Six weeks on, the evening of the Potion's Master Ball, Harry stood in the bedroom gasping and moaning.

Holding a breath, he tried to get the button of his trousers done. These were the ones Severus had brought him only three weeks ago. They had been a bit too loose at the time, but perfectly okay with a belt.

Now they felt like a vice-grip on him, the zip stubbornly refusing to move and the button not wanting to close. He sucked in his stomach, closed his eyes and pulled as hard as he could.

He slowly opened his eyes, being careful not to breathe out too quickly, looked at himself. The button dug into his flesh and it squeezed him, but it was closed. Standing in front of the mirror shirtless, he looked over his reflection.

His stomach hung over the waistband and it looked a bit like he had love handles, but he'd have robes an a shirt over that would hide his body anyway.

A half hour later, he stood in the same spot, this time fully dressed and not so confident. The dress shirt was white, not very stretchy and the robe was in light red. Not a very slimming combination, especially when both were tight over your body, showing every bump, lump and roll.

He would have preferred a plain black robe, which he'd said to Severus on the way out, but it was brushed off.

"I didn't anticipate you getting this size so quickly. If I had known you were so enthusiastic, I would have gotten a bigger size. And black? If I wanted slimming, I would put you on a diet, not cater your meals and spend two days preparing potions for you each month."

He stood alone now near one of the food tables, a hour d'oeuvre and glass of punch in hand. He'd noticed the whispers and stares of the people as they walked in, but tried to ignore it and hang onto Severus' arm. Instead he'd been pushed off and told to socialize while Severus went to talk to someone he recognized.

That was an hour ago and Harry regretted coming. The only thing he got from the other people was an occasional glance, finger point and whisper behind their hands. He had a distinct feeling that it wasn't his scar they were looking at.

"Potter." He heard a voice drawl and turned around. Out of the shadows stepped a figure. He would recognize that voice anywhere, but somehow the body didn't match up with it.

"Malfoy?" He gasped in shock. "Is that you?"

"What do you think, Potter?" He snapped.

"What happened to you?" He saw nothing of the Draco Malfoy he knew at school. A sharp angled face was now replaced with round rosy cheeks and at least three chins. His body, once finally muscled and seemingly perfect (Harry, of all people, would know that best), was plump, no, more than that, heavy and almost impossibly wide.

He folded his arms and raised an eyebrow, though it didn't look as intimidating now. His eyes looked up and down over Harry's own expanded body

"I could ask you the same thing… But I already know."

"Oh really? And what would that be?"

"Severus." Harry didn't answer. "I would know. I was in the same situation a few years ago. I went through it all, the potions, the eating until I felt sick and then… I found my stuff dumped outside his quarters. He dumped me. Left me looking like… this." His demeanour seemed to change, his voice shaky as he opened his arms, gesturing with both hands and eyes to his body.

"No, you're lying. He wouldn't…" Even Harry didn't believe himself.

"'I've never mentioned it to anyone else before. Just a few pounds, maybe ten, and you'll be perfect.' I bet he told you that." Harry remained silent. "And then when it didn't work fast enough, he suddenly pops up with a miracle potion. Well it might seem good, but in the long run… Well, if I'd known, I'd never have taken it."

"What does it do?" Harry asked before he could stop himself.

"It's a metabolic potion. Every time you take it, it slows it down little by little. Eventually it's so slow it might as well stop. You can eat an entire Hogwarts feast and you barely feel full. That's why I can't lose it. After over five years of trying everything. Diet, exercise, starving myself for days… a little bit of food and my body stores the fat away."

He must have mistaken Harry's shock for disbelief because he sighed.

"Believe what you want. But just trust me on one thing." Draco approached him and cupped his cheek for a second. "Don't take that potion again. I'd hate to see you go the same way as I did, Harry."

Harry didn't wait for Severus. Draco had left shortly afterwards and Harry had dropped the water and hour d'oeuvre before running out and apperating home.

He ran upstairs and fell against the wall tiredly, still in shock from what he'd just heard. Draco could just be jealous… but how would he know all that? The potion and even the ten pounds. And how exactly would he get so…

Harry suddenly stood up and started tugging at his robe, pulling it off before reaching for the shirt. He threw it off before struggling with his pants. The button was stuck. It wouldn't come loose. He continued trying, feeling like the trousers were cutting off the circulation to his legs.

It finally budged and he stood, only his chest moving with his out-of-breath panting. As he looked at his reflection, he saw it, all of the past few months, in a new way he hadn't before.

It wasn't just a small thing for Severus. Not anymore. No matter if Draco was lying about Severus, it still remained that he no longer had his fit body. He was just another fat person. And he was heading the same way.

Would Severus do the same? Leave him as soon as he got bored? Harry swallowed the lump in throat.

No… He wouldn't do that… Severus had married him… Draco mentioned nothing of marriage between them.

But…(He looked at his reflection once again.) Perhaps this was enough.

Harry woke the next morning with the memories of last night spinning around and his head feeling fuzzy, but sat up as he saw a dark shadow standing over him. He expected Severus to be angry with him for running off last night.

"I'm sorry Severus. I wasn't feeling well and I…" Severus cut him off.

"It does not matter." Harry couldn't hold back at this reaction. Severus, the one he knew, would bite his head off and be angry about it for the next week. Severus ignored the shocked expression and Harry stood up. He lifted his hand to rub his eye and before he could, had a potion placed in it. He looked down at it.

"Severus." He said as is husband strode to the door. "I think I've gained enough…"

Harry sighed as he stared at the potion. Severus was definitely acting strange today. He'd stopped, turned around and approached him. Instead of slapping him, he'd kissed him passionately. And for the next hour, as their clothes were ripped off and kisses were planted all over Harry's body, Severus had whispered how much he loved Harry's body like this and how it looked better the more he put on.

Harry hadn't said anything, but somehow Severus had decided for both of them that despite him already putting on fifteen, five more than planned, he should gain another ten.

He opened the phial, took a deep breath and poured the contents down the toilet.

I have returned! Well, sort of...

Those who've seen my lj might have noticed the post, but for those who haven't: I've finally started original work, meaning there is a tiny little baby book (not a book for babies, ut yeah, you know what I'm talking about) on the way. Other than that, I've been working on poetry, a mini weight-gain story and something for the still the one fans, both of which should come soon.

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