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Summary: HP x-overSam has a vision about Harry Potter, and the Winchesters head over to England to save him. But what happens when the Winchesters are set lose in England? Set just before the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and after the Supernatural Season Two episode What Is And What Should Never Be

Warning: May contain spoilers for both Harry Potter (book 1 to 7) and Supernatural (season 1 to 2).

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A Cultural Experience of a Different Kind

Chapter One: It Just Doesn't Mix

Salem, New York

The night air was full of noise and laughter. The main street of Salem was packed with party goers who were all looking for a good night out, a break from a world full of deadlines and bosses. Suddenly a dull rumble filled the night air. A black 1967 Chevy Impala pulled up in front of one of the many bars and nobody thought twice about the car. The engine cut of suddenly and two men sprung out of the car.

They headed into a large bar called 'The Lion's Tape'. One of the men carried a laptop case with him, and hid his face behind a screen of messy dark brown hair. He dwarfed the other man and when he did reveal his face he revealed smooth, innocent, chocolate brown eyes that melted a few of the The Lion Tape's female occupants hearts.

The other man though shorter, was well muscled with short but light brown hair with odd spikes sticking up. His eyes were a violent, menacing green that twinkled in amusement. He had an infectious smile and immediately left his friend and started flirting with a blonde woman with more leg then brain.

Both men were dressed similarly- jeans, boots, layered t-shirts- but their personalities were completely opposite. The shorter one was a real ladies man. He had a go at everything- pool, darts, and cards, and also collected more numbers then most men could collect in a month. The taller one was more solitary. He talked to the girls but didn't go out there as much as his friend. He also kept to his laptop and looked like he would belong more comfortably in a library then a crowded bar in Salem.

Occasionally the shorter man would check up with his friend and the two would have a quick grave discussion that usually left one of them saying something humorous to end it. To everyone in the bar the men were just two friends just wanting a break from college, wanting some fun.

Little did they know, the two men were Sam and Dean Winchester. Wanted felons, brothers, and hunters of the Supernatural.

Sam rolled his eyes at Dean as he hustled yet more money out of the poor innocent fools. It didn't matter what bar they went to, the same story always happened, unless they were on a job that was.

He ordered another beer and drank it quickly staring at the laptop screen, desperately trying to find a decent hunt for the two to go on. So far the best he could find was a bunch of canines that had started doing back flips.

He drained the bottle and looked at his watch. It was midnight. Sam got up and yawned, packing away his laptop. He motioned to Dean to leave. Dean nodded sourly and pecked the brunette he had been talking to for the last hour goodbye.

Sam started towards the door and just as his hand brushed against the door knob, his head throbbed, and his vision began to go in a swirl of insane colours. He gripped his head and his knees gave way, sending him crashing to the floor, face screwed up in contorted pain.

"Sammy?" said Dean, worried. He ran over to his little brother and tried to get him up. To his shock, Sam was unconscious.

"Someone call 911!" he yelled.

A cool white mist crept, swirled and danced before Sam's eyes. He let the vision wash over him, like a stream of hot water. Over time Sam had discovered though the transition into a vision was painful the actual vision was calming and relaxing.

Sam observed the scene around him. He saw a small graveyard that was hidden in inky blackness. He saw the outline of a small wooden church to his right that had a large yew tree hanging over it. Then he realised this wasn't a usual vision. Normally it was like watching a movie, this time Sam was actually in it. He could even feel the night air blowing against his skin.

Sam stepped forward and his right hand brushed over something. He looked down to see a sign. Squinting his eyes he read,


And Let Thou Spirit Rest In Peace

Sam blinked in shock. England? Remembering that all his dreams connected with the demon in some way he wondered if the demon was going global, which kind of freaked him out.

Before Sam could blink the graveyard illuminated in a brilliant white light. Sam turned his attention to the source. He stepped back in shock.

A circle of men wearing strange hooded black robes surrounded a gravestone reading


He noted also a tall thin man, with malevolent red eyes that sent a chill down Sam's spine, and a pale black haired boy with brilliant green eyes almost like Dean's, with an obscure lightening bolt shaped scar on his forehead. The red eyed man and the boy seemed to be locked in a cosmic battle. Both held out before themselves thin wooden sticks with a beam of white light connecting the two sticks together.

Suddenly the connection disappeared and the boy made a run for it. Sam watched as the boy ran towards a lifeless corpse. The boy dived and grabbed the dead body's hand and the red eyed man cried out into the night- "Stand aside! I will kill him! He is mine!"

Hospitals are all the same.

They all have the same long white corridors with bright lights that pierce your skin. Waiting rooms full of people hanging around for news on loved ones or for their appointment. Beautiful receptionists and sometimes hot nurses, old doctors that wheeze every time they speak, and young interns excited about their work.

The Winchesters were used to hospitals having spent most of their childhood in them at some point in time. And once again they were in one, this one the Salem County General. Dean didn't mind this one. At least this hospital had good looking nurses.

Dean sat in a worn out leather chair watching his brother's chest rise and fall. They were in a shared ward with an old grandfather who had his grandchildren visiting. The mother didn't like the look of Dean, and Dean found himself rolling his eyes as she told her children not to look or speak to him.

