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Chapter Thirteen

As the two couples let the way into the Manor to the Ball Room, they couldn't believe that they were really married and as they enter the room, it was so beautifully deck out. Helga and her staff had out done themselves.

As everyone sat down, Mary stood up and raised her glass and said "I want to toast the happy couples. To Joey and Seto, what can I say, I have gotten to know them and they have welcomed me and Serenity into their home and the love that we feel here is overwhelming. Joey, you have grown into a very handsome and strong young man. You've dealt with stuff that any normal person would of fallen and died from, but you found the strength to endure and then to Seto, you are the hero here and I will forever be thankful for your love for my son. It is that love that gave Joey the will to want to go on and that love will see you two through the rest of your lives.

To Josh and Greg, I want to wish you two all the happiness that life can give you. Josh, I lost part of my heart the day that my so called husband sold you and I didn't find it until the day that you called and wanted to talk. You haven't ever in the time that we've gotten to know each other ever condemned me for what happened to you. You were raised by two very special people and I will be forever grateful to the Lord up above for giving you to them. They are very loving and caring people and they installed that into you an it shows every time you smile at them. To Greg, you've given Josh something that is so very hard to find, eternal love and devotion. It is that love that you two share with each other that is going to carry on till the end of time. I don't really have the right to claim to be either of you my sons, but I'm damn glad and proud to be able to say that I gave birth to two of the most handsome and strong young men. I will love you both till the day that I die."

Joey, Seto, Josh and Greg hurried over and gave her hugs and kisses and then both Joey and Josh said "mom you have every right to say that we are your sons. We love you.

Wilma and Larry stood up next to toast them. "My name is Wilma and I'm the mother of a very strong and handsome young man. Josh came into our lives when he was one month old and he had brought nothing but laughter and love ever since. I have loved, scolded and sometimes even punished him, but today I am the proudest mother in the world. To Greg, I'm glad to welcome you into our home and I will be there when ever you need to talk of just listen to you. You are the most courteous young man and I love you. Joey and Seto, I've gotten to know the two of you and what I've learned is that you both are the nicest young men that I've met and I'm so glad to be included into your family. We are so blessed this day, and all I can say is that I love all of you with all my heart."

Then Larry stood and he said "today I've gained another son and found some very precious and dear friends along the way. When I found out that Josh loved Greg, well I guess it didn't surprise me, because to see the look in my sons eyes when he looked at Greg, well it reminded me of how I look at my wife. Joey and Seto I will forever be grateful to have known and been welcomed into your family. It is such a wonderful day today because our family has just grown with more people whom I proudly say that I love." Then Josh, Greg, Joey and Seto went over and hugged and kissed both Wilma and Larry.

When the others toasted the couples, then it was Serenity and Mokuba's turns. Serenity stood up and she began, "when momma told me that I had a brother I was so happy. I didn't know why were weren't together until that day when she had to leave and I cried because I wanted to be there too. Then when Roland came and brought me here to Domino and I found out that I not only had one brother, but two well I was so happy. Joey and Josh have been so nice and loving to me even though we just met. I couldn't have asked for two more better brothers if I tried. Today I was there to see Joey and Josh married their life mates and I'm so proud of all of them and I want to shout it to the whole world, I have two of the best brothers any sister could ever want."

Then Mokuba stood and faced his brother and said "Seto, you have always taught me to learn to like everything around me. I love you and when I first met Joey, well I knew then and there that I had another brother to love. I'm so damn proud of you bro, because you let into your life the one person who changed you and Joey I love you for that. When I first met both Josh and Greg, well I liked them right away. They have showed me that love could conquer anything and like Joey and Seto they are each others life mates and I'm damn proud to be here today to tell them all that I love them very much."

About that time the two couples went to both Serenity and Mokuba and gave them hugs and kisses and tears flowed in that room. Then all of a sudden there was a trumpet sound and as everyone looked, there was Roland and Helga and they were wheeling in the largest Wedding Cake that anyone had ever seen. On top were four men and the words "One Heart, One Soul, One Body." Everyone stood and applauded the happy couples and they stood there and cut that cake and as it was handed out to everyone there, Joey, Seto, Josh and Greg felt the love for each of them come flowing towards them in waves. Then everyone stood and raised their glasses and all cheered "To the happy couples!"

When everyone had gone home, and Joey, Seto, Josh and Greg were alone with their families, they all felt so much love that it just covered them like a warm blanket. This is the beginning of their lives together and what had begun as somewhat of a drama, now has turned into a romance that will go on and on and on……….


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