Title: Comfort

Author: Amethyst Hunter

Characters: Akabane and Ginji. Could be read as implied Akabane/Ginji.

Rating: G

Warnings/Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: I don't own GB.

Summary: Two strangers on opposite roads share a quiet interlude.


It doesn't happen often. But when it does, he's learned to interpret the signs.

There's usually rain. It's cold, and the dampness penetrates the bones for greater chill. But the worst of it is in places unseen, forms that can't be touched...by physical means, anyway.

A shadow detaches itself from the rest and slinks towards him. No words are necessary; they both know the routine by heart. He holds out a hand and the other accepts it, curling slender fingers around his stockier ones and letting him lead the way.

They go inside an empty building to sit, one wrapped in the arms of the other, darkness cleaving to light as each's respective demons are banished from their shared cocoon. They both know that this fragile peace won't last. Each has long ago accepted the realities of their respective situations. Still, that doesn't stop either man from wishing that this comfort could extend just a little while longer...

Eventually Akabane lifts his head from Ginji's chest, smiles at him and says, "Thank you, Ginji-kun," and gets up and leaves.

Ginji stays a while longer. When at last he returns to the Honky Tonk he is cornered by Ban, who demands to know where the hell he's been all this time when they could have been out looking for work. Ginji allows the storm to blow over, knowing that this is just his friend's way of saying I was worried about you.

He hugs Ban and says, "I was helping a lost person through the dark."