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Jasbat (Jashin-Combat) was a word he invented some eons ago to define moments like this, when you get into one of those classic epic battles that just came together in all the right ways.

The ever present smirk on his twisted face seemed to widen a bit, as his big-toe bone touched lightly on top of the building. With seemingly no effort, he was launched sideways, continuing the extremely high-velocity jump he was currently careening over Tanzaku town on.

Flying through the air in a relaxed pose, the god absently watched the buildings whip by, wondering with a side thought whether he should be keeping an eye on his partner in death.

Turning his equivalent of peripheral vision to the side, he caught the flash of grey and deep red. "Heh." He giggled, his leap beginning to descend. The blur became pronounced suddenly, the humanoid shape fazing out of the comet-speed it was previously maintaining to just under half a mach.

Hand wipping out and grabbing the wicked curved shuriken on its back, the assassin of the gods kicked too the side, beelining towards him. 'Amatuer.' Jashin noted, waiting mere milliseconds. With only the slightest effort, he blew through his teeth, the bluster of wind spinning him in a cartwheel.

Still holding a relaxed pose, the shuriken sailed over Jashin's head, the assasin's flaming red hair flying past him over a building. Continuing the rotations, the evil god suddenly switched too a crouch, landing in a hard skid. Spiraling around horizontally, his momentum slowed to a crawl, before stopping.

Standing up and dusting himself off absently; ignoring the many askewed looks from pedestrians, Jashin snickered at his now lost pursuer, before kicking off of the ground. The sonic boom behind him was music to his ears.

The fist connecting with his immortal face wasn't. His now caught up pursuer was fairly determined, having backpedaled and snuck past him to smack him full force, his velocity almost the same as the gods.

The result was Jashin suddenly being launched several stories over the surprisingly large town, buffeted around on the winds as his teeth slowly regrew themselves.

Absently, a smile crossed the newly regrown face of the lord of evil. "Heh…awesome." He snickered to himself, before smashing into a water tower.

/Thirty minutes earlier/

Absently twiddling his toes and counting the number of birds flying overhead, the only Jinchuuriki in history to house Jashin groaned. "Man it takes her a long time to get ready. I wonder if all women her age take this long." Nodding to himself in thought, Naruto's rhetorical question was unexpectedly answered.

"Yeah, its just another one of you humans bad habits. Like drinking or reading obscene literature. Thankfully I am above such things y'know." In the dirt in torn jeans and a red bandana the god known as Jashin scoffed to himself.

"Bad habits. Right." Rolling his eyes as Jashin flipped a page in Icha Icha and took a swig of sake, Naruto's exasperation grew. Over the course of twenty minutes he'd stood outside in the hot sun waiting for Tsunade, the stalls lining the streets of Tanzaku town giving little to no protection from the sun. He was cooking and he knew it.

"I got a question for you." Eyeing the god as he flipped another page, a question that'd been burning in the back of his mind finally brought itself to the forefront of his thoughts.


"Are you really a god of evil? I mean your kind of a numbskull more then anything, and while I don't really believe you; if your not actually the one responsible for...the last few years, then why are you supposed to be an evil monster? You saved two innocent people yesterday, seems kind of uncharacteristic." Looking up from his book with what Naruto assumed were his eyes, the god seemed to comtemplate the question.

"That's a stupid question." Blanching, Naruto's scythe suddenly popped into his hand with a flash, his eyes tensing into a scowl. "The hell is that supposed to mean?"

Jashin smirked, his teeth along his jawline raising upwards towards his bandana. "Everything a person or creature does follows them. Always and forever. You can be forgiven, but there is no whitewash in the universe. No undo button or way to go back on something. So I might be doing on or two nice things. But Naruto..."

The boy tensed.

"I've done some bad things, things that even a god can't be forgiven for. "

"But, that only kind of answers my question-"

"Okay, I'm ready!" The door to the hotel suddenly flying open, Tsunade suddenly found herself in the company of two very sombre halfwits. "D-did I interrupt something?" Blinking in surprise she looked between the two.

Relaxing a little too quickly to be nonchalant, Naruto fell back into his casual lean. "No, nothing. I was just about to tell him to get back in my stomach." Quirking his head too the side, Jashin pushed off the ground into a standing position, at least a head taller then Tsunade, and two above Naruto. "Hey, I'll go back when I'm good and ready. I'm not your servent, infact if you want to get technical-"

"I am only affiliated with you because you live in my stomach. I'm not a worshipper of you, so you don't have free-reign over me either." Looking between the two, Tsunade elicited an exasperated sigh. "Okay, comeon you two. We're not going to get to Konoha like this."

