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Chapter One

To everyone, Joey Wheeler was a kid that liked to goof off in school. What they didn't know, was that he lead a double life. The one that everyone knew was the joker, and the one that he kept hidden, was the one that was being abused at home by his father and his friends.

It all started, when Mrs. Wheeler divorced her husband, and took their younger daughter with her. She couldn't take care of both children, so she had to leave Joey with his father; a move that she would later learn was the wrong one.

One afternoon, while everyone was in Gym Class, they had to do push ups, and Seto Kaiba walked by Joey, and hit his back and Joey screamed, and doubled up and lay on the floor.

The Gym Teacher ran over to find out what was wrong. What happened? He yelled.

"Seto hit Joey on his back, and he screamed" Yugi Motto said.

Kaiba, the Teacher said, go to the Office and wait there for me."

He helped Joey of the floor, and ordered him to the Nurse's Office. 'Sir, I'm fine, he just knocked the air out of me' he lied.

'Alright, go and take a shower, and get ready for your next Class' he told the others.

When Seto got to the Office, the receptionist couldn't believe that he was told to go there. Then the Gym Teacher got there, and he ordered Seto to the Principal's Office.

"What seems to be the trouble?" The Principal asked.

"Mr. Kaiba thinks that he can do anything he wants to another student, and not get in trouble, well he found out different today." The Gym Teacher said.

You will have detention for a week, the Principal told Seto.

" I can't, he yelled. I have a business to run."

"Your business can wait for another hour" he told Seto, who stormed out of the Office. He was going to make Wheeler pay for this.

Seto was driving home after his detention, when he saw Wheeler walking down the sidewalk. He wanted to run him over, but he decided to follow him and see where he was going.

Joey knew that he had to get home and quickly, so he took a short cut down the alley. He got home he hoped before his father, or he knew what was in store for him.

He opened the front door, and sighed. He knew that he had beat his father home, or so he thought. As he shut the door, he got a fist in the stomach. He fell to the floor in pain.

"What's that for?" Joey gasped.

"What did you say to me?" His father yelled.

As all of this was going on, Seto was watching through the window. He couldn't believe that Wheeler was having the same problem with his father as he did with his. He knew that if he didn't get Joey out of there, he would be either in the Hospital, or dead. He kicked in the door, and caught Mr. Wheeler by surprise. Seto punched Mr. Wheeler in the face, and while he was down, he helped Joey to his feet, and got him into his car and drove off.

"What did you do that for?" Joey asked him.

"I don't really know, but I think that I just saved your life." Seto told him.

"Saved my life? Hell, you probably sealed my coffin." Joey said.

"What do you mean?" Seto wanted to know.

"Well, he won't stop looking for me till he finds me, and if that means hurting anyone then he will do it. I'm really afraid for all my friends, their lives are in real danger." Joey told him.

"Do you really think your father is capable of all that?" Seto wanted to know.

"Yes, and you should be afraid for not only your life, but for Mokuba's life also." Joey explained.

When they got to Seto's home, Mokuba was waiting outside. Seto had called ahead to let them know what was going on. The Doctor is already here, Mokie told his brother.

The Doctor examined Joey, and signed a document stating that "Joseph Wheeler, had been molested by his father, and that he was frightened that his father would do more harm to him, if he wasn't stopped." Seto made copies, and was going to send one to the District Attorney and one to his father if Mr. Wheeler tried to get back at Seto or Joey.

Joey couldn't believe that anyone would care enough to try to stop the abuse that was going on, or to even care to do something about it. He couldn't understand Seto at all. He use to believe that Seto hated him, because of all the name calling that went on between them. Now he is showing signs of actually caring for him. Deep down inside, Joey had always felt something for Seto, but he couldn't say what it was; now he knew. He loves Seto, but he's afraid to tell him, just in case he laughs in his face.

Seto was sitting watching Joey sleep, when it hit him. He actually had feelings for him, and they were strong. Could he love him? He just didn't know, but he wanted to find out.

Mokuba knew all along that his brother and Joey would get together and realize that they loved each other, and would do anything to prove it to the other. I wish that they would hurry up and tell the other, before they drive me crazy, he sighed.

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