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The Road So Far: When Sam has a vision regarding Harry Potter, he and Dean venture to England to save the Boy-Who-Lived. While there they encounter the nearly resurrected Lord Voldemort and escape. However Dumbledore and Voldemort are after them, and after an encounter with some Dementors in an effort to save Harry, the brothers are taken to the Order of the Phoenix HQ. They are then given teaching jobs at Hogwarts as Muggle Studies professors. Dean has a heart to heart with Malfoy, Sam gets angry at Umbridge for slicing Harry's hand, oh and Umbridge has began to dig into the Winchesters past. Tonks (who has fallen for the roguish older hunter) has been questioned about the Winchesters, Azazel (the YED) is plotting once more, and Umbridge is now the High Inquisitor of Hogwarts.

And so the adventure continues...

Chapter 11: Trouble is in the Air

A week later in a Muggle Studies Classroom, Hogwarts, Scotland

Maybe he should be concentrating on the class he was teaching, but Sam Winchester couldn't shake the knot that had formed in his stomach.

Ever since he'd read that article about Umbridge becoming High Inquisitor, he knew something bad was going to happen. Something bad always seemed to happen to him and his brother (and it had nothing to do with those mirrors in Toledo), it was something that Sam had come to terms with. Hell whenever they took a hunt some hidden element would reveal itself, making their lives a real bitch.

And with Umbridge playing mini dictator, he was just counting the moments to when he and Dean would be sent up to Dumbledore's office like a pair of naughty school kids. Sam was actually surprised that she hadn't called for them or turned up to examine their class yet.

She was minding her time it seemed – bitch.

So far they hadn't heard anything, so they went about business as usual, cramming Muggle info into the kids' brains. He had smirked slightly when one girl had mentioned that she thought this was a bludge subject. This wasn't going to be a bludge - no way.

Sam was actually pretty impressed with the way he and Dean were handling teaching. It didn't take much from Dean to get the message that he was in charge and that was it, no more arguments – though Sam realised he shouldn't be surprised – Dean had always been a natural teacher...even if it was how to get rid of evil spirits and fire a gun properly.

The only really frustrating thing with this teaching deal was the textbook all the students' had.

That 'textbook; was the biggest piece of crap Sam had seen...well actually it would be okay if they were still living in the eighties but they weren't. He and Dean found themselves writing up their own notes and enforcing a lot of note taking – to which every single student groaned and bitched about – except for the senior students who actually wanted to pass their exams.

Though that begged the question – had the wizardring world updated the exam papers?

He knew also that they needed to do some practical work soon...maybe get a microwave or a computer (not Sam's though - Dean was one thing but a bunch of kids? No way) and teach them how to use it. Only problem was getting the damn things to work – Sam's laptop was already having regular hiccups and Sam highly doubted that Flitwick would want to be on twenty four hour tech support.

The bell rang to signal the end of class and Dean dismissed the students with a wave of his hand.

"I'm even falling asleep," said Dean dryly.

"Yeah, well, we need to teach them the basics Dean,"

"Still they weren't learn anything if they're bored,"

"Is that why you nearly failed your senior year?"

Dean cracked a grin, "Partially, but hey I was going on a hunt every second week -"

"-And dating that cheerleader,"

Dean smiled thoughtfully, "Yeah...Millie, I think...besides I was taking care of you,"

"Sorry for being a burden,"

"Don't be - you're the reason teachers took pity on me," he said truthfully.

Sam rolled his eyes – but now it did make sense that Dean hadn't been expelled...

"We could bribe them..." mused Dean.

He stared at his brother for a moment, "What?"

"The kids... ya know?"

Sam rolled his eyes, "No bribing,"

"Why not? I've gotten bribed, you got bribe to leave hunting for college with that full ride, in fact every school kid in the world is being bribed to excel in order to get that A, or to win a snake in trivia games - everything has a price,"

"Sure you're not channelling a dead philosopher Dean?" smirked Sam. But Dean was making sense (not that he didn't normally) hell Dean had taught him about hunting, telling him what he had learnt from dad. Dean was a teacher - a great one at that – one that knew how to push people.