"Are you really sure that Jiraiya can help me? From what little I've seen of him he's only as strong as you are, and Hidan...he's kinda...well..."

"Immortal, like all practisioners of Jashinism are? Here, have a pamphlet." Noticing a few curious bystanders, Jashin set to work without hesitation, hadning pamphlets from seemingly nowhere.

"Yeah...kinda." Tsunade's smirk threw him off a little. "Jiraiya is by no means a pushover. He's...well, the strongest of the sannin. Orochimaru might think he's strong, and he is; but Jiraiya has strength in spades. He can handle an immortal, I'd bet my life on it."

"Sooo...I take it that's a bad bet then, considering its you whose gambling on him." The flick of her finger knocked him on his ass.

"Brat; you better watch yourself. I'm jittery as is without you putting this on my mind. When I get there I'll be swamped by the council...and probably be forced to take up Hokage. I'm not fond of the idea." Again a sigh escaped her lips.

A frown crossed Naruto's face. "You'd...really go to Konoha and take up a job you hate...just for a stranger like me?" Turning to him, Tsunade smirked. "Well...don't flatter yourself, but yeah. Besides, I suppose I owe you for those few days you spent body hunting." Smirking, Naruto nodded.

"Your damn right. Hey you, the bones guy!" Turning away from the crowd of people who had gathered to learn the secret of immortality, Jashin frowned, his teeth sliding into a downwards curve. "Whaaat?"

"We're moving out." Turning with a swish of his cloak, Naruto shouldered his pack, Tsunade following suit with a briefcase. "Well you heard him folks, I gotta go."

"B-but you haven't revealed the meaning of the goat in the ritual yet!" One of the crowds people spoke up in protest. "Look, its not that complicated, everything you need is in the pamphlet. I gotta go, like right now." With that the god turned on his heel and trotted after two other two travelers.

"So...was I the only one who imagined a talking skeleton giving out the secrets of immortality?" One of the crowd asked, the others nodding.

Back with Naruto and Tsunade, Jashin took too the left of the point Naruto. "Konoha...its been too long. Perhaps I shall cause some mayhem to stir up a few memories, huh? You know, just incase they've forgotten me."

Tsunade and Naruto sent him glares.

"Or, you know, not. Whichever." Falling into silence the three of them continued through the virtual maze that was the city, merchent stalls and low income housing their primary obstacle. "Come to think of it, just where is the road out of here?" Scanning the rooftops, the blonde entertained the idea of running up to a higher vantage point, but Tsunade broke that thought off quickly.

"Just past that gate over there. I managed to snag a few map pamphlets from that tour we had of the ancestrial castle. Plus, this isn't my first time here." Smirking at the raised eyebrows Naruto was sporting, Tsunade gave herself a pat on the back.

Because they were both looking at each other, neither noticed the way Jashin suddenly stiffened before scanning the rooftops. Suddenly realizing he wasn't behind him, Naruto turned just in time to see Jashin look back down. Turning to the same spot, nothing caught Naruto's attention, but part of him knew not to just brush off anything the god did.

"So, uh, whats so interesting up there? See a bird that's uglier then you are?" The smirk plastering his face from behind the mask slipped when Jashin simply ignored him, seemingly lost in thought.

"Hey, over here. If your going to ignore me I'm going to have to put you back in the seal." The hanging threat seemed to snap the god out of his reveree, his skull turning towards the slightly petulant youth. "Hmmm? Oh, right; I forgot about you guys for a second." Turning back he trekked ahead of both ninja, but if one payed attention they could still see him flit a look at the rooftops above.

"Okay, well, glad that's over with. C'mon, we're burning daylight here and-" Suddenly and violently cut off, Naruto only had a moment to register Jashin's large clawed hand sinking into his chest, wrapping around his heart in a cold vice. Shrieking in surprise, Tsunade did the only sensible thing, smashing Jashin with a back-hand smack.

