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Chapter 1
"You're unbelievable." I say, my voice shaky.

"Casey, I can't believe that you-"

I hold my hand in front of his face, "No. Don't look at me like I'm crazy, don't you dare!"

Derek latches onto my arm, his brown eyes holding a desperate expression, "Casey-"

"I saw you with her." I mutter darkly.

"Case, babe, please..." Derek murmurs, something he hardly ever does.

"In your bed, in your room, under the same roof that you and I have shared over the past three years."

"It was your idea to keep this whole thing quiet!" Derek exclaims, dropping my arm; his mood changing swiftly. "What? Did you seriously think our parents would think that I wasn't dating at all for the past year to focus on my studies or something? Let's be realistic here, Casey. I am damn lucky to have even gotten accepted into a university. There was no chance in hell that our parents would believe that I was just that focused on school that I would have called off dating."

"So, what?" I yell, "You had to prove to the world that you're still the Derek Venturi?!"

"Casey-" Derek interjects.

"No. I'm not finished! You didn't prove anything to the world, Derek. You simply proved to me that I'm clearly dating a guy who I apparently can't trust!"

"You should be able to trust me, Casey." Derek says, lowering his voice.

"Well, clearly I can't." I spit. "You were kissing her, Derek. In private. Nobody was in your bedroom observing, Derek. Not George, and not my mother. Nobody was in there that you had to prove anything to." The tears fill up in my eyes, spilling down my cheeks.

Derek, on reflex, reaches his hands out to wipe the tears from my eyes, but I push them away.

"Thank God we're not going to the same University." I snidely remark.

Derek's eyes soften, and then widen, "Casey, what the hell are you talking about? We agreed to stay together, even if I'm in Toronto and you're at Georgetown."

I shake my head at him slowly in disdain, "No. You see, that would only work if we were actually together."

The words fall from my lips and I almost want to scoop them all up and shove them back in, swallow them, and rewind this entire conversation. But life doesn't play out like that, ever; no matter how badly you wish that it would. My brain can't even form words, so I just stand there, with my hurtful words slowly seeping into his body.

Derek tries to toughen up his expression, keeping his face strong, "So, I guess we're over, then."

I nod, my jaw clenched, "Yeah, I guess so." I say before turning on my heel and stalking out of his bedroom, the door slamming shut behind me.

I keep myself poised as best as I can; remaining in that stature until I am inside my bedroom.

The moment the door shuts behind me is when I collapse onto my bed in a fit of tears.


I shoot up quickly in my bed, running my hands through my hair as I breathe heavily.

This is the fourth time in the past three weeks that the flashback has filled my mind while I'm sleeping. How can something that actually happened haunt you in your sleep? Nightmares are just figment of your imagination. But this isn't in my imagination. It's true. It's a living, breathing nightmare.

"Casey, baby, are you alright?" a familiar voice asks, sending chills down my spine as he sits up in bed, wrapping his arm around my waist.

I sigh, nodding slowly, "Yeah. Everything's fine. I just...I can't sleep."

He gives me a small smile, kissing me on my temple, "Well, let's try, okay?" he gives me a sly smile, one that I know so well. "I don't want my bride-to-be to be stressing out and losing sleep over nothing two weeks before our wedding."

I nod, giving him a small smile as our foreheads press together and he gives me a soft kiss on the lips. His kisses have an amazing way of calming me down, for reasons that are still unknown to me. "Okay." I whisper as we slowly fall back against the pillows.

He pulls the covers over us and kisses me on the forehead as our bodies mesh together like a perfect puzzle piece.

That's how I know that Andrew is the one for me. Derek's body never meshed with mine. Ours together was like some kid had wanted to finish a puzzle so badly that he just pushed two pieces together that clearly didn't blend.

But everything about Andrew Wilder blends with me perfectly.


"You've gotta be kidding me." I declare in disbelief. "Andrew Wilder? What kind of tool is named Andrew Wilder? I mean, seriously, Wilder? Does he write books about the prairie or something?"

"Oh my God." Lizzie says in shock, shaking her head at me slowly. "You are pathetic. It's no wonder you weren't invited to the wedding."