"I'm not channelling anything Sammy,"

"I suppose not," said Sam with a small smile, "Besides spirits would probably have a hard time getting over the school's protection charms - unless they were brought in by someone...and the ghosts here don't seem to need -"

Dean held up his hand to cut Sam off, "Woah college boy!"

Sam grinned, "So, who we got next?" he flipped through their timetable, "No one - but after lunch it's the seventh years,"

"We should teach those kids to drive," said Dean suddenly.

"What the Impala?" joked Sam.

"Not funny Sammy," said Dean seriously, "And I really mean it - teach 'em how to drive,"

"Okay, let's ask Dumbledore then," grinned Sam. He couldn't see the old man agreeing with it – especially with Umbridge on the loose – if one of the kids accidentally crashed...he frowned. Actually it was a good idea for the kids to learn. He pursed his lips, brushing away his bangs and said, "I guess we'd need to take them to London - hell we could even take them to the movies and get them to spend a day being, well, normal,"

"And while we're at it we can start a camp called 'Be a Muggle'" deadpanned Dean, "And they can all learn about peace and harmony and -"

Sam rolled his eyes again.

Dean smirked, and the two brothers left the room, and began to make the trek up to Dumbledore's office. They were just walking up yet another flight of stairs (who built this damn castle?) when suddenly a large crack filled the air. Sam's hand sprung back to Damien's knife which rested on his belt, whilst Dean's fists clenched.

They turned around to see a house elf dressed in a tea cosy and odd socks.

"Youse Winchesters, sirs?" asked the elf politely.

"Yeah, what do you want?" asked Dean, body relaxing.

"Headmaster had asked Dobby to find youse, because Umbridge and Minister wants a meeting with youse, sirs," said Dobby nodding vigorously. Sam raised his eyebrow at the slight bitterness when the elf said Umbridge's name.

"Thanks Dobby," said Dean with a small smile.

"No problems sir," Dobby squeaked, "Anytime sir, just call Dobby – Dobby will help youse no matter what sirs,"

"Thanks," said Sam in an offhand tone, glancing at Dean.

"A friend of Harry Potter, sir, is a friend of Dobby," said the elf simply, "Oh and sirs?" they looked at him, "The Headmaster likes Mars Bars," the Winchester stared at each in confusion and then looked back to Dobby, who clicked - and crack he was gone!

"I thought Apparation didn't work in Hogwarts," said Dean in shock, pointing at where Dobby had stood.

"Maybe House Elves are different...demon's aren't supposed to go on Holy Ground but Meg did," said Sam, biting his lip slightly, mind racing.

"Wonder what Harry did," mused Dean, quirking an eyebrow. He sighed, "We'd better go,"

Sam nodded, that knot in his stomach tightening considerably. He wondered what Dean was thinking but his older brother was hiding his feelings behind a poker face and for once Sam couldn't read him. They reached the entrance to the Headmaster's office and Dean quipped, "Gargoyles,"

Two gargoyles were guarding the entrance way, of course. Though as the Winchesters approached, Sam was relived to discover that they didn't make any snide comments - like a certain other pair of gargoyles. Sam frowned, "We'll need a password,"

"The one time I have paperclips," muttered Dean, and then he snapped his fingers, "What did Dobby say about Dumbledore liking -"

"Mars Bars!" exclaimed Sam.

Suddenly a grinding sound filled the air, as the gargoyles moved aside, and a winding stair case was revealed. Sam shook his head in slight disbelief, and the two hunters bounded up the stairs. They reached Dumbledore's office door and Dean pounded on the door briefly.

"Necessary? There is a knocker," asked Sam, staring at the large brass one on the Headmaster's door.

Dean shrugged, "Be glad I didn't kick it down,"

The door sprung open, and the Winchesters entered the headmaster's office. The office was full of people. Dumbledore was sitting behind his desk, face calm, eyes set on an empty bird perch, breathing softly. McGonagall was standing a few feet from him, glaring at the other occupants, body tense. There was a little man with rumpled grey hair, and a lime green bowler hat near the fire, a sly smile on his aging face. Kingsley Shacklebolt stood beside another wizard with short wiry hair like bodyguards. There was also a red haired horned-rimmed bespectacled man who Sam guessed was the infamous Percy Weasley.

