The Greatest Actor Alive...

Chapter 4: Kill the Conversation

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Edward's Point of View

I sighed again for what seemed like the hundredth time tonight. Here I was thinking about Bella and on our bed. I sighed again thinking about the reason we had a bed in the first place. I rolled over onto my stomach and pulled the pillow over my face breathing in her scent. I smiled inhaling the well-known aroma. I groaned into the pillow thinking of Bella yet again sighed -again.

"God dammit Edward! Quit sighing already!" I heard Jasper growl at me.

A frown pulled on the corners of my lips thinking of how hard this must be for Jasper. Poor Jasper had to deal with all my loneliness and sadness along with Emmett and his own. He must be a mess. He couldn't just turn out everyone's like I could with everyone's thoughts. I sighed again feeling bad for making Jasper so uncomfortable.

"Ugh! That's it! I've had it! I'm going hunting as far away from here as I possibly can. I can't with your depression, Edward and your lust, Emmett all the while trying to deal with my loneliness." Jasper said exasperation and threw his hands in the air. He sent a quick glare at Emmett and I and stormed out of the house.

"Jesus! What's up his butt?" Emmett grouched.

"I don't know but I don't want to find out." I said, still a little stunned by the outburst.

"What was Jasper talking about with you and lust Emmett?" I asked.

"This is like the first night in ten years Rosy and I haven't do something. I'm kind of in the routine if you know what I mean." Emmett grinned sheepishly elbowing me and wiggling his eyebrows. I grimaced. I didn't want to the of Emmett and Rosalie like that…ever.

"Too much information Emmett. It's bad enough I have to hear your thoughts and hear you aloud every night." I said pushing his elbow away from me.

"Not like you hear much considering how loud you and Bella are. I think Rose gets a little competitive and tries to yell louder." Emmett laughed.

I scrunched my nose in disgust. "Ew. I don't want to ever think about Rose getting competitive with Bella like that."

"Anyways she would loose in the end. Bella has lungs of steel." I yelled at him as an afterthought as I walked back to my room.

"No way dude!" Emmett scoffed loudly.

I chuckled and headed to my room. Maybe I would go hunting too. That would get my mind off Bella for at least a little while, like two seconds. I changed my clothes and got out my tennis shoes.

"I'm going hunting." I said in a normal voice knowing everyone the house hear it.

I ran through the dense forest, closing my eyes and relishing the cool wind on my face. I could spend hours running just feeling the breeze in my face was enough for me to forget my worries, at least for a little while.

After a couple of hours I decided to check out a new trail that I had found a couple days ago. I was planning on surprising Bella when she got home with a special little visit to a this spot I had found.

As I was running a lot the trail, sketching out a rough outline of what I wanted to do, I caught a very familiar and very unwelcomed scent. Drake's. Along with his sent there was another mixed in. It kind of smelt like blood but sour, wrong somehow. I decided not to dwell on that fact and just focus on finding Drake. It was a little bit east of the trail I was so I quickly hurried to him. I didn't even think of calling for my brothers or Carlisle. All I could think was one thing. Drake must die.

I whipped through the trees and bushes like lightening. I was in hunting mode. All that was on my brain was kill, kill, kill. There was a large clearing up ahead and I need that where he was. I pushed myself to move faster, to grow angrier, to kill faster. I finally got to the edge of the clearing and there he was.

He looked the same as the last time I had saw him. The same long slightly muscular body. The same dark brown, almost black hair. The same beady eyes, only this time the only different were his eyes were a vibrant red. He had obviously been drinking from humans. That would explain the smell of blood and the human struggling on the ground.

"Drake." I spit through my lips like it was poison as I walked up to the scene.

"Ah Edward! So glad you could make it!" Drake said with fake enthusiasm.

He dropped the woman he was holding and I could smell that same stale blood scent wafting from the woman. I could tell she was still alive but obviously not for long. His venom was in her veins now and if he didn't finish her she would turn.

"What are you doing to her?" I growled at him walking quickly up to him and clenching my fists.

"I know I'm not supposed to play with my food but I thought what the heck." He shrugged easily.

"Now Edward," he continued. "What did you do with my Bella? Leave her alone? Don't you know not to do that by now." He grinned devilishly. Then he was in front of me in an instant.

"She isn't alone." I snarled.

"Oh, so you left her?" his grin widened.

"No. She is on vacation." I said, growing more angry by the minute.

"Without you? Hmm, trouble in paradise?" he laughed darkly.

"You shut your filthy mouth." I roared and lunged at him to only fall on the ground.

I heard Drake laugh and quickly looked around trying to find the demon.

"Quit hiding you filthy low life. Fight me like a man." I growled. I felt a hard blow to the head and hit the ground roughly.

"You want a fight do you?" he smiled in my ear. "Let's fight then."

I was pulled up by my hair and got slammed face first into the ground again. I growled loudly and grabbed blindly at him only to catch air.

"Stop running away!" I yelled.

I felt something grab me again but this time I was ready. I swung my fist around like lightening and heard it connect hard with his jaw. He roared this time I saw him leap at me. I quickly move away and he slid on the ground hitting a tree.

Edward! Edward! What's going on dude?! I heard someone yell in my head. Emmett. I turned my head to tell him to leave and was tackled swiftly to the forest floor. I struggled against him with a zeal. I wasn't going to let Emmett interfere in my fight.

"Don't even think about yelling for help Edward. You're mine now." Drake growled landing a punch to my gut. I groaned and grabbed at him again.

I readied myself for the next hit but it never came. Suddenly he was nowhere. I looked around frantically, ready for him to come out at a moment notice but it never came. I was just here with a dying girl and nothing else.

"You called for help!" I heard Drake yell and he threw an uppercut at me.

"Your brothers," he spit the words out angrily, "are coming as we speak. Now were going to have to finish this later." He growled furiously.

"The end is near Edward. Remember that. Bella will be where she belongs." He hissed disappearing.

"With me." He snarled suddenly nose to nose with me. I snarled and grabbed at him only get air once again.

"Dammit!" screamed punching the Earth making a dent.

"Whoa dude. What happened her?" Emmett asked coming into the clearing and surveying the scene. Jasper followed close behind.

"Drake." I whispered lowly.

"He's here?" Jasper snarled, crouching into a fighting stance and looking around as did Emmett.

"Was here." I corrected, hitting the Earth once again making another dent.

"Where the hell did he go? We'll find him." Emmett said sniffing the air and then grimacing.

"What's that- holy shit!" he hollered. "That girl! She's- she's- she's changing!" he said frantically pointing to the body.

"Quick. Go tell Carlisle." I said urgently, crossing the clearing quickly to the girl. I checked her pulse and frowned. She was too far gone in the change. I knew we couldn't stop it.