"What the hell!" The surprised sannin caught Naruto just as his knees crumbled, his eyes open but unseeing. "What did you do?" Stepping out from the stall he'd crashed into, Jashin snapped his head back into place. "Look, I don't have time to explain, just stay with him; I'll be back as soon as I can. Whenever that is." Without further explanation he performed a somersault onto the rooftops of the village, before running off at jonin speeds.

Leaving a distraught and thoroughly confused Tsunade behind. " he dead?" Naturally a crowd had gathered, the suddeness of what had happened obviously peaking interest.

"I...I don't know." The most experienced medic ninja in the world said, a clenching feeling taking her own chest.

He hadn't explained to them why he'd suddenly turned on his host for several reasons. Three to be exact.

1. To explain the sheer depths of what was going on around them would take to long and reveal to much about both himself, and also about other matters mortals not concern themselves with.

2. The time that he would be able to deteer the assailant that had been watching him was short, and precious considering how vulnerable he actually was.

3. Frankly this was HIS fight, and thus special measures had to be taken to keep the brat out of it.

Speaking of his fight, an uneasy yet electric anxiety weld up inside him as he scanned the rooftops. Being away from the chattering mind of the boy, being able to actually feel the slow decay and rebirth of the world around him.

A man three blocks away just passed away in a nap. A woman just tripped and fell in the way of a cart. She would live. Her leg wouldn't.

Despite not having lungs, Jashin took a deep breath in, savoring the smells of life and death.

Which was the opportunity his stalker had been looking for, as the knee smashing into his backbone was any indication. While a god, Jashin could infact feel pain, although pain in a completely different concept then humans.

Still, it hurt like hell, as the force was enough to knock the air he'd 'breathed' in out of his 'lungs'. Rolling onto his back, Jashin had the moment to look up before a massive shuriken, wicked and curved with ornate seals and markings that glowed, imbedded itself into the ground where his neck was.

As the reverberating metal died down, a voice that held no meaning other then death itself spoke, and Jashin...Jashin knew who he was dealing with.

"They weren't kidding when they said that you had weakened considerably. I thought even you had your limits when it came to how low you could sink. But then again, even the gods are" Stepping out from behind the shadow of a water tower, Jashin could just make out the familiar being from behind the Shuriken.

"Kogeta-hai; seems you've been promoted since the last time I saw you." Unflinching from where he lay, Jashin nudged the blade of the shuriken as it had pinned his neck-bone to the ground. "Yes, twice actually. Normally a lower level spirit would be handling something as weak as you. However, this particular mission was something the boss wanted handled without fail. SPECIAL circumstances and all that."

The creature walked like a man, helmet of cast iron drawn over his entire face with an explosion of firey red hair flailing out the back. Around his forarms twisted chains that ran up the lengths of what was a leather jacket, and underneath that was only shredded skeleton decked with a ratty shirt. Spiked metal leggings ran from his shins to his feat, which had metal cleats underneath them for added affect.

"Well, your right about that. I am a pretty special guy." With a wrenching motion, Jashin pulled from, whipping the blade behind him before hurling it in one motion, the blade spinning with frightening precision. Kogeta didn't move however, standing perfectly still.

Before the blade simply stopped its rotations and simply hung infront of him. "You can't seriously be stupid enough to believe that would work, are you? I mean, your crazy, but...well, how the mighty have fallen." Rolling his shoulderblade, Jashin remained ignoring of Kogeta, which seemed to infuriate him.

"Man you piss me off. You know, I took this assignment just to see what kind of face you'd make when I end you. How's that for twisted?"

"Well, I'd need a face for that to work, wouldn't I? Also, I highly doubt your going to end me, considering your a greenhorn." If possible, his hair bristled. "Shut up! I don't need some old-skool nobody telling me crap about my skills! I'm twenty-thousand years old! I breath eons and snort out centuries! What the hell do you know about that, you so called 'Saishu-Tekina shikko'?"

"I say you should respect your elders, you greenhorn punk. I'm too old to recall my age, just that I exist. This moment, this century, it's nothing on me, just. Like. You." Kogetai snatched the shuriken out of the air, cracking his knuckles. "We'll see about that."

"No we won't." Lurching in surprise, Kogeta had but a moment to jump back before the hard cement Jashin had been standing on shattered into splinters. 'Above' his instincts screamed at him, and they turned true as a fist cracked through the ceiling of the two story apartment. "Shit! Get back here you nobody!" Kicking off the air itself, Kogeta gave chase.

