"I see the arena is none the worse the wear for the events with the Saionji boy."

"I figured that you had something to do with that."

"Yes. I admit sending the letter that mislead him using your title. I had hoped he would become my champion, but he was too preoccupied with revenge to be of use in that regard."

"I see."

"I see your castle retains its splendor even after it has vanished from this world."



"You may watch through here."

Stab. Slash. Feint. Parry. Slash. Slash. Stab. Parry. Parry. Parry.

"She's fast."

"Yes. It is the power of Dios acting through her."


"Does he ever react?"

"Not to my presence. He has effectively withdrawn from the world."

"Except for her?"



"Have you spoken to her?"

"Not yet."


"The challenge stands, as before."

"Even after the last time?"


Slash. Stab. Parry. Cut.

"Then I must accept."