"'s 'm I?" stammered Sam as he awoke, "Dee?"

Dean blinked. Sammy's first word was "Dee," He swallowed and replied, "How you feeling Sammy?"

"I…" yawned Sam and he opened his eyes. He surveyed his surroundings for a second and said, "What happened? What time is it?"

"Ten o'clock. You passed out, had to call 911," said Dean, "I'm disappointed Sam,"


"You only had what? Two beers? Are you sure you're my brother?"

Sam rolled his eyes at Dean and said, "Shut up jerk,"

"So what happened in your …"

"Vision?" supplied Sam. Dean nodded and Sam continued, "I dunno, it's still a bit hazy. Alcohol and visions don't mix,"

"I dunno Sam," said Dean thoughtfully, "I mean the whole pot thing worked for Andy and his powers,"

Sam chuckled at the mention of Andy. He missed Andy really, after all he was the only non suicidal psychic Sam knew besides Ava, but she was missing, and had been for a few good months.

"Yeah, but I'm not Andy,"

"Yeah, Andy was cooler then you, less dark side if you get my drift,"

"In what way?" said Sam raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing, it's just, well… Andy, I could so see with a song about butterflies with him in it, but you? Angst, emo, the list is endless,"

"Yeah, whatever lover boy," said Sam, "So what happened when I passed out?"

"Called 911. Got you to the hospital. You came around but the doctors couldn't get a response out of you. They kept on talking about stomach pumps and shit, and then you passed out again,"

"That vision really screwed me up,"

"That's hardly it," said Dean, "You wouldn't shut up. You were asleep but you kept on muttering, but around three o'clock you went quiet,"

Sam rubbed his head, "I can't remember any of it except…"

"The vision?"

"Yeah, but it's still hazy," said Sam straining to remember, "So you stayed up the whole night?"

Dean shrugged, and murmured something about catching a few hours. A doctor walked into the room and headed over to Sam's bed.

"I'm grateful to see your awake and well Mr. Nelson," he said formally to Sam.

"Thanks ahhh…."

"Doctor Murphy," said Murphy.

"Okay," said Sam, "So when can I get out of here?"

"We would like to keep you here for a few days in case of a relapse –"

"So when can Michael leave?" interrupted Dean.

Murphy looked slightly flustered and said, "We'd just like to run a few tests and Michael should be free to go,"

"Great," said Sam, smiling. He didn't like hospitals, reminded him too much of when Dean was in a coma.

Murphy ran some tests on Sam and soon the Winchesters were set to leave. They walked through the carpark and clambered into the Impala. They started to drive towards the hotel they had been staying in.

"So what do you remember?" asked Dean. Sam didn't answer, his attention on a young girl playing with her dog. He watched as she raised a stick to throw and suddenly the vision flashed before his eyes.

Dean noticed his brother suddenly close his eyes and his body tense up and stopped the car.


"I'm fine, just a little flashback. C'mon, keep on driving,"

Dean shot his little brother a worried look again and started up the engine. They continued and didn't stop until they reached the hotel. Once they had paid for their room they sat down.

Sam lay on his bed, eyes closed, muttering Latin under his breath, whilst Dean sat up, legs stretched out on his bed.

"So, vision?"

Sam snapped his eyes open and said, "It was this graveyard and this demon, well not a demon, but a snake man –"

"Snake man?"

"Yeah a dude that had snakelike features. Like slitted eyes, real white skin, and he didn't seem to have a nose –"

"Shit!" swore Dean.

"You know what we're dealing with?" asked Sam looking over at Dean, shock written on his face.

"Give me some credit Sam," said Dean, "I'm surprised you didn't work it out,"

"So what are we dealing with then genius?"

Dean cracked a grin and said simply, "Michael Jackson,"

Sam snorted in laughter and said, "Yeah, okay brainiac. Anyway this snake dude was holding this stick; like I dunno, a wand I suppose, and was shooting energy at this kid, like he was only fourteen years old. Oh yeah and there were all these people in like black Ku Klux Clan robes surrounding the snake dude and this kid,"

"So we are dealing with Michael Jackson and the KKK who seem to be attacking some teenager?"


"Great," said Dean cheerfully, "So any idea of where this is going to happen?"

Sam gulped and said, "England,"

"You have got to be kidding me?"


Research will get you only so far.

Sam thought they needed to go to England but Dean wasn't so sure. After all they didn't even know what they were facing, so there was no point in going halfway across the world. So they set up the impossible task of trying to find out what creature had been in Sam's vision.

They found nothing, and after three days of fruitless searching and many calls to various hunters that they knew, they still had no idea about what they were dealing with. But after Sam's insistence that they should go, Dean agreed.

They knew they couldn't go by plane, since Dean was terrified of flying, and he refused to leave the Impala behind. Also, with all the terrorist scares they could hardly take a whole load of weapons on board a plane with them. In the end, they decided to make the week long trip by cruise ship.

They rigged up fake ID's and passports bearing the names Jason and Matt Bourne; and got the Impala safely on board with the few weapons they could take. Luckily Bobby had a contact in London that owed him big time, so they could collect more hunting materials when they reached England.

The only thing Dean could say was that it had better be worth it.

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