Similtaniously the window of the apartments front blew apart, showering the area with glass. Shrieking pedestrians covered themselves in fear, giving the shadow the chance it needed to escape in a flash. Some would swear the only thing that passed by was a gust of wind. Before the first particle of glass could hit the ground however a secon shadow had darted past the still mortified people, who were no less clued in to goings on.

Kicking from wall to wall and somersaulting over an edge, Jashin breathed for a moment, careful not to give away his postion beside the ally.

"WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR HIDING?" Narrowly ducking under a shuriken attached to a chain, Jashin gave no mind as it grazzed a water tower, its contents splaying out in huge wave. He had only a moment before a second one almost removed his shins, spinning over it before landing on all fours.

"Gotcha!" At a speed humans would percieve as unlikely the shuriken darted back into Kogeta's hands, before snapping out at the seemingly defenseless god. He was very wrong.

Peddling forwards on only his legs, Jashin's perfect timing managed to sink both of his arms through the hoops of the shuriken. Continuing with this movement he snatched the two chains before wrenching them towards himself, the bewildered Kogeta suddenly pulled off his feat. "SUCK'IT!" If Kogeta had lips he would have gasped from them as Jashin's godly knee cracked his spine nearly in two, through his stomach.

"GYAUGH!" The sudden introduction of force causing him to crash into the wall of a second building adjacent the one they fought on, Kogeta lurched in agony as bricks shattered from there places to rain down. "What the f-" Before finishing his sentence, Jashin's massive fish smashed into him, the force rippling through the wall and sending Kogeta flying through the hole he himself had created.

It should be noted an old creed of Jashin's was 'Screw Physics, I'm Jashin.'

Cartwheeling like a ragdoll out into the street, Jashin smirked as he watched his handiwork through the hole he'd just created. It was short lived however, as he suddenly realized the shuriken were still attached to his arms; as well that Kogeta was infact not felled yet.

As if to prove a point, the seemingly lifeless body suddenly whirled around midair, snatching the chains. Having force suddenly exerted on him, Jashin held onto them, giving Kogeta the opportunity he needed. Swinging on the now weighted chains, he swung towards the front of the building.

With a snap the bindings broke, just with a simple thought on Kogeta's part.

With a crack his legs connected witht he front of the building, the force enough to keep him seemingly suspended, legs coiled. A beat.

Kogeta launched off the front wall, against another building which he rebounded off of, and with a shocking amount of force, smashed a fist accross Jashin's face. Lifted off his feat by the force, the god spun.

Not missing a beat, Kogeta smashed into another wall, and kicked off, this time careful about his choice of attack. Hand snapping out, it wrapped round Jashin's boney neck with a tight grip, both of them mid air. Twisting around in a cartwheel that distributed the force along his body, Kogeta let it out with the arm holding Jashin, hurling him so far that he flashed into a speck in the distance.

"Mighta done that a little to hard." Kogeta noted, before launching away before a crowd realized what had happened.

Which brought us full circle.

Landing in a crouch infront of the caved in water tower, Kogeta fingered a chain, ready to lash out at the first sign of movement. The minutes ticked by however, and sick of waiting, he ventured a quick shout of "That seriously didn't kill you did it?"

He was met with a disheartening silence.

"Goddammit." Although lacking in features, the assassin's equivelent of a face would have probably been twisted in annoyance.

The cement under his feat cracked.

Before Jashin exploded out from underneath the unsuspecting Kogeta-hai, an uppercut visibly denting the metal plate he wore over his face. Not finished, the god followed up with a backhand that sent Kogeta whirling. Not wasting another moment a chainscythe snapped out, firmly lodging itself into Kogeta's chest.

"GAUGH!" Smirking at the shriek of pain, Jashin pulled the chain, wrenching the now deeply in agony Kogeta towards him. Holding his arm out in a cross bar, the already damaged metal plate arounnd Kogeta's face was added yet another dent, this time leaving the assassin spinning in mid air before smashing into the ground. The chain suddenly coming to life, it wrapped tightly around Kogeta, a last clink sounding his capture.

A soft pause in the violence gave Jashin the moment he needed to simply take a short breath, rolling his shoulder before walking up to his new prey.

"Well it's been fun Kogeta, but party's crashed so I don't really need you around anymore." With but a flick of his hand the iconic scythe popped into existance, though Kogeta didn't flinch. "Huh...huh...I...swear I'll...get you for this."

