A/N: AU double-drabble and slight future-fic. Deviates from canon from a certain (and obvious) point in "The Brotherhood". Having read Aldous Huxley's novel probably will help, but isn't necessary.

Brave New World

His name wasn't his, stolen from a book left behind years ago and given to him to forever remind him of his connections to the stars.

His name has double connotations, for it is both the name of another child of two worlds and the name of a man his mother had known long ago. Not his father, she gently informs him, but a man who knew him, and knew him well.

He lives and breathes off of her scattered memories, brief snippets of truth and life about the father he's never known. And though it hurts her to tell him, his father will never return again, for the pain caused by a necessary betrayal runs too deep.

But as the young and foolish do, he still hopes, clinging to it like a rope ladder to the stars, praying that one day he'll find his father climbing down it, stepping down from the heavens and wrapping him up into his arms. But as the years slip by, he realizes that the truth he so badly craves is not synonymous with happiness.

He realizes that his rope ladder will always be empty, and that there is no one to take him home.