Oh and there was Umbridge...

But she really wasn't worth mentioning in great detail.

A quick glance around the room told him all the portraits of the previous heads were all alert, eyes on the Winchesters, a few inaudible whispers between them. Sam glanced at Dean, whose face looked grim, jaw tense. Dean caught his eye, and inclined his head slightly.

Taking a glance around the room, Sam said smoothly, "What seems to be the problem?"

'Green bowler' came forward, a fierce look of triumphant on his face.

"Well..." he said, "so you are the Winchesters?"

Dean shot him a venomous look, "And you are?"

"Samuel, Dean," said Dumbledore, "This is the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge,"

Dean couldn't keep the smirk off his face.

And neither could Sam.

What was with Wizards and names?

Fudge glared at them both.

Dumbledore continued the introductions, "And this is Percy Weasley," red head, "and Auror Shacklebolt," no shit, "and Auror Dawlish," the wiry haired one.

"So you are Samuel and Dean Winchester, correct?" said Fudge.

"Last time I checked," responded Dean dryly.

Sam sighed, "Why are we here?"

"The Minister is your presence at the school," said Dumbledore softly. Sam threw Dean a look, great, just great. Sure he'd been expecting it, Umbridge had made that clear but it wasn't even lunch. He thought it would have all taken place at night or in the morning – not lunch.

"'Course," sighed Dean, "So what's the issue?"

"You don't know?" said Fudge cheerfully. Sam couldn't help but wonder how this guy became Minister of Magic...

"Obviously not," said Sam, rolling his eyes.

"Well, well, well,"

"Get to the point," cut off Dean.

Fudge grinned, eyes like a wolf circling it's prey. Umbridge took this moment to speak up. "You two are both criminals -"


"Your point is?"

Umbridge's cheeks flushed slightly, whilst the hunters just grinned slyly. She drew a deep breath and puffed out her chest slightly, "Breaking and entering, credit card fraud -"

"Does she even know what credit card fraud is?" muttered Sam to Dean.

Dean grinned.

"Grave discretion, false imprisonment, posing as an officer of the law, indentify theft," continued Fudge a little louder, before he said dramatically, "And it get's better!"

"St. Louis," murmured Dean, casting a wary glance at Sam.

"Indeed," said Fudge. He turned to the Headmaster, "I have to say Dumbledore - Moody was one thing, but two wanted criminals who are Muggles nonetheless?"

Sam was about to respond when Dumbledore said gravely, "You are making a mistake Cornelius,"

"I think not," smirked Fudge, "I'm just shocked that you showed magic to -"

"Hold up," interrupted Dean, "Showed us? You're kidding right?"

"He didn't show us anything!" said Sam, throwing his arms up. He was surprised; surely they would have researched them better? He had expected for the whole 'they kill magical beings' trian of thought with a list of crimes thrown in, not some half-assed 'you showed Muggles (that happen to criminals) magic'. This was madness! He rolled his eyes, continuing, "We hunt for Christs sake - hell all those offences are absolute bullcrap,"

Dean nodded, "Yeah, we protect people since US Aurors are little wu -" at McGonagall's glare he froze for a moment, "well they don't do their job so -"

Fudge's eyes had been widening by the minute and he turned to Dumbledore and said softly, "What is a hunter? What is this nonsense?"

"Are you seriously Minister for Magic?" asked Dean, raising his eyebrow, disbelief etched on his face.

Kingsley spoke up, his smooth voice calming the room, "Hunters are non-magic humans who deal with matters of magic in a simple 'get rid of it' form, and generally only will hunt if a magical being turns violent and begins to hurt other non-magical humans, sir."

"Well then this is an even bigger problem!" exploded Fudge, "They could have killed -"

"We wouldn't kill innocent kids, what d'you think we are?" asked Dean.

"You kill magical -"

"We protect people," argued Sam, "We save people from vengeful spirits, demons, vampires, monsters, we do our research and we protect the innocents,"

"But you would kill a wizard!" said Fudge.