"That's cute the way you think we're ever going to see each other again. Like a puppy that just can't seem to understand it's looking into a mirror. Or an idiot, who doesn't know he's about to die."

"You can't kill death!"

"Psh, you sound like my mother." Fed up with waiting, Jashin's blade snapped around in an eliptical arc, leaving a long gash in the cement his prey had been laying on a moment ago. "Wait, somethings not right here." Scratching his chin, Jashin weighed the facts.

1) Kogeta had been chained up a moment ago.

2) Now he wasn't even there.

3) Jashin had only succeeded in causing about 200 dollars in property damage to the roof of the building.

"Yeah, definately not right." Spinning around, the monster hefted the blade on his shoulder, waiting for something to change. But after several minutes of waiting, he shrugged. "Well I'll be. Bastard ran." Not wasting anymore time, Jashin seemed to fly off in a single leap, leaving behind a plumb of smoke from his launch point.

Wrenching the sickle that was still firmly lodged in his chest, Kogeta grimaced. Although he did not bleed perse, his form was signifigantly damaged. Thanks to a quick teleport and the fact his opponent wasn't versed in some of the newer evasion techniques of this day and age, he had survived.


"Th-this is Kogeta. Target...has not been nutralized. Waiting for extraction. I'm...I'm pretty messed up." At the word 'up' a purple flame appeared from seemingly nowhere, and a tone that seemed to drift through a realm that defied imagination spoke to him.

"Kogeta, your failure will have consequences."

"Okay, so, before you say anything, I have an explanation-" Dashing onto the scene, Jashin had hoped that voicing himself might spare him the beatdown that would accompany his actions. He thought wrong, as with a scream Tsunade belted him another one, this time leaving him in a smoking crater.

"YOU HAVE GOT THREE SECONDS TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF, BEFORE I TEAR YOUR ARMS OFF AND FIND UNIQUE WAYS TO HIDE THEM!" Letting the threat hang in the air, Jashin gingerly picked himself out of the hole. "Yeah, yeah, I gotcha, 'Bad Jashin, no biscuit!' Keep your shirt on, Naruto's fine, just in a little place I like to call 'limbo'." Pushing the crew of civilian medics, who coincidently had just donned Naruto dead as of 11:42 a.m, aside, Jashin unzipped the body bag they'd stuffed him into.

"I don't know what your worried about. He looks fine to me; but whatever, I'm not the doctor here, am I?" Pointhing his hand towards Naruto's chest, it phased through the cavity like a ghost and seemed to fumble with something.

At once, a gasp escaped Naruto's mouth before color flushed his body. Coughing eraticly, he pushed himself out of the bag, eyes clenched shut as he choked new life into himself. "Ya see? Nothing to worry about. As an explanation for my actions-" Again he was cut off, this time by the newly revitalized Naruto.

"I. AM GOING. TO KILL YOU." Physicly holding him by his ribcage, Naruto's face had twisted itself into a rictus of hatred, his eyes dilated into slits, the pupils shading into a red against a ghostly grey retna in a sea of black. Coupled with his mouth, which had twisted itself into a snarl that really accented the shark-like teeth he sported, one might have been a little terrified of him that particular moment.

Jashin was not most people.

"Oh, hey, how ya doing? Have a good nap?"

"I wasn't joking. If there's a way to kill you I'll find it."

"So, I take it you did not have a good nap?"

"...You have three seconds to explain youself." Letting go in such a way that he pushed Jashin, the god stumbled back, before daintily rebalancing himself on the tips of his toes. "I will, I will, but not here. Not a huge fan of crowds." He motioned to the large group of people who had gathered to catch a glimpse of the body, who were now murmuring amongst themselves.

"What the hecks up with that skeleton?"

"Wasn't that kid a corpse a moment ago?"

"Wait a minute, my niece was supposed to have married someone who looks kinda like him from the neck down..."

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, Naruto sat up, before standing. With a flicker his eyes snapped open, and although they looked normal now, a hint of worry and disgruntled anger remained. "Fine; but once that happens, you explain EVERYTHING, so we don't have to do...that again." He shivered.

"You have my word as a girl scout." Leaving several disbelieving looks, Jashin proceeded to walk off with a wide and somewhat comical gait. Starring after the horrible being of destruction, Naruto shook himself. "So, what exactly happened while I was...out?" Tsunade shook her head.