I drop the engraved invitation on the counter in front of me and glare over at my stepsister, "I wasn't invited because I'm the ex-boyfriend. It has nothing to do with me being a cynic."

She snorts, popping a potato chip into her mouth, "Uh huh."

"Ah, he found the invitation I see." an all-grown-up Edwin says, stepping into the kitchen and wrapping his arm around Lizzie's neck, bringing her head back against his chest as he kisses her temple.

They both graduated high school this past May, and were still together. Dad and Nora found out that they were dating last year, when they caught them having just a little too much fun under the mistletoe.

Casey didn't bother to make an appearance last Christmas. Or at any Christmases past our high school graduation for that matter. It's because of me, that is 150 obvious. She always tells our parents that she's swamped with work, or has a paper due, it's always some excuse.

This past Christmas, however, she was having Christmas at Andrew's house.

That was the first time I had ever heard of the amazing Andrew.

The rest of the family met him when they came up here to visit back in March. Dad kept hounding me for why I wouldn't make an appearance. It wasn't my fault that the Maple Leafs decided to have one of their biggest games of the season the day that Casey decided to show up. And it just so happened to turn out to be their worst game in the past three years.

See? Casey really is evil.

Lizzie smirks up at Edwin before glancing at me smugly, "He's been making fun of Andrew's last name for the past five minutes."

Edwin scoffs, "You're in way over your head, man."

I narrow my eyes at him, "What do you know? You're 18."

Edwin rolls his eyes, "And you're 22. And yet I've been happier in the past month than you have in the past four years."

I roll my eyes, grabbing the invitation off the counter and read over the words scripted onto it one more time:

Andrew Benjamin Wilder and Casey Natasha McDonald cordially invite you to join them in their time of happiness when they become man and wife. Please join in the ceremonial bliss on Saturday, June the Twelfth at six o'clock in the evening at Jovial Gardens in London, Ontario.

Reception to be held at George and Nora Venturi's at eight o'clock that evening.

Please RSVP by June 1st.

I scoff, shaking my head as I sit the invitation back down on the counter.

Edwin gives me a cocky smirk, one that he picked up from me.

I look over at him, narrowing my eyes, "What?"

"You're so jealous." he says, laughing as he rests his chin on Lizzie's shoulder, grinning.

"Seriously," I mutter, grabbing a chip from the bowl in front of Lizzie and tossing it into my mouth, "what do you see in my brother?"

"Charm, wit, good looks, and a six-pack that most would kill for." Edwin answers for her, grinning proudly, but laughing.

"Yeah," I snort, "that's it." I say before walking out of the kitchen and into the living room.

Nora is on the phone when I step inside, her face lit up excitedly, "Oh, Casey. I'm so happy that you're coming home tomorrow! We're all so anxious to see Andrew again, the family just loves him! And Derek will finally get to meet his new brother-in-law."

My body tenses, my stomach knotting up as I stop in my tracks and glance over at Nora as she carries on her conversation with Casey, oblivious to me.

"Casey, of course Derek is going to be at the wedding...Casey Natasha, he is family, he wouldn't miss the wedding for the world. You're his sister, after all."

God, I wish she wouldn't refer to me as her brother.


God, I wish my mother wouldn't refer to me as Derek's sister.

My body tenses as she carries on her lecture about why Derek must be at my wedding. I don't want him at my wedding. I don't even want to have my wedding reception at the same house that we shared for over three years. I want absolutely nothing to do with him and I sure as hell don't want him there on the happiest day of my life.

There's a reason it's called that, and with Derek there, it would certainly not fulfill it's rightful purpose.

I can hear a male voice in the background. It's a familiar voice. It's a voice that sends chills down my spinal cord.

"Hey, Nora. I'm going to head out." Derek says, his voice sounding rushed.

Those are the first words I've heard him speak since our conversation in his bedroom four years ago.

My phone drops to the floor.

"Casey?" Andrew asks, sitting up from where he is sitting on the couch and eyeing me confusingly, "Are you alright, baby?"

"Casey?" my mother's voice asks from the phone, "What's wrong? Honey, are you there?"

I pick up the phone quickly, "Hey Mom..."

"Are you alright, sweetie?" she asks me, concerned.

"Yeah." I say quickly, reassuringly, "Everything's great."



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