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SPOILERS FOR "DOOMSDAY". You have been warned.


There are very few people that have seen the inside of the TARDIS. Even fewer have been memorialized within its timeless walls.

Every passenger noted on it. It was hard to miss. After a while the Doctor added to his list of questions everyone asked.

"Where am I?" "Who are you?" "What was that THING?!"

Then after the person had calmed down enough for them to look around, their gaze would be drawn to the feature above the exit and ask the question.

"What is that?"

The Doctor would smile a small smile every time he was asked that question. He would wander over to the entrance to his ship, and brush his fingers over the inscription on the wood. Then he would turn back to the traveler, and smile a broader grin.

"That is a reminder that life is very short and very precious."

Then he would quickly change the subject, and lead the traveler away from the topic of the inscription above the door.

As time moved on, and more companions joined and left, the Doctor would still look at the inscription and smile a small smile. He would look at his hand and often then a tear would fall onto his open palm.

Only the Doctor knew what the inscription really meant. And only when he was alone that the memory of the girl that inspired the inscription would come into mind, smiling her bright smile.

A hand would pass over the inscription, and a tear would spring to his eyes. He traced the petals of the carved rose in the words center and then the letters that surrounded it.

"Remember Rose." He would whisper to the TARDIS.

Then he would move away and wipe a hand over his eyes. And he would all but run to the controls and set a course for anywhere.

All the while Rose watched him, whispering back to him, "I love you to."