"No idea, he just peddled off for less then an hour, and then suddenly reappeared like nothing had happened. I-it's good to know your not dead or anything. In my entire career I've never seen a state of suspended animation like that." Naruto turned towards her.

"But you have seen people go into a false death?"

"Certain drugs have been known to cause false death, but there are always pointers that one can look for that tell the truth. This time...well, for all intents and purposes, you were dead." Naruto didn't respond, instead turning back to Jashin, who had stopped walking.

"Hey, if you two are going to drag your heels like that, we're never going to get to Konoha! So move your butts or I'll move them for ya!" Shaking his head, Naruto conceded hesitantly. "Let's just get out of here before something else horrible happens. This is one of those towns that I don't think I'd want to come back to."

Still shaken from the good forty minutes Naruto had technically been dead, she was just glad that everything was for the most part alright. Though she would never admit it to the brat, considering what little she knew of him, it'd inflate his ego to disproportionate sizes.

"Yeah, I don't think I'll come back here anytime soon either." Grabbing her carrying bag, Tsunade followed behind the boy, who was internally fuming.

'This is the last straw. Before now, I was okay with not knowing every piece of the puzzle. But now, no more. I'm tired of all these random attacks and not knowing. Well no more you skeleton freak, because now I have you, and your going to explain everything. No more secrets; no more lies, and absolutely no more cliff hanger-

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Oh, also, in case your wondering what's going on with Sakura and Sasuke:

"I'm sorry to say Madame, but your simply not allowed in this wing of the infirmary." Despite being assailed by a glare that would have liquified the eyeballs of a lesser woman, the nurse remained steadfast under the unceasing eye of Haruno Sakura's mother.

"...why not." Although not in the form of a question, which one had the choice of answering, the nurse obliged, but carefully positioned herself infront of the double doors leading into the wing Mrs. Haruno's daughter was staying in.

"Y-you see, due to recent events, as well as your daughters...unstable condition, I'm afraid that you simply can't see her with the state she's in. Rest assured that once she is no longer in-" The nurse was abruptly cut off from her explanation, as Mrs. Haruno had finally grown fed up.

"That is quite enough. Look here, I am her parent and guardian! As well as her mother! Unless she's being quarantined for some horrible disease or my presence could have some adverse affect on her health, I want to see my daughter! Now I couldn't ring an answer out of this wings doctor, so I'm asking you. Could me visiting her have any negative affects on her health?" The question was strained.

"A-ah, well, I'm not really sure, I mean I'm fairly new here and-"


"AH! Nnnnno! No, the doctor explicably mentioned that there was no major threat to her health if she had visitors; but I must warn you-" Which was of course the moment Mrs. Haruno tuned her out and pushed past her with surprising strength. "There's nothing in this city I can't handle." She muttered, flinging the door open-

"MOMMY!" Before being tackled by a blur of pink. Thrown to the ground in a pile it took several moments of blinking confusedly before Mrs. Haruno realized she was being hugged rather forcibly by her own daughter.

Who was wearing nothing but a hospital gown.

A short one.

"Ohhhh Mommy I missed you THIIIIISS MUCH! I got so bored of waiting, I-I just had to come find you when I heard your voice! Oh, you've got to meet my new BFF Sasuke!" Suddenly being pulled to her feat, Sakura's mother blinked dumbly at the unconcious Sasuke that lay in a heap on the floor, a leash made of bed sheets tighed around his arms.

He'd clearly been dragged there, judging from the odd angle his hair was sporting.

"Buh." Was all Mrs. Haruno managed to mutter.

Which was right about the time the aforementioned doctor walked in. "Alright, now what's all this shouting about-DEAR GOD! I SAW NOTHING! YOU CAN'T SUE ME IF I SAW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"Quickly covering his eyes, the man ducked out of the hallway.

"Duh." Mrs. Haruno managed. "Oh, darn it, Sasuke-kun, stop being so rude to my mom! I'm sorry, he's not normally like this. Hold on, I'll get him a chair and maybe then he'll be a little more talkative!" Chirping happily, Sakura skipped off.

"That's what I was trying to warn you about. For all intents and purposes, your daughters fine. We're keeping everyone away to protect THEIR safety." The nurse sighed exasperatedly. Right before Mrs. Haruno collapsed in a heap on the floor.