Sam glanced briefly at the empty bird perch, "If they harmed innocents..." his voice trailed off.

"As you can see Cornelius, the circumstances of which the Winchesters are in are unique - this isn't a time for a brash decision," said Dumbledore calmly.

"You stay out of it Dumbledore," quipped Fudge, eyes narrowing. He turned to the Winchesters, "You two are both fired, and I order for your memories to be erased, and then transported to the proper au -"

"On what charges?" asked Sam loudly.

"On being -"

"Sir," interrupted Kingsley, "Be careful, this is a serious breach of our laws..."

"They are Muggles!" cried out Fudge, "There is no breach – I am doing this for our and their own pro –"

"You do this Minister and you could start something you don't want to face!" said McGonagall shrilly.

"And what would that be Minerva?" sneered Umbridge in a sugary sweet voice.

McGonagall seemed to be resisting the urge to transfigure Umbridge into a toad. She drew in a deep breath, "Do you honestly think they are the only hunters?"

"What are hunters going to do?" asked Fudge.

"Obviously something," shrugged Dean, though he realistically knew they wouldn't since no hunters actually knew where they were. But he wasn't going to let Fudge know this. He continued, "Well if you want to get rid of us so badly then you obviously think we're a threat. And if we aren't a threat then why are you overacting?"

"I -"

"You can't have it both ways Minister," chided Dean.

"Fine, we'll have a hearing to decide this!"

"Looks like that higher education of yours will be put to use," smirked Dean, nudging Sam. Sam grinned, but he was still glaring at the Minister.

"Dumbledore I'll send an owl of the date and time," said Fudge, "I will see you two in court,"

"Looking forward to it," replied Dean.

Fudge looked enraged, and promptly trotted out of Dumbledore's office, Umrbidge, Kingsley, Weasley, and that other Auror bloke following. The door was closed with a large bang leaving the rest of them to contemplate their situation.

"What's worst case scenario?" asked Sam to Dumbledore.

"What he wanted to do first," shrugged Dean, "We'll need to build a case,"

Sam nodded, mind already racing over the possibilities.

"Is there anyone that can - ?" asked McGonagall.

Dean shook his head, "It's probably better we don't bring any other hunters into this..."

"Yeah," agreed Sam. Sure they had a bit of self control, but some hunters were just brutal. It would be better for everyone if no other hunters were brought in.

McGonagall nodded curtly, "We'll contact the US Magical Authorities so we can express why there are hunters over there,"

"That'll work - St. Louis...?"

Sam glanced at Dean, his brother's expression unreadable.

"Nymphadora will be able to demonstrate, the rest is theory," piped in Dumbledore.

"Won't that screw with her Order responsibilities in the Ministry," said Dean sharply.

"It may..."


"She's already in hot water with her boss and she's willing to help,"

Dean opened his mouth, maybe to protest. Sam was almost ready to join him but he knew they needed to build a case. And if Tonks was already in hot water - well when this whole thing, the whole big final confrontation came along they'd all be in hot water.

"We got work to do..." said Sam. Dean grunted, and the two brother's turned to leave. Dean had just yanked the door open when Dumbledore called, "Oh and Dean, I'll authorise the students to learn how to drive...but let's wait until after the hearing,"

Dean glanced back, and nodded.

Once they were a fair way from the Headmaster's office, Dean said softly, "That was creepy,"

Sam nodded in agreement.

Andy's House, Gutherie, Oklahoma

Andy was so freaking bored.

He sat slumped on his couch, flicking through the TV, eyes not taking any of it in though. He glanced out the window, sighing. Oh how he longed to be out there, having the wind tousle his hair, walk under the sun's golden rays, be himself again.

Ever since he had met the Winchesters, he'd been damn nervous...scared. So he'd done his research, brought a house for three hundred dollars (his gift did have benefits), gotten enough food supplies and DVD's to last him ten years (once again at a severely discounted price), and a running machine. Then he'd confined himself to his house, spending days on end with his bong, or watching day time TV...

Yep, life pretty much sucked.

He did nothing all day, had the sorest neck ever, Tracey wouldn't talk to him, and he was under house arrest (which he brought for that purpose but it still sucked). Not to mention his van was sitting out front, like some rejected puppy, unloved by his master. He had never imagined that this would be his life.

He sighed and walked over to his front door, and unlocked it. Stepping carefully over the thick salt line, he smiled as the wind caressed his face. Yawning loudly, he stretched.

Seeing the outside world told Andy one thing.

Screw this.

He went inside, packed a bag, and headed over to his van.

And he was off.

Staff Room, Hogwarts, Scotland

"Okay I'm sick of them," said Dean as they entered the staff room. The frigging gargoyles were seriously getting on his nerves. He was not going to deal with them and the gargoyle. And he certainly wasn't going to wait around for the order of Super Sticky Chewing Gum from Honeydukes to arrive to stuff down the damn things throats.

"Me too," said Sam, glaring at the door, "How long does it take to get an order of chewing gum?"

"Well I'm not waiting any longer," said Dean. He strolled over to the fireplace and grabbed a fire poker, examining it carefully. Sam raised his eyebrows in disbelief.


"What?" asked Dean looking at Sam, "I'm not going to smash them – just threaten them a little,"

"And you think they'll be threatened?" gaped Sam, "They are talking stone Dean,"

Dean glared at his little brother. Wait a second...talking stone...stone couldn't talk...of course a charm could make them...but that would mean they were possessed or something with magical energy...

He grinned wildly, "It's either that or I'm gonna exorcise them,"

"What –"

"Think about it Sam,"

Dean then left his brother to go threaten the gargoyles.

After that they didn't bother the Winchesters.

Gryffindor Common Room, Hogwarts, Scotland

"I learnt more in my first class with Lockhart about defence then in these last three weeks," muttered Ron as he read through his Potion's class. Harry glanced up at his friend, yawning. Quidditch training had just picked up again and Angelina was working the team to death. Not that he could blame her...they did need practice if they wanted to win. Harry looked carefully at Ron – and Ron needed to get more confident on the pitch.

Anyway because of these extra training sessions Harry and Ron had taken to staying up late to finish their homework while Hermione knitted House Elf clothes. At least detentions were no longer a problem.

"But we didn't learn anything in our first lesson with Lockhart..." said Harry slowly, yawning.


"Even Trelawney is a better teacher," piped up Hermione, looking up from her knitting.

Ron and Harry just stared at her.

Sadly though it was true, so very true.

Hogwarts Grounds, Hogwarts, Scotland

The next two weeks passed without great incident.

Besides the fact that Umbridge was now breathing down their necks, and Sam was uncomfortably being reminded of being back in prison – Dean said it was nothing like it since there were no smokes. Oh and the fact they seemed to be spending every free minute, in the library building a case. Well, that was an over exaggeration.

The trial date had been set for November. According to Dumbledore he had gotten in contact with someone in the court system to postpone it for as long as possible. Dean would rather just get it over and done with, but he knew it was better this way – according to Sam a lot of trials were rushed in the Magical world and just by looking at older cases his younger brother's legal mind could see all the flaws. Dean also knew that Dumbledore wanted to keep them in the Hogwarts grounds as for as long as possible since no demon could reach them within the old castle's walls.

Dean had to say – he was slightly happy about their court trial – if only for the fact that Tonks had had to visit them since Dumbledore had subpoenaed her as a witness. He and Tonks had developed an almost silent way of communication as to not reveal anything about their personal relationship to the inhabitants of Hogwarts. Not that it was a perfect method since half the time they just stared at each other, confused.

Naturally Umbridge had questioned how much time they needed Tonks since they only needed her to phase but Sam would just rolled his eyes and rattled off some laws or something and she shut up pretty quickly.

They soon had established an exercise routine as well. Hunting had kept them fit, but because of a certain new diet and sitting on their asses all day they were both a little concerned. So every morning, they'd get up, and have a jog around the grounds, stretch a bit, and when they were alone practice sparring. They had wanted to have some target practice but knew better then to...Dean didn't even want to imagine explaining to Umbridge why they had guns with them.

"You know?" puffed Sam, one cool brisk morning.

"Uh huh?" grunted Dean, his head down, as his feet

"We should get some kids doing this,"

Dean stopped in his tracks, "What?"

"Exercise," said Sam following suit.

"You wanna start a little running club?"

Sam shifted his feet, "Yeah..."

"What are you - gay?" said Dean. He rolled his eyes. As apart of the whole exercise thing he'd worn a pair of old shorts. He didn't do shorts on a regular basis but after much nagging that it would be easier then jeans he'd agreed.

"Dean, these kids - besides the ones that play Quidditch and even so -" at Dean's glare he hurried along, "Well, they have no physical exercise, and they need to build up some endurance. Hell, what's the use of being a powerful wizard if you can't even run a hundred metres without passing out?"

Dean grinned, and ran his hand through his hair, "You actually cracked a joke Sam, wow, I'm -"

"I'm serious,"

"I know you are," said Dean, with a small roll of his eyes, "But Sam, these kids ain't seeing me in shorts - not today, not ever,"

Sam grinned, "You look fine – besides I bet the students wouldn't mind,"

Dean cringed. The female Hogwarts student body (besides the Slytherin ones) were scaring him. They seemed to constantly track him or Sam down, using dodgy excuses like needing help with their homework – well actually they did need help, but they did drag on the 'I just need five minutes' to half an hour by constantly asking pointless questions.

Well actually that was a generalisation – not everyone was that bad, but Dean was sure at least a few were building a shrine for him and his brother.

"Great," mumbled Dean, before taking off. He grinned as he heard Sam yell after him. He ran across the grounds, feet pounding, heart racing, eyes on the gamekeeper's cabin. He jolted down the hill, careful with his footing as he dodged rocks, and bushes.

He was careful to land on his toes, so he could leap lightly across, and not be heavy footed, and cause an ankle injury. Sam wasn't far behind him, his longer legs aiding in catching up. Not that Dean was worried, Sam had always been faster, he was built for that, but when the push came to shove, Dean knew he'd win.

They continued to race, Dean grinning widely. As he hit the bottom of the slope he quickly redirected, bolting past the gamekeeper's cabin, and into the forest. His lack of height helped here, as he ducked and weaved through some low hanging branches.

Once he hit a clearing he ducked behind some trees, waiting for Sam to appear. His ears twitched at every sound as he slowed his breathing. He could still hear Sam coming through the under bush. He grinned. This was going to be quick.

Dean frowned though when he didn't see Sam. Damn it, now Sam was hunting him. He strained his ears but he couldn't hear his giant of a brother. He quickly moved, keeping low, when suddenly he heard a yell from Sam.

His blood turned cold.

He knew that yell.

Sam was having a vision.

On the Road, America

It was a good morning.

No scratch that, it was a great morning.

Andy Gallagher sat in his van, foot on the pedal, humming a merry tune under his breath, a large smile on his face. His whole body seem to jump and tingle, as the radio blared out Flathead by the Fratelis. His fingers drummed against the wheel.

He'd decided to ditch Gutherie and head out onto the road. Test his abilities - live a little. He'd gone down to Vegas (it had been a tossup between that or the Grand Canyon), and he was now considering heading up to New York to see an old friend. It hadn't been that hard leaving - he had no one that wanted him. Not even Tracey...

In the end that had been the dealbreaker - Tracey didn't want him. Even though he'd never used his gifts on her, she still didn't want him. She thought he was a freak, or maybe that he was dangerous. But he wasn't like his brother (if he could even call him that). Brothers didn't kill their brother's girlfriends - brothers were like Sam and Dean not like him and god damn Webber.

So now he was on the road, a sing in his head, a smile on his face, and not a care in the world.

He glanced at his watch. It was about ten thirty. Glancing at an upcoming road sign, he saw he had three miles before he reached a diner. Perfect - some coffee, pancakes with maple syrup, and then back on the road. Sounded like a plan.

He turned up the music and gunned the pedal, racing down the road. He soon reached the small diner, and he parked, and got out. Stretching his legs, he yawned widely, and wandered over to the diner. He strutted in, uncomfortably aware that he was getting quite a few stares from the occupants.

He frowned, glancing down briefly. Oh yeah....his dressing gown...well that case. He smiled calmly at them, and his head he began to chant softly, You don't care about me or my dressing gown, you don't care about me or my dressing gown, you care about yourselves and your business, not about me or my dressing gown...

They all went back to talking amongst themselves.

Andy chuckled slightly, and swung into a booth, reading the menu, though he wasn't interested in it. The waitress came up and deadpanned, "What would you like?"

Grinning he said, "Some coffee and Pancakes with Maple Syrup, Icing Sugar, Strawberries, and Icecream,"

She rolled her eyes, "We don't have Pancakes with - "

You want to give me my pancakes; in fact you are going to give me my pancakes...

She looked dazed for a moment and then she blinked, nodding, "Course sir, your meal will be on its way."

Oh yeah go me, go me, go me!

The woman stared at him for a moment, and Andy smiled back cheerfully, though secretly cursing himself for not turning off the 'Force'. He chuckled slightly - Dean would get that one. He leaned against the leather seat, tapping a gentle rhythm on the table. He glanced curiously around the room, observing his surroundings and waiting for his pancakes to arrive. God, he was hungry, and his stomach sure was telling him that.

He noticed it then, the slight burning smell of meat. No one else in the diner seemed to notice it though. Alarm bells seem to be going off in his head, his gut clenching slightly. Something wasn't right - he could just tell and he didn't need death visions to tell him so.

He leaped to his feet, and quickly raced off, ignoring the stares and the waitress that was calling him back. He flung himself out of the door, and bolted towards his van. He looked back briefly.

And froze.

All the customers were dead - he could see it from here. He swallowed deeply, heart racing, hands running through his hair. He felt sick...all those people...

Get up, get up, he ordered desperately.

They didn't.

I said GET UP! NOW!

They still didn't.

No way something human had killed all those people that quickly. No, it was something else...his hand reached into his gowns pockets and he grabbed his phone. Finding Sam's number, he called the hunter, glancing around, unsure of what to do.

Sam didn't pick up.

He tried Dean's.

He didn't pick up either.

Pocketing his phone, he swore slightly. Shit, shit, shit...what the hell could he do? Those poor people! Who...or what would do something like that? Who could just kill -

"Howdy Andy," cooed a voice from behind.

Andy jumped, and wheeled around quickly to meet a pair of fluorescent yellow eyes.

Forbidden Forest, Hogwarts Grounds, Scotland

"Andy," gasped Sam as he opened his eyes to see Dean leaning over him. He struggled for air, his head thumping. He closed his eyes tightly and dug his nails into his forearm to distract himself from his aching head.

"What about Andy?" asked Dean in concern.

"Azazel he has him," said Sam, "We need to tell Dumbledore...or something!"

Dean swore. He helped Sam to his feet and Sam gritted his teeth, and slumped slightly against his brother. Sam licked his lips; he needed water...shit that had been painful. He felt as if he had gone five rounds with a bull. He couldn't believe it, Andy...not Andy...

Library, Hogwarts Castle, Scotland

The library was usually a very quiet place.

It was the way Madame Irma Pince liked it. Loud noises had never been a forte of hers ever since her brother's eardrums had burst after a potion's explosion a few years ago. Loud noises were not a good thing in her books and it wasn't because they distracted students from their reading.

So when she heard an outcry from the study area, she immediately got up and briskly walked over there. It was absolutely ridiculous that teenagers couldn't be quiet for more than a few minutes – was it that hard. She had never had any trouble being quiet when growing up.

"I can't teach!"

She froze at that voice – that was Harry Potter.

She was probably better off not knowing what those three were up too.

Or interrupting them since they were obviously studying...right?

Irma went back to her desk deciding she'd tell them off if they didn't quieten down in the next ten minutes.


Author's Notes: I hope that you enjoyed it. Thank you once again. Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes and what not.

Also the Toledo Mirror incident mentioned at the start is a reference to the Season One Supernatural Ep 'Bloody Mary'