

The flew towards its target, and Orochimaru almost laughed as the person didn't even move out of the way of the slithering mass of muscle. His want to laugh died as his tongue came with a few inches of the person.

It was like a flash of glinting light streacked straight the offending oral muscle. In a movement not seen to the sannin in years, his tongue was cleaved in two, one chunk flying away. Orochimaru's tongue retracted, and he covered his now bleeding mouth, glaring sharply at the offending person.

The boy cracked his neck. "You isn't polite to try to kill someone unless you know them." The blonde said. He turned around, and Orochimaru was shocked at his appearence. The boy was the classic blonde haired, blue eyed kid. That was the only visable part of him. His face was obscured by a mask of bandages, and a tall collar. On his body, he wore a long black cloak, making him look dark and dangerous.

He hefted up a scythe that had seemed to appear out of nowhere, one that looked far to large for a boy to lift. He placed it lazily on his shoulder, and then fixed the bleeding snake with a cold look.

"Don't mess with me, I'm Uzumaki Naruto, and I'll kick you ass."


Ya, I'm probably gonna get a lot of hate mail for writing this. Those that read my other story, will probably be life 'Oh, here he says he was no time to write, and here he goes, writing a whole new story, that is confusing.' Well, actually, I wrote this awhile ago, but I forgot I wrote it. Just remembered it, and decided, hey, why not submit this anyways.

The character Jasin (Evil skeleton dude) is actually based on a character I made up myself. For those that don't know, Jasin is the god the character Hidan worships, but my interpretation of it is my own creation. I just came up with this design one day and went from there. Basically this guy is whats sealed in Naruto, instead of Kyuubi. Don't worry though, the fox is still in this story.

What Naruto has been up to for the last dozen years will be revealed in a few chapters, though the next one will just be about Naruto kicking the snakes butt.

As to Naruto's looks